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NBA Life
The NBA is more than basketball, it’s alifestyle. Do you have what it takes to live the NBA Life? Play foryour favorite team and start your journey to becoming the mostfamous player in the League!You will be up against the finest NBA players in your chosen team’sactual 2016-2017 season schedule. Compete for a perfect 82 gameseason and collect bonuses and juice for team wins. Perfect youroffensive and defensive skills to beat other players around theworld.Hire a team of professionals to help you advance on the road tosuccess. Join a crew and band together with other players to helpadvance your career more quickly. After all, you need the rightpeople in your corner to help you gain fame. From choosing atrusted Agent to building a signature look with your Stylist, toworking on your strength with your Personal Trainer, it’s aboutgiving all you’ve got to make it to the top. Learning to balanceyour commitments on and off the court is crucial to your success inthis League.Enjoy every minute. This is the NBA Life.It all comes down to these key things:PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT- Slam Dunks, Three Pointers, Steals, andBlocks. Elevate your game by getting to the practice court.HUSTLE AND SUCCEED- Build up your athleticism with your PersonalTrainer. Learn new exercises to advance your routine. How bad doyou want it?STRUT YOUR STYLE- Every NBA player needs swagger. Your stylist willdress you from head to toe in gear that will help craft the rightimage for your fans. After all, game day is not just about thejersey.START YOUR FAN NATION- Attract fans by making exclusive appearancesat charities, dinner galas, and hosting sporting events. When yourfavorite brand reaches out to you for sponsorship opportunities,don’t be surprised!COMPETE AGAINST YOUR FRIENDS- Ignite your competitive spirit bychallenging your friends and other players around the world togames.FIND YOUR ZEN- Build the dream home you’ve always wanted. From yogarooms to indoor basketball courts, find the perfect balance ofrooms to help you succeed.WIN- Hit the court and outsmart your opponent. Choose the rightoffensive and defensive moves to lead your team to victory andbecome an NBA legend.FREE TO PLAY- NBA Life is free to download and play. However, someoptional in-game items will require payment. If you don’t want touse this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’ssettings.The season starts now! Are you ready to live the NBA Life?
Draw a Stickman: EPIC 3 1.9.19659
Played over 100 Million Times around the Globe and a winner of 5Webby Awards, DRAW A STICKMAN is back and more EPIC than everbefore! Your creativity will be maximized in the all-new Draw aStickman: EPIC 3! Embark upon an exhilarating new adventure todefeat the Corruption: solve fun puzzles, outsmart crafty monsters,and discover an all-new world! So grab your freshly penciledHero—it’s time to be EPIC! **Try the demo for free before buyingthe full experience.** DRAW YOUR OWN HERO! Use the new, intricatedrawing tools to design the perfect Hero! Be as creative as youwant—your Hero can be anything you can draw! LIMITLESS SKETCHBOOK!Store unlimited drawings of Heroes and Tools in your newSketchbook! Swap between these at any time to spice up yourgameplay with all your favorite characters! NEW HUB WORLD! Venturearound the new Hub World and meet other characters in the Stickmanuniverse! See what they have to say and what they need you to do!EXPLORE LEVELS! Adventure through new levels packed with secrets,collectibles, and hidden pathways! FEISTY MONSTERS! Lots of newmonsters to outwit! Be on the lookout for Oozes, Trolls, BullyGoats, and—perhaps the most fearsome of them all—an Evil Hamster!FIND LOST COLOR BUDDIES! Find the lost Color Buddies to add rich,new colors to your drawings! MASTER NEW PENCILS! Use your nifty newpencils to bamboozle bosses and bring to life the world around you!UNLOCK EVERYTHING! Unlock new hidden areas as you find coloringguides, tool blueprints, and pencils! Can you earn 3 Stars on everylevel? You’ll see plenty of new characters and some surprisinglyfamiliar faces on this new adventure! Who are they? It’s a secret!Are you ready for an EPIC new adventure?
