Huawei Internet Service Apps

Huawei Wear is an app that helps you manage your Huawei wearabledevices, providing you with a complete, consistent, and convenientuser experience. It can currently pair with HUAWEI WATCH, HUAWEIFIT, and HUAWEI Talkband wristbands. More wearable devices will besupported soon (smartphone running Android 4.4 or later required).Please stay tuned. With Huawei Wear, you can: 1. Pair with variouswearable devices. 2. Check fitness, calories, and distance data. 3.Manage paired devices, such as setting alarms, managingnotifications, and updating devices. 4. Share data with HuaweiHealth for more detailed statistics.
Color Band A1
Color Band A1, your personal health assistant, tracking yourexercise and sleep status daily. The app can only use together withColor Band A1, Here are the function list: 1) Record exercisesteps, calculate the calorie and distance daily; 2) Record sleepingduration, and identify deep sleep, light sleep and awake period; 3)Figure out the history data as daily, weekly and monthly; 4) Set agoal and encourage yourself to complete your daily exercise andsleep target; 5) Accurately testing ultraviolet intensity in theair, give you related advice for skin caring; 6) Remind you withincoming call and new messages; Notes: Support android 4.4 or laterversion.
Hello World
Hello World --- Android !
Huawei Health
Huawei Health provides professional sports guidance for yoursport(Phones with Android 4.4.4 and above are supported, but theRAM need to be greater than 2G). 1. Support walking, running,cycling mode, record running track, heart rate, trajectory, withspeed and other sports data. 2. Support from 5 km to the marathonrunning training program. 3. With Huawei Wear APP data integration,to provide a complete, unified sports and health services.
com.huawei.ch100 CH100_V1.1.11.120
Huawei Body Fat Scale is an app used to manage Huawei's body fatscales. Huawei Body Fat Scale will connect to your scale andprovide professional measurement and analysis for you.
HUAWEI 360 Camera
HUAWEI 360 Camera App is an Android software that serves HUAWEI 360Camera. When plugging HUAWEI 360 Camera into a smartphone with USBType-C port, HUAWEI 360 Camera App will be activated. Together, itcan shoot photos & videos in 360°, edit or convert them intogifs & panorama images, as well as share them to Facebook,WeChat, Weibo, QQ and other social media platforms.
com.huawei.overseas_ah100 AH100_V1.1.7.120
Honor Smart Scale is an app used to manage Honor's body fat scales.Honor Body Fat Scale will connect to your scale and provideprofessional measurement and analysis for you.
FreeBuds Assistant 2.6
For the update of Huawei FreeBuds; improve the audio effect andcalling effect;guide users to use the FreeBuds more conveniently
【Software introduction】 "Smart diagnosis" is a mobile servicecomponent that Huawei has carefully built for users. "Smartdiagnosis" is invisible on the desktop. Please experience it in the"Troubleshooting" section of the "Services" application. "Smartdiagnosis" can quickly and conveniently detect the faulty softwareand hardware of the mobile phone locally or remotely throughprofessional detection means, and escort the health status ofHuawei mobile phones anytime and anywhere. 【Features】1.Troubleshooting: Supports detection of mobile system performance,call and mobile networks, charging and power, and health status ofrelated hardware modules. 2.Diagnostic analysis: Support the Huaweihotline to contact customer service personnel for remote detectionor fault repair. 3.Smart notification: Support mobile phone useabnormal notifications and provide complete solutions. -SupportAndroid 8.0 and above;
HUAWEI Printer 1. AR photo: making your albums come alive Use ARprinting to extract a still photo from a video feed, and then bringit to life anytime by simply scanning the photo. 2. Quick Bluetoothconnection: making photo printing fast and easy Experience fastphoto printing in no more than 1 minute with three simple steps:Take a photo, connect to the printer, and print it. 3. Customizeyour photos in Gallery Create your own professional-looking photoswith the editing features of the HUAWEI Printer app. You can selectdifferent filters (Twilight, B&W, Retro, Dusk, Autumn, Fresh,Amour, etc.), frames, poster templates, stickers, text fonts, andmore. 4. Print portrait photos according of various sizes Withmultiple preset portrait sizes to choose from, HUAWEI Printer isable to print portrait photos for drivers' licenses, passports, andmore. 5. DIY business cards With built-in business card templates,you can create custom business card anytime anywhere.
1. Guides users through firmware updates for FlyPods Lite anddisplays update progress in real-time. 2. Provides importantinformation about the earbuds. 3. Enhances user experience withextra features.
FreeBuds Lite
1. Guides users through firmware updates for FreeBuds Lite anddisplays update progress in real-time. 2. Provides importantinformation about the earbuds. 3. Enhances user experience withextra features.