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Saiyan super hero 1.1
To rescure the world, Saiyan Super Hero hastocollect all lost dragon ball, travel through dangarousobstaclesand with super saiyan defeat all monsters. Help him onthisadventure to fight against darkness and bring back thepeace.Welcome to the final fly looking for the dragon . In thisgame youwill have to help song o ku to find the 7 balls whileflying in hiscloud.The cool super saiyan transform effect and many bosses whatyouwill love the way to fight.[ Feature ]- 50 levels- 5 worlds and 5 big bosses- 20+ monsters- Beautiful graphics- Easy to control and play[ How to play ]- Use control butons to run, jump and fire- Eat bean to transform dragon ball.Good luck friend ;)
Saiyan hero world 1.0.1
To rescure the world, Saiyan Hero world hastocollect all lost dragon pieces, travel through dangarousobstaclesand with super saiyan defeat all monsters. Help him onthisadventure to fight against darkness and bring back thepeace.Welcome to the final fly looking for the dragon. In this gameyouwill have to help song o ku to find the 7 balls while flying inhiscloud.The cool saiyan hero world transform effect and many bosses whatyouwill love the way to fight.[ Feature ]- 50 levels- 5 worlds and 5 big bosses- 20+ monsters- Beautiful graphics- Easy to control and play[ How to play ]- Use control butons to run, jump and fire- Eat bean to transform.Good luck friend ;)
Slugs Of World 2.0
Slugs of world are one of those games thatiseasy to play but hard to master battlecast! Install the newgameSlugs World and enjoy the action of Slugterra. Jump and flytocollect hundreds of diamonds and blasters.Journey up a sheet of forest, perpetually jumping from oneplatformto the next, picking up coins, avoiding obstacle animal andkillthe snail & bird by jump on it. Laugh with delight as youblowpast other players' actual score markers scribbled in themarginsbattle cast. And be warned: this game is insanelyaddictive!In your way to destroys slugslinger enemy and collect diamondsyouwill explore the word of anger and obstacles; bad birds,scorpions,bees, anger plants, big calamaris, and a lot of baths.But you canuse the power-ups of flying and magnet to skip andaccepting a newpower of anger.Features :- 2 Power-Ups:- Magnet- Shield slugs- LeaderBoard- Match tiles on the playing board to power-up your slugterraandyour opponentsHow to play:Tap the screen left and right to guide from platform toplatform& beat your friends!
PokeEgg World 1.2
Enjoy the PokeEgg World 90 secondsadventure,pop your way through the pokeEgg while getting the bestscorepossible! With innovative poke of mon and the coolestlookingpokeEgg and stunning background & effect we promise youmanyhoursFree Download the PokeEgg world !!!!“The perfect blend of simplicity and challenge.Endlesslyentertaining!” “A total blast to play. You won’t be able to put thisgamedown!” “Easy, fun, and perfect pokem on for downtime. Exactly whatI'vebeen looking for!”Tips and Tricks:- Top 5 EASTER EGGS!-Tips - How To Hatch Eggs Fast-EGG HATCHING GLITCH-Tips: Egg Hatching and Full list Guide
AA Circle 1.1
AA Circle - the 2rd in our focusedandminimalist series! (aa, uu, ff, au, rr, ao, rl, sp &th)Hit the lines, don't avoid them!In AA Circle you guide your bouncing ball to dots a safelandingwhile avoiding the spikes and collecting rewards. Harkingback tosome of the very first classic arcade games, you arerequired toswivel your compass to the right and left while watchingyour scoreof ball roll climb in this addictive, fast paced arcadestylegame.Unlike aa or uu, ff is all about targeting. Aim to hit hollowdots,precision counts and you have to be spot on. All the fun ofaa& uu but with a twist you'll love. Play 175 awesomelevelsright now, with more added each week just the levels in aa&uu.You can also top the leaderboard & earn medals! (bronze,silverand gold). There's 175 levels to solve right now, intertwinedwithall sorts of tweaks and surprises. You can also go back andreplayany level you've already passed, at any time (ChooseLevelThanks for all your support, I hope you're enjoying the"focus"series thus far.FEATURES:• Enjoy the touchdown of smooth and sleek angular motion• Tap left or right to rotate the compass 360 degrees• Collect Diamonds to gain points• Collect Diamonds, Shields and Rubies to complete achievementsballroll and unlock levels• Collect Rubies to change the look of your ball• Test your reaction time and reflexes• Simple, intuitive functionality• Colourful interactive design• Addictive and fast paced• New bonus round
Voiture bebe course 1.0
