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Zombie Survival: Last day 1.00
HongMen Games
3D FPS Zombie Shooter came back with Fieldrunners style basedefense and zombie survival gameplay!We brought the 3D FPS ZombieShooter back and made it better in this 2017 edition due to populardemand!Caught in the middle of a zombie warfare, lost and left todead, you must put your previous military training and weaponhandling to good use. As a weapon expert, you must use any weaponat your disposal to shoot your way through hordes of zombies,navigate perilous places among the desolated cities in order tofind a way out... of this hell hole.2017 Edition!Includes couple ofbug fixes and a brand new user interfaceRealistic 3D Graphics andSound Effect!Amazing graphics, optimised weapon animations, andspecial effects gurantee that your shooting experience will be ajoy and unique experience among other similar games. DifferentLandscapes!Travel and survive against the zombies attack inmultiple places such as the city streets and the subwaystation.Powerful Weapons!From your trusty machine gun to theamazing flamethrower to more sophisticated weapon like the plasmagun, you get to pick your own poison and decide how you want toclean up the zombies.Weapon Upgrade System!Up to 5 differentavailable upgrades for your existing weapons to make thembetter.Fight to survive the zombie invasion till the last day! Be asurvival!
Zombie Hell - Arcade FPS Shooter Game
HongMen Games
This is a popular 3D shooting game, hordes of zombies lungedtowardyou. In order to survive, you must rely on the guns in yourhands.Kill as many zombies as possible, get more weapons,ammunition, andmoney. Challenge yourself to see how long you cansurvive thezombies' attack. Features: .: Variety of Zombies .:Refreshing GunFiring .: Brilliant 3D Images .: Rhythmic Music
Tank Battle Game - Mini Metal
HongMen Games
Build your very own Super Tank! Download it now to starttankbattling! Unique Arena Tank Battle Tank Battle Game - MiniMetal isa top-down 3D tank shooter game. Placed in an endlessarena, youwill battle waves after waves of enemy tanks. Fast-pacedaction,Destroy your Enemies Evade shots fired from your enemy,shoot andblow all your enemies up. Up to 4 different types ofbeautifularena for you to play right from the start! Get Bigger andBetterEarn coins and badges from the battlefield to unlock newtanks,upgrade them, and equipped them with powerful equipments.Becomethe Best Commander Compete with your friends to see who canreachthe highest wave number. You can play endlessly for as long asyoulike, there is no limit, become the ultimate tank commandertoday!Active Development We will be improving the game and addingnewbeautiful cars over time, if we have the enough timeanddevelopment resources.Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/LuandunGames/http://www.luandungames.com
Zombie Hell Team Survival - Base Defense
HongMen Games
Gather your Team, Defend your Base Zombie Hell Team Survival -BaseDefense is a 3D base defense game. Defend yourself againstendlesswaves of zombies. Multiple Areas of Interest Play across3different areas in beautiful 3D graphics. Upgrades andEpicEquipments Recruit more teammates to fight with you. Killzombiesto receive gold from the agency. Use gold to upgrade yourtroops tomake them stronger. Equip epic equipments that you havefound togive your team more firepower. Zombie Bosses Fight mightzombiebosses at the end of each wave. Defeat them to move on to thenextwave. Powerful weapons and abilities Utilise special powersandabilities like dropping a heavy mech into battle in ordertodestroy your enemies.Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/LuandunGames/http://www.luandungames.com
Super Golf - Easy Golf Game
HongMen Games
Now everybody can enjoy golf at the comfort of their phone!Features.: 60 different levels, each with their own challenge. .:Beautiful3D game. .: Soothing music and snappy sound effect. .:Easy to play,everybody can play.
Car Racing Game - Traffic Racing Hero
HongMen Games
Get your very own Super Car! Download it now to start yourcarracing adventure! Beautiful 3D Graphics Car Racing Game -TrafficRacing Hero is a top-down classical car racing game withbeautiful3D graphics in good taste. Race for Cash Race endlesslyagainst thetraffic and try not to crash. Drive faster and moredangerously toearn more money. Super Nitro Boost Activate yournitro power up tospeed up and knock other cars out of your way. Buyand CustomiseCars Use the money you have earn from racing to buyyour dream carsand also to upgrade them in order to make them gofaster. Customiseyour racing cars to the appearances you liked anddrive yourfavourite cars across different environments. Go for theScoreCompete with friends to see who can get a higher score. Youcanrace for as long as you like, there is no limit, become aTrafficRacing Hero today! Active Development We will be improvingthe gameand adding new beautiful cars over time, if we have theenough timeand development resources.Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/LuandunGames/http://www.luandungames.com