Hippo Kids Games Apps

Professions. Kindergarten 1.0.4
Educational games for kids - Hippo andexciting profession for boys and for girls.Today a great day! The teacher in the kindergarten offered toplay in the profession.You can choose from nine different professions: driver, doctor, icecream seller, astronaut, fireman, pilot and many other differentinteresting professions. Educational kids game will be interestingfor both boys and girls.Firefighter - boys can try themselves in the profession, tofight the fire, put out fires, or to become a pilot and on a largeaircraft to transport passengers. From early childhood the boysdream of becoming an astronaut to visit the moon, to see our planetfrom space. The girls dream of becoming a doctor and cure people.Or become a seller of ice cream, because all kids love sweets,especially ice cream. Kids will learn the meaning of theseprofessions. Who is doing what. All this is possible in oureducational game with Hippo!- Learning Mini Games for kids- Funny heroes Hippo and friend- Cognitive profession- Colorful graphicsEnjoy new educational game for boys and girls with Hippo.
Muddy Puddles 1.0.7
Hippo love to jumping in the muddy puddles.All love kids love jumping in muddy puddles.Boys and girls like to play with Hippo on the tablets or mobilephones. Educational games for kids and toddlers with Hippo are newtrend in educational games for kids 2 years old and 7 years old,for boys and for gils. For toddlers and for the parents.Exciting and funny baby games, wonderful Hippo and her brotherare jumping in puddle. It's so much funny! Jumping in muddy puddlesyou must wear boots! To get started, you need to help Hippo and herbrother wear boots. When you're ready - go out, because there issuch a beautiful weather and muddy puddles. When the task is done -door will start blinking, tap it to proceed. It's the best babygames! What is necessary for a good mood? Beautiful weather andjumping in the muddy puddles.When you find hippo outdoors. Tap any to run. When you find apaddle on your way tap anywhere to start jumping, Hippo loves tojumping in puddles. But as you know, it is very easy to get dirtyin muddy puddles. After lots of gaming, the pigs become very dirty.Go home and carefully wash the children. You have to bath them, toprevent Mommy Hippo look at such dirty children. In the bathroom,take a sponge and start bathing the kids. Watch out for sponge,because kids are dirty. When sponge is soiled, clean it in thebathroom to continue washing the baby. When the bath work willfinished - door start blinking and you can going back to playoutdoors! And do not forget to wear the right boots. In this bootswe can play favorite children's game - jumping in the muddypuddles!Enjoy the new baby games - Hippo and muddy puddles!
Baby Car Traffic 1.0.9
Hippo. Funny Trip on a new car.Hippo Daddy bought a new car. It's not just a automobile - it'sa convertible automobile, it is possible to raise and lower theroof. Hippo and her family went to the new car on a trip.During the journey, on your way will meet different vehicles,buses and motorcycles. On the road, the big car traffic, if theautomobile is going slowly - you must to overtake, and if theanother automobile is faster than your, you must to give the way.Also during the trip will meet an old automobile that much smoke -you must raise the car window. When it starts to rain - raise theroof of the car so as not to get wet. Hippo will prompt you what todo, and your task in time to perform the necessary action. And ifyou get bored on the road, you can play music. For each completedtask, you get 1 to 3 stars. On your way can get coins - collectthem. Perform all tasks and try to collect all the coins andstars.Control of the game is very easy to move to another lane rathertap on the screen in the correct lane, and the machine will move inthe right direction.Enjoy new game "Hippo. Funny Trip on a new car"
Kids Shopping Games
Mommy Hippopotamus make a list of the goodsthat need to buy in the supermarket. Daddy Hippopotamus, Hippo andher brother took a trolley and went to the supermarket to findproducts that Mommy Hippopotamus added to your shopping list. Atthe top of the screen is a list of goods you must find. Help Hippofind all products which are in the list. Watch out for shopshelves, and when you see a product that you have in the list - putit in the trolley. Do not forget to look for the Daddy Hippopotamusand little brother, they always try to throw in the basketsomething extra.After this Hippo with her daddy and little brother gets to thecashier and pay for the goods - you will meet with Mommy Hippo,which will check the shopping list, all you have bought. And do notbuy something extra. Collect all 5 stars and Mommy will behappy!The kids supermarket sells a variety of products that are familiarto your kids: fruits, vegetables, clothes, shoes, garden tools,etc. Baby will be happy to search for products and filltrolley.- Funny heroes - Hippo and her family,- Learn while you play,- Colorful pictures,- Kids supermarket with many different products,- Search for items.Enjoy new game Hippo. Kids Supermarket!
Maths for kids 1.0.5
Educational mini-games. Hippo learnmathematics and geometric shapes.This game contains three mini-games:MathsHippo in which to solve simple mathematical tasks with apples.Mother Hippo and Madame Giraffe provide tasks as apples should beput in the basket. And must properly distribute apples. Once thetask is done, it will be necessary to count how many apples haveMommy Pig and Madame Giraffe. In this mini-game, baby will belearning to count apples.Collect picture (coloring)In this mini-game you need to collect (coloring) image. To do this,use the correct geometric shapes. In the four corners are differentgeometric shapes. For example, to decorate part of the pattern ofthe circle form, should drag the circle on the part of the shapeyou want to paint. Also, other shapes for the triangle need to dragthe triangle, etc.Disassemble PictureIf the previous game, you have to be collected, in this game youhave to disassemble the drawing on geometric shapes. To do this,drag, the right part of the figure in the corner. For example, toanalyze a figure, which comprises: circle, triangle, square. Thatthe square of the figure respectively have to drag the corner of asquare with a picture, and so with all the rest of the figure.Educational mini-games for children, maths with Hippo , will beuseful for the development of children, the kids learns to count,learning geometric shapes.Learning to count with new game Hippo, Maths for Kids
Puzzles for little Kids 1.0.4
Glad offer you a new kids game - Puzzles withHippo. Our Baby Hippo funny character, which is so loved allchildren. This game contains almost all kinds of puzzles. If youlove to play with the kids, you will love this game!The choice of two modes: adventure and level selection:Our kids game designed for boys and girls from 2 to 7 years. Gamesfor preschoolers are developed taking into account the wishes ofthe kids psychologists.- Adventure is the main mode. In this mode, you select one ofthe games and collect all the pictures in this category.After solving all the puzzles in one category - opens a link andyou can download your favorite game with Baby Hippo: KidsSupermarket, Baby Shop or Baby Talking Phone and many other greatgames.- In the second mode, you can collect pictures of games withBaby Hippo only the type selected.In any case, kids will take a lot of happy moments in solvingour puzzles that on the one hand they are quite capable and theother is an excellent opportunity to spur creativity, logicalthinking, fine motor skills of hands for both boys and girls.A huge variety of tasks in a free game. All the puzzles arebased on a series of games with Hippo.
Kids Garden 1.0.3
Learning and educational games for kids -Hippo Garden.In this game, Baby Hippo with friends will harvest in the garden.In the farm, grow various fruits and vegetables that need tocollect and spread the three baskets. One basket for fruits, onefor vegetables and one for the weeds. Watch out for weeds, theyconsume foods that grow in the neighborhood.Rules of the game:Baby Hippopotamus must determine that grows in the grounds, fruits,vegetables, or weeds, harvest and move it in the right basket.You must help Baby Hippo to solve these simple logical tasks -harvest. Sort the items on the basket. Try to do it as quickly aspossible. And do not forget about weeds.- Colorful kids farm game;- Excellent sound design;- Funny atmosphere;- Favorite characters Baby Hippo;- 3 levels of difficult.Enjoy the new educational farm game
Baby Farm 1.0.7
Baby Hippo - character, which is so loved byall the children. We offer a new game, which contains 3 excitingmini-games. All games are adapted for children of preschool orschool age. Simple management and colorful graphics will enjoy boysand girls.Baby Hippo loves to spend holidays in the village. The farmgrows a variety of fruits and vegetables, live pets. In this minigame you should help Baby Hippo gather the harvest on her farm.With this task easily handle even the kids! The rules are verysimple, chicken lay eggs, which roll on four sprig. Direct thebasket on the right side and collect the eggs. Do this carefully.Try not to miss the egg, since you only 3 lives.Second mini-games also take place on the farm, but there is no needto gather the harvest. It tap game for the youngest children. Quitesimply, Tap on the chicken - get the egg, tap on the egg - hatchedchicken.Baby Hippo has a lot of friends. This game is about raccoons,who went treasure. At the bottom of the ocean is home to manymarine animals and colorful fish. And of course there are thetreasures that are protected by an octopus. Your task is to go downinto the water to get to the pearls, take one pearl and back to theboat. Try not to octopus hooked you. For every pearl you lift theboat, you get 1 point. This mini game is difficult the first inwhich it is necessary to gather the harvest on the farm and will beinteresting for older children.All the characters from the series of games about BabyHippo.
