Hippo Baby Games for Girls and for Boys Apps

Funny Talking Phone 1.1.3
Funny game for kids "Hippo. Baby Talking Phone" Interactiveeducational games for baby - "repeater" will entertain the babycheerful voice of Hippo and her friends. To make a call to someonein the phone book you will choose one of the Hippo friends: Cat,Raccoon, Giraffe, Pig or dog and tap on the icon. After selecting acharacter, the talking phone - repeater call him and start talking.Animals will repeat your words that you speak as classicalrepeater. Depending on the character selection talking phone -repeater will change the tone of voice. - Great funny for baby -Fascinating interactive game - Colorful pictures - Funny repeater -Favorite characters Hippo and friends Enjoy the new game Hippo.Baby Talking Phone.
Kids Circus with Hippo 1.0.9
Hippo and her friends decided to play a kids circus. It's so funnyand exciting!What a great idea to play in the circus, Mommy Hippofound necessary items without which it would be impossible to makethe present submission. To do this, a lot of things do not need.Apportion the items that may be needed for the performance. Whenyou cope with these easy task - you can start playing! The gamewill have a lot of favorite characters Hippo and her friends.Youcan choice whose performances you want see: Dog, Elephant, Raccoonor Giraffe. And even take part in the presentation!Elephant canjuggle balls, help her catch a 3 ball, and then she will be able toshow their performance. Dog - Strongmen can lift heavy objects aredifferent, try to give him some object. All kids love to look likea circus act funny clowns! Giraffe - The Clown can entertain withthe help of different objects that are on the scene, try to givehim different things and see what he will do with it. Raccoon -Make-Up Artist, she can decorate anyone, it is so much fun, chooseyour character and try on a variety of subjects and you have ahappy clown. And what will make Hippo? It will be the inspector ofthe kids circus (Shprehshtalmeyster), it is the most importantthing!Kids Circus this is a clown who amuses children and jugglersand athletes that hit his strength.Enjoy new game with Hippo!!!
Snowboard racing: Sport games 1.0.6
Winter holidays, snow, mountains. This is a great opportunity totry snowboarding. Hippo adores winter sports. A variety of tracks,interesting assignments, tricks, jumps, all this awaits you in thenew game Hippo Snowboarding!The game contains two modes:Arcade gamemode has 20 exciting levels. In this mode, you need not onlysnowboard but also collect animals that were lost. Each level has avariety of jumps. Also there are dangers that should be avoided inits path. In each level you have 3 lives. Try not to makemistakes.Free Ride. In this mode of the game you need to drive asfar as possible on a snowboard and gather as many points as youcan. The game is limited in time, but you can get additional timeby gathering alarm clocks. Perform tricks and get extra points. Ifyou gather up a large number of stars, you get an extra life.Simpleand intuitive control. Each game mode has a training mode forbeginners.- 2 game modes;- 20 exciting levels;- Winter sports;-Training mode;- A variety of tricks;- Family Snowboarding;-Realistic physics;- Funny and beloved Hippo.Winter holidays,snowboarding is a lot of fun, especially with Hippo! Complete allthe levels and get the maximum number of stars!
Hippo and Clara: Animated Puzzles 1.2.3
It is a good choice! We have found an exciting task for all themembers of the family, for adults and kids! Today we suggest you toplay useful educational games with an exciting and kind story.Clara and Hippo have prepared new exciting adventures for all thefamily members. Funny entertainment, puzzles, animated puzzles,puzzles with animals and various levels of a new game are waitingfor you. Let's start our adventure right now, Clara and Hippo needyour help urgently. This time we are going to take part in roadadventures. This story tells about a long trip of Clara and Hippoto their house in the cozy town. This story will be long andinteresting, we will go through all the levels and collectdifferent puzzles dedicated to different topics. These are going tobe puzzles with animals, and puzzles with all the possiblebuildings and even with technical tools. All our puzzles will beinteresting and various, entertainment will be funny and adventureswill be unbelievable! Our educational games and fairytales are evenmore interesting, various and exciting. Let the adventure start!You will definitely like our road adventures. This interactivestory is suitable for all members of the family! Our excitingfairytales and interactive stories with educational elements aresuitable for all the ages. Clara and Hippo are always happy to seeyou. Stay tuned, stay with us and have fun playing with yourrelatives our free educational family games.
Kids Skateboard 1.1.1
New cool and funny kids skateboarding game for fans of sports andskate! Hippo on a skateboard! Take skate on and go! Along the way,collect all bonuses, stars and cups, jump over obstacles on yourway, and perform a variety of tricks on a skateboard. Earn pointsand unlock new levels. The game have 2 zones, each with 30 levelswith a wide variety of landscapes for skateboarding. The game hascheckpoints from which you can continue the game if you lose. Theresult it is a colorful runner for kids with Hippo in the starring.To control the skateboard uses just two buttons: acceleration andjump. For convenience in the game settings can be interchanged. Fora more realistic perception, if you have connection to the Internetin the game reflects the real weather conditions and time of dayplayer! - Colorful graphics; - Pleasant sound design; - A varietyof tricks on the skateboard; - A lot of of locations; - Realisticphysics; - Easy operation; - A beautiful arcade skateboarding gamefor kids; - The button layout can be changed in the settings of thegame; - Favorite and cheerful hero Hippo. A variety of tracks,tricks and bonuses to expect from the new kids skateboarding gamewith Hippo
Fishing: Catch fish 1.2.2
Today free family games for boys and girls are renewed with a newexciting game! Our beloved Hippo starts her new adventure. She goesfishing with her father. Have your rods, traits, sit into the boatand funny fishing is waiting for you! Hippo didn't even know thatfishing could be so interesting and exciting. She tries a lot, butDaddy Hippo doesn't need all fishes. This is not just a funnyfishing, Daddy Hippo has an order from Mommy Hippo, and he needs toperform it in a limited period of time. Mommy Hippo is waiting forguests and she needs to manage to cook dishes. Daddy Hippo needshelp. Will he manage to do this? Of course he will! Hippo will helphim by catching fishes! Try to catch correct fishes from thevariety of sea citizens. It is not as simple as it may seem. Otherfishes and all the possible trash floating in the water willdisturb you from the main trash. But of course you will manage!What's more, our funny fishing will bring happiness and will bereally useful. To become a successful fisherman, you need to trainyour eyes and fingers. Learn how to catch fish professionally! Itis simple and funny! Especially when Hippo help you. Have a greatadventure! You will definitely like our funny fishing. Our freefamily games for boys and girls are always ready to help you spendyour free time funny and usefully.
Bicycle Racing 1.1.3
Hippy has a new bike now and started her journey. Exciting familybicycle racing, unbelievable tricks, leaps and adventures, ofcourse are waiting for you! If you like competitions, parkour andhave fun - choose any bike and try yourself together with Hippy inan exciting family bicycle racing. There are a lot of levels anddifferent locations in this game. Start from the Stone Age caves,have races and jump between dinosaurs and pterodactyls. Then try tofind some treasures in the treasure desert. Try your best to gothrough the volcano valley and come to the mystery forest, full ofunbelievable wonders. Make your bike better and you could achieveeven snowy Antarctic! And even after Antarctic, our race will notend! Choose a new character, collect a new level up bicycle andeven exceed your own  expectations - make your records betterand be the absolute champion of a funny family bicycle racing.There are two modes in the game - parkour and team competition. Andyou could choose these two modes for every level of this excitinggame. Do you like to perform tricks? Parkour mode is for you. Andif you want to take part in a competition and be the winner, anexciting bicycle racing with Hippy could help you with it. The gameFamily Bicycle with Hippy as well as all our educational games forboys and girls is absolutely for free. Have Fun and take part inall the adventures. Take a sit in your bike and you will rememberthis game forever!
