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NBA Life
The NBA is more than basketball, it’s alifestyle. Do you have what it takes to live the NBA Life? Play foryour favorite team and start your journey to becoming the mostfamous player in the League!You will be up against the finest NBA players in your chosen team’sactual 2016-2017 season schedule. Compete for a perfect 82 gameseason and collect bonuses and juice for team wins. Perfect youroffensive and defensive skills to beat other players around theworld.Hire a team of professionals to help you advance on the road tosuccess. Join a crew and band together with other players to helpadvance your career more quickly. After all, you need the rightpeople in your corner to help you gain fame. From choosing atrusted Agent to building a signature look with your Stylist, toworking on your strength with your Personal Trainer, it’s aboutgiving all you’ve got to make it to the top. Learning to balanceyour commitments on and off the court is crucial to your success inthis League.Enjoy every minute. This is the NBA Life.It all comes down to these key things:PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT- Slam Dunks, Three Pointers, Steals, andBlocks. Elevate your game by getting to the practice court.HUSTLE AND SUCCEED- Build up your athleticism with your PersonalTrainer. Learn new exercises to advance your routine. How bad doyou want it?STRUT YOUR STYLE- Every NBA player needs swagger. Your stylist willdress you from head to toe in gear that will help craft the rightimage for your fans. After all, game day is not just about thejersey.START YOUR FAN NATION- Attract fans by making exclusive appearancesat charities, dinner galas, and hosting sporting events. When yourfavorite brand reaches out to you for sponsorship opportunities,don’t be surprised!COMPETE AGAINST YOUR FRIENDS- Ignite your competitive spirit bychallenging your friends and other players around the world togames.FIND YOUR ZEN- Build the dream home you’ve always wanted. From yogarooms to indoor basketball courts, find the perfect balance ofrooms to help you succeed.WIN- Hit the court and outsmart your opponent. Choose the rightoffensive and defensive moves to lead your team to victory andbecome an NBA legend.FREE TO PLAY- NBA Life is free to download and play. However, someoptional in-game items will require payment. If you don’t want touse this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’ssettings.The season starts now! Are you ready to live the NBA Life?