Fishing: Catch fish 1.2.6
Today free family games for boys and girls are renewed with a newexciting game! Our beloved Hippo starts her new adventure. She goesfishing with her father. Have your rods, traits, sit into the boatand funny fishing is waiting for you! Hippo didn't even know thatfishing could be so interesting and exciting. She tries a lot, butDaddy Hippo doesn't need all fishes. This is not just a funnyfishing, Daddy Hippo has an order from Mommy Hippo, and he needs toperform it in a limited period of time. Mommy Hippo is waiting forguests and she needs to manage to cook dishes. Daddy Hippo needshelp. Will he manage to do this? Of course he will! Hippo will helphim by catching fishes! Try to catch correct fishes from thevariety of sea citizens. It is not as simple as it may seem. Otherfishes and all the possible trash floating in the water willdisturb you from the main trash. But of course you will manage!What's more, our funny fishing will bring happiness and will bereally useful. To become a successful fisherman, you need to trainyour eyes and fingers. Learn how to catch fish professionally! Itis simple and funny! Especially when Hippo help you. Have a greatadventure! You will definitely like our funny fishing. Our freefamily games for boys and girls are always ready to help you spendyour free time funny and usefully.
Kids Basketball 1.0.6
Baby Hippo - Kids Basketball. Sport games forboys and for girls. For kids from 2 years and older.Basketball - a favorite game of many children. The game becomesmore fun if it is played baby Hippo and her friends. Choose yourcharacter, who you want to play, the team and start the game! Youcan choice from the most world-famous basketball team. Playersavailable - Hippo and her friend Raccoon.You need to learn not only to accurately throw the ball, butalso to protect your basket. Game time is 30 seconds, who scoredmore points - the winner! In order to get good results playingsport games require good reaction and exercise. Especially in gameslike basketball. Move to the top on table of the record and crack arecords!- Funny heroes baby Hippo;- High Scores table;- Basketball for kids;- Educational sport games for boys and girls.Management:To make a throw - swipe in the direction of the opponent's basket.To protect your basket - tap on your player - he will jump up tohit the ball.If you like this game, please rate it.
Kids House Cleaning 1.0.3
What is the game Hippo House Cleaning? Thisexciting activity that combines several activities. You have tosearch items at the same time, clean the house and sort items. Butanyone who thinks that the game cleaning - boring and monotonousoccupation, he is seriously mistaken! Today we are working withfavorite baby Hippo and her brother. So, kids games added anotherfun entertainment. Try it with your baby looking for items in thehouse rooms. Try yourself to explain to him why we need this orthat thing. For clarity, get it at home and show. Then proceedboldly sort items. Your child is sure to enjoy. Forward! Today youwill find an interesting game baby Hippo cleaning!Baby Hippo visited different rooms and see what is not there.She and her brother must sort the items according to their purposeand send things into the right room. Search for items fun andeducational. We need to think, what should be in the kitchen, andwhat place in the hallway or in the office of the pope. Gamecleaning is not just a game! Playing with it, the child learns todistinguish between different household items and stores, wherethey lie and are meant to do. There is nothing more exciting thanto look for items hidden in all corners of the rooms of the bighouse!Meet the new free game for boys and girls. Baby Hippo cleaningthe house! Help her to sort the items and train your baby is easyand not compulsory, playing in our free kids games!
Three Little Pigs 1.3.9
Hippo and her friends decided to have rest in the fresh air. Kidsgathered at the clearing around the campfire and started tellingeach other fairy tales. It was Hippo's turn. And Hippo decided toretell the wonderful fairy tale - The Three Little Pigs. But tomake the story more interesting, clever Hippo remade the tale sothat the heroes of the story were her friends. And instead of theangry grey wolf was a large toy dinosaur! Louis, Archie, Dennis andMark found themselves in an exciting adventure, where they couldbuild a house and run away from a toy dinosaur. Join them! Hippoand her friends want you to take part in a fairy tale The ThreeLittle Pigs. Help kids cope with cheerful tasks. Kids stories arewaiting for you and your kid. Try to build a house from bricks,which could protect animals from a large toy dinosaur. As you know,free games for kids and parents are renewed with an interestinginteractive fairy tale The Three Little Pigs. Everybody likes towatch cartoons with favorite heroes and listen to exciting fairytales. But today, you and your kid could become heroes of thisfunny story themselves. Like the heroes of a classical fairy tale,our friends are going to build a house out of straw and leaves,then from wooden planks and at the end of the hard bricks. And oncefriends finish building a house, it still needs to be painted inbright colors. But other than that our interactive fairy tale willhave much more funny games for free. Fairytales are interestingthemselves. But what would happen if, while listening to the story,the kid could play hide and seek with funny characters and throwthe tomatoes at a toy dinosaur? Try our free games for kids andtheir parents- it is much more interesting than just watchcartoons. In addition, they are also educational games that couldbe really useful. An interactive fairy tale The Three Little Pigsis waiting for you and your kid. Spend time with interest andbenefit, playing our educational free games!
Airport Adventure 2 1.4.8
Kids Hippo games about airport are popular educational apps fortoddlers. Travelers find adventures by themselves! Today Daddy Leohas bought a lottery ticket. What a pleasant surprise is waitingour favorite heroes this time? Hippo scratches the protective typeand wins Super prize, a great trip for the whole family! Now thisis time to pack the luggage and go to the airport. Excitingadventures for boys and girls are waiting for us! Free kids gamesare renewed with a remarkable novelty. This time, Hippo and thewhole family goes to the airport to start their funny adventure. Inthis collection are included educational games united with a topic– hidden objects. These apps are suitable for boys and girls, theydevelop attention and coordination of toddlers. And all this takesplace unobtrusively. We add the pleasant music, funny characters,various adventures and everybody will get a lot of fun, conductedwith great benefit for you and your kids. So, Hippo has won a greattrip. What do we have to do next? First of all, we will help ourcharacters to pack their bags. Put things scattered around the roominto suitcases of all the family members. And then let's jump inthe car and drive to the airport, where wonderful and exitingadventures will be waiting for us! All the things need to bechecked on a special scanner before departure. After that, we willfly to another airport located in a far away country. And ananother great kids game from the hidden objects series is waitingfor us on the other end of the world. Our heroes will need to pickup their luggage. And this time, another funny element is added,where players develop their intelligence. Our characters are notthe only ones to pick up the luggage. Funny pandas may accidentallyremove one of the bags of our heroes from the conveyor belt. Ji isalso being naughty today. He can take other passengers suitcasesbecause he is bored. Be careful to make sure that everyone has gottheir own bag. Are you ready to go on a long journey? Then - fullahead! Have a lot of positive emotions with your family! Stay tunedand stay with us. Our free kids games will always make you happy!
City car racing 1.2.8
Funny racing game with Hippo. Hippo sat in her fast car and startedher adventure. Steer around obstacles that will meet on your way,car traffic, logs scattered along the road, the puddles and otherobstacles. On her way Hippo rides not alone, but with other cars,she needs to go around or overtake them. Help Hippo move safelywhile driving in the car, overcome car traffic and try not get intoan accident. Control: To control the car use the gyroscope. To turnright, tilt the device to the right side. To turn left, tilt thedevice to the left side. To speed up, you need to press the pedal""Speed ​​Up"". To slow down, press ""Speed ​​Down"". - Funny Hippoheroes and her friends - Ideal for boys and girls - Family racinggame - Development of fine motor skills of hands, attention anddiligence - Road traffic with funny animals - Various cars -Colorful pictures Enjoy a new family game for boys and for girls"Hippo. Car racing".
