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Hohoo Chat - Anonymous Chat 1.0
HoHoo Chat – The New way of Anonymous Chattingnow with Group of People.At Hohoo Chat we believe in anonymity and in app everyone isanonymous to everyone. You can shareyour thoughts and chat with people from a different region ofworld anonymously. Download the newway of chatting with group of anonymous people. You’ll love touse it every time!!!First time chat with group of People Anonymously over Trendingtopics-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HoHoo Chat introduced feature of chatting with a wider group ofpeople without telling your identity.You can easily create groups in app and add people to groups.The best thing is you can chat with peopleover trending and topics which you want to discuss. You can noweasily have answers for your questionswithout asking any of people around you who you know and don’twant to ask from them.We Guarantee Anonymity-------------------------------------HoHoo Chat as of being an anonymous chatting app does notrequire any type of account registration.You just need to enter a name which you would love to show toworld and then you’ll be live in front ofworld anonymously. The app does not use your contacts or link toit in any way. So now you can shareyour doubts and ask its solutions from people all around youanonymously without hesitating.We are 100% FREE-----------------------------HoHoo Chat is all free app. We do not require any type ofpayment even in-app. We are totally free. Sowhat you are waiting for. Go now and enter the world ofanonymous people and start asking and havefun chatting with them without letting them know who youare.Meet with New People--------------------------------If you love in making new friends and want to talk with morepeople then you are on the right place.Telling your identity is not important all the time. So, we havethis anonymous app for you. Chat withpeople and let your privacy hidden from them. Chat with malesand females around you and do the funover this chat app. But, be sure about not to reveal youridentity in respect of the anonymity.HoHoo Chat does not require any type of personal informationfrom you even in app. We are totallyconcerned about your privacy and doesn’t stops you from chattingwith people around you withoutletting them know anything about you and also we suggest you notto share any personal or importantinformation over this app with people.