Hippo Pepa. Drôle de voyage sur unenouvellevoiture.Hippo Papa a acheté une nouvelle voiture. Il ne suffit pasd'uneautomobile - il est une voiture décapotable, il est possibledesoulever et abaisser le toit. Hippo Pepa et sa famille sont allésàla nouvelle voiture lors d'un voyage.Pendant le voyage, sur votre chemin se réuniradifférentsvéhicules, bus et motos. Sur la route, le grand traficautomobile,si l'automobile va lentement - il faut pour doubler, etsi l'autreautomobile est plus rapide que votre, vous devez donnerle chemin.Aussi pendant le voyage va rencontrer une vieilleautomobile quibeaucoup de fumée - vous devez soulever la fenêtre dela voiture.Quand il commence à pleuvoir - soulever le toit de lavoiture afinde ne pas se mouiller. Hippo Pepa vous ce qu'il fautfaire, etvotre tâche demandera à temps pour effectuer l'actionnécessaire.Et si vous vous ennuyez sur la route, vous pouvez jouerde lamusique. Pour chaque tâche accomplie, vous obtenez 1 à 3étoiles.Sur votre chemin peut obtenir des pièces de monnaie -lesrecueillir. Effectuer toutes les tâches et d'essayer derassemblertoutes les pièces et les étoiles.Contrôle du jeu est très facile de passer à une autre voieplutôttaper sur l'écran dans la bonne voie, et la machine sedéplace dansla bonne direction.Profitez de nouveau jeu "Hippo Pe pa. Drôle de voyage surunenouvelle voiture"Hippo Pepa. funnytravelon a new car.Hippo Dad bought a new car. It is not enough of a car - it'saconvertible, it is possible to raise and lower the roof. HippoPepaand his family went to the new car on a trip.During the trip, on your way will meet different vehicles,busesand motorcycles. On the road, the automotive traffic, if thecarwill slowly - it takes to double, and if the other car isfasterthan you, you must give way. Also during the trip will meetan oldcar that a lot of smoke - you have to lift the car window.When itstarts raining - raise the roof of the car to avoid gettingwet.Hippo Pepa you what to do, and your task will require timetoperform the necessary action. And if you are bored on the road,youcan play music. For each completed task, you get 1 to 3 stars.Onyour way may obtain coins - collect. Perform all tasks and trytocollect all the coins and stars.Game control is very easy to switch to another routeinsteadtapping the screen on the right track, and the machine ismoving inthe right direction.Enjoy new game "Hippo Pe pa. Funny travel on a new car"
Incredible chicken feliz 1.0
increíble chicken feliz gallina es elmejorjuego de los niños.del gallina feliz desearía recopilar más cerezas. Pero haymuchosobstáculos / obstáculos; cerradura, seta, etc. Ayuda a lagallinaincredibles por correr y saltar.Toque la pantalla para saltar y evitar los obstáculos.Hay una gran cantidad de niveles y más por venirDebe completar la misión, desde el nivel más bajo hasta el másaltonivel.Por favor, ayudar a la increíble Feliz gallina saltandoycorriendoHay tres menú Level:- Experiencia- Evolución- Comenzandocaracteristicas:- increíble chicken feliz es libre, sin obligación de compra.- gráficos limpios y coloridos- Ayuda del teléfono y de la tableta- Interfaz de usuario sencilla- Música y efectos de sonido- 105 niveles diferentes- Juego del gallina feliz para todas las edades- No violencia, imágenes de crudo en el juegoNo hay duda de que este es el mejor juegos de aventura jamás sehahechoamazing happy henchickenis the best game of children.Happy hen would like to collect more cherries. But there aremanyobstacles / barriers; lock, toadstool, etc. It helpstheincredibles hen run and jump.Touch the screen to jump and avoid obstacles.There are a lot of levels and more to comeYou must complete the mission, from the lowest level to thehighestlevel.Please help Happy hen incredible jumping and runningThere are three Level menu:- Experience- Evolution- Beginningcharacteristics:- Amazing happy chicken is free, no purchase required.- Clean and colorful graphics- Support phone and tablet- Simple user interface- Music and sound effects- 105 different levels- Game happy hen for all ages- No Violence, crude pictures in the gameThere is no doubt that this is the best adventure gamesevermade
Pocozoo 2.2
The best Pocozoo episodes are now availableina collection of wonderful interactive stories.Who wouldn’t love to be part of a pocoyo episode? Now your kidshavea fun new way to interact with their favorite characters!Withpocoyo your child will enter into the wonderful world ofreadingand enjoy every minute of it!Pocozoo is an arcade game that is easy to play but hardtomaster!pocoyo's jump and collect coins, but there’s to many obstaclesandmonsters that will challenge you to collect those coins.In favor to be the master of hitting the top score ofpocoyo.Trythis arcade game with your friends and show them yourskills.Good Luck :)
Poco your friend 1.1
Poco your friend is an awesome arcade gameforkids.play with pocoyo and collect Coins, but there’s to manyobstaclesand monsters that will challenge you to collect pocothosecoins.In favor to be the master of hitting the top score ofthisgame.Try pocoyo this arcade game with your friends and show themyourskills.this One of the cool games free .nice musicawesome graphics jump of poco your friend.150 levelseasy to playavoid obstacle umi and pocoyo collect cakestap the buttons to jump and avoid obstacles .
