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Rising Balloon 1.1.7
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Rising balloon game for free! Fly in the balloon and rise upup!This is a story of love. This is a story about saving. This isastory telling magic and fairy. Rising Balloon is a beautifulgameto provide you both addictive gameplay and visual enjoymentaswell. The gameplay is quite simple, just hold the shield on thetopof the balloon, protect the balloon from being destroyed byallkinds of obstacles and help the girl collect all soul pieces ontheway. Remember that once the balloon is knocked over byanyobstacle, your rising journey of collecting soul pieces willendimmediately. = = = = = = = BEAUTIFUL A hand-crafted beautifulworldto explore in the rising balloon. A feast for your eyes. With3Dflat drawng combining with fancy UI design, you can sense thateachscreen is just a work of art. You will be stunned by theserenityof the graphics. EASY TO LEARN Hold and drag to dodgeobstacle, andcollect soul pieces. Rising Balloon is just so easyfor everyone topick up. SOUND&MUSIC With so many efforts madeto improve thehearing experience, we finally can present you thebest soundeffect. You will be immersed into this world with thebeautifulsound and music. Best experienced with headphones.