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Spell and Pronounce Words Right 4.8
This application is for them who have hard time rememberingspellings and don’t know how to pronounce word in English. Thebasic concept of this application is to convert voice to text whichresult in giving you Right spellings, and to pronounce a word intext box which gives you idea about how to pronounce a word. Mostof the times we cannot type a word because we don’t know spellingand if we don’t know spelling then we cannot search about it tooand using wrong spelling can be embarrassing specially if workingwith professional so use this app click Mic button Pronounce a wordand you get a spelling copy the Spelling and Paste :-) . If youdon’t know how to pronounce a word properly then you can use thisapp too type a text in text box and press Speaker button and voilaShe Speaks. Have Fun!!!.
BlueUino - Bluetooth Arduino 4.0
Blueuino is Android App which Controls Arduino Boards using HC-05and other Bluetooth Module with this you can control Arduino overvoice commands as well as Buttons.Blueuino connects with anyBluetooth device because it searches for devices first Pairs withit and then saves it as default device to be used next time and youcan change it afterword too. After connection you can control 10Pins in free version and Unlimited Pin in Pro Version(AboutBlueUino Pro you will find in This App ) on Arduino module on Voiceand ButtonsIntroducing Momentary mode, Buttons can be used inMomentary mode by Long pressing them.Blueuino is Highlycustomisable Application For Android and you can change commandvalues to send to arduino as per your requirement, you can changeDevice Labels to represent Buttons, you can change Voice commands,as well as you can set UUID as well.Default values are asfollows,Device 1 ON: 2Device 1 OFF: 1Device 2 ON: 4Device 2 OFF: 3Device 3 ON: 6Device 3 OFF: 5 Device 4 ON: 8Device 4 OFF: 7 Device5 ON: 10Device 5 OFF: 9For Arduino: Sketch (.ino) file for thisApplication Please visit App website :http://himansh.com/blueuino-android-bluetooth-remote-for-arduinoIfyou want to make app like this as per you requirements or wantBlueUino Pro please Email us : [email protected] website for more info :http://himansh.com/blueuino-android-bluetooth-remote-for-arduino
Tap 2 Top - Tapping Game 4.4
Tap the screen and Flap the Bird make it survive through theobstacles as far as you can, Make high score and be the Champion ofLeaderboardSimple yet Addictive, Frustrating yet FunExperience theawesomeness of Tap to Top World and Have Fun PlayingTap to Top ischallenging Flappy game, With some extra featuresEnjoy flapping notjust bird but much more with Tap to Top,Tap to Top comes with someof its own preloaded themesFlappy Plane Theme: This theme is aboutaeroplane trying to make it through concrete jungle of all thebuildings and trying to survive from crash though day and nightswith stars and moonFlappy Jelly Fish Theme: This theme is aboutjelly fish trying to pass the reef in days with sun's help and atnight there are fish with lights to help our jellyFlappy DragonTheme: This theme is about the baby dragon trying to go throughsnowy desert you know dragon can't resist ice so help baby dragonto get through the icebergs as far as you can all days andnightsAnd if you want more there is "Theme +" button to makechanges add anything you want as Background, Character orObstacleLittle Tip: Add your face as character and your Ex's Faceas Obstacles or vice versa ;-) you will have more fun.If you wantto add your Elements in game:Watch Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JdQzJUezEUOrFollow Steps:1. Press“Theme +” Button.2. Select Element you want to Change (Background,Character, and Obstacle).3. Chose and Crop Image for it through thesame app.4. Launch Game and here it is You Made a Game.Do you knowwhy Tap to Top is best Flappy game because Here you design your ownworld in game and can make the changes all you want without CodingKnowledgeFor Designers:You Can Create Your Themes from DataProvided on Website Below so make and Share it on Your Blogs andWebsites so more and more Flavor user can enjoy.For moreInformation Please visit apps Website(http://www.tap2top.himansh.com)Or Contact Me through Email([email protected])
TransClip - Translates Runtime 2.7
TransClip Provides User Fast and Easy way to translate their textwithout switching between apps. TransClip is Powered by BingTranslator API.TransClip is Clipboard Translator, Central Conceptof this App is to Translate Text in Clipboard which gives youability to translate your text at any point without switchingbetween apps.Translate your Text Without opening translator app.Just Cut the text you want to translate, Press Translate ClipboardButton in Notification Bar to translate text and Paste theTranslated Text where ever you want.you can change your languagesSetting by opening TransClip application.Steps:1. Cut text you wantto translate.2. Slide Notification bar Down.3. Click TranslateClipboard.4. Paste Text Where ever you want.Enjoy ClipboardTranslator.TransClip Supports 45Languages:ArabicBulgarianCatalanChinese SimplifiedChineseTraditionalCzechDanishDutchEnglishEstonianFinnishFrenchGermanGreekHaitianCreoleHebrewHindiHmongDawHungarianIndonesianItalianJapaneseKlingonKlingon(pIqaD)KoreanLatvianLithuanianMalayMalteseNorwegianPersianPolishPortugueseRomanianRussianSlovakSlovenianSpanishSwedishThaiTurkishUkrainianVietnameseWelsh
