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Move the bloks 1.0.6
Hindwa Tech
Move the Bloks is a fun , addictiveandchallenging puzzle game for you.Move the Bloks is a game where the goal is to move Bloks tomakerows and columns of the same color in certain time.The Power ups system allows you to clear rows and columnsinquick succession and boosting the score.Remove more bloks in a certain time is rewarded withachievementand challenging.No special skills needed, all this game asks of you isanattentive mind and fast fingers!Let's see who can be the first in the leaderboard and Unlockallthe achievement.Key Features:-Infinite Challenge against the clock.Fun, addictive and unique game play.2 - Power Ups (Jocker and time pause).3 - Game Modes (Easy , Medium and Hard).9+ Achievements to win.Rank up in the leaderboards, challenge your friends via GooglePlayGames.**How to Play**Move the bloks in any direction to make rows and columns ofsamecolor.
Two by Two Number puzzle game 2.0
Hindwa Tech
Two by two is fun, challenging and averysimple number puzzle game.Goal: All tiles on the board should show same number.How to play: Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move thetiles,Travel through the board to change numbers. Each move adds 2to thevalue of destination tile.Shift values wisely to make all numbers equal!Complete level in certain time is rewarded with achievementandchallenging.Key Features:-Challenge against the clock.Fun, addictive and unique game play.10+ Achievements to win.Undo supportHint supportRank up in the leaderboards,challenge your friends via Google Play Games.Stay tuned for next updates and new levels!Enjoy!