Free games: Masha and the Bear 1.3.6
A NEW GAME! Here we proudly present for your attention free familygames Masha and the Bear. Do your kids like cartoons? And are theygetting tired of the monotonous gameplay very quickly? And youdon't want to waste your time to find a place where to downloadsmall games? There is a solution! Free family games Masha and theBear is a series of great games for kids and adults! Everybodylikes to watch cartoons about funny adventures of the favoritecharacters. But now you and your kid have a great opportunity totake part in these adventures by yourself. You will find a largevariety of games. Start to solve large and colorful puzzles, whichimages are the moments of the favorite cartoon. Kids will besurprised to find that our puzzles are different from standardgames of this type. Try simple but funny scratching games withimages from the cartoon. But if you will be bored with collectingimages, start to pop the balloons flying out of the house. And youhave to pop the balloons quickly to have time for collecting aseries of toys and send them on a fascinating journey in a hot airballoon! Both educational and entertaining elements are combined inPuzzles and Memories (Pairs). They develop visual memory andlogical thinking. Game Connect the Dots is good for the developmentof movement coordination. Сonnect the dots and get as the reward afunny character from the cartoon. Kids as well as their parentslike scratching games, especially when these scratching games aresomehow connected with the favorite cartoons characters. Kids andadults like watching cartoons that’s why this game is suitable forall the family! But the biggest surprise for those who lovecartoons, is waiting at the play Masha- photographer. Kid has totake a beautiful picture with the heroes of the series Masha andthe Bear. But if you are getting tired to photograph, start againto play Spot the Pair, Pop the Balloons, Scratch pictures, jigsawPuzzles or Connect the Dots with Kids favorite cartoons! Go on foran adventure! Bring yourself and your kid a lot of joy. Our familygames will surprise you. Play our family games Masha and the Bearabsolutely for free!
Hippo’s Mini Games 1.2.5
New educational family mini-games with Hippo and her friends! Thisgame contains of 7 educational mini-games: 1 - Connect the Dots.There is Hippo or one of her friends on the screen and then theydisappear, a player needs to repeat the shape of the image, connectall stars. When the task is done, you will see a new picture. 2 -Coloring. A colored cartoon character appears for some time andthen it becomes black and white. You need to color the cartooncharacter as it looked before. If in the course of the game youhave any difficulties, use the hint, click this button "?" 3 -Mixing colors. Hippo has a paint of some particular color, help herto create the exactly same color. You must mix colors. Addadditional paint in an empty bucket, mix colors and look what coloryou get. Fascinating educational family mini-game, where playerlearns to create the desired color by mixing different paints. 4 -Pairs. The classical game of "Pairs". Game rules are very simple:There are some pictures shown for a while and then the picturesappear not in the correct order, your task is to open two identicalimages. After that, they will disappear. You need to find allpairs. With each level complexity of the game increases. 5 -Mosaic. There is an image shown on the screen, which disappears amoment later. Player must repeat the pattern, collect it fromcolored mosaics. For tips, click the button "?" 6 - Picturescratch. Picture Scratch is a game for all the ages. There is ahidden image on the screen with one of the Hippo Peppa friends, theplayer need to scratch the layer that covers it. 7 - PuzzlesAssociations. Logical family game. The player needs to put thepictures in the correct order using intuition of associations.There are 3 types of the game available: Put the pictures togetherdue to colors, patterns or figures. The game is very interesting,although it is more difficult than others. 8 - 3D Puzzles. Collectexciting 3D puzzles that consist of 3D blocks. Rotate the blocks indifferent directions so that to obtain the desired picture. 9 -Merry tunes. Musical games for all the ages. In this mini gameplayer needs to collect the classic tunes from the smallersegments. There are different parts of the melodies located on thescreen. Listen to each part separately and put together a famousmelody. At the beginning of the game there are 3 mini-gamesavailable, you get 10 coins for every completed task. To open the4th game, player should gather 100 coins, 5th - 150 Coins, 6th -200 coins, 7th - 300 coins etc. All mini-games contain Hippo andher friends. Cheerful atmosphere and good mood for you areprovided. Enjoy the new game "Hippo. Family mini-games".
Three Little Pigs 1.3.2
Hippo and her friends decided to have rest in the fresh air. Kidsgathered at the clearing around the campfire and started tellingeach other fairy tales. It was Hippo's turn. And Hippo decided toretell the wonderful fairy tale - The Three Little Pigs. But tomake the story more interesting, clever Hippo remade the tale sothat the heroes of the story were her friends. And instead of theangry grey wolf was a large toy dinosaur! Louis, Archie, Dennis andMark found themselves in an exciting adventure, where they couldbuild a house and run away from a toy dinosaur. Join them! Hippoand her friends want you to take part in a fairy tale The ThreeLittle Pigs. Help kids cope with cheerful tasks. Kids stories arewaiting for you and your kid. Try to build a house from bricks,which could protect animals from a large toy dinosaur. As you know,free games for kids and parents are renewed with an interestinginteractive fairy tale The Three Little Pigs. Everybody likes towatch cartoons with favorite heroes and listen to exciting fairytales. But today, you and your kid could become heroes of thisfunny story themselves. Like the heroes of a classical fairy tale,our friends are going to build a house out of straw and leaves,then from wooden planks and at the end of the hard bricks. And oncefriends finish building a house, it still needs to be painted inbright colors. But other than that our interactive fairy tale willhave much more funny games for free. Fairytales are interestingthemselves. But what would happen if, while listening to the story,the kid could play hide and seek with funny characters and throwthe tomatoes at a toy dinosaur? Try our free games for kids andtheir parents- it is much more interesting than just watchcartoons. In addition, they are also educational games that couldbe really useful. An interactive fairy tale The Three Little Pigsis waiting for you and your kid. Spend time with interest andbenefit, playing our educational free games!
City car racing 1.1.9
Funny racing game with Hippo. Hippo sat in her fast car and startedher adventure. Steer around obstacles that will meet on your way,car traffic, logs scattered along the road, the puddles and otherobstacles. On her way Hippo rides not alone, but with other cars,she needs to go around or overtake them. Help Hippo move safelywhile driving in the car, overcome car traffic and try not get intoan accident. Control: To control the car use the gyroscope. To turnright, tilt the device to the right side. To turn left, tilt thedevice to the left side. To speed up, you need to press the pedal""Speed ​​Up"". To slow down, press ""Speed ​​Down"". - Funny Hippoheroes and her friends - Ideal for boys and girls - Family racinggame - Development of fine motor skills of hands, attention anddiligence - Road traffic with funny animals - Various cars -Colorful pictures Enjoy a new family game for boys and for girls"Hippo. Car racing".
Train: Play word game 1.1.3
Free educational family games for boys and girls are replenishedwith a remarkable novelty. Our favorite Hippo is a driver of afunny train, and different animals and all kinds of fruits aresitting in this train. And today, we will learn a lot of new andinteresting words. Learn word with fun! Hippo and her funny trainwill help you.Hurry up, our train start its adventure! And Hippoinvites you to the world of positive emotions and interestingadventure. Nice music and colorful design will carry you away andwill make the process of exploring the world around them anexciting game. Like all educational games, our funny train willbring not only joy, but also a great benefit. Together with ourHippo, we not only learn the words, but also learn what horse orchicken eat. The player will look and remember, how horse, lion andother animals look like. And, of course, in our game there will beall kinds of fruits. Are you ready for an adventure? Then let's go!Today, we will learn new words together with Hippo.Try our newproduct in a series of family games. Have a lot of ​​positiveemotions! Hippo is waiting for you! Today we learn words with ourfavorite Hippo. Stay tuned and stay with us. Our free educationalgames for all the ages will always make you happy!
Fire Patrol 1.1.5
Alert! The city is in danger! The building is on fire. Who willextinguish the fire? Of course, Hippo and fire patrol are ready forthis! Don’t panic, rescuers are on their way! This time, a funnygame Hippo Fire Patrol is added to the free family games section.Everybody likes cartoons about firefighters and rescue workers. Nowwe have an opportunity not only watch cartoon, but try interestingadventures with our favorite characters. To extinguish the fire isnot as easy as it may seem. This is not a cartoon, where everythinghappens on its’ own. Today, Hippo and fire patrol are waiting foryour help. You need to get to the building on fire as soon aspossible and get some water on your way. Control the truck, avoidobstacles, so that rescuers could arrive right on time. Havingarrived to the place, start rescuing people from a building on fireand extinguish the fire. Remember, it is not a cartoon. A disasterwill happen without your aid. Try our new game from the free familygames series. Hippo and fire patrol is waiting for you! Playtogether with your family members! Have positive emotions togetherwith your kid. Stay tuned and stay with us. Our free games willalways make you and your kids happy!
Baby Railway-Train Adventure 1.2.6
We are happy to present you a long-expected update of freeeducational games for boys and girls series. Baby Hippo haveprepared a nice surprise for you. A big railway adventure iswaiting forus! Kids’ games have never been so exciting. Today weget not only one train but the whole railway network and a greatnumber of stations. So, the next train arrives at the centralstation, and baby Hippo takes place in the ticket counter.Passengers run to buy tickets, and Hippo should serve them all andmake sure that they get on their train. And it is just thebeginning of the adventures. Our novelty from a free educationalgames series is a whole set including various kids’ games. Variouseducational elements are presented at every stage of our story. Ifyou need to buy tickets, then your child is learning to distinguishnumbers and counting in a playful way. If you want to put apassenger on the train, the child develops visual memory. Moreoverour free educational games improve fine motor skills of hands,attention and logical thinking of kids. And, of course, like allbabies games, our games for boys and girls will introduce thediversity of the surrounding world to your child. The children aregoing to gain knowledge about various objects and phenomena, forexample, about the railway stations. Let’s go ahead towardadventures! Hippo and our kid’s games are waiting for you and yourbaby. Immerse with your child in the sea of positive emotions!Follow the updates and stay with us. Our free educational gameswill make you and your baby happy!
Pop Balloons: Winter games 1.0.2
What activity would make all family members interested?  Wherecan you find simple games for all the ages, which will beinteresting and not boring? Plus they should be suitable everybody.That's the questions of all people who want to find educationalfree game. This choice is especially difficult when the player iscapricious. In this case you need to find something special andfunny, that make everybody to smile. But we have a solution! Thisnovelty is from Educational Hippo Games series for all the family!Our curious Hippo invites you for winter holidays. Try to popballoons together! To pop balloons on Christmas is as fun as to popsoap bubbles!There is a lot of snow outside and it means thatwinter holidays would be much funnier now. New Year is up to comeand Hippo made up holiday games for everybody from theneighborhood. Friends blow up balloons and fly in the sky togetherwith beautiful snowflakes. We just  need to pop balloons andtickle friends. Don`t worry, it will not happen anything wrong withour friends on Christmas. When all the balloons are burst, happyfriends will begin to go down with colorful parachutes. That's thepoint of Hippy's New Year game. Try to pop balloons, it is muchmore interesting than to pop soap bubbles. Hippy likes Christmasand invites all of you to take part in this holiday. Now you know,what game will amaze your family members. Have a lot of positiveemotions! Be sure, you will never be bored with such a game! Staytuned and follow Hippo. Our free family games will always make youhappy!
Hippo Astronaut: Space adventures 1.0.5
The boundless sky full of stars attracts with its greatness. Take aspecial suit with a jet pack on and let's start our adventure tothe endless space. Stars are calling. Hippo is a spaceman today!Our star adventure starts now. Like a real spaceman, you will be inthe real space. Are you ready for a space adventure? Then let's go!Family games for boys and girls about the space are waiting foryou.Exciting arcade is renewed with classical games about space andseries of educational family games. The earth is left far away andour spaceman is moving bravely between all the possible spaceobjects. As you may have understood, Hippo is a spaceman in ourgame. She is meeting planets, asteroids and mysterious coinsartifacts. Avoid planet collisions and asteroids while collectingcoins. Hippo has only three lives but it is not a problem. The morecoins you have, the more additional lives you get.It seems to bevery easy, isn't it? But our game for boys and girls is not soeasy. Family games are good at the case, when they are educationalgames. And our game refers to this kind of game, it is a reactiongame. This interesting game really develops attention and reactionof the player. There isn't any time to relax! There are a lot ofobstacles and they are getting smaller. Hippy could hardly manageto avoid tricky asteroids. Help her to fulfill her mission. But, aswell as all family games for boys and girls, except of education,our game will make you happy. Exciting graphics and funny musicwill help you.Try our new game from the series of family games forboys and girls. Have a lot of positive emotions! Stay tuned andstay with us. Our free games for boys and for girls will make youhappy.
The Lost Doll: Escape Room 1.2.3
Have you ever played the game like 10 doors? If yes, you alreadyknow that this is an educational puzzle game where you need to findand use different things to achieve goals. And sometimes you evenhave to solve interesting and exciting puzzles. And if you havenever played 10 doors, you have a great opportunity to getacquainted with it right now. Our free educational puzzle games forboys and girls are renewed with an interesting novelty. We presentour NEW game Hippo and 10 doors! And now a bit of information whatit is about. In fact, this game is a dynamic game of type ""escaperoom’’. Here you need to search for items and solve logic puzzles.But all these puzzles are not in one room, they are scatteredacross many small rooms. The player's task is always the same: tosolve the secret that this room hides and go through the door intothe next room with new exciting puzzles. But what is the differencebetween the game Hippo and 10 doors and other games of this type?Of course our game is focused on all the family members, as well onthe smallest explorers and also on their adults. Because child'sentertainment and development is the goal of all our products, themost massive products are developing free logic family games. So,are you ready for a NEW adventure? Then let`s go in an excitingjourney through all the rooms of a large grandmother's house withour beloved Hippo and her brother Ji. We have to overcome a longway and go from the back yard to the last room of the attic andfind the favorite toy of mother Hippo. We are waiting forinteresting puzzles and funny situations, in which our heroes getinto. Stay stubborn and curious, and the doors of all the rooms ofgrandmother's house will open. This new product, as well as all ourgames for boys and girls, is absolutely for free! Stay with us,stay tuned and spend time with joy playing with children our freeeducational logic games.
Halloween: Candy Hunter 1.1.3
Every year at the same time there are a lot of witches, ghosts andthe whole army of all possible monsters at the streets of HippoCity. The full darkness in enlightened only by mysterious EyelessJack lanterns and asounded by loud giggling and funny screams. Itis no use to be afraid! It is a world-known holiday, Halloween,which is celebrated 31th of October. This holiday is devoted towitches, ghosts and other bogey. Children take on differenthilarious monster costumes and go trick-or-treating. Halloween isup to come. But what a pity, Hippo family had no time to choose andbuy holiday clothes. What should we do? Who can manage this? Ofcourse Hippo Peppa could help. Would you like to help her? So,welcome to the Hippo city where there are a lot of fun, jokes,adventures and sweets. Every citizen has waited so long for it,especially Hippy. She thought over so many times, what clothesHippo family would wear. She needs urgently to go to thesupermarket and buy new clothes. Hurry up! Let`s go to thesupermarket. Firstly supermarket, full of different clothes, thenBig City Holiday. But Holiday would not be the end of our story. Wewould gather Monsters and have fun. Frighten strangers, gathersweets, have fun and laugh a lot! You will remember this holidayfor long time! Hippy invites you to try our new game from theDeveloping games for boys and girls. It is not like the othersimilar games. Here you need not just take on and change clothes,we have a pile of such games in the Internet. A lot of fun, jokesand useful elements are the vital parts of our games. This newgame, like all developing games for boys and girls is absolutelyfor free! Stay with us, stay tuned and have fun with your children,playing our free educational games!
Wheels on the Bus 1.1.4
Nursery rhymes supplemented by a remarkable novelty. Wheels on thebus go round and round all day long - it's fun and popular song,known all over the world. But it has become even more fun, as itsang by baby Hippo. Favorite kids animals will create theatmosphere of the holiday for you. Baby Hippo and her friends sitin the bus, Wheels on the bus go round and round all day long, andour adventures are just beginning! Nursery rhymes - this is thebest format for free educational baby games. Merry melodies, funnyanimals, and easy learning with a lot of fun - all this you willfind in song Wheels on the bus go round and round all day long.Baby Hippo with friends loves to ride on the bus and sing Nurseryrhymes. Try to sing this funny song with your baby. Nursery rhymeseasily captivate your baby and will give a lot of joy and fun. Singa song with us Wheels on the bus go round and round all day longand give the kids positive emotions! Stay tuned and stay with us.Baby Hippo is preparing new exciting surprises! Our freeeducational games for boys and girls will always delight you andyour Kids
Kids Christmas Advent Calendar 1.1.2
Winter is here, and it means that Christmas is up to come. Everychild waits for a miracle to happen. Santa Claus has preparedexciting presents for good children. While Santa Clause isgathering all the presents in his bag and preparing for his longjourney, our curious Hippo made up a present for everybody. It isHippo Advent Calendar. Kids Advent Calendar is a novelty from ourDeveloping Mini Games! Christmas is the most awaited holiday ever.Everybody waits for holidays so much. This Advent Calendar wascreated to make holiday waiting lighter and to create the Holidayspirit. Before holidays every day millions of children and adultsall over the world open the windows of the beloved Advent Calendar.They can find sweets, souvenirs, toys, funny pictures and goodwishes there. And our Advent Calendar is also full of suchsurprises! Unforgettable adventures, funny puzzles, interestingriddles and other activities for boys and girls are in here! Andall these surprises could be yours! Meet the holidays with Hippo,open Advent Calendar and get deep into funny winter adventures.Solve Christmas riddles and puzzles. Merry Christmas! Let thisholiday give you a lot of fun and happiness! Follow Hippo and staytuned! Our Developing Mini Games and activities for boys and girlswill always make you and your children happy.
Air Traffic Controller 1.0.6
Baby Hippo - Flight controler. Aircrafts and helicopters in thesky, just waiting for your orders!But do not worry - this is not awar, and the sky, which are floating on the aircraft, it isabsolutely peaceful. You - the chief air traffic controller largeheavenly harbor.Game baby Hippo - air traffic controller willcertainly take its place of honor in your collection, and join thefolder - the best games for kids. But this does not mean that thegame is not interested adults! Our free games suitable for all agecategories.Grab any air boat and give them the right path. Planesand helicopters have distinctive and different sizes of airspeedand air traffic over the airport is very tight. Everyone wants landmore quickly, but only up to you, who will cut circles in the sky,waiting for their turn, and who will go immediately on landing.Butthe game is even more fun when it is taken baby Hippo! It is nosecret that, together with their favorite characters baby Hippogames for kids are much more interesting. Who are the best littlefamily fun air traffic controller? Who will competently regulateair traffic? This is for you, and to be seen, driving across thesky airplanes and helicopters, at the same time enjoying all thedelights that you will give our free games!
Hippo Engineering Patrol 1.0.7
Our researchers are ready to take to pieces any device, just tosatisfy their curiosity and to understand how something works. Thatis why any interesting tinker toys are so necessary for everybody,where you make up details into one large working mechanism. And ourwonderful new game, focused on the development, presents more thanone tinker toys, but a variety of such games! In Hippo EngineeringPatrol you can not only make up the details of differentmechanisms, but also get deep into exciting adventures. After all,the development should take place in the form of games and capturethe attention of researchers. Thus, Hippo Engineering Patrol isready to go to the place where accident or breakdown happened.Caution! What have happened this time? Again the city fountain hasbeen broken? Perhaps car accident in the city? Or attractions areout of service in the park? It doesn`t matter! Hippo EngineeringPatrol is ready to repair any breakdown. Now Hippo must only put onher super engineering suit and go to meet a new adventure. Butfirst of all, we need to overcome the dangerous path to the placewhere breakdown happened. We will roller-skate on city roads. Thenwe go underground in the mysterious technical tunnels and even trywater skiing on a large urban sewage. And during the path we needto collect the elements so that to repair the broken mechanism. Forexample, to fix the fountain, we need to collect pieces of pipe,then to put them all together, like a tinker toy, making an amazinglabyrinth of pipes. If a car accident happens, you need to find cardetails, and make up beautiful sticker-puzzles. Our tinker toys,where you need to make up different details, is unique! And thismakes the development of the player faster! The development is theaim of all our products, the most massive of which are freeeducational family games. And in addition beautiful pictures andfunny characters give players a lot of positive emotions and joy.Hippo Engineering Patrol gives the family an incredible variety ofgames! Stay with us, stay tuned and have fun, playing with them inour free educational games.
Five Little Monkeys 1.1.3
Five little monkeys jumping on the bed - it's Counting training forchildren. Kids songs - one of the best formats in which there areeducational games for children. Counting in the form of light andfun to teach your child to count to five. And in this we can helpour beloved baby Hippo and her friends.Baby Hippo with friends alsoloves kids songs, but our cheerful company has decided to not onlysing, but also a jump to the music! Baby Hippo and her friends asthe five little monkeys jumping on the bed. Funny Countingimmediately entice and educate the child. Kids songs tend toquickly memorize, and therefore your child will quickly learn tocount. Five little monkeys jumping on the bed - the best song inthe English language, who taught the child account.Our freeeducational games are always ready to entertain you and yourchildren. And now joined the collection of useful and funny songsin English. Today we offer you to sing together with us. Counting -Five little monkeys jumping on the bed - an excellent choice forthe little ones. Baby Hippo and her friends love to sing kidssongs. And you?
Kids handcraft: Snowflakes 1.1.3
New Year And Christmas are up to come. Are you ready to celebratethem? What could children do when there is winter and snow outside?When there is very very cold, board games come up in Hippy’s mind.Hasn’t Holiday Spirit come to your house yet? Don’t worry! Let’scut the snowflakes together with Hippo. Let’s make New Year andChristmas much more happier and unforgettable! Everybody hascreated some handmade things for New Year and Christmas. But themost interesting activity was to cut snowflakes from paper. Youneed to be good skilled, to have sharp scissors and a lot ofcolorful paper. But sharp scissors are not good for small children.And where can you find so many colorful papers to cut a lot ofsnowflakes? Don’t worry, time is going on! You can play a lot ofboard developing games for boys and girls on your tablets,smartphones and computers. And it is high time to put our favoriteold games there too! Today Hippy presents a great novelty for youand your children. Now you can cut snowflakes without scissors andpaper just on the screen of your tablet or smartphone! And it isnot the end! You can not only save snowflakes in the comfortableonline album, but also to share them on Facebook with your friends.You can amaze everybody this year! Present the most beautifulsnowflakes for your friends! When it is winter and snow outside,let’s do handmade things and cut snowflakes with Hippo! Stay tunedand follow us. Our developing board games for boys and girls willalways make happy you and your children.
Kids Dreamland Adventures 1.0.5
Every night we fly to the land where dreams live. Everybody has itsown unique Dreamland. We see different interesting dreams withadventures and magic until morning comes. Our curious Hippy alsosees exciting and sweet dreams, where her friends fairies andunicorn have fun at the Rainbow Clearing. But something is wrong atthe Rainbow Clearing today! Where are fairies and unicorn? Who hasstolen them? Nightmares and bad dreams did this! Good magic, it isyour turn now! Fairy Hippy is here to help! Let's help Dreamlandand save our friends!As you have already understood, a very specialnew game from the Educational Games for girls and boys awaits us.This is the funny kids game where Hippy will have fairy adventuresand will save friends from nightmares. But you can help Hippy witha good magic! We will go deep into "rabbit-hole " where we will popballoons and bubbles. During our way we will meet a lot ofobstacles and also a lot of surprises. But we will not only popballoons and soap bubbles. There are bad dreams, nightmares andother dangerous creatures in the Dream Land. But our magic can turnall these into fun and colorful dreams! Every child will like thisgame, and as a result they get a lot of positive emotions,happiness and laughter. Try our new exciting game! Dream Land,magic and fairies are waiting for you! Follow Hippo and stay tuned.Our free educational games for boys and girls will make you andyour children happy!
Funny Snowball Battle: Winter Games 1.1.1
Cold winter brings Christmas in its snowy bag. Brightening whitesnow is everywhere. During all the holidays we will play wintergames and have fun. What are your favorite winter games? Whilethere is cold and snowing outside, our Hippy likes to have fun. Thebest variant is to play snowballs. Let’s go with Hippy outside,there are our friends and a big snow battle is waiting for us.Playing snowballs is a traditional winter battle, which takes placeduring Christmas holidays in Hippo town.Shooter games are mostlyasked among kids. But it must be not like a simple arcade. Hint onthe war and rudeness is forbidden for such a type of games. You mayask, if it is possible to make a game following these requirements?Yeah, of course it is possible! Hippo presents you an amazingnovelty, which will have a top place in your collection of gamesand will be on the same position with popular family games! So,ladies and gentlemen, please welcome New Year arcade, snowballgame! It will be the most favorite game for you and your kid duringall winter holidays.Hurry up! Make snowballs and have a funnywinter battle together with Hippo! Snowball game is a safe andfunny game for all the family members! Be the winner and then thechampion of all the snowball battle! This new game, like all thegames for boys and girls, is absolutely for free! Stay with us,follow Hippo and have fun playing our games together with kids!
Kids School Bus Adventure 1.1.0
School bus has come to our bus stop. Come in, sit down and feelyourself comfortable. Hippy invites you to the new road adventure!Today you are the driver of our school bus. But don’t stay long onthis bus stop. Holidays are far away and that means that all theteachers are waiting for their pupils in school. Let’s go! Cartraffic is not an obstacle. Our school bus goes through the city.Our destination is school! Educational games with Hippo are renewedwith a new game - kid’s car simulator. You will like this game ifyou are bored with pretty normal kid’s racing. Normal kid’s racingis monotonous. It is not interesting just to drive a bus, childrenlike adventures. And we will give these adventures to your kids.Hippo school bus is not just kid's simulator. You, like a real busdriver, will catch kids on bus stops and fight rough car traffic.Don’t be sad, if the crash happens. It is not difficult to repair acar, we have all the tools and parts for quick and well-qualifiedrepairing work. Broken wheel? No problem! We have tire jack andspare. Motor is out of control? Not a problem too! Open motor hoodand change broken details. It is so interesting and exciting torepair a car. If you suddenly have lack of fuel, petrol stationwill help you. We will help you to refill a gas tank of school busand pay for it. When we end up with petrol station, we will have avery responsible task. And remember, there are pupils inside.Teachers are waiting for them. School opens its doors to all thehappy pupils till the moment when holidays begin. That’s why wewill have a lot of tasks and road adventures. This new game, likeall the educational games for boys and girls is absolutely forfree. Have a lot of positive emotions together with your kids! Staytuned and follow Hippo. Our free games for boys and girls will makeyou and your kids happy!
Cooking games: Feed funny animals 1.0.8
Our beloved Hippo likes to cook, create new dishes and share themwith friends. It is so funny and exciting to feed animals! Funnykitchen and canteen are waiting for you! Everybody likes to eatsomething tasty. There are so many different dishes, from spaghettitill culinary masterpiece, a big birthday cake! Welcome to curiousHippy, and find different kitchen surprises that kitchen hasprepared for us. Today we will cook a lot of different dishes!Let’s make a dinner party with different culinary masterpieces.Then we will go to the forest, make there a picnic and feed Hippy’sfriends. Also we will celebrate Ji’s birthday in the pirate café,where we will try a real pirate cuisine! When you will be boredwith cooking, let’s go fishing with friends! During fishing we willnot only eat spaghetti, but also a delicious fish broth. First ofall you need to open secret recipes, collect all the ingredientsfor special dishes, and then you can feed the animals spoonful.Adventures await us! Welcome to Hippo Canteen! Nobody will behungry after all!Play educational family games together with Hippo!It is funny and what’s more, it is very useful, because our aim aregood mood and the development of a player. Players will get fun andexcitement together with development. Stay tuned and follow Hippo!Our free family games, will always make you happy.
Sweet Candy Shop for Kids 1.0.8
Every kid knows about a free educational game Match Three or Lines.Everybody has ever put together crystals or candy into differentimages. So you know how exciting the game Match Three is. That’swhy this time Hippy has prepared one more amazing surprise forevery curious kid. This is a funny kids variation of The Lines. Youneed only to download our free game and have a lot of fun with it!Big sweet candy are waiting for you! We can speak forever about thegames like the Lines. But the most important thing you need to knowabout our game is that it is oriented on small kids. You need toput together only 3 candies. But it is not so easy as youthink,candy don`t have a solid position, they move when you pullthe smartphone or tablet. There are few levels with its surprisesand unexpected situations. Except entertainment, the game containsalso educational elements because our games are first of alleducational games. Putting the crystals and candy together, kidstrains movements, speed of reaction and also learns how to thinkahead. Education of your kids is our main aim, the most popular ourproducts are free games for kids from 2 till 6. And curious Hippymakes this process funnier and more exciting. You can download ourgame for free! Hippy invites you to try Match Three for kids! Putthe candy of the same color together in lines and have fun withHippy. Stay tuned and follow us. Our free educational games forboys and girls will always make you and your kids happy.
Kids Car Wash Garage for Boys 1.1.3
Cars help us a lot. Even our curious Hippy has a car. Millions ofcars works so much to make our life easy and comfortable. But carsalso need help. Cars, like every normal alive creature, like to eatsomething tasty. They eat fuel, which you can buy at the patrolstations. They also get ill, when engine or some important partdon't work properly. But our life depends on the health of the car,that we use every day. Healthy and non defective car will neverhave an accident. That's why it needs to be repaired regularly. Tomake all car healthy, Hippy and Giraffe Dennis have opened carservice!Free games for boys are renewed with exciting new game fromHippo. Kids Car Service is waiting for new workers! Let's startfrom patrol station and tire service. Let's serve the cars and getmoney from pleased customers. When these two services would be notenough, we will open workshop, car wash and car paint. Our carservice gives complex and serious repair to each car! Hippy andGiraffe Dennis work a lot to make you happy. Car service is notsuch an easy task, it needs all your attention and skills! Workshophelps us to find broken parts and change them with new ones. Tireservice repairs everything connected with wheels. Car Wash helps towash a car and to take a warm shower. And car paint helps to choosenew bright colorful clothes. So, let's start! Kids Car Service andcar repair are waiting for you!Try our free new game for boys! Yourkid will definitely like to look after cars. Stay tuned, followHippo and make your children happy, when you play our games withthem!
School prank: Snake 1.0.5
Some time ago we used to play classical retro games. And Snake isthe most famous arcade from all the games known. Our fast-movingworld gives a chance for old games to have a new life. We decidedto add some funny pranks to Snake game. Today, we will make a coolflashmob together with Hippy! We will take our rollerblades on andstart doing pranks just in our school class. Today is going to be agreat day! School should know its heroes! A new game is added o theseries of educational games for kids. Renewed Snake is an excitingarcade for boys and girls. Every retro game has a chance to get anew life. Why is it different from other games? It is createdespecially for modern kids. It couldn't be anything moreinteresting for kids than pranks and funny flashmob that could makethe school upside down. Take the rollers on and come in your class!During the way you need to collect all your friend and find secretthings in classes! Frighten teachers in the hall with your funnyshow! Prove everybody that Snake could be an unbeliveably excitingflashmob. You can become a hero in your school together with a newgame from the free educational games for kids. Our beloved Hippyinvites everybody to take part in the roller flashmob! Have a lotof positive emotions by playing our retro games! Stay tuned andfollow us. Free games for boys and girls will make you and yourchildren happy.
Kids Dance School 1.0.2
A new dance school is opening in the Hippo Town! We will dancehip-hop and breakdance today. Our Hippo will teach us how to danceso, that every party will be the most successful one for you! It istime to go on a stage now, because you are a real star today. Andour Hippy dance school will help you to make your skills evenbetter! You are not just a star, you are a dancing superstar! Youwere born to perform on a dance floor!Can you imagine a partywithout dancing? Almost everyone can dance hip-hop and break. Butour dance school can help you to become a real dancing superstar ofall dancing styles! Hippy knows how to perform a lot of dancingtricks. Brace up, this game needs all your attention and goodreaction to use different dancing moves. Music is on and lights arealready up! Hippo party is in its full swing! Fans are waiting onlyfor you! Step up on the dance floor, teach everybody a good lessonof hip-hop and breakdance! Today a new party star will beannounced. Hippy dance studio is much more better now! We can makedancing superstar from every average dancer!Try our new game fromthe learning and educational games for boys and girls. Dance schooland cool music are waiting for you! Your kids will feel themselveshappy and full of positive emotions! Stay tuned and stay with us.Our free games for girls and boys will make you and your kidshappy.
Play piano for free 1.0.3
Funny Piano is a new exciting game from the series of educationaland learning family games for boys and girls. Everybody likeskaraoke and musical instruments. It is very easy to learn how tosing in karaoke, but to learn how to play different musicalinstrument is not so simple. Together with a new kids simulatorHippo Piano the process of learning will be fun and fast. Thesimulator is especially created for all the ages. While playingvery simple musical games, player will get to know the world ofmusic and could even play some of the popular melodies. Musicalinstruments and music are always easy and fun!Hippo musical schoolinvites you to attend funny musical classes. Today we will learnhow to play funny melodies on the piano. Musical instrumentssimulator will prove you that playing musical instruments is not sodifficult. But we have not only funny piano in our school. We alsohave a trumpet, a violin, a guitar, a flute and other great musicalinstruments, which we could play. Family musical simulator for boysand girls  is created in such a way so that  to makelearning a funny exciting game with a lot of positive emotions.Let's get acquainted together with Hippy with a world of music.Trumpet, guitar, flute, violin and other musical instruments arewaiting for their masterful musicians. They all are waiting foryou!Try our new game from series of family educational and learninggames for boys and girls. Our beloved Hippy and her music arewaiting for you! Have a lot of happiness and positive emotions!Stay tuned and stay with us. Our free family games for boys andgirls will make you happy.
Kids family farm 1.0.7
It is so sunny today. What a good day to have adventures! It isalso a high time to crop a harvest! Our Hippo today is not just afarmer, but also a manager who has its own funny big farm and a zoofull of domestic animals. A Funny Hippo Farm is an exciting kidssimulator of a farm. We will grow up vegetables and domesticanimals and also we will crop a harvest. The only thing you need todo now, at this good sunny day, is to download and then play ourexciting farm simulator!As a farmer and a manager of a hugehousehold you will do a lot of interesting and exciting things.Funny active bees will help us to plant vegetables at our gardenbeds. And you will help our granddaddy, who drives a tractor, tocarry all the carts with harvest, playing Snake game. Your funnyfriends will also help you to crop a huge harvest. Take care andpay a lot of attention to your friends, these mischiefs need to putvegetables to correct boxes. And what's more, you can bring updomestic animals today! Let's make a zoo full of domestic animalsat the back yard! But the best thing will start when we will make afarm races on tractors or start protecting the garden beds againstpests. Are you still bored at this sunny day? Funny Hippo farm iswaiting for you! To get lot of positive emotions right now, theonly thing you need to do is to download our free educational game.You are the best farmer on earth! Stay tuned and say with us. Freegames for boys and girls will make you and your children happy.
Kids Broken Party 1.0.7
Interactive fairytales for kids are renewed with a new amazingstory! Our beloved Hippy knows a lot of interesting stories andfairytales and make them modern. Today it will be a new interactivefairytale The Wolf and Seven Kids. Instead of wolf there is a bigballoon dragon, and instead of goats we have Hippo and her friends.It is much more interesting than any bedtime story! Do you want tobe the hero of a modern fairytale? A new interactive fairytaleinvites you to the world of exciting adventures! Educational gamesfor kids must be interesting and clever enough, must learn a kiddifferent skills such as thinking, speed of movement, logicalthinking and speed of reaction. Games for kids such as scratching,painting and connecting dots are must have for this kind of games.Our interactive Hippy fairytales consists of such games, they aresuitable for boys and for girls as well. Kids like so muchinteresting and original stories. The Wolf and Seven Kids is ofthat kind of stories, it will keep your kids interested until theend of the story. And, of course, all our stories have a happy end!Our Hippy always tries to make kids involved and interested. EvenBad Dragon will be happy in our fairytale. Is it possible? Yes,everything is possible in our interactive fairytale The Wolf andSeven Kids! Enough of boring bedtime fairytales! Be the main heroof the fairytale and have a lot of adventures! Play with Hippo kidsgames such as scratch, painting and connect dots and a lot of otherfunny and educational games for kids. Visit the world of fairytaleadventure and exciting stories! This new game, as well as all ourgames for boys and girls is absolutely for free! Stay tuned, followus and spend happy time with your kids! play together with yourkids our free educational games!
Kids Super Spy Games 1.0.9
Everybody likes stories about super spy agents, who gainunbelievable success through dangerous adventures. But most ofthese stories are aimed at adults. And what should kids do, who are3 or a little bit more years old? They also like to listen to thestories where super spy agents are fighting with evil forces.Today, our beloved Hippy have prepared for all of you a veryexciting new game, which suits for kids of 3 and more years old!This is not an ordinary fairy tale, but a real mysterious story,that happened on a mysterious and grim farm of Hippo Town. Are youready for an amazing Hippo stories? Let them begin! New Hippoadventures are waiting for you!Kids educational Hippo games arenever going to be boring! This time, a kid will get to know anamazing and astonishing story, which happened to Hippo and herbrother Ji. Once, they decided to play secret agents. They havedreamt about super agents investigations for a long time. Finally,the chance have appeared. Today, Hippy and Ji are super spy agents,they have managed to get into the property of an anger farmer, sothat to found out about his opaque plans and reveal a criminal. Newadventures are waiting for you, logical games, shooters and otherdifferent puzzles, which are very interesting and exciting. Hideup, use clever tricks to neutralize angry securities and reach thetarget. Find out all the secrets of a mysterious farm. This is nota fairytale, but an exciting story about secret spy Hippo agents,that is created especially for kids, who are 3 or more years old.Super agents shooters are the educational games for kids, they willnever make your kid bored and give them a lot of positive emotionswith amazing adventures.A new novelty, like all our games for boysand girls is absolutely for free! Stay with us, stay tuned and playtogether with your kids. Our free educational games for kids of 3and more years make you and your kids happy.
Masha and the Bear: Evolution 1.1.1
Games that contain evolution of characters have become reallypopular. Normally it is an ordinary farm with different characters,connecting of which makes up-grade heroes and short movies areshown then. But most of those games are aimed at adults. That's whywe have decided to create the Evolution game for our small kids. Tomake these games much more interesting, we have chosen Masha andThe Bear as main heroes of our fairy tale! It is suitable for boysas well as for girls! It is much better than ordinary farm, it ismore interesting than just to raise pets and collect crystals! Itis a real through time adventure! An exciting adventure throughcenturies and epochs is waiting for you today! Masha and the Bearinvites you to join it! We will get to know how the evolution ofspecies goes , and it will be the evolution of the Bear. How willour ancient Bear turn into modern Bear? Cartoons could not show youthe evolution of the cartoon heroes Masha and the Bear. Even thefarm games couldn't make the kid much more involved than this game!Could you imagine The Bear of the Stone Age or Roman Empire? Whichtransformations did the Bear had in the Middle Age and in the Ageof Technical Progress? The answers to all these questions you willfind in a new exciting game - fairy tale for kids with our favoriteheroes from cartoon Masha and The Bear! Which evolution strategywould you have? How would you create new types of bears? This isnot so important! Anyway you will have a lot of fun and happiness!Collect bonus crystals, connect same bears and get new funnyinteresting heroes. In this game you don't need to collect money,the only currency needed for evolution are ideas and thoughts! TheBear will produce all of them! And your help and your strategy willdefinitely help the Bear to be the cleverest in the world! The mostimportant thing of this game is that you don't need money toconduct this adventure through centuries! This new game as well asall our games is absolutely for free! Stay tuned, stay with us andhave fun playing with your kids our free educational games - fairytales for kids.
Good morning Hippo 1.1.0
What so interesting can the whole family, adults and children do?Of course to play useful educating games with good fascinatingstory together! And so, yesterday we had bedtime tales and wewished good night to all the citizens of the Hippo town. But thealarm clock went off and cheerful Hippo town wakes up! Let's hurry,it is necessary to say "Good morning!" to all its citizens. Thegame "Good Morning, Hippy" is a direct continuation of an old,beloved story. This time we have came up with new logical tasks,wonderful bright pictures and amusing puzzles. The educating gamesand fairy tales became even more interesting, more versatile andmore fascinating. It is interactive history for all family! Eachresident of the seaside town is engaged in the interesting tasks inthe morning. Together with our heroes we will brush teeth, take ashower, do exercises, do the cleaning, prepare a meal and we willeven follow the complex devices of the large lighthouse! But thealarm clock will not be able to wake up each resident of the town.Father Leo has three alarm clocks in his room and every morning hebattles with them with pillows and slippers. We will help fatherLeo to wake up and we will tell him "Good morning!", so he will goand brush teeth, take a shower and then with new energy begin tomake new stories and interactive fairy tales in his study. And whatinteresting logical tasks and incredible pictures are waiting forus on a pirate schooner of the uncle Raccoon and in a large oldlighthouse? What do the pirate cook and the ship boy do in themornings? And how many interesting tasks are waiting for motherJozie this morning in the kitchen? You will find it out from newgreat interactive story "Good Morning, Hippo"! Series of games Goodmorning and Good night are wonderful fairy tales and interactivestories with the educational elements which will be equallysuitable for all ages. In addition, this new game, like every oureducational family games, is completely free! Stay with us, followthe updates and bring joy to yourself and your loved ones, playingwith them in our free educational games for the whole family.
Kids Hospital: Eye Doctor 1.0.8
Hospital game is an exciting and educational game for kids. It isvery popular among our small pioneers. While helping the patientsof Hippo hospital, a little eye doctor learns how to be careful,attentive and kind. Especially for you, our Hospital game isrenewed with a new cabinet. Our beloved Hippy is an eye doctortoday! It means, that new hospital games are waiting for us today!Problems with eyesight? Don't worry, patients will be cured by thebest eye doctor in the world, your kids. Every day ambulancedelivers new patients to the hospital. They will be examined byHippo. The phone rings without pause. Somebody need to have aninjection, somebody needs to be operated urgently, and somebodyneeds just to choose contact lenses and check eyesight. Somebodyhas a virus eye infection or just irritation. Our doctor eye doctorwill do his own special tests and help everybody! Kind Hippy doctoris an ophthalmologist of international level, and today she isready to share her secrets with you. Let's go to the Hippohospital! Anybody who will come today to the hippo hospital, willhave an examination, have eyesight tests and will get all theneeded injections and firs aid! To cure patients and make thisworld better are secrets, that every doctor should know. This isthe game hospital for kids! It means that we are not afraid of anydifficult operation. Do you want to check your eyesight with thebest eye specialist? A new eye doctor game, as well as all oureducational games for boys and girls, is absolutely for free. Havea lot of positive emotions together with your kids! Hospital Hippogames are interesting and exciting. Stay tuned and stay with us.Our free games for boys and girls will always make you and yourkids happy.
Kids Policeman games: Hippo Detective 1.0.8
A criminal world is in action again! It means that Hippo KidsPolice Patrol from Hippo Town is here for help! It is a newdetective story with unbelievably interesting and excitingadventures. Hippy Detective is on service and is ready to hold aninvestigation and uncover all the criminal cases. A criminal mightbe very crafty but we will find all the secret evidence and revealall the criminal steps which will lead us to the criminal himself.If Hippo Kids Police Patrol from Hippo town is here, even a bankrobbery will be definitely uncovered! Are you ready to try yourselfas a real detective? It is very interesting and also reallyresponsible to uncover criminal cases and hold a huge policeinvestigation. Our Hippo town suffers from some criminal gang, butHippo Detective is a very experienced detective, she has alreadyuncovered more than 100 bank robberies. At the crime scene togetherwith Hippo Detective we will interview witnesses. We will also makean identikit, search for secret evidence with a help of a specialscanner, and follow intricate criminal steps through the cityslums. But it is very easy to make an identikit and follow criminalsteps. It will become more difficult when we, like real detectives,make secret chase for a criminal and police ambush. A criminal willreveal himself at some moment, and then we should use all theattention, agility and speed of reaction because any criminal casealways ends up with an exciting police chase! Hippo Kids PolicePatrol is not an exception! It is not enough only to find somebodyfrom the criminal gang, we need to catch him and put to the law!Are you ready to the real detective adventures? Hippo Kids PolicePatrol is waiting for its detectives! It is waiting for you! Tryour new game from educational games for boys an girls! Hippo KidsPolice Patrol will make all the small pioneers of the world happy,and its educational games will be really useful. Stay tuned andstay with us. Our free games for boys and girls will make you andyour children happy.
Masha and the Bear: Kids Fishing 1.1.4
A new amazing novelty from Masha and the Bear! This time thebeloved cartoon invites you to the interesting game Fishing! Mashaand the Bear is a favorite cartoon of the smallest viewers allaround the world. It is so interesting and exciting to watchstories about favorite heroes. But it is much more interesting togo on adventures by yourself and to go through all the task withMasha and the Bear, tasks which was prepared with new game Fishing!Educational games for boys and girls are not just exciting but veryuseful. They develop attention, speed of movement, imagination andagility. Playing these games, kids will learn how to count anddistinguish colors, kids also will get a lot of skills useful inlife. Such games for kids is a great preparation for school! Andthis school preparation will be an unobtrusive process with a lotof fun and happiness in the process of exciting game. We can provethat this is an easy and not a bit complicated process to learn howto count, distinguish colors and learn some useful skills. But thisis not the end! Today we will not only catch fishes but alsodiscover new types of underwater inhabitants! Diverse gameplay of anew fishing game with original ways to catch a fish will be lovedby all the kids and adults! Only our forest pond has so many formsand colors of fishes. Put all the tasks away and catch fishtogether with us! Favorite cartoon and its amusing characters arewaiting for you! This new game, as well as all our games for kids,is absolutely for free. Are you ready to get through all the tasksof the game? Then Masha and the Bear invite you to the excitingjourney! Stay tuned, stay with us, play our educational games forboys and girls with your kids and have a lot of fun and happinesstogether.
Fitness Games: Hippo Trainer 1.0.5
What a disaster! Hippo's cousin has a wedding soon. She was verynervous and ate a lot that's why she gained some weight! Excessweight before such an important day is not a good sign. A dietcould not help her to loose weight so fast. Only skilled and strictfitness trainer could be useful in this situation. The trainer likeyou! Have fun with exciting and variable fitness games. Neverbefore sport games were so exciting and funny and educational gamesfor boys and girls so interesting! As an experienced trainer, youwill choose the mode of trainings, the exercises and intensity oftrainings for Hippo cousin. These are going to be not just lightmorning exercises. Our trainings should make the weight lossmaximum fast. Gymnastics, track and field athletics, strengthexercises could be useful in this situation. This is not justfitness games but a complete fitness marathon with a lot of fitnessmachines. Sport could only help with suitable exercises and acorrect diet. Make your trainings maximum effective! Try all thefitness machines and all the exercises with Hippo cousin. Startfrom rope jumping, running machine, cycling machine and pull-ups.Then you can make it more complicated with raising a heavy barbelland using all the strength machines which you could find in a gym.The moment gymnastics, track and field athletics and steeple chasebecome boring, martial arts could help. Try karate with Hippocousin. Hit till the moment your forces are out, and after a shortpause start all over again. Make the excess weight go away! Weddingand love of Hippo cousin is in your hands! This novelty as well asall our educational games for boys and girls is absolutely forfree. Do you like sport and funny adventures? Then gym from Hippotown is waiting for you! Stay tuned, stay with us and have a lot offun and happiness playing with your kids our educational games.
Kids Games: Coloring Book 1.0.6
Colorings for kids are getting more and more popular like apps forsmartphones and tablets. It doesn't depend on how much kid likespainting and on the shapes they create, the monotonous process isjust getting boring. That's why we have made up absolutely newcolorings for kids, where kid needs not only paint or color readymade images of funny animals. Hippo Painting also allows childrento play with paint! Our beloved Hippo and her brother Ji adore topaint and play! Do you like to paint and have fun? Than thispainting game is created especially for you. The series ofeducational Hippo games is renewed with a funny and interestinggame, designed to develop the artful skills of your kid. All theHippo family will be playing today. Daddy Hippo, Mommy Hippo, Hippyand brother Ji - everybody will teach your kid how to use thetools, which our heroes are good at. Kid could paint colorfulstripes and shapes, color the big amount of ready made pictureswith funny animals, fees, ponys and other funny characters. Youngpioneers could find a gigantic collection of stickers and sealsconnected to many popular topics. And of course, with our coloringgames, you could play with paint and pencils! The great surprisefor kids will be the great variety of fun-tools, which could helpyou to create a real masterpiece of the most modern branches ofart. Such painting games are never boring! This is the bestcoloring game for kids! Kids coloring games, as well as all oureducational games for kids, are absolutely for free. Do you like topaint, play and have fun? Than Hippy invites you to her artworkshop! This is the best game to develop artful skills of boysand girls. Stay tuned, stay with us and play our educational andentertaining games together with your kids!
Masha and The Bear: Xmas shopping 1.0.9
New Year and Christmas are the most awaited holidays, all thefamilies couldn't wait them to come. Kids write letters to SantaClaus, and parents decorate a Christmas tree and prepare New Yearpresents. Masha and the Bear has also prepared something specialfor you. We are not talking about new cartoons, but about funnyinteractive stories collected to a New Year fairytale! Today Mashaand the Bear invite you to the forest, full of New Year magic andmiracles, where snow is shining, your favorite animals are running,a Christmas tree is growing and the very Santa Claus live! A lot offun is waiting for us! Santa Claus is the main character of ourstory. Winter has come, New Year and Christmas are on their way.That's why all the animals are waiting for their New Year presents.Every character from the cartoon Masha and the Bear has writtentheir special letter to Santa Claus. We are going to help SantaClause to collect these letters and then to read them. Then SantaClaus is going to a fairy forest supermarket and collect there allpresents, which animals ordered. But this is not going to be theend of our adventures. Santa Claus has a lot to do before New Yearand Christmas, and that's why he needs help. And, of course, Mashaand the Bear are ready to help! They are going to have a walkthrough the winter forest, and deliver all the presents to theanimals, which are waiting so much for them. At the very end of thegame, Masha will make a holiday firework and salute. Welcome to theNew Year fairy forest, where there are white snow, Christmas treeand Santa Claus which will give you a lot of fun! Masha and theBear invites everybody, who likes cartoons and adventures, to theNew Year fairytale! Take care that everybody has its own Christmasmagic present and watch our firework and salute. You will rememberthese fairytale winter and New Year holidays forever!
Hippo's Tales: The Wizard of OZ 1.0.7
Everybody has ever heard fairy tales about the Wizard of Oz. Funnyadventures of Dorothy and her fairy friends are well known aroundthe world. Grandfathers and grandmother once read exciting storiesabout the Oz country to our parents. But today Hippo has decided toadd some modern elements to this exciting fairy tales and funnyadventures! The Wizard of Oz has got its second life now in the newinteractive app for all the family! Our educational games for kidsand for all the family have exciting stories and funny adventures,which are much more better than ordinary cartoons. Today you arethe main character of this exciting fairy tale! This evening, allthe kids of Hippo town, instead of watching cartoons at home,gathered at the fairy tale clearing to listen to a new excitingstory. They were not mistaken with their choice! Inventive Hippyhas created unbelievable fairy tales which takes place in Ozcountry, with such characters as wizard, tricky dragon, flyingpirates, sky door, and even NASA robot. But what wizard could makeit to one story? It is very easy! The matter is that, the fairytale takes place in the Bermuda Triangle, where all, even the mostunbelievable miracles, are possible! This evening hurricane willget Dorothy to the Bermuda Triangle on the mysterious Oz island.There the Wicked East Dragon and flying pirates are waiting forher, Dorothy needs to get victory over them to get home. Newfriends could help Dorothy, such as NASA Robot, Dragon Elephant,engineer-inventor and other unbelievable characters! Thisinteractive story has interesting puzzles and funny adventures,which we will take part in, while performing tasks. It is time toplay, listen to interesting stories and have fun! Take part infunny adventures together with your kids, and have a lot ofpositive emotions, while playing our games with them! Teach kidshow to solve puzzles and perform the tasks correctly. Spend timewith your kids very usefully! Our beloved Hippy and the wizard ofthe Bermuda Triangle invite you to the unbelievably mysteriousworld of miracles and adventures. Stay tuned and stay with us. Ourfree educational games for kids and for all the family will makeyou and your kids happy.
Christmas Gifts: Advent Calendar 1.0.5
Winter is here, and it means that Christmas 2017 is up to come.Kids and their parents wait for a real miracle to happen. SantaClaus has prepared exciting presents for every member of thefamily. While Santa Claus is gathering all the presents in his bagand preparing for his long journey, our curious Hippo made up apresent for every kid and parent. It is Hippo Advent Calendar. KidsAdvent Calendar for all the family is a new game from ourDeveloping Mini Games! Christmas is the most awaited holiday ever.Everybody waits for holidays much. This Advent Calendar was createdto make holiday waiting lighter and to create the Holiday spirit.Before holidays every day millions of kids and adults all over theworld open the windows of the beloved Advent Calendar. They canfind sweets, souvenirs, toys, funny pictures and good wishes there.And our Advent Calendar is also full of such surprises!Unforgettable adventures, funny puzzles, interesting riddles andother activities for boys and girls, for adults and kids areinside! And all these surprises could be yours! Meet the holidayswith Hippo, open Advent Calendar and get involved into funny winteradventures. Solve Christmas riddles and puzzles. Merry Christmas!Let this holiday give you a lot of fun and happiness! Follow Hippoand stay tuned! Our Developing Family Mini Games and activities forboys and girls and for all the families will always make you andyour kids happy.
Santa's workshop: Christmas Eve 1.1.0
New Year and Christmas are the most awaited holidays! Everybody iswaiting, when Santa Claus brings toys for kids and differentinteresting presents for adults. While there isn't any New Year andChristmas, far way Lapland works hard in its holiday workshop.Santa Claus and elves are doing the presents and toys bythemselves. They cut out snowflakes, create decorations to decoratethe Christmas tree and have fun. Would you like to get some holidaymood, do handmade toys, have some lessons with elves and have aSanta Claus master class? Then let's go! Santa Claus' workshop isopen especially for you. Our beloved Hippy is waiting for New Yearand Christmas. Hippy and her brother Ji are bored in Hippo town,and Daddy has decided to make them happy. Hippo's Daddy have gottwo tickets to Lapland for master class in the Santa Claus'workshop. Now real New Year adventures are waiting for us! Do youhave your own creative ideas? Do you want to create a uniqueChristmas tree decorations and decorate Christmas tree? Are youinterested in funny Christmas puzzles? Or maybe you just want tohave fun and play snowballs? Then you should visit Santa's workshoptogether with Hippo! And it doesn't matter whether we cutsnowflakes, do handmade decorations or we just have fun with elves.Holiday spirit is, for sure, to come! Santa Claus invites you andbeloved Hippy to come over. Far away Lapland is waiting for you!Santa Claus will bring a real New Year miracle and funny elves willhelp to bring to reality all your most creative ideas. Hippyinvites everybody who likes New Year and Christmas to big New Yearadventures! Have fun and play with your family members! Have a lotof positive emotions and spend useful time. Stay tuned and staywith us. Our educational family games will make you and your familymembers happy.
Post office game: Professions Postman 1.0.5
A new modern post has opened in the Hippo town! Do you want tolearn more about the profession of the postman? Do you want to turnon a quadcopter and look after delivery of parcels and letters? Ormaybe you are interested n the work of policeman on the post, howcustoms office checks parcels and letters, and what interestingtasks the modern post has? Then let's go together with our belovedHippy to a new post office. The post is waiting! Today you are achief postman! Educational profession games are renewed with a newinteresting family app! Our post will show you, how our presents,parcels and letters are delivered to a recipient. Every day apostman has all the possible interesting tasks and surprises. Andthese surprises are not always pleasant. Sometimes a strong winddistracts a quadcopter from getting to the right house anddelivering urgent parcels. And sometimes delivery meets thesituations, when the post office needs a policeman urgently. Therecould be different forbidden things in parcels. At this case,customs office and its special post scanner could help us. Whateverthe education game is, there are exciting adventures, fun and goodmood waiting for us. Let's go to the new post office together withHippy and learn about the profession of a postman! Anybody who isinterested in the job of post man and post delivery, is invited toplay with Hippo educational family games! Have fun and play withkids! Have a lot of positive emotions and spend useful and funnytime. Stay tuned and stay with us. Our educational family gameswill make you and your kids happy!
Hippo's Nail Salon: Manicure for girls 1.1.2
Hippo presents a new game from the series of games for girls, thegame Hippo's Nail Salon. Would you like to try yourself as aprofessional stylist and get to know how to paint nails correctly,to make a stylish manicure and maybe you would like to know what isit a unique art design of nails? Then try to play the game Hippo'sNail Salon and create an art design of nails, which any princesswould like! Stylish nails and a beautiful make up are important forgirls. But if you make a stylish fragrant make up and a beautifulmanicure, any photo or just an ordinary selfie will be unbelievablyastonishing. But the real beauty of the manicure is not just abright nail polish and all possible images on nails. An astonishingmanicure is worth doing because of its uniqueness, the taste forart and original art of the nail master. To make a beautifulmanicure, master should practice a lot and have a lot of manicuretools, a wide variety of nail polishes, stickers, sparkles and soon. Real beauty is a result of a hard work. And if you haveeverything to make stylish nails, where could you get a widevariety of manicure tools, nail polishes, stickers, sparkles and soon? All that you could find in the game Hippo's Manicure Salon!This game has everything to use your imagination in a full swing.There aren't any limits for your art! You could combine ready-madeand create new astonishing images and patterns on the nails ofclients. Use your imagination, and any princess will send selfieswith your manicure to all her friends. And don't forget to takephoto of your best work! And let's start! Nail salon is waiting forits new master! You are the super professional stylist, and youknow for sure, how to polish nails correctly, make a fashionmanicure and a unique art design of nails! To play the game Hippo'sNail Salon is a dream of any princess! Our educational games forgirls will make you happy.
Japanese party: Sushi cooking 1.1.2
Let’s go to the party! 🙌 Hippo family likes cooking. Hippy has anidea to make a master class and show everybody how to make sushiand rolls. It means, that anybody who likes anime could take partin a Japanese party! A genuine Japanese kitchen as well as cultureand traditions of the land of rising sun are waiting for us. Thereare different variants how to perform handmade cooking and do amaster class in the kitchen. But the best variant is to have aparty, where all the most interesting recipes could be preparedjust in front of surprised guests. 🍣 🦐👩‍🍳 Peculiarities of Hippoparty game: ✅ pleasant characters and good music ✅ unique Japanesekitchen and secret recipes. ✅ a lot of levels and interesting story✅ exciting gameplay and educational elements ✅ handmade cooking ✅Culture and traditions of Japan ✅ ability to have party due to yourtaste Let's go to the Japanese shop, game starts right now! Do theshopping and take your kimono on! A huge party and exciting masterclass are waiting for its anime lovers! Start cooking right now andshow everybody how to make sushi and rolls correctly! Visit us:Website: http://psvgamestudio.com Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/PSVStudioOfficial Twitter:https://twitter.com/Studio_PSV Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwiwio_7ADWv_HmpJIruKwg E-mail:babygamepub@gmail.com