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Mad Motor - Motocross racing - Dirt bike racing 2.4
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🏁 Welcome to the most extreme interesting dirt bike racing game orbike race game.🏁 Download Mad Motor - Motocross racing - Dirt bikeracing and enjoy the most intense dirt bike racing experience ofall time! Do extreme stunts with a trial bike over distinctiveramps. Be a champion motocross racing in this crazy bike racegame.🏁 🏁 🏁 GAME FEATURES:🏁 🏁 🏁► Tap to buttons for controls youmotor.► Realistic dirt bike racing.► Stunning graphics and sound.►Smooth and realistic control.► Much different motocross andcharacter with unique customization options► Bike race withchallenging environment► Dirtbike game with the highly detailedenvironment.► Thrilling dirt bike racing moment► Challenge yourfriends in the motor bike race 🏁 Put the pedal to the metal andcrazy jump over loops in modern city arena. Are you prepared toaccept the bike race challenges? Get on motocross for extreme bikeflying adventures🏁 Let's download Mad Motor - Motocross racing forfree and begin the fantastic adventure in the most extremeinteresting dirt bike racing world!
Angry Duck - Angry Chicken - Knock down 1.2.7
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🐔 Angry Duck is a knock down game of shooting and targeting otherobjects in Angry duck. The goal is to knock down all target using aslingshot and angry ducks. The physics used in this Angry chickengame is very accurate and interesting. You will surely enjoy it.🐔Game Features: ► Improve your sniping skill with crazy duck gameand 200+ levels► Simple, drag-and-release crazy chicken for theslingshot and knock down target► Possibility to shot angry chickenwith more knock down at the same time► Hurdles may be some woodenflock, stone barrier, angry duck and others► Free game. Free crazybird .🐔 How to play Angry chicken:► To take control of angrychicken and shoot with it, you need to press and hold your fingeron the slingshot to outfit it.► And move your finger to the rightand left to pursue the target angry chicken, move it forward orbackward to assign, the power.► And unleash your finger to shootcrazy bird and knock down.🐔 It is a free app. Slingshot shootingcrazy chicken can be challenging!!!!!! 🐔 Let’s start the adventurewith slingshot angry duck.
Ghost jungle - Ghost hunter - Hunt and Escape 1.0.1
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👻 Ghost is a cross-country action adventure game in the horizontalscreen space with many awards, but the journey game in the jungleis very dangerous because the forest is not only rich but alsozombies and ghost, You will become a zombie hunter and ghosthunting a professional 👻 Game features:👻 ► The journey game hasmore than 100 different levels, increasing the level of difficultythrough the game screen► Black and white images are simple butunique and alluring► The sound of live ghosts gives players a greatsense of discovery► High concentration of game play helps playersreduce stress quickly.► The intuitive controls as quickly aspossible to overcome the obstacles or can you escape zombie► A gamefor adventure game lovers and wilderness explorers► The quality ofthe game is constantly updated in the updates👻 How to play:👻 Winthe journey game by defending the zombie hunter, moving left,flying high can you escape danger deep abyss. Get rid of theseghosts by thinking and reacting as quickly as running away fromthem or hitting them to collect more money and survival. The boy,called Ghost is a ghost hunting, and nothing is easy for him in thedark and dangerous forest very wilderness, helping him to collectmore gold, and become zombie hunter. Journey game have a lot ofspecial and difficult features related to ghost survival, ghosthunting and defeating them or can you escape the zombies bybringing the zombie hunter running fast away from the zombies toprotect the survival. 👻 In this adventure game Ghost Hunt- LastDay, You have to pay much attention to the survival of the zombies,they will appear constantly and destroy you 👻 Ghost hunting helpthe boy master the dangers, destroy many ghosts, to escape and huntmore gold coins. 👻 Adventure game related to survival Ghost Hunt-Last day to help you feel relaxed, more comfortable, let's destroythe survival of the zombies. 👻 Lively and honest adventure helpsplayers integrate into the ghost hunting feel comfortable, relievestress in the work, is a favorite game, many players.👻 Great!Download Ghost Hunt now!And enjoy this this extremely addictivegame!!