Jump of umizmi 1.1
Jump of umizmi is an awesome arcade gameforkids.play with umizoomi team and collect Coins, but there’s tomanyobstacles and monsters that will challenge you to collectthosecoins.In favor to be the master of hitting the top score ofthisgame.Try this umizoomi arcade game with your friends and show themyourskills.this One of the cool games free .nice musicawesome graphics jump of umizmi150 levelseasy to playavoid obstacle umi and zoomi collect cakestap the buttons to jump and avoid obstacles .
Super of man and bat 1.0
Build an epic roster of super of man andbatand villains of justice league and get ready for battle!Installthe super of superman vs batman and finding new superpowershangingaround!super of man and bat are very beautiful and awesome. It issuitablefor all lovers of the dark side. There are severaldifferent typesof clothing this character.With over 100 million downloads, justice league is one of themostpopular mobile games of all time. Accept no gothamsubstitutes!PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS"You really need to give super of man and bat a try"~TouchArcade"super of man and bat is a game that's well worth playing""There’s no reason not to give a go"LEVEL UPBuild your move set, increase your powers, upgrade yourcharacterssuperman vs batman, and conquer your competition.Constantly evolveyour roster to fit your style of play and put yourbest playerforward as you take on a series of combatants.The advantages of the game:+ Popular superman and bat.+ Beautiful and accessible interface.+ Download in one click.+ A detailed description on how to install bat men.
لعبة البطريق المشاكس 1.0
اجمل العاب المغامرات لعبة مغامرات البطريقهدفكفي هذه اللعبة الرائعة القضاء على كل الوحوش وجمع كل النجومولتنهيالمرحلة يجب عليك الوصول الى القصر. لعبة البطريق المشاكسالرائعةتحتوي على ٣ عوالم مختلفة واكثر من ٢١ مستوى مميز والمزيد قادمفيالتحديثات المستقبلية ان شاء الله.تضعك هذه اللعبة في جو من المغامرة والمتعة والاكشن يمكنك الركضوالقفزفوق العدو للقضاء عليه وايضا يمكنك الانزلاق للدخول في المناطقالضيقةاستمتع بجمال لعبة البطريق المشاكس الطبيعة والغابات مع افضللعبةمغامرات شيقة ومناسبة للكبار والصغارThe mostbeautifulAdventure Games Adventures Game Penguin Your goal in thisgreatgame to eliminate all the monsters and collect all the starsandend stage you have to get to the palace. Game Penguinbrilliantfeisty contain three different worlds and more than 21uniquelevels and more coming in future updates, God willing.This game puts you in an atmosphere of adventure and fun andActionYou can run and jump over the enemy to eliminate it and alsoyoucan slide to engage in narrow areasEnjoy the beauty of the game Penguin feisty nature andforestswith the best adventure game interesting and suitable foradultsand children
Slugs Circle 1.1
Like to play slugs circle but you thinkthatit's boring to play alone? And become the best slugs linger ofalltime! Play as hero in this action game slugterra. If you likepingpong game or you are addicted to Sluge of games terra you willfindthe best all of them here and more. Challenge your friends toplaythis fun & addictive game and beat their score. Themoreyou use your slugs, the more powerful they become. Collect alltheslugs and use them into the battle. Simply tap to move and to target enemies. Customize your armourandblaster, equip your favorite slugs and upgrade them formaximumpower. The more you play, the more gear and slugs youunlock!The key to being the best slugslinger around is choosing thebestslugs for each round, and knowing when to use them!Players can collect new slugs and unlock slug powers in storymode,or duel an endless stream of opponents to compete for topleaderboard scores in challenge mode.How to play Slugs Circle:Your goal is to keep the pong bouncing inside the circle. Youcancontrol only the direction of paddle movement just by tappingthescreen.Hope you enjoy!Challenge your friends and share your score with them!
Ninja Fight Battle 4.0
Do you like super ninja manga? Do youliketofighting with enemies from sound ninja, sand ninja,akatsukigroupto protect konoha and become a new hokage?Let play the best fighting ninja game of this manga series:BattleofNinja.Features:- Easy to play, very addictive.- A lot of characters based on greatest ninjas from thekonohalikeuzumaki, uchiha sasuke, rock lee, neji, kakashi,itachi…- Fantasic Justsu of shinobi ninja:rasengan,sharingan,Rinnengan,chidori…- 100+ difference enemy waves.- Transform to Jinchuuriki with ulimate power of TailedBeastandbeat all enemies.- 2d graphic with nice effect.- Unlock hiden characters with higer power.How to Play:- Tap left / right to attack. You only can attack enemiesinarange.- Try to use kunai and ultimate Justsu to kill allenemiesandcollect coins.Very easy and very addictive. Let play naruto and share bestscorewitheveryone. Who will be the number one?If you like this, please comment and review to show your opinionssothat we can make better games.Features:★★★★★ Lightweight Game★★★★★ Amazing game control★★★★★ Good Quality Graphics★★★★★ many enemies obstacle★★★★★ Easy to control.★★★★★ Well-designed graphics and cool sound effects.