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錯別字王 1.5.5
Math x Math(Math game)
Math x Math is great and unique puzzle game. Simple rules, greatcasual gameplay. This is a good brain test and you can improve yourmath calculations speed. This is an educational math game for yourkids ===============★ MathxMath Game features ★=============== ✔Makes mathematics more fun and is different from traditional mathgames. ✔ Integrated use of addition, subtraction, multiplicationand division arithmetic, great helper for training the brain. ✔Game modes range from easy to master; there are progressivedifficulties for you to choose from. ✔ Over a thousand questions sothe fun never ends. ✔ It will automatically memorize your progressif interrupted, so you can stop at any time. ✔ Great for children’sentertainment. ✔ It is able to improve you and your children’smathematical ability.
17Poker 1.5.8
17 Poker is a fast-paced one-v-one card game, similar in style toTexas holdem. There are 17 cards in total for each game, and youhave to guess the opponent's hand & strategy from the cardexchange, bet raise, and call etc. Devising a strategy based onthis, you then decide your next action of call, raise, or fold. Itis a thrilling fun game.List of 17 poker hands: Royal straightflush, Straight Flush, Four of a kind, Full house, Straight, Threeof a kind, Two pair, One pair Card rank:Joker>A>K>Q>JSuit rank:Spades>Hearts>Diamonds>Clubs
錯別字王2-世界大賽 1.0.7
What's the difference 1.0.3
What's the difference? There are four pictures for each question ,One of them different , come to find out it !============ Gamefeatures ============== 1. Simple, fast-paced 2. The mostappropriate to pass the time3. Brainstorm, brain activation 4. Cutestyle , the public image 5. The young and old , healthy game 6.Category rich , ever-changing 7. The quiz is updated regularly
Run Run Solitaire 1.1.9
If you like Solitaire, this game is your best choice. Run RunSolitaire plays exactly like common Solitaire games with additionalstage concepts. The player will play as a marathon runner and yourcharacter will proceed forward after you clear stages. As youcontinue to clear more stages, the character will move to the nextnew location. Moreover, we also added a ranking system, so thatplayers can compete against one another. Game Features: ★Supportsmultiple languages and is free of charge. ★Has simple rules and cancontinue as many times as you want for every stage. ★Has a largemap with much fun and many locations to go to. ★Its score rankingcompetition allows players to compete against international playersfor your ranking. ★No time pressure for playing the game. You canplay it at any time and any place.