Forgotton Anne 1.3
Imagine a place where all that is lost and forgotten goes; oldtoys,letters, socks. The Forgotten Lands is a magical worldinhabited byForgotlings; living mislaid objects longing to beremembered.Forgotton Anne is a seamless cinematic adventure withmeaningfulstorytelling and light puzzle platforming. You are Anne,theenforcer who keeps order in the Forgotten Lands, as she setsout tosquash a rebellion that might prevent her master, Bonku, andherselffrom returning to the human world... **Try the demo forfree beforebuying the full experience.** “This game is nothingshort ofbeautiful…Forgotton Anne is one of the standoutexperiences of theyear so far and for good reason” 9/10 –GameReactor “It's a gamewhich will win you over with its hugeamount of heart...ForgottonAnne is brilliant” Recommended –Eurogamer “Every moment has thepotential to be a stunningscreenshot. It's really remarkable andpotentially eye-opening” 4/5– TrueAchievements “Gorgeously animatedcutscenes segue intogameplay, the wonderful art shifting frame byframe in response toyour inputs.” - PCGamesN Features: - Discover abeautifullyrealised world of wonder filled with Forgotlings -charmingeveryday objects brought to life, bursting withpersonality. - Playthe way you want: use either the effortlesson-screen touchcontrols or any officially supported wireless gamingcontroller. -Uncover the truth behind the harrowing conflict takingplacebetween an impassioned ruler and ruthless rebellion. - Harnessthepower of Anima, the energy that brings life to the ForgottenLands.Use it to solve puzzles and command ultimate controloverForgotlings’ lives. - Choose carefully. Your words and actionscanalter the tale being told thanks to a branching dialoguesystemthat places the power in your hands. - Run, leap, and soar asyoustrive to guide Anne home, unlocking areas and abilities alongtheway. - Enjoy hand-animated visuals created using thesametraditional techniques that brought your favourite animatedmoviesto life. - Immerse yourself in a soaring orchestral scoreperformedby the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra.
Draw a Stickman: Color Buddies 1.3.10
Over 25 million Draw a Stickman fans can’t be wrong! Join thefunand play the all-new puzzle adventure game from theaward-winningDraw a Stickman series, featuring the lovable ColorBuddies! Matchup these cute and cuddlesome creatures in thiscolorfulfree-to-play challenge! Rescue as many playfully plushColorBuddies as you can. Match three or more and then watch thecrazychromatic chain reactions! Crush tiles by destroying eachimpedinglayer, and use explosive power-ups to maximize your score!Enhanceyour experience by earning a bounty of unique achievements,prizes,and rewards as you advance through the many vibrant worlds.Eacheye-catching level is even more colorful than the last! Do youhavewhat it takes to save these spirited sprites? Strategy will bethekey to helping this huggable bunch. Only a limited number ofmovesare allowed, but if you think fast and choose wisely,you’llsucceed with flying colors! FEATURES: ⭐Gain valuable Starsbycompleting levels! ⭐Triumph over challenging new obstacles ineveryworld! ⭐Elevate your gameplay with dynamic Power-Ups! ⭐Competewithfriends for the top score! ⭐Collect dazzling Daily Rewards!⭐Spinthe Prize Wheel and win amazing gifts! Color Buddies iscompletelyfree to play, but some optional in-game items areavailable forpurchase. Immerse yourself in this kaleidoscope ofcolor and setthese adorable Color Buddies free! GameSupport:appsupport@hitcents.com Website:http://epic.drawastickman.com/Follow us on social media: Facebook:@DrawaStickmanEpic Twitter:@DrawaStickman
The Political Machine 2020 1.0
Take the 2020 presidential election by storm in thisexcitingpolitical strategy game! Choose your favorite candidatefrom eitherDemocratic standouts such as Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden,andElizabeth Warren, or Republican favorites including DonaldTrump,George W. Bush, and Mike Pence. Don’t like any of thecurrentcandidates? No problem, just create your own and adopt sometrulywild ideologies (ban all video games - they’ll rot yourbrain)! ThePolitical Machine 2020 features unique ideology treesforcandidates, allowing for unique experiences each andeveryplaythrough! Earn ideology points from Town Halls and use themtoown certain issues. Play as Bernie Sanders and take ownershipofthe ‘Medicare for All’ issue, or play as Donald Trump to own‘Buildthe Wall’. It’s important to win 270 votes in theelectoralcollege, so you’ll need to pay attention to what issuesvoters careabout in the swing states. What plays well in Texas orCaliforniamight hurt you in Ohio or Florida! Do you think you havewhat ittakes? Take to the campaign trail and show the nation whyyoushould be the next President of the United States of America!COREFEATURES * Spread your Ideology - Participate in Town Halleventsto earn ideology points and solidify your position on hotissueswith your voters. * Generate Enthusiasm - Use your power andmoneyto purchase ads to discredit your opponent and influencevoters.The greater enthusiasm your base has for an issue, themoreeffective your ad campaigns will be. * Participate inInterviews -Accept invitations to various talk shows across thecountry inorder to share your opinion on issues important to theAmericanpeople. * Choose your Candidate - Play as one ofseveralcandidates, each with their own custom stats likestamina,intelligence, charisma, media bias, and more. * ManageyourCampaign Budget - Purchase advertisements, travel acrossthecountry to campaign, and hire operatives to enhance your PRorcripple your opponent. Be wary - if you overspend and needextracash, it might come from somewhere that will shakevoters’confidence in you! * Create a Candidate - Customize your ownfrontrunner and race for the White House. * Practice your Politics- Asophisticated underlying simulation model uses census data andrealissues to test your political savvy. * Be Ready for Anything-Torrid affairs, natural disasters, email scandals, andother“breaking news” events can pop up and change the direction ofthecampaign for better or worse.