Kids cafe. Funny kitchen game 1.1.6
Spend family time together with Hippo and our educational kidsgames about cafe. Boys and girls will learn how to cook, earn andwaste money. Kitchen will be the second home for them. It is sopleasant to come to the comfortable kids cafe in the morning or atlunchtime, drink a cup of a flavored coffee or tasty fruit tea, tryfresh French croissant, a piece of a sweet cake or a piece ofItalian pizza. We suggest to creat not only fast-food on wheels,but a real cafe of your dreams! To feed all the animals we need: acook, a waiter, a cleaner and other staff. Your task as of a realcafe manager is to organize the work of a kitchen, hire chef, whowill cook various tasty dishes fast, decorate the hall to make thecomfortable atmosphere for clients. At first you must try tutorialwith Hippo, after which a kid won't have any difficulties with agame. Build your own empire in a new exciting kids game! Create thebest kids cafe in the world! Be a good manager, make your resultsbetter and get business success. You need to manage the work ofkitchen, hire cook, make a menu bigger, add new dishes and feed allthe clients. Of course we need money to make our cafe the best.This game is created for kids, and that's why it's very easy toearn money: you need to cook tasty food very fast, feed animals intime, and when the clients are well fed and happy, they will paythe bills and leave good tips. Learn to cook new dishes, buy newtools and objects for the interior and your coffee shop will turninto a real restaurant. And don’t forget the most important thing -the customer is always right!
Fireman for kids 1.3.2
Enjoy new kids games about firemen and rescue service 911. If thereis a fire somewhere or somebody needs help, call rescue service.Hippo fireman and her fire patrol team hurry up to help. Boys andgirls will like educational kids games about rescue service.Everybody likes cartoons about rescue service 911, firemen andrescuers. Now we have an opportunity not only to watch cartoon, butto try interesting adventures with our favorite characters. Toextinguish the fire is not as easy as it may seem. This is not acartoon, where everything happens on its own. Today fire patrol iswaiting for your help. You need to get to the building on fire assoon as possible and collect some water to extinguish the fire.Control the truck, avoid obstacles, so that rescuers arrive ontime. When you arrive at the place, start rescuing people from abuilding on fire and extinguish the fire. Remember, it is not acartoon. A disaster will happen without your aid. Try our new gamefrom the free kids games series. Fireman Hippo and fire patrol arewaiting for you! Have positive emotions together with your kid.Stay tuned and stay with us. Our kids games will always make youand your kids happy!
Princess and the Ice Dragon 1.2.7
Free interactive fairy tales for family present you a novelty “ThePrincess and the Dragon”. If you ever played our previous freefamily games such as “Three Little Pigs”, you know that Hippo andher friends get together around the fire in order to tellinteresting stories for boys and girls. And as you may haveguessed, you can not only watch and listen our interactivefamilyfairy tales for kids, but play them for free! In thisinteractive story, Princess Hippo and Ice Dragon will play magicalhide and seek, learn colors, make a spell such as "connect thedots" or "dots to dots" to make all the possible puzzles and solvemagical puzzles. Moreover, coloring books and many others arewaiting for your kids! Don’t think that these are the only games toplay. Of course, not! Also you will need to burst the magicalballs, turn into animals, birds, fish, lizards and even to amagical tablet. Princess Hippo will have to outwit Ice Dragon andat the end of the game a delicious chocolate cake will be waitingfor all the kids and adults. Educational family games for tabletsand mobile phones are becoming a crucial component of modernsociety, and the development of the kids and the excitingentertainment for families is impossible without them. And for kidsand adults there is nothing better than free fairy tales. In ouramazing stories boys and girls develop fine motor skills of hands,motor coordination, logical thinking for free, and the mostimportant, kids and adults are happy playing together in our freeinteractive stories. Educational family games is our priority, thisis what we can and love to do. Meet the new game "The Princess andthe Dragon." Millions of boys and girls who speak Russian,Ukrainian, English, Spanish, Portuguese and many other languageshave already been in love with Hippo and her friends. Hippo ispleased to tell interesting family stories for kids for free, andall she asks for is to rate the game and share it with friends!
Baby Railway-Train Adventure 1.3.7
We are happy to present you a long-expected update of freeeducational games for boys and girls series. Baby Hippo haveprepared a nice surprise for you. A big railway adventure iswaiting forus! Kids’ games have never been so exciting. Today weget not only one train but the whole railway network and a greatnumber of stations. So, the next train arrives at the centralstation, and baby Hippo takes place in the ticket counter.Passengers run to buy tickets, and Hippo should serve them all andmake sure that they get on their train. And it is just thebeginning of the adventures. Our novelty from a free educationalgames series is a whole set including various kids’ games. Variouseducational elements are presented at every stage of our story. Ifyou need to buy tickets, then your child is learning to distinguishnumbers and counting in a playful way. If you want to put apassenger on the train, the child develops visual memory. Moreoverour free educational games improve fine motor skills of hands,attention and logical thinking of kids. And, of course, like allbabies games, our games for boys and girls will introduce thediversity of the surrounding world to your child. The children aregoing to gain knowledge about various objects and phenomena, forexample, about the railway stations. Let’s go ahead towardadventures! Hippo and our kid’s games are waiting for you and yourbaby. Immerse with your child in the sea of positive emotions!Follow the updates and stay with us. Our free educational gameswill make you and your baby happy!
Superhero for Kids 1.4.7
All the boys without exception like superheroes and comics. Everyboy in his dreams saved his home city from evil forces more thanonce, as the real heroes do. But each child has their own idol,their favourite character. But how one game can please everyone?Superheroes and comics are so different. But it's not a problem forus! Our game for boys will satisfy the needs of every child. Thistime, our kid’s stories brought the most popular heroes together.Today your child, as well as all superheroes, will defend theircity, playing any character they like. So, we are pleased topresent you another great free update of the kid’s fairy talesseries. All the heroes and comics today will gather together in oneplace. An exciting and dynamic game for the boys is waiting for us!So what happened? Why do we urgently need real heroes? SuddenlyHippo City faced all the disasters at once! City is attacked by thebig spiders and the water monsters, and sometimes there is a meteorrain. But it’s not a problem. Real heroes look after their city andwill not allow the trouble to happen. All popular superheroesgathered in a Hippo’s secret residence. We will be following thenews and, receiving an alarm, immediately rush to rescue. But firstwe need to open comics and select one of the favourite characters.Who will protect the inhabitants of the Hippo city today? Batman orHippo-Hulk? Or maybe it will be Hippo-Spiderman or Hippo-Ironman?Choose and go towards adventures! Try our new wonderful productfree of charge. Give your child lots of positive emotions! Staytuned and stay with us. Our free educational games will always makeyou and your children happy.
Match 3 for Kids 1.0.1
Every one of us already once played in thefreeeducational games such as Lines or Three in a row or Match 3.Everyone of us has already piled shiny crystals and candies indifferentfigures. So, you have already know what a grasping andfascinatingthe game Match 3 is. Today our beloved baby Hippopresents anupdated version of the game Lines. Go ahead for thedeal! Glitteringcrystals are waiting for you!We can talk a lot about such games as Lines. But themostimportant thing you need to know about our game baby Hippo -Match3 or Three in a row is that this game is focused especiallyonyoung children. It means that in addition to theentertainingcomponent it has educational elements. Games for boysand girls is,first of all, educational. By combining crystals andadding candiesto certain figures, the child develops motor skillsof hands andacumen, as well as learning to think through theirturns inadvance. The development of your child is the goal of allourproducts, the most wholesale of which are free games for three-andfive-year-old children. A mischievous baby Hippo add even morejoyand enthusiasm to the gameplay.So what are you waiting for?! Baby Hippo invites you to trytheupdated game Match 3 or Three in a row! Collect candies of thesamecolor in a line and have fun with our heroine. Stay tuned andstaywith us. Our free educational games for boys and girls willalwaysmake you and your children happy.
