Hillsong Church Apps

Hillsong 2.4.1
Be a tap away from Hillsong Church wherever you are.Connect withSenior Pastors Brian & Bobbie Houston as well as Joel &Julia A'Bell, Joel Houston, Reuben Morgan, and the Hillsong Teamaround the world. Be the first to get the latest blogs, TVepisodes, UNITED updates, Hillsong music videos, photos galleries,live Hillsong Conference video streams and plenty more.All thisdesigned in a clean, magazine-style layout, which we pray willinspire and fill you with faith for what God can do in your life& your local church.
Hillsong VR 1.0
Join the Hillsong team in a brand new immersive experience throughvirtual reality. Hillsong VR is a great way to engage with and feelpart of the ministry of Hillsong.
com.hillsong.give.london 2.0.15
We've updated our Giving App to make it as simple as possible foryou to manage your giving at Hillsong. * Scan your card details ifyou're a first time user * Giving in under 10 seconds * Set up andmanage recurring giving * Manage your Gift Aid (UK) to get the mostfrom your giving * Secure, giving is performed via Chrome onpayments.hillsong.com
com.hillsong.nc 1.1.2
The Hillsong I Have Decided App is for those who’d like to gain anunderstanding of the foundations of the Christian faith. It wasdesigned with those in mind who've just made a decision to followJesus. On the app you can watch short videos of our pastorsexplaining the basics of Christianity. You can also manage yourcontent by saving videos you’d like to watch again and downloadingcontent to watch or listen to online keywords: discovery,hillsongdiscovery ,hillsong, new christian,christianity
Hillsong Conference Sydney 1.0.0
We're so excited to bring you the Hillsong Conference 2018.Someofthe incredible features:- Up to date Daily Timetable-Masterclassschedules- Find out more our 2018 Special Guests- VenueMaps- Liveupdates throughout conference+So much more
io.echurch.hillsongla 15.15.0
The heartbeat of Hillsong Church is to bring glory to Jesus throughchampioning the cause of local churches, both yours and ours. Thisapp provides local campus info, content & connection for ourUSA locations.
Better Together v2.7.11.27
Hillsong Conference 2018 Volunteer App.Features include:-Conferenceinformation, including programs and maps- Volunteerspecificinformation and training materials- Daily devotionals-Team Info- +much more
Hillsong Conference London 1.0.0
The Hillsong Conference London App is a great way to stayconnectedand engaged with everything that is happening at thisyear’sconference at The O2 Arena, download and turn onnotifications tostay in the loop! App includes: - ConferenceSchedule- Maps- Livenotification updates - Early bird registrationfor 2019- Speakerinfo- Kidsong info- Young & Free Info - Pluslots more!
Hillsong Conference USA 1.0.0
The Hillsong Conference USA App is a great way to stay connectedandengaged with everything that is happening at this year’sconference.Download and turn on notifications to stay in the loop!
Hillsong Worship & Creative Conference 2018 1.0.0
The Hillsong Worship & Creative Conference App is a great waytostay connected and engaged with everything that is happening atthisyear’s conference. Download the App to not miss out!!
Colour Conference 2019 1.1.1
The Colour Conference App is a great way to stay connected andengaged with everything that is happening at this year’sconference. Download the App to not miss out!!
com.hillsong.hscsydney 1.0
The Hillsong Conference App is a great way to stay connectedandengaged with everything that is happening at thisyear’sconference. Keep up to date with your Program withMasterclasses,Young & Free Conference, Kidsong and all that ishappeningaround the venue.
Hillsong WCC 2.0.2
The Hillsong Worship & Creative Conference App is a great wayto stay connected with everything happening at this year’sconference.
Hillsong Youth & Young Adults 2.0.2
Stay up to date with the latest from Hillsong Youth &YoungAdults Australia. Check out content from within our ministry,getinformation about upcoming & current events and learnmoreabout what is happening in your location.