Ocean Crazy Swap 1.2
Ocean Crazy SwapIn the cool and mysterious deep ocean,a breath-taking eliminationtournament takes place.Ocean Crazy Swap is a new matching puzzlegame!Follow Mermaid in the mysterious undersea world.Match with oceaners, raise your fishes, save whales, hunttreasures.Change the position of the different types of the fish,combines three or more than three fishes in the neighborhood.The more the oceaners of the same type combines, the higher scoreand more surprise!Try to use magic tools when you meet thedifficult levels!Collecting the specified number of fishes.☆☆☆☆☆ Ocean Crazy Swