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Horse Racing Champion 1.1.2
Horse Racing ChampionHorse racing champion is a 3D realistic horseracing simulation game.Wanna own a racing horse? Join the realworld of horse racing, ride and whip race horse to challengeagainst other world top horse racers.Race for dominance in suchaddictive horse racing game in different courses and maps. Can youride your stallion to dodge and jump over fence and other obstaclesduring fierce competitions? Manage your money and stable, buy abetter horse, and then race for champion title!Remember to balancethe stamina and speed if horse runs too fast. Before joining therace, train yourself to be a top horse rider, including saddlepreparation, stamina handling skills, stunt, surfers and lean onback of your horse.Are you ready? Now saddle up, ride your horse toclaim world horse racing championship!Features:-Real 3D horseracing simulator-Realistic animations of horse race as horse jumpsover fences-Amazing 3D graphics and virtual 3D sound system-Touchcontrols to steer your horse-8 tracks available for racing-8 uniquehorses to nurture and race-Surf freely in 5 maps and 10 courses-20+challenging horse race courses to competeDownload horse racingchampion for free and have fun!
Temple Horse Champion Run 1.4
Horse endless run in the temple where you need try your best to gotchampion. The ultimate run begins when you chase other players. Themania running ask you get the best horse but need to coins unlockmore better horse.There is no way to go but run in this 3d endlessrun away simulator. Your horse has gone wild and running overhurdles in which you will face ending adventure such as jewels,diamonds, power-ups, obstacles and hurdles. Remember one thing thatkeeping collecting the coins along the running path.Temple horsechampion run features:-Endless horse run -Swip to move &jump-Collect more coins to unlock the horse -Many interestinghorsing experience-HD graphicsIf you play the temple horse, youwill surprise that collect special props and change the rabbit ortiger. Quickly download this interesting horse game!
Horse Virtual Racing 1.4
Horse virtual racing is the most exciting horse racing game inwhich it filled with virtual props such as coins and played tool.It's exciting, fun and highly addictive when you compete withothers you can challenge yourself and enjoy the happy ofwinning!How to balance the virtual and reality? Everybody have adream that could Horse gallop in the prairie. Here you can achievedream of owning a realistic horse and join the real world of horseracing! Race for dominance in this high addictive horse racing gamein immersive environment. Will you be capable of riding yourstation to dodge and jump over the obstacles in the fiercecompetitions.Remember to balance the speed and stamina since ifyour horse runs too fast the stamina will be used up very quickly.Now saddle up, steer your horse to reach the world championships!Horse virtual racing features:-Virtual sound system-Horse detailswith unique ability-Preview horses-Intuitive tile or touch controls-More challenging courses to compete
Bunny Jungle Run 1.4
Bunny jungle run is a exciting and addictive bunny adventurous rungame! Bunny is trapped in jungle with curl animals such as horse,running with the bunny and behead meeting many obstacles try tojump to avoid it. Running at the fast speed and jumping to avoidchasing, collect more coins so that you could unlock more bunnies.This bunny run jungle is the best adventure game for this easterseason with one touch control. It has the best 3D run game withgood graphics and music for kids.Bunny jungle run is a very simpleand interesting running game, controlling your bunny and see theobstacle, when near them, only to jump or turn left orright.Features:-Intuitive tile or touch controls-Just tap thescreen to jump -Collect more coins to unlock bunny. -Run and finishall the levels-Have good relaxing music and sound effects-Endlessbunny running game-Free to download in google playThis bunny junglerun is the best adventure game for running, here you could exploremore interesting !
Hourse Jump Racing 1.4
Hourse Jump Racing is one of the best 3D horse racing games withhorse derby games fun for everyone. Enjoy the good ride of arealistic horse racing game and share the experience with yourfriends. If you are the fan of the racing game who runs the horsefor several yards then this equestrian sport game is your bestchoice. You might have played the horse simulator games and horseriding games, but Hourse Jump Racing game will give you specialgame exprience.Are you a fan of horse derby race? Enjoy this Derbyracing simulation game and build your jockey career. Gallop, jumpand begin the wild run. Live your dreams on traditional racingtracks with dirt and grass race courses. A true sports based gamewith fast horse racing championships.Hourse Jump Racing is anexciting and challenging game particularly for racing fans who lovehorse racing game,Keep following the race track and remember not tolower your speed.The 3D graphics has been used bringing greatexperiences and emotions of a horse race in a immersiveenvironment. start your race, buy your horses been an good horserider!FEATURE- Amazing 3D graphics and virtual 3D sound system-Realistic environment- Horse Racing, Jumping and Simulation-Endless mode to be challenge- Join the world of horse racing andhave fun!
Jungle Horse Run 1.4
Jungle horse run is a amazing running game!If you like horseriding, horse jumping, quickly participate the game, feeling themost adventure riding journey in a jungle. It is full of challengesbut easy to play for everyone, you have to escape many difficult,some will kill you. There is on way to go but run in this 3Dendless run game!In this difficult scense, running, jumping,sliding will ask you more technology, sensitivity and reaction. Thepath is full of sharp razor like hurdles, skeletons and manyothers. amazing boost ups, diamonds or jewels will help yoursurvive along.Features:Endless horse runSwipe to move &jumpAvoid obstacles & hurdlesSmooth controlsRealistic 3Dgraphicchallenging with your friend
Horse Racing Champion 2 1.4
Continue the horse racing champion and add more fun!Horse racingchampion 2 is free to play and exciting on Google play Join thereal world of horse racing, ride and whip race horse to challengeagainst other world top horse racers.Take control of your favoritehorses who chooses to remain one of the fast running animals!Canyou ride your stallion to dodge and jump over fence and otherobstacles during fierce competitions? Manage your money and stable,buy a better horse, and then race for champion title!Joining therace, train yourself to be a top horse rider, including saddlepreparation, stamina handling skills, stunt, surfers and lean onback of your horse. Features:-Real 3D horse racingsimulator-realistic terror game scene-Amazing 3D graphics -Touchcontrols to steer your horse-Obtain the champion of racing-Collectmore coins and unlock more horses -8 unique horses to nurture andrace Download horse racing champion 2 and play with your friends!
