Highview Studio Apps

Defuse! 2.1
Defuse! is a simple game which allows playerto defuse the bomb by just tapping.Test your reaction time and compare it with your friends and peoplearound the world![HOW TO PLAY]The white number on the middle of the bomb, is the timer you cancontrol.Tap anywhere to start and stop the timer.The light blue colored number on the bomb, is the set time todefuse the bomb.The light green colored number on the up-left, shows you how muchsecond over is allowed.If you set the timer at the presented time by tapping your fingeron the right moment,The number above the bomb will decrease.If the number above the bomb gets 0, you will get to the nextlevel.
Dodge! 1.5
Dodge! is a simple but hard and addictivegame.Just hold the screen to rotate left, release to rotate left.Collect coins and unlock various new skins!Try to avoid bullets as many as you can and compete with yourfriends!
Aim Master - FPS Aim Training 2.3
Aim Master is an game that can test and improve your Mobile-fpsaim.There are three mode, Speed Aiming, Track Aiming, and PracticeModeShoot the circular plate before it disappears. If itdisappearsnaturally, you lose one life. If there is no liferemaining, GameOver. ----------------- You can change your In Gamesensitivity. Youcan see your rank by Google Play Service. Trainyour aim!