Teen Patti Offline Indian Poker 4.7
Number #1 Offline Teen Patti (3 Patti) in Play StoreEnjoy 3 Cardsgame of Teen Patti Without internet, forget fast battery drainissues, network issues, misbehaving stranger chat issues and focuson pure fun of playing with extra features like pause and resumegame anytime, fast forward game when you are packed so you don'thave to wait and much moreFeatures:- Needs No internet- MultiLanguages Hindi and English- Extra Free Daily Bonus for RegularPlayers- Free 1 Lakh Chips- Less Battery Consumption- Can be Pausedand Played anytime- Can Fast Forward game When Packed- No moreWaiting for Network issue- Privacy, No Personal Information goesPublicly online as its offline- Share and Earn upto 1 Crore Chips-Can be Played Alone, Needs no one else to Play but you-Artificially Intelligent (A.I.) Card Players - Genuine CardsShuffling- Freshly Designed CasinoMusic credits: Karan Patil (ADearest enemy)Note: Currency used in this game is Virtual and justfor fun, it is limited to this Card game and it's Casino only andcannot be converted to any other currency by any means.
Yo! Genie - Personal Assistant 3.3
Have you ever wanted to have your own genie well here it is,Haveyou ever wanted to open apps on your command well here it isagain.This is a fastest and easy way to open our app over voicecommands. So this is your personal Genie who listens to yourcommand and not just for three wishes ;),Play with it have fun withit. What’s Different?This is Your Personal Assistant, Unlike otherPersonal Assistant apps you don't have to open app or press Buttonevery time you want to command your Assistant, with your PersonalGenie unlock it and just say it, even it continuously keepslistening to your voice command in BackgroundGenie in initial stagelistens for your App name and launches the App you ordered for Inshort it's app opener over voice, Genie listens to you when phoneis unlocked or when you are back to home screen in “Just Listen inLauncher” mode, Genie keep listening until you lock yourphone.Note:When Genie is ON your phone Never Locks so it Don't missOrder from you, So always remember to press Lock button when youwant to Lock your Phone .Please set Default Home launcher so Geniecan listen you properly. ControlsGenie ON/OFF : This switchenables/disable Genie, If enabled it start listening to your voiceaccording to other preferences.Repeat ON/OFF :Using this switch youcan control repeated listening.If repeat is ON it continuouslywaiting for your command until you lock your phone, This mode canConsume more battery.If repeat is OFF then Genie listen for fewseconds after triggering events such as phone unlocked or back tolauncher in "Just Listen in Launcher” mode.Just Listen in Launcher:If ON Genie listens only when you are on home screen and stopslistening when App is opened, and listen again when you get back tohome screen.If OFF Genie listens everywhere until phone is lockedand you can go back to home with command “Home” when want to sendActive App in background.Update App list:Press this button when youhave installed new Application and want to open it on your voicecommand, Pressing this button updates your App list forGenieGuideline text :This check box enables you to see the Genie'scomments while processing your commands and on errors.CommandsWhile ordering your Genie you should be Loud, Clear andConfident so Genie can recognize your voice properly. “Home” : whenin “Just Listen in Launcher” mode is OFF you can use this commandto send current App in background and take you to home screen.AppName : Speak any App name installed in your phone and Genie willopen it e.g. Your Genie (which can be used to open this App),Google play store, Google searchFor Google Apps you must prefixGoogle before their names such as to open play music say “Googleplay music”.If App name contain any symbol then ignore the symboland say the name such as for “E-mail” you just say ”Email”Understanding ErrorPlease be loud and clear: This error occurs whenyour voice cannot be recognized, please speak confidently or reduceyour surrounding Noise.Network Error: This error indicates thatgenie cannot retrieve data form internet cause may be your internetis slow.No internet connection:This application needs internetconnection to work so please use it with internet ON.RecognizerBusy: This indicates that voice recognizer is busy, so just waitand it will start listening again.Speech Recognition is notavailable: This indicates your device do not support voicerecognizer so you can install Google search to use this app. FutureAd-onI am looking forward to add calling feature on voice commandand accessing some quick setting on voice in next update, for yourfeedback email me or comment on my website.