Masha and Bear: Cooking Dash 1.3.8
Here are “Masha and the Bear: Cooking Dash”! Masha welcomeschildren to try these games for kids and their cooking foodabilities! 😋 The Bear, Rosie, Panda, the wolves, and other animalsin the forest are hungry! 🍲🍴 Who will feed poor animals in thisfood making games? Masha and Bear of course! With the help of kidsthis restless little girl will be cooking food for every characterfrom the popular cartoon “Masha and the Bear” in this food games!But each animal wants different ingredients. Find them all in thiscooking dash and make the best oatmeal ever! Game for kidsfeatures: 🤗 - 16 characters in this children games free from Mashaand the Bear games - cooking dash games with 33 ingredients to addinto oatmeal - talking Masha in this cooking games for girls - therecipes become more difficult with levels in this cooking games forkids free 😋 Are you ready to make oatmeal with bananas in dinergames? Or with ham? In this cooking dash games Masha and the Bearwill teach toddlers how to make oatmeal with anything in this cafegames free! Every animal in the forest will come to Masha's cafegames and order a dish. In cooking games for girls this can happentwice a day! With every new visitor in your cafe kitchen theoatmeal recipes will become more interesting and complicated. Cookall orders in this cooking games free! This Masha and the Bear cookgames are suitable for kids from 2 to 8, it has the initialinterface so that even toddlers can play without parents. If yourkids love children games free about cooking dash or diner games,“Masha and the Bear: Cooking Dash” is the best choice for them!With Masha and Bear plus other animals kids will train theirintelligence, logic and attention! And will learn how to cookdinner! 😋 Children games for boys and girls free are not alwaysinteresting and new. But Masha cooking chef will make this cookingdash a complete fun! This is the first food games with Masha andthe Bear. If you are looking for cooking games for kids free wherekids cook this is a good choice! Give your kids games free that arenot only funny but are also educational games for kids! Toddlergames free do not always suit these parameters but this cook gamefor kids really do! ❗Contact us if you have any suggestions ortroubles! E-mail: support@indigokidsgames.com
Cooking School: Games for Girls 1.4.6
Children like to help their parents. They especially like to helpwith cooking . When there is a cooking in the kitchen, it is no wayto play. But cooking is a complicated process and often it ends upwith a huge mess in the kitchen. But what if you are so eager tocook pancakes, cake or cupcakes? How to cook all that without doinga cleaning after? We have a solution! Home Cooking School with ourcurious Hippo has opened especially for parents and children! We donot only cook food here. We will learn different interestingrecipes and the ways how to decorate dishes. Here you are amaster-chef! Cook dishes for everybody! And your kitchen willremaim clean and without damages. Again, family games are renewedwith a new game. This time Chef Hippo teaches you and your kid tocook. Of course, this is, first of all, an entertaining game, socooking would bring a lot of fun! But do not think that cooking issuch an easy task. All the recipes are special so you need to mixthe ingredients in the correct order and perform all actionscorrect. Whatever we do, cake, cupcakes or pancakes, each dish hasits own characteristics and requires your attention. But at thevery end of cooking it would be a lot of fun. We will decorate allthe dishes to our taste! There will not be restrictions due to thecreativity of our art. Family Cooking School with Hippo is waitingfor you and your kid! Have a lot of positive emotions together withyour kid! Stay tuned and stay with us. Our free educational gamesfor girls and boys will always delight you and your kids.Peculiarities of the game: - Exciting cooking for all the family -A lot of recipes (cakes, cupcakes, pancakes and other) - A greatpossibility to spend time together for a whole family - A recipebook is updating - Secrets of cooking
Teddy Bears Bedtime Stories 1.1.8
This bedtime story tells what Teddy Bear and his friends do beforegoing to sleep. Bedtime story is a very special game. Like everynormal bedtime story, this game was created to help you to fallasleep. Simple slow gameplay makes player fall asleep. Teddy Bearand his cute friends make the player feel calm and happy. You willsee only sweet and positive dreams. Our free family games canguarantee that. In the games of bedtime stories' type you need tocomplete simple tasks so that to put the game heroes to bed. Wewill put in bed not only 1 hero, but the whole company of friends,the most well known would be Teddy Bear. Every character has aspecial task to complete before going to bed. Some of the friendsneed a spoon of honey instead of lullaby melody. Some need to countstars in the sky. You need to help our characters. Every gameconsists of some amount of educational elements. All our games arefirst of all educational games. Try our new game from the seriesbedtime stories. Teddy Bear and his friends are waiting for you.Have a lot of positive emotions! Our free family games will makeyou happy.
Bedtime Stories for kids 1.2.8
We continue to release incredibly popular game series Bedtimestories! This time, free educational kids games are expanded with anew Lullaby. Characters of our story will be funny characters fromour favorite seaside Hippo town. And not only all the members ofthis funny family are going to take part in this game. Today wewill visit a mysterious pirate ship “Red Snapper" and find out whatBedtime stories the inhabitants know. Are you ready for newexciting stories and adventures? Then Lullaby is waiting for you!Lullaby is a special type of games for girls and boys. Like anybedtime story, this app is designed to help the player to fallasleep. Simple gameplay makes it easy. A favorite cute characterscreate wonderful mood before going to bed. You will see thesweetest dreams. Our free educational kids games can make thatreal. In a kids game series Bedtime Stories for boys and girls,player needs to do some simple actions to put a funny character tobed. This time we will play not only with one character, but thewhole Hippo family and mysterious inhabitants of the pirate ship"Red Snapper". Everyone does something special before going to bed.One needs to tidy up the room before going to bed, and other has tofinish the work. Papa Leo, for example, likes to write excitingstories before going to bed. And our grandfather is a famousdeveloper! He looks through his telescope at the night sky andopens new unknown stars. You need to help all our characters. And,of course, our Lullaby includes educational elements. All our appsare, first of all, educational kids games. Try our new game fromseries of free educational kids games. Have a lot of positiveemotions! Stay tuned and stay with us. Our free kids games willalways make you happy!
Escape room: Hidden objects 1.3.4
Have you ever played the game like escape room? If yes, you alreadyknow that this is an educational logical kids game like hiddenobjects. And sometimes you even have to solve interesting andexciting puzzles. Free educational kids games for boys and girlsare renewed with an interesting novelty. We present our new kidsgame Hippo in escape room! And now a bit of information what it isabout. In fact, this game is a dynamic kids game of type escaperoom. Here you can try game of a type hidden objects and solvelogic puzzles. But all these puzzles are not in one place, they arescattered across the house. The player's task is always the same:to solve the secret and go through the door into the next room withnew exciting puzzles. But what is the difference between Hippo inescape room and other games of this type? Of course our app isfocused on all the family. Because toddler's entertainment anddevelopment is the goal of all our products, the most massiveproducts are educational logical kids games. So, are you ready fora new adventure? Then let`s go in the journey through a largegrandmother's house. We have to overcome a long way and go from theback yard to the attic and find the favorite toy of mother. We arewaiting for interesting puzzles and funny situations, in which ourheroes get into. Stay stubborn and curious, and the doors ofgrandmother's house will open. This new product, as well as all ourgames for boys and girls, is absolutely for free! Stay with us,stay tuned and spend time with joy playing with children our freeeducational logic games.
Halloween: Candy Hunter 1.2.3
Welcome to the kids game that tells a story about famous Halloweencelebration for boys and girls. Our games give the opportunity totake part in all the adventures that we have prepared for ourheroes. Every year at the same time there are a lot of witches,ghosts and the whole army of all possible monsters outside. Thefull darkness in enlightened only by mysterious Eyeless Jacklanterns and asounded by loud giggling and funny screams. It is nouse to be afraid! It is a world-known holiday, Halloween, which iscelebrated 31th of October. This holiday is devoted to witches,ghosts and other bogey. Kids take on different hilarious monstercostumes and go trick-or-treating. Halloween is up to come. Butwhat a pity, Hippo family had no time to choose and buy holidayclothes. What should we do? Would you like to help? So, welcome tothe holiday where there are a lot of fun, jokes, adventures andsweets. Every citizen has waited so long for it, especially Hippo.She thought over so many times, what clothes her family would wear.She needs urgently to go to the supermarket and buy new clothes.Hurry up! Let`s go to the supermarket. Firstly supermarket, full ofdifferent clothes, then Big City Holiday. But Holiday would not bethe end of our story. We would gather Monsters and have funtogether. Frighten strangers, gather sweets, have fun and laugh!You will remember this Halloween forever! Our app invites you andyour kid to try our new game from the series Educational kidsgames. It is not like the other similar dressup games. A lot offun, jokes and useful elements are the vital parts of our games.This new game, like all kids educational games for boys and girlsis absolutely for free! Stay with us, stay tuned and have fun withyour kids!
Kids beach adventures 1.4.7
New kids games about sea adventures. It is time for travelersfamily to have sea holiday. Exciting plane trip and excitingadventures for kids and their parents at the sunny beach arewaiting for Hippo family. The best Educational kids Games, whichconsists of different tasks, such sticker puzzles, supermarket,funny water jumps and ice cream maker. Even a comfortable hotel hasa lot of surprises. And of course, everything is for free. So whatare we waiting for? Let's go! It would be unforgettable seaholiday. First of all Hippo family need to check-in into a bigcomfortable hotel. Here we can look through interesting magazineswith sticker puzzles, use elevator and get acquainted with hotelguests. After trying different clothes and dresses we will eatsweets and exotic dishes. And a whole supermarket with exotic foodis waiting for us! But it is the very beginning. Adventures areeverywhere! Today we discover who is the best at making sandfigures and who is the best at jumping. What a tasty ice cream youcan try at the beach food trucks! This summer will be the bestsummer ever! Our kids games are suitable for boys and girls.Holiday and exciting adventures are waiting for you in a new gamefrom Educational Kids Games! Have a lot of fun! Stay tuned and Staywith us.
Kids Monster Truck 1.4.0
Kids Monster Truck - it's exciting extreme off-road racing forchildren with Hippo. The game is adapted for younger kids. The gamehas a lot of exciting off-road trails, rich variety of obstaclesthat kids will be happy to overcome. Blow up and destroy anothercars and everything in your way. The more damage, the more pointsyou can earn! Hippo and her car easily be able to overcome anyobstacles. At this SUV is not afraid of any danger and the power ofany extreme slopes. Monster Truck or Monster Car - kids off-roadracing game with colorful graphics and realistic physics! Well, ifyou're willing to sit in your car and forth to conquer the off-roadwith Hippo! - Monster Truck for children, - 10 different levels, -Extremely explosive tricks, - Many cars to destroy, - Drivingmusic, - Beautiful and colorful graphics, - Realistic physics.Extreme racing and stunts like not only boys, but girls! A cheerfuland cute hero Hippo will make the trip an exciting andunforgettable! Enjoy new game - Kids Monster Truck with Hippo andher car!
Wheels on the Bus 1.1.7
Nursery rhymes supplemented by a remarkable novelty. Wheels on thebus go round and round all day long - it's fun and popular song,known all over the world. But it has become even more fun, as itsang by baby Hippo. Favorite kids animals will create theatmosphere of the holiday for you. Baby Hippo and her friends sitin the bus, Wheels on the bus go round and round all day long, andour adventures are just beginning! Nursery rhymes - this is thebest format for free educational baby games. Merry melodies, funnyanimals, and easy learning with a lot of fun - all this you willfind in song Wheels on the bus go round and round all day long.Baby Hippo with friends loves to ride on the bus and sing Nurseryrhymes. Try to sing this funny song with your baby. Nursery rhymeseasily captivate your baby and will give a lot of joy and fun. Singa song with us Wheels on the bus go round and round all day longand give the kids positive emotions! Stay tuned and stay with us.Baby Hippo is preparing new exciting surprises! Our freeeducational games for boys and girls will always delight you andyour Kids
Hippo at the Airport: Adventure 1.1.6
Airport games are replenished with a remarkable novelty. Hippo andher family arrived at the airport to start an exciting journey. Ourfavorite characters are waiting for an adventure, but firstly theyneed to leave their luggage to check. While a funny family iswaiting for their flight, Hippo decides to find out how the airportworks. Kind Uncle Dog allows her to check baggage with him. Try toput the right amount of bags on a conveyor belt. Do the same, butwith the right color of bags. And to make journeys safe and so thatnothing could spoil our adventures enlighten suitcases with aspecial device. Try to recognize objects, packed in bags andsuitcases. Sorting bags could be fun and exciting! Besides, ourfree family games help players to develop. User learns to count andrecognizes the color of an object easily and playfully. Hippo willhelp players and cheer them up during a failure. Fingers will alsobe trained during the game! To send Hippo family on a journey, youneed to sort accurately their bags and choose the right items,packed in bags. Our family games teach users and make them happy.When the sorting is complete and there is nothing to do, take yoursit on the plane and leave the airport. Go on a long-awaitedjourney, where funny adventures are waiting for you. But this isonly the beginning of a game series about the airport! You can playforever our family games! That is why we will continue to delightyou with new games. Our free educational games for boys and girlsare created with love especially for you. Stay with us, stay tunedand have fun going through interesting adventures with Hippo.
Red Riding Hood: Fairy Tale - Game 1.2.3
Today, it would be especially interesting on the FairytalesClearing. Our friends gather around the fire and tell each otherinteresting fairytales and funny stories. Now, it is the turn ofHippy who likes to add modern elements to any fairytales. This timeshe is going to tell well known Fairytale The Red Riding Hood. Tomake the story more interesting, Hippy has changed it a bit. Shewill tell us about different city blocks, funny parties, dancebattles, big mischieves and real friendship. This story is "RedBandana and Green Dragon". Do you ready to hear what happened justyesterday? Our interactive fairy tale invites you to the world ofexciting adventures. Ohhh yeah! This is next episode of longawaited interactive Fairytales with Hippo, and you can download itabsolutely for free. Time goes by, and it is really boring onlyto listen fairytales even such interesting and useful storiesas The Red Riding Hood. Player wants to be the hero themselves.They would like to change it and help heroes. That`s why we havecreated such series interactive Fairytales. For our little curiousheroes, well-known old fairy-tale was changed by adding modernelements. It is interactive fairytale, the main hero is Red Bandanainstead of Red-Riding Hood. And who is this modern Red-Riding Hood?Of course this is our beloved Hippo! Modern bad Mischief GreenDragon would be her enemy, and not an old fashioned Grey Wolf. Letthe new adventures begin! Try our new game. Interactive Fairytale,Red Bandana and Green Dragon is absolutely for free. Let us havefun together! Stay tuned and stay with us. Free educational gameswith Hippo will always make you happy.
Baby Beach Cafe: Cooking 1.3.0
Sea vacation is the seaside and relax for somebody. But for Hippofamily it is also profitable family business. Who will sell icecream, Pop corn and soft drinks? Who will be the manager and sellerin the food truck (Baby Shop)? Of course it will be our beloved andcurious Hippo. Seaside is the best location to have food truck(Baby shop). Are you ready for summer adventure? So what are wewaiting for? Try yourself in our food truck (Baby Shop). You arethe manager and seller at once! Prepare for your clients variousice cream, pop corn with exotic flavors and different soft drinks!Have success this summer! This is the exciting novelty fromDeveloping games for boys and girls. Made with love by Hippofamily! Funny entertaining gameplay is mixed with developingelements. What`s more, The game is itself a story with your childlike main hero. It is not easy and boring to sell ice cream and popcorn. It seems, nothing wrong could happen while preparing a simplehot-dog. Bu what to do if we have a little mischief in our foodtruck (Baby Shop)? Have you ever tried to cut flying vegetableswith a pirate sword for hot-dog? And what to do with sea-gulls,which snatch away the food from your own hands? If you want to knowthe answers for all this questions then let`s play! For sure, youwill not have the lack of adventures. Relax, sea, seaside and ourcurious Hippo are waiting for you! Get a lot of positive emotionswith your child! Stay tuned and stay with us. Our free developinggames for boys and girls always ready to make you happy!
