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Hootsuite: Schedule Posts for Twitter & Instagram
Manage and schedule posts to multiple social media profiles onTwitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more, all from one app –Hootsuite! Hootsuite is free for up to 3 social network accountsand has over 15 million users. It is the top app for Android tohelp you manage your business on social media. Hootsuite allows youto: * Publish and share photos to all your social networks at once* Manage multiple social network accounts on Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn * Schedule a post to Facebook or atweet to Twitter to be sent at a later time or day * AutoSchedulemessages to automatically post them at the best time of day *Monitor your brand on Twitter and Facebook * Receive optionalnotifications when people mention your brand or talk about keywordsyou follow * Shorten links with Ow.ly and track click-through statreport analytics Hootsuite for Android complements your account onthe Hootsuite web platform. You can easily add your social networkaccounts such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to yourHootsuite account to get started. Simple, efficient, and powerful,Hootsuite for Android allows you to: * Tweet from multiple Twitteraccounts or schedule tweets for Twitter accounts. * Post toFacebook Profiles and Pages or schedule Facebook posts. Get the topapp to build your audience, manage Twitter, Facebook, Instagram andLinkedIn from anywhere and tie analytics back to your goals. Signup for Hootsuite for free: http://hootsuite.com If you experienceany issues or want to give us feedback, tweet to us@Hootsuite_Help. We're happy to help! Questions or feedback?http://feedback.hootsuite.com/forums/40828-hootsuite-for-androidTwitter: @hootsuite Facebook: http://facebook.com/hootsuite
Hootsuite Target 0.7.2
Hootsuite Target makes it easy for you tobuild rewarding relationships with your prospects on Twitter.Listen to the Twitter activity of your leads and contacts and getnotified in real time when Hootsuite Target finds an opportunity tostart a conversation, locates a key piece of competitive intel, ordiscovers a potential new prospect.Use Hootsuite Target to help you:• Find and connect with your customer’s social profiles, so you canstart engaging right away• Listen to your contacts in real time to reach out when it mattersmost• Monitor topics about your company, industry, andcompetitors• Get notified on posts that are relevant to you• Read and share engaging content on Linkedin, Facebook andTwitterInstead of spending hours on Twitter, use Hootsuite Target to turnsocial media noise into valuable intel. Whether you’re a socialselling wizard, or just getting started: we will help you buildincredible and valuable relationships!FEATURES• Integrate with Salesforce, Google Contacts, AngelList, or yourphone's address book• Find social profiles for your existing contacts andprospects• Listen to prospects on Twitter• Monitor relevant industry, company, and competitive topics• Receive real-time notifications on critical events• Share posts with your team membersNote that Target is only accessible to users who are part of anorganization who have signed up.
Hootsuite Amplify 7.3.19
Use Hootsuite Amplify to find—and share—news, interesting articles,and other engaging content about your organization with your socialnetworks from one simple app. With news hand-picked and approvedfor you, Hootsuite Amplify makes it easy to share valuable contentthat your network will love. Join a community that helps you: •Keep up with what's going on in your organization • Discover andshare valuable, relevant news across all your social networks •Connect with peers and build your social presence Hootsuite Amplifyis only accessible to users who are part of an organization whohave signed up. Interested in using Hootsuite Amplify with yourorganization? Learn more at hootsuite.com/amplify or tweet us@hootsuite.