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weBelong – Embrace Differneces 4.6.6
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weBelong - make friends, find your community There are days whenyou get #feels? Us too 🥺 Join us in our safe hub of digital friends(created by five IRL friends!) who listen, help you work throughwhatever, and will never leave you on read.🏳️‍🌈 --- You’re gonnalove this app if you... - Are looking for a community to belong to👐- Need someone to talk to🤩 - Having a bad mental health day💔 - Feltsomewhat stressed, anxious or lonely lately😔 - Want to make newfriends in a safe space - Feel like venting off about your day😭 -Want to help others feel their best🙌 - Sick of current social mediafull of ads and inorganic content👻 - Interested in chatting withother friends💀 - Want to have some comforting girl talk and ask allyour questions about periods, crushes, school, or parents! (we lovea good #TMI girl talk ) 👭 Promise, no judgment, no ads, no cap.We’re just a text away and here for you 24/7. Almost socialmedia... but better. No FOMO, no highlight reels nor filtered faceshere. Raw emotions more than welcome. FEATURES: FIND YOUR COMMUNITYTO BELONG 💙 A social community app, where you can find like-mindedteens. Create your community, chat w, and share your emotions!Based on your interests, you can meet new friends who willunderstand you. CHAT WITH A SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY OF DIGITALSISTERS🧡 Connect, vent off, and make friends! Talk about yourproblems, get advice (if you’re looking for it), and feel heard.Whether it’s #TMI Girl Talk, talking about private matters you feelshy of sharing with your friends (periods, mood shifts, and so muchmore), we’ve got your back! CREATE GROUPS🤎 Meet with real-lifepeople, create groups based on your interests & make friends!Whether it’s about chatting on that new Netflix show or organizeyour LGBTQ group, you’ll find cool people you can talk to on thegroup chat whenever you need it. You will feel heard and listenedto. Contribute to your group and help others feel better too. Let’ssip and spill tea together about stuff. SHARE YOUR VIBES💚 Post yourday, things you want to share in a dedicated space for people whoget it. GLOW UP MENTALLY🖤 Make friends, chat, and have a ✨ mentalglow up ✨ You’ll be surprised how your life changes around you onceyou express your emotions, work on them, and feel better. 24/7AVAILABLE💛 You can talk with other friends anytime, anywhere, andreceive instant anxiety and stress relief. NO JUDGMENT INCLUDED💜Voicing your emotions can help you understand yourself better andsee patterns in your mood. People on the app are highly empatheticand judgment-free, they listen to you and help you feel better. Ifyou have a story you’ve been wanting to share, it’s the perfectenvironment to process your emotions. - We’re so looking forward tomeeting you on the app! Lastly, if you are LGBTQ, and need someoneto talk to, want to make friends, and chat, this is the best placeto belong. Black Lives Matter! Try the best community app!