Kids Photo Studio 1.0.5
Do you know just how interesting andexcitingthe is the life of photographer? Especially when ourcurious Hippois this photographer. And imagine how many interestingandmysterious things and tools are hidden in numerous studiorooms!Are you ready for new inventions and funny adventures? Thentry ournew game from the series Educational games with Hippo.You`ll never be bored in the Hippo sea town , differentmysteriesalways take place here. And today a large studio hasopened in thecity, it can satisfy even the most capricious client.And you're achief photographer in here! It`s only up to you whatto do in suchan exciting studio! There are a lot of differentaffairs andactivities to do. Developing games with Hippo canassure you init!For our small developers a new exciting game Hippo PhotoStudiowas made. Like all our free games for boys and girls, thisgamewill give your child many hours of fun and a lot of usefulskills.All our applications are first of all educational games.Inaddition to the original gameplay, which easily catchchild`sattention, our educational games contain also educationalelements.The child learns what are tintamarres, learn how to createamysterious look of a capricious customers and chooseuniquecostumes for photo shoots. We also are going to look in theoldcupboard and search interesting antique cameras. And inaspecialized online store we will learn how to buy veryimportantand interesting things. But this is not all things we haveto learnand to do! There are many surprises in the game! One ofthem is anexciting photohunting of funny ghosts from an old castle.Let`s goin this exciting photo-adventure!Photographer Hippo invites you and your kids to visit HippoPhotoStudio. Get deep with your child in the sea of positiveemotions!Stay tuned and stay with us. Our free games for boys andgirls willalways delight you and your children.
Hippo Engineering Patrol 1.2.0
Our researchers are ready to take to pieces any device, just tosatisfy their curiosity and to understand how something works. Thatis why any interesting tinker toys are so necessary for everybody,where you make up details into one large working mechanism. And ourwonderful new game, focused on the development, presents more thanone tinker toys, but a variety of such games! In Hippo EngineeringPatrol you can not only make up the details of differentmechanisms, but also get deep into exciting adventures. After all,the development should take place in the form of games and capturethe attention of researchers. Thus, Hippo Engineering Patrol isready to go to the place where accident or breakdown happened.Caution! What have happened this time? Again the city fountain hasbeen broken? Perhaps car accident in the city? Or attractions areout of service in the park? It doesn`t matter! Hippo EngineeringPatrol is ready to repair any breakdown. Now Hippo must only put onher super engineering suit and go to meet a new adventure. Butfirst of all, we need to overcome the dangerous path to the placewhere breakdown happened. We will roller-skate on city roads. Thenwe go underground in the mysterious technical tunnels and even trywater skiing on a large urban sewage. And during the path we needto collect the elements so that to repair the broken mechanism. Forexample, to fix the fountain, we need to collect pieces of pipe,then to put them all together, like a tinker toy, making an amazinglabyrinth of pipes. If a car accident happens, you need to find cardetails, and make up beautiful sticker-puzzles. Our tinker toys,where you need to make up different details, is unique! And thismakes the development of the player faster! The development is theaim of all our products, the most massive of which are freeeducational family games. And in addition beautiful pictures andfunny characters give players a lot of positive emotions and joy.Hippo Engineering Patrol gives the family an incredible variety ofgames! Stay with us, stay tuned and have fun, playing with them inour free educational games.
Kids Policeman Station 1.1.2
An exciting NEW series of games with Hippo! We're going to thepolice station and stand up for full-time duty. Our curious Hippobecame a police officer. What is waiting for you and our herotoday? We can regulate traffic on any city crossing where trafficlight is broken. We can go to the crossroad with a huge traffic jamwhat doesn`t allow emergency car go on call. But to do that Hipposhould know traffic rules. Does your child know them as well? Ifnot, then do not worry, our games for children are initiallyeducational games! With our Hippo your kids learns and in game formany important business and also he/she gets to know a lot of usefulinformation. So, are you ready to be police officer? You are NOTfrightened of a big traffic jam? Are you ready to regulate trafficand rise up? Then, together with Hippo go to the police station andchoose a new form for a police officer and run to the crossingwhere the traffic light is broken! There are a lot of cars waitingfor help. Someone in a hurry to work, someone is late for a plane,and someone got an emergency call and go to the accident or fire.And it`s only up to you who`ll be the first to go. You need toregulate traffic very carefully and first of all let ambulance,fire engine and police to their emergency calls. We`ll visit alsorailway crossing with broken traffic light, and look over so thatcars couldn`t crash with a train. Railway crossing is a verydangerous place for cars. Fast trains go so fast that driverscouldn`t notice the approach of trains without your help. But ifour clever Hippo is on duty, then do not worry. There is no placefor accident, and all the emergency cars are going to reach theirdestination in time! This new product, as well as all of oureducational games for kids, is absolutely for free! Stay with us,stay tuned and have fun with your children, playing with them inour free educational games!
Pirate Games for Kids 1.2.4
Kids likes any exciting adventures. But most of all children likeadventures with pirates and treasures. Every child wants to step onthe Black Pearl and go on through the Caribbean Sea to the islandwhere Captain Flint had hidden his treasures. It is so interestingto search for treasures! But our little treasure seekers are notyet ready to go on severe Caribbean Sea. And today you can't findthe island with real pirates. So what to do? To leave all thepirates and treasure seekers in our children dreams and fantasies?Of course not! Our curious Hippo give the opportunity for all thekids to find pirate treasures, not going out of the house.Educational Hippo games are renewed with a novelty. We will step onthe Black Pearl ship and go to the big pirate archipelago. CaptainFlint was very rich and digged in here a lot of trunks. Let's findthem all! We will visit island after island and find all the hiddentreasures. And between the islands we will fight for trunks of thesunken pirate ships. But remember, we are not the only pirateshere! Find enemies! Let's go to seek the treasures at once! Allpirate treasures will be ours! Not Kraken, not Cthulhu never stopus! Yo-ho-ho! Try our novelty and gift your kids happiness andpirate adventures. Follow Hippo and stay tuned. Our developinggames for boys and girls will always make you and your kids happy!Visit us: Website: http://psvgamestudio.com Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/%D0%9F%D1%81%D0%B2-%D0%A1%D1%82%D1%83%D0%B4%D0%B8%D1%8F-490743064607227/Twitter: https://twitter.com/Studio_PSV Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwiwio_7ADWv_HmpJIruKwg E-mail:hippo.kidsgames@gmail.com
Kids handcraft: Snowflakes 1.1.8
New Year And Christmas are up to come. Are you ready to celebratethem? What could children do when there is winter and snow outside?When there is very very cold, board games come up in Hippy’s mind.Hasn’t Holiday Spirit come to your house yet? Don’t worry! Let’scut the snowflakes together with Hippo. Let’s make New Year andChristmas much more happier and unforgettable! Everybody hascreated some handmade things for New Year and Christmas. But themost interesting activity was to cut snowflakes from paper. Youneed to be good skilled, to have sharp scissors and a lot ofcolorful paper. But sharp scissors are not good for small children.And where can you find so many colorful papers to cut a lot ofsnowflakes? Don’t worry, time is going on! You can play a lot ofboard developing games for boys and girls on your tablets,smartphones and computers. And it is high time to put our favoriteold games there too! Today Hippy presents a great novelty for youand your children. Now you can cut snowflakes without scissors andpaper just on the screen of your tablet or smartphone! And it isnot the end! You can not only save snowflakes in the comfortableonline album, but also to share them on Facebook with your friends.You can amaze everybody this year! Present the most beautifulsnowflakes for your friends! When it is winter and snow outside,let’s do handmade things and cut snowflakes with Hippo! Stay tunedand follow us. Our developing board games for boys and girls willalways make happy you and your children.
ABC for Kids 1.0
Sooner or later every child should learn howtoread. The sooner child starts to learn letters and putthemtogether, the faster the diversity of the world opens for himorher. And so to make the process interesting and funny,curiousHippo came up with the game Children's Alphabet. Freeeducationalgames for girls and boys, are renewed with a uniquealphabet withHippo.Today we present an interactive alphabet for children.Itincludes free educational games that turn the process oflearninginto a funny and interesting activity. Playing with Hippoin thesimple children's games will make easy to learn letters andputthem together. A pleasant voice of professional speaker willshowhow to pronounce letters and words. Colorful design and funnyHippobring a lot of fun and are useful application that allows younotonly make up words!Our children's alphabet offers to study in three differentmodes.We picked up a special interactive gameplay for ouralphabet. Yourchild learns letters and words while playing. Thelearning processis quite easy and light. This is the maindifference from othersimilar applications. Our free educationalgames for girls and boysare created for the youngest researchersin the world.The development of your child is the main goal of allourproducts, the most massive of which are free educational gamesforchildren from 2 to 5 years. Stay tuned and stay with us. Spendtimewith your baby with fun and use!
