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nhật ngử-Học tiếng nhật minano 1.0.1
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Nhật ngử cho mọi người.bạn thích nhật ngử và dự định học tiếng nhật? bạn muốn có mốt côngcụ hửu ích để việc học tiếng nhật được dể dàng hơn.Học tiếng nhật với trọn bộ 50 bài của giáo trìng mina no nihongo cóthể trợ giúp bạn trong suốt quá trình học tập. với nhửng tính năngnổi trội. hoc tiếng nhật sẻ là mốt người bạn không thể thiếu chobạn.với Nhật ngử - Học tiếng nhật bạn có thể:+ dể dàng kiểm tra từ vựng của mổi bài+ tiếp cận với tất cả cấu trúc ngử pháp có trong bài học.+ nghe đẻ có các phát âm chính xác nhất. đây là bước đầu tiên để cóthể giao tiếp với người nhật bản.+ tham khảo nhiều ví dụ cơ bạn nhất để dể dàng ứng dụng vào thực tếmột cách nhanh nhất+ chia sẻ kiến thức với bạn bè qua facebookphap,tu,vung,nghe,mau,cau,kanji,tieng,noi,nhat,ngu,hoc,tieng,viet,jplt,japanesephap,tu,vung,nghe,mau,cau,viet,ngoai,kanji,tieng,noi,doc,phat,am,learn,japanese,appJapanesepeople.you love and plan to study Japanese in Japanese? You want a usefultool for learning Japanese easier.Learn Japanese with the full set of all 50 Tring mina no nihongoteachers can help you during the learning process. with outstandingfeatures. Learning Japanese will be an indispensable partner foryou.the Japanese Language - Learn Japanese you can:+ Easily check the words of each post+ Access to all grammatical structure in lessons.+ Technology to have the most accurate pronunciation. The firststep here is to be able to communicate with Japanese people.+ See many examples of the most basic to applied easily in practiceas quickly as possible+ Share knowledge with friends via facebooklegal, religious, regional, listen, quickly, frowned, kanji,English, say, most stupid, learn, english, viet, jplt, Japaneselegal, religious, regional, listen, quickly, frowned, viet,outdoor, kanji, English, reading, phat, am, learn, Japanese,app
Picachu Monster Bicachu Animal 2.3
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Connect 2 Picachu Monster Animal will bringyou back to the good old time PC classic puzzle with modernfeatures specially crafted for smart phoneConnect 2 Picachu Monster Animal is a simple game, easy to play. Ithelp you relax with nice fruit images and attracted game play.Picachu Monster Animal is a type of connect game, million of peoplelove it over time, over age. with this version we sure that, youwill have a good time to challenge and relax.***************
HOW TO PLAY***************You have to play smartly to Connect 2 Picachu Monster Animal in apath with folded no more than two times**************
- Addicting puzzle style game
- The user friendly interface
- Lovely animal images
- Amazing sounds
- Over 100 excite levels and more in the future

- Support multi touch at the same time**************
- A LOT OF FUN, As high as level as much as fun, addictive youget- Good game for kid, woman and for you
- Training your brain and eyes with the very exciting puzzle- Challenge your friend via game centerConnect 2 Picachu Monster Animal is a type of picachu classicalgame, One of awesome of classic game all over the world. With themeof Animal, is a great experience because of moving effect and thedifficult being increasing during playing time

.With Picachu Monster Animal you must play smartly to pass all over100 levels to be the winner of game.

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japan language helper 1.1
Ho Phuong
Are you intend to study japan language in the next and you wanttohave a powerful application to help you. this app is one ofyourneed, it'd been made follow the "minna no nihongo"bookscontent.With this app you can:+ easy to trace vocabulary for each lessons+ easy to learn all the grammar.+ listening to have exactly pronunciation for all thelessons.+ you can see many basic communicate examples.+ share you experience with your friend via FB with justsomeclickedIn this version we just have the first 25 lessons, all thenextlessons will be update in the next version.Thank you, hope you will like the app
Japanese In Use 1.0.0
Ho Phuong
Learning Japanese With Common Lesson Sample Vocabulary GrammarAudio In Minnano Nihongo. Are you intend to study Japanese languagein the next and you want to have a powerful application to helpyou. this app Japanese In Use is one of app like that, it'd beenmade following the "minna no nihongo" books content. With JapaneseIn Use you can: + easy to trace vocabulary for each lessons + easyto learn all the grammar. + listening to have exactly pronunciationfor all the lessons. + you can see many basic communicate examples.+ share you experience with your friend via FB with just someclicked With all 50 lessons(vocabulary, grammar, audio, kanji,sample in common use), you will have strong enough to friendly withJapanese Thank you, hope you will like the app
Iron Balls Number Bricks Breaker 3.0
Ho Phuong
Iron Balls Number Bricks Breaker Specially with more 5 modes(6,7,8, 9 ,10 columns) and many of color marbles to enjoy. Touchyourfinger to throw the marbles and break the bricks. Try to breakasmany bricks as possible before they move down to thebottom.Collect all the items to get additional marbles and make anendlessmarbles chain! The level of bricks will be increased aftereachround you throw the balls. Very easy to play but very hard toreachhigh scores. Don't forget the angle is the key point!GameFeatures: ◉ Many of lovely balls to choose ◉ Double Hit Item,maxis 5 greater than normal ◉ With 5 mode to play(6, 7, 8, 9,10columns) ◉ Endless gameplay ◉ Simple marbles control ◉Challengeyour friends with the best highscore Your feedback is veryvaluablefor us, it helps us improving our product and update morecoolfeatures. For more quick help and some instruction that let youcaneasy to play, please email us at phuongconut@gmail.com