Bunny Legend Run 1.4
Bunny legend run 2 is a new adventured legend bunny games, who needto run ahead to escape chasing by other manery. On the way, fulledwith risk, you need to hlep him tu jump over obstacles and collectthe maximum coins so that you could unlock more bunnys.Bunny legendrun is a very simple, control your bunny and see the obstacle, whennear them, only to jump or run left or right. Enjoying thisexciting, addictive running and jumping bunnies featuring anincredibly cute and cuddly rabbit .Features:Endless bunnyrunCollect more coins to unlock the bunnyHD graphicsIntuitive tileor touch controlsMore levels you could choose in the game Just tapthe screen to jump the bunny.This bunny legend run is the bestadventure game for this easter. It has the best fun run game withgood graphics and music.
Temple Horse Run 1.4
This story happened in an mysterious temple, Leading man riding ahourse run in a temple to save his beautiful princess, Temple horseracing the most exciting RUN game on Google Play. Take control ofyour Favourite HORSE who chooses to remain one of the fast runninganimals, to be an hero. the Game scene is so mysterious,a ancienttemple is waitting for you to adventure.this game is differenthorse run game from other horse racing game. it lay aside the modeof Racecourse, But The ghost is also a horse rider and is chasingyou in this 3d temple horse run simulation game. Collect all thecoins to reach on top of the leader board. The game is filled withjoyride and a fast racing horse simulator, which will drive youcrazy. save princess won’t be an easy task for you. A horse riderghost chasing you with his heavy hammer is a scary scene. and themysterious castle will make you Heart Quiver~ Are you ready to takeup the challenge for Castle adventure? Do you think your horse canflow free like a wind? If answer is yes, then be ready to facedifficult challenges ahead the mysterious Castle. Good Luck!FEATURES1.3D Environment, Interactive Sounds & HDGraphics2.Escape the Temple with your Horse3.Jump to avoid beingHIT and collect coins4.Realistic terror Game to play.
Horse Derby Run 1.4
It’s time to get your gears and step inside the horse racingtracks. Build your career as the perfect jockey competing againstthe best horse racers around the world.join this horse racinggame,get your own swift horse and let it racing to HorseDerby Run and enjoy the most funny racing game and win the championof the racing cup.the long time you horse run,the more coins youwill get,use these coins to buy new and better hourse.Play as aperfect jockey taking full control of your racing horse on thesurface of the grand racecourse in this new released horse racinggames of horse derby racing category.pick the Props enjoy thereward time. Horse Derby Run is one of the high realistic 3D horseracing games which contain classic equestrian sport and horse derbyracing.Are you a fan of horse derby race? Enjoy this racingsimulation game and build your jockey career!Tap screen to speedup. Swipe up when you meet obstacle! enjoy this easy and funnyracing game!FEATURE-5 Different swift horse been choose.-HorseRacing, Jumping and Simulation.-Give you real feel in horse derbyaction.-high realistic 3D horse racing games.-3D Environment and HDGraphics.-3d immersive environment with realistic sound effects
Horse Derby Racing 1.4
WOW!The horse meet is opend in a beautiful canyon,A Racecourse isbuilt there,all the cowboy from all the word come there just enjoythe horse racing party.In Horse Derby Racing you will play thesmart and cool cowboy ,Live the dream of owning a realistic horseand join the real party of horse racing!Horse Racing Simulator isthe most authentic racing simulation game with Parkour gameelement,this is the best horse racing game you have meet inGoogle.The gameplay starts as an endless runner in this horse runsimulator game.You have to get the coins from Racecourse,to buy abetter horse. This is never ending adventure with the path filledwith Props, coin, power-ups, obstacles and hurdles. Keep collectingthe diamonds along the running path. Be the hero of the cowboy andget more and more coins to get all the horse.Jump your horses overthe hurdles and show your super riding abilities Saddle up yourhorses! It’s time for some epic show jumping challenges! Break intoa gallop and jump over the hurdles.FEATURES:1.Endless Horse Run2.Nice 3D graphics and virtual 3D sound system3.Power ups, Coins,Props makes you exciting4.Racing And Parkourtogether,Characteristic and funny
Virtual Horse Run 1.4
Ride with your smart horse. Wear your Riding gear as horse runer,Collect the coins to start your horse racing career!Virtual HorseRun is the most realistic 3D horse racing game on smartphone. It'seasy, exciting, fun, and highly addictive. Challenge yourself andsee how much you can win!The game brings the experiences andemotions of a horse race in immersive environment. Earn your coinsand your stable, the player buys his horses, which has its ownFeatures.So saddle up your stud and take your pedigree racehorsefor a gallop on the turf in the sport of king’s favorite equestriansport! Virtual Horse Run is actually going to vim up your innerjockey to show your passion required in horse derby games.Thetraining has been long enough now, it’s time to get your gears andstep inside the horse racing tracks!How to play:Tap screen to speedupswap up to jump to Over obstaclesTry to get the coins inSpeedway[FEATURES]Realtime 3D Graphics.Horse Racing, Jumping andSimulationSmooth and clean controlsseveral horse been selected