Baby Phone 1.0.2
What interesting activity for toddlersyouknow? What would like our kids and what would make theminterestedfor a long time? It should make our little boys andgirlsinterested not with a silly game, but teach them useful skillsandhelp them to make a big step in their development! Of course,itwill be developing and training free game from our belovedHippo!Why is Baby Phone from Hippo different from the games of thesametype? Of course because of abundance of sounds, colors andfunnycharacters that have been created exclusively for kids.Free app Baby Phone with Hippo has everything for boys andgirls,they may be interested in! It has and animal sounds, andnumbers,and notes, and even musical instruments! Our developingandeducational games for kids are designed to help you in lightform toteach Your child to many useful things. Our freeeducational andtraining games in an easy and light way developmotor skills ofhands. Baby Phone with Hippo will help your childto remember thenumbers from zero to nine. The child learns whatare notes and howthey sound! Babies begin almost immediately torecognize colours andanimal sounds! Part with Musical Instrumentsis a little bitdifficult. Parents should try to satisfy thecuriosity of our youngresearchers and should tell them the name ofthe musical instrument,that baby so like.We invite you to try our excellent new product in a seriesoffree educational and learning games for boys and girls! BabyPhonewith Hippo is waiting for you and your child. Immerse yourselfinthe sea of positive emotions! Stay tuned and stay with us. Ourfreegames for boys and girls will always delight you andyourchildren.
Kids Dreamland Adventures 1.0.7
Every night we fly to the land where dreams live. Everybody has itsown unique Dreamland. We see different interesting dreams withadventures and magic until morning comes. Our curious Hippy alsosees exciting and sweet dreams, where her friends fairies andunicorn have fun at the Rainbow Clearing. But something is wrong atthe Rainbow Clearing today! Where are fairies and unicorn? Who hasstolen them? Nightmares and bad dreams did this! Good magic, it isyour turn now! Fairy Hippy is here to help! Let's help Dreamlandand save our friends! As you have already understood, a veryspecial new game from the Educational Games for girls and boysawaits us. This is the funny kids game where Hippy will have fairyadventures and will save friends from nightmares. But you can helpHippy with a good magic! We will go deep into "rabbit-hole " wherewe will pop balloons and bubbles. During our way we will meet a lotof obstacles and also a lot of surprises. But we will not only popballoons and soap bubbles. There are bad dreams, nightmares andother dangerous creatures in the Dream Land. But our magic can turnall these into fun and colorful dreams! Every child will like thisgame, and as a result they get a lot of positive emotions,happiness and laughter. Try our new exciting game! Dream Land,magic and fairies are waiting for you! Follow Hippo and stay tuned.Our free educational games for boys and girls will make you andyour children happy!
Emergency Hospital:Kids Doctor 1.6.5
Emergency medicine is a very important profession. When somethingwrong has happened, ambulance and traumatologist are here. Doctorneed to make decisions very quickly, because you need to treat thepatient urgently. And when the urgent operation is needed, doctormakes it at once. He saves the lives of all his patients. And todayour beloved Hippo presents new game from the Educational KidsGames. It is so called Hospital Game. And you are the mostimportant traumatologist here. So what are we waiting for? Let’sgo! Ambulance is on its way! Somebody fallen from the window, caraccident or fallen building crane? Don’t worry! Our Hippo willtreat and save all her patients. But to make it in time, you needto hurry up to the place where accident happened. It is alsoimportant to drive a car properly. And when you are at the place,you will do urgent operation. Doctor will make out splinters, putplasters, salve with iodine and give jabs. And there are not theonly tasks we need to do. Developing game Hippo Hospital is createdfor kids and will teach them a lot of interesting and usefulthings. Our Hippo Hospital is a free game. We are happy to giveyour kids happiness and positive emotions. Follow Hippo and staytuned. We are preparing new exciting adventures for boys and girls.There are a lot of doctors in the hospital, and you will tryyourself in every of them very soon.
Kids Doctor: Dentist 1.4.1
Everybody likes when people smile to each other. Smiles make ushappy. Person need to take care of teeth regularly, to make oursmiles beautiful. You need to brush teeth few times a day. Whenyour teeth get ill, you need to visit a special doctor. Dentisttakes care of teeth. Today our beloved Hippy will get to know withyou what tasks has dentist every day. Kids Hippo hospital is opento everybody! Let’s meet adventures. Our kids hospital is waitingfor its dentist. It waits for you! Every person knows that dentistworks with problems connected with teeth. How many tooth problemsdo you know? Today we will learn about it. Kids Hippo Hospitalexplains to you, what dentist has to do. Today we will learn how todrill teeth, remove unhealthy caries, set filling, fight a badbreath, give a shot, fight bad microbes and just how to brushteeth. Don’t think that setting a filling is such an easy task.There are a lot of preparatory and exciting tasks before. Our kidsHippo Hospital will tell you about it and about many otherinteresting facts. Help Hippo to become a dentist. Have fun andlearn a bit, playing our kids educational games. This new game,like all our games for boys and girls is absolutely for free! Staytuned, follow Hippo and make your children happy playing with themour kids educational games!
Funny Snowball Battle: Winter Games 1.1.4
Cold winter brings Christmas in its snowy bag. Brightening whitesnow is everywhere. During all the holidays we will play wintergames and have fun. What are your favorite winter games? Whilethere is cold and snowing outside, our Hippy likes to have fun. Thebest variant is to play snowballs. Let’s go with Hippy outside,there are our friends and a big snow battle is waiting for us.Playing snowballs is a traditional winter battle, which takes placeduring Christmas holidays in Hippo town. Shooter games are mostlyasked among kids. But it must be not like a simple arcade. Hint onthe war and rudeness is forbidden for such a type of games. You mayask, if it is possible to make a game following these requirements?Yeah, of course it is possible! Hippo presents you an amazingnovelty, which will have a top place in your collection of gamesand will be on the same position with popular family games! So,ladies and gentlemen, please welcome New Year arcade, snowballgame! It will be the most favorite game for you and your kid duringall winter holidays. Hurry up! Make snowballs and have a funnywinter battle together with Hippo! Snowball game is a safe andfunny game for all the family members! Be the winner and then thechampion of all the snowball battle! This new game, like all thegames for boys and girls, is absolutely for free! Stay with us,follow Hippo and have fun playing our games together with kids!
Kids School Bus Adventure 1.2.2
School bus has come to our bus stop. Come in, sit down and feelyourself comfortable. Hippy invites you to the new road adventure!Today you are the driver of our school bus. But don’t stay long onthis bus stop. Holidays are far away and that means that all theteachers are waiting for their pupils in school. Let’s go! Cartraffic is not an obstacle. Our school bus goes through the city.Our destination is school! Educational games with Hippo are renewedwith a new game - kid’s car simulator. You will like this game ifyou are bored with pretty normal kid’s racing. Normal kid’s racingis monotonous. It is not interesting just to drive a bus, childrenlike adventures. And we will give these adventures to your kids.Hippo school bus is not just kid's simulator. You, like a real busdriver, will catch kids on bus stops and fight rough car traffic.Don’t be sad, if the crash happens. It is not difficult to repair acar, we have all the tools and parts for quick and well-qualifiedrepairing work. Broken wheel? No problem! We have tire jack andspare. Motor is out of control? Not a problem too! Open motor hoodand change broken details. It is so interesting and exciting torepair a car. If you suddenly have lack of fuel, petrol stationwill help you. We will help you to refill a gas tank of school busand pay for it. When we end up with petrol station, we will have avery responsible task. And remember, there are pupils inside.Teachers are waiting for them. School opens its doors to all thehappy pupils till the moment when holidays begin. That’s why wewill have a lot of tasks and road adventures. This new game, likeall the educational games for boys and girls is absolutely forfree. Have a lot of positive emotions together with your kids! Staytuned and follow Hippo. Our free games for boys and girls will makeyou and your kids happy!
