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Device Pedia 2.4
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Device Pedia :- The fastest, easiest way to find your deviceinformation.In this app you can find everything under one roof.Thisapp also comes with a widget.It provide Features like Device info,Network info, WiFi, Battery info, Location, Memoryetc.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MainFeatures :-* Swipe Gestures* Device Info :- Gives you informationabout Boot loader, Radio Ver, Change List, Dpi, Imei No, Screenresolution etc.* Network Info :- Turn data ON/OFF. It also givesinformation like Country, Operator Details and whether we are inroaming or not etc. We can open Network setting from the appitself.* WiFi Info : - Turn WIFI ON/OFF. It also gives informationabout mac address, speed, signal strength, all Details of IPAddress etc. we can directly open Ip setting and WiFi setting injust one touch.* Battery :- It includes status,level, temperature,health of battery ,etc.We can Directly go to Battery screen. Italso Gives Graphical Representation of Battery.* Memory :- It givesdetailed information of Internal Memory and Ram storage. From thiswe can go to app section which gives details of all the installedapps. * Location :- Turn GPS ON/OFF. It gives latitude, longitudeand your ADDRESS information. It allow you to go to Google Maps,which gives your current location. You can open location settingdirectly.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------*WIDGETS :-* Location - Which allows you to put your address on thehomescreen--------------------------------------------------------------------------------[Note:- Radio Ver. Requires API 14+ and Serial No. Requires API 9+ Ifyou are using this app on any API below these specifications thenyou will get "--"or "Unknown" for respectivefield]------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Ifyou have any complaint/suggestion please leave us a mail instead ofcommenting here and giving bad rating. That would really help us,to help you.E-mail:contact.devicepedia@gmail.com--------------------------------