Arduino Bluetooth Controller 1.7
Blueuino makes it easy to Control Arduino Boards using HC-05 andother Bluetooth Modules, Enables you to control Arduino over voicecommands and ButtonsBlueuino connects with any Bluetooth Module, Itscans for devices first Pairs with it and then saves it as defaultdevice to be used next time and you can change it afterword too.After connection you can control 10 Pins in free version andUnlimited Pin in Pro Version(About BlueUino Pro you will findinside This App ) on Arduino module on Voice and ButtonsIntroducingMomentary mode, Buttons can be used in Momentary mode by Longpressing them.Blueuino is Highly customisable Application ForAndroid and you can change controlling code values, Button Labelsand Voice Commands as Per your Requirements, as well as you can setUUID as well.Who Can Use: Home Automation, Car Automation, Schoolor College Projects, Making Robots...etc, In Short any Arduinoenthusiast can use BlueUinoFor Arduino: Sketch (.ino) file for thisApplication Please visit App website :http://himansh.com/blueuino-android-bluetooth-remote-for-arduinoIfyou want to make Customised app like this as per you requirementsplease Email us : [email protected] web site for more info :http://himansh.com/blueuino-android-bluetooth-remote-for-arduino
Floppy Bird 2018 New World 1.3
Simply tap screen with thumb and make bird fly to dodge obstaclesand try to make Highest score to top on LeaderboardPlot sounds easyRight? i'm pretty sure you can't even dodge 100 obstacles- Easy Tapto Flap Game- Multiple Flappy Themes in Single game Like FlappyBird, Flappy JellyFish and Flappy Dragon Themes- Add any image youwant as Bird, Obstacle or Background By clicking on "Theme +"Customise game as you want and enjoy flapping- High scoreLeaderboard to compete world- Awesome Design- Needs full focus andtapping skills- One touch controlTry it once you will get addictedfor sure.
Flabby Bird - The Flappy Game 1.4
All the fun from 2014 Flappy game is back with little twist, we hadto change pipes with trees for some issues and also we've replaced"P's" for Pipes in Flappy with "B's" for branches so it's FlabbyBird now, everything else The adorable bird and all the fun issame. Flap your wings to fly again, Challenge is waiting for you.[How to play] > Tap to flap your wings to fly. > Avoid trees.> Try to get 4 medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold (hard), Platinum(very hard) Features: - Smooth transition between days and nights -Less ads, not annoying at all - High Score leaderboard - More funand challenging this time
Aero Hoppy 1.1
Aero got stuck in canyon, can you dodge the rocks save it! hopintoyour Aeroplane to fly again, Challenge is waiting for you. [Howtoplay] > Tap to hop your aero to fly. > Avoid canyonpillars.> Try to get 4 medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold (hard),Platinum(very hard) Features: - Smooth transition between days andnights -Less ads, not annoying at all