Hippo photographer games 1.1.8
Everybody in the world wants to be famous. Hippy also wants it. Hertarget is to get the title Photograph of the Year! A big HippoPhoto Studio was launched with this aim. An interesting life andunbelievable adventures are waiting for us in Hippo town. Would youlike to know what famous photographer does every day? Would youlike to help our Hippo to get title Photographer of the Year? Thenlet's go! Exciting adventures and interesting free games from theseries of educational family games for boys and girls are waitingfor you! Hippo Photo Studio is open for everybody. Here we cancreate a mysterious look and choose a stylish costume, whileplaying dress-up games. There are a lot of beautiful costumes andaccessory in the Studio's wardrobe. Having a variety of cloths andcosmetics, the player can play dress up games forever! And when thelook is ready, our photograph will take a beautiful portrait, whichwill take place in the album of the best works. But this is not theend of our adventures! This is going to be much more interestingfurther! You need to collect a lot of amazing photos to the albumof the best photos. You could use photohunting for this target.First of all we go to the mysterious ancient castle, to look forand then to take photos of real ghosts! But this is not the end ofphotohunting! Photograph could find adventures around the city. Afunny wedding with active guests and ghettos with thieves and realsuperheroes, all these things are waiting for us. And when you arebored with a wedding and ghosts, you could spend your time alone onthe suburbs of the city where observatory is, here you could studythe mysterious sky full of stars. And if we are lucky enough,you'll take some photos of meteorite or UFO which will be the bestphotos at your exhibition. A great success is waiting for you atyour exhibition. But you need to work hard to be famous. That's whydon't lose time! Hippo Photo Studio is waiting for its bestphotographer! She is waiting for you. Try our new game from theseries of educational family games for boys and girls. Ourinteractive Photo Studio is absolutely for free. Have a lot ofpositive emotions! Stay tuned and stay with us. Our free familyeducational games for boys and girls will always wake you happy.
Monkey Tricks: Kids Shooter 1.1.9
Free Hippo games are renewed with an exciting shooter for all thefamily! Mischief Ji with his air balloons went with Uncle Dragon toan abandoned house near a road. There he filled balloons with waterand started throwing them at pedestrians! What a disaster! Whatshould we do now?! Who could help us to avoid troubles? Citizens ofHippo town urgently need help! As well as you have alreadyunderstood, our games for boys and girls are renewed with a veryinteresting new game. A funny shooter! Younger brother of Hippywill throw down the balloons full of water, and we will openumbrellas of pedestrians, to make the balloons fall onto them.There are amusing jokes, funny heroes and very hilarioussituations. The game will be much more funnier when hilariousfirefighters will join the game. At this moment shooter will bemuch more interesting! Firefighters will teach mischief a goodlesson, they will catch balloons with trampoline and throw themback at Ji and Uncle Dragon. Free family Hippy games will give agood mood and a lot of positive emotions to your child. But don'tthink that our shooter is too easy. Jokes aside, but Ji is gettingfaster and faster and will be throwing balloons more and more oftenwith every minute. And also there will be more and more pedestriansat the streets. And if at the beginning of the game it is very easyto cope with water bombs, after a minute you will not have a freesecond! This game, that seems to be very easy, needs a lot ofattention, concentration and good reaction from you and your kid.It means, that attention, concentration, reaction and coordinationwill be developed very fast and with a good quality. Try our newgame from the series of free educational games for all the family.Curious Hippy is waiting for you! Have a lot of positive emotionswith your child! Stay tuned and stay with us. Our free games forboys and girls will make you and your children happy.
Cooking games: Feed funny animals 1.1.1
Our beloved Hippo likes to cook, create new dishes and share themwith friends. It is so funny and exciting to feed animals! Funnykitchen and canteen are waiting for you! Everybody likes to eatsomething tasty. There are so many different dishes, from spaghettitill culinary masterpiece, a big birthday cake! Welcome to curiousHippy, and find different kitchen surprises that kitchen hasprepared for us. Today we will cook a lot of different dishes!Let’s make a dinner party with different culinary masterpieces.Then we will go to the forest, make there a picnic and feed Hippy’sfriends. Also we will celebrate Ji’s birthday in the pirate café,where we will try a real pirate cuisine! When you will be boredwith cooking, let’s go fishing with friends! During fishing we willnot only eat spaghetti, but also a delicious fish broth. First ofall you need to open secret recipes, collect all the ingredientsfor special dishes, and then you can feed the animals spoonful.Adventures await us! Welcome to Hippo Canteen! Nobody will behungry after all! Play educational family games together withHippo! It is funny and what’s more, it is very useful, because ouraim are good mood and the development of a player. Players will getfun and excitement together with development. Stay tuned and followHippo! Our free family games, will always make you happy.
Sweet Candy Shop for Kids 1.1.3
Every kid knows about a free educational game Match Three or Lines.Everybody has ever put together crystals or candy into differentimages. So you know how exciting the game Match Three is. That’swhy this time Hippy has prepared one more amazing surprise forevery curious kid. This is a funny kids variation of The Lines. Youneed only to download our free game and have a lot of fun with it!Big sweet candy are waiting for you! We can speak forever about thegames like the Lines. But the most important thing you need to knowabout our game is that it is oriented on small kids. You need toput together only 3 candies. But it is not so easy as youthink,candy don`t have a solid position, they move when you pullthe smartphone or tablet. There are few levels with its surprisesand unexpected situations. Except entertainment, the game containsalso educational elements because our games are first of alleducational games. Putting the crystals and candy together, kidstrains movements, speed of reaction and also learns how to thinkahead. Education of your kids is our main aim, the most popular ourproducts are free games for kids from 2 till 6. And curious Hippymakes this process funnier and more exciting. You can download ourgame for free! Hippy invites you to try Match Three for kids! Putthe candy of the same color together in lines and have fun withHippy. Stay tuned and follow us. Our free educational games forboys and girls will always make you and your kids happy.
Kids Car Wash Garage for Boys 1.2.2
Cars help us a lot. Even our curious Hippy has a car. Millions ofcars works so much to make our life easy and comfortable. But carsalso need help. Cars, like every normal alive creature, like to eatsomething tasty. They eat fuel, which you can buy at the patrolstations. They also get ill, when engine or some important partdon't work properly. But our life depends on the health of the car,that we use every day. Healthy and non defective car will neverhave an accident. That's why it needs to be repaired regularly. Tomake all car healthy, Hippy and Giraffe Dennis have opened carservice! Free games for boys are renewed with exciting new gamefrom Hippo. Kids Car Service is waiting for new workers! Let'sstart from patrol station and tire service. Let's serve the carsand get money from pleased customers. When these two services wouldbe not enough, we will open workshop, car wash and car paint. Ourcar service gives complex and serious repair to each car! Hippy andGiraffe Dennis work a lot to make you happy. Car service is notsuch an easy task, it needs all your attention and skills! Workshophelps us to find broken parts and change them with new ones. Tireservice repairs everything connected with wheels. Car Wash helps towash a car and to take a warm shower. And car paint helps to choosenew bright colorful clothes. So, let's start! Kids Car Service andcar repair are waiting for you! Try our free new game for boys!Your kid will definitely like to look after cars. Stay tuned,follow Hippo and make your children happy, when you play our gameswith them!
Kids Balloon Adventures 1.0.1
Exciting Hippo adventures will never endup!Today together with Ji we will sit in the real air balloon andsetoff for Egypt to collect ancient treasures, solve puzzlesanddiscover the mysteries of ancient civilizations. But it is onlythebeginning of our adventures! There are a lot ofancientcivilizations in the world which have their treasures,mysteriesand puzzles. When Egypt is far behind we will fly tosearch foradventures among the remains of Maya civilization! Rid ofobstaclesand all kinds of fantastic beasts, collect bonuses andtreasures!And you will remember these adventures forever.Hippo kids air balloon is a funny arcade, which leads usthroughEgypt, ancient Greece, Maya places and shows unbelievablefantasticbeasts living in there. The game develops kid`s reaction,movementsand logical thinking. Moreover all Hippo adventures arealways fullof mysteries and riddles, which will definitely make oursmallpioneers interested. Every child adores collecting bonusesandancient treasures! During this exciting adventure Ji,Hippo`sbrother and our small mischief, will be with us. We willmeetancient mummies, scarabs, centaurs, satyrs, harpies, bronzegolems,flying dogs and even stone dragons! You’ll get to know allthefantastic beasts and places where they live! Are you ready tohaveoverwhelming and exciting adventures? Then sit yourselfcomfortablein the air balloon together with Ji and let thejourneystart!Try our new arcade from the educational games for boys andgirls!Have a lot of fun and happiness together with our youngpioneers!Follow Hippo and stay with us. Our free games for boys andgirlswill always make you and your children happy.