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Mari Slots by Higo 1.2.6
To experience the fun of something new andexciting! It is based on the popular and classic arcade game amongAsian communities since 1980s.Mari Slots by Higo is simple to play. And people love it:▪The classic pictures and sounds, and the real machine algorithmand game methods!▪The ingenious medal for sale, challenging without limit!▪To viewed RECORDS for score, and the machine status could beanalyzed!▪You will see special effects after Big Bang, that’s the mostsplendid moment for you!1、Guess: You can guess after spin. The two buttons “1-6” or“8-13” could be chosen, and the rewards be X2 after hitting it.“Double Guess”: the Left Arrow or Right Arrow buttons could bechosen to adjust the bet amount in the game before guess.2、Big Bang: the machine will Big Bang if the score exceeds 400times of the bet limit.3、Medals and top limit of bet: upgrade medals to improve the bettop limit.Machine 2 will be unlocked after upgrading to Bell Medal,and Machine 3 will be unlocked after upgrading to BAR Medal.4、Special rewards: there are different special reward for Machines1, 2 and 3.Play Mari Slots now and get your luck today! Multiple rewardsfor multiple machines, make you ultrafast, and extremely high afterwinning!
水滸傳老虎機-PRO版 1.1.5
遊戲廳里人氣歷久不衰的經典機台來咯!水滸傳老虎機-PRO版 100%街機移植,全盤大獎、小瑪莉彩金、比倍遊戲……為你帶來正宗的老虎機體驗。超過百萬玩家的連線老虎機遊戲,無須註冊,免費下載,立即就玩~【遊戲特色】◎中3個或3個以上“龍頭”標誌即可進入彩金遊戲,瑪莉式轉盤結合熟悉的音效,讓玩家重溫當年的快樂!◎比倍遊戲採用骰子遊戲模式,逼真的3D人物,原汁原味的動畫!◎數值完全採用街機程式,拼膽識、拼運氣!◎在街機查賬功能的基礎上,為玩家提供“成績”界面以分析狀態——遇到有利形勢再大膽全押,將贏得意想不到的大獎!隨時隨地手機暢玩,讓你盡享無窮樂趣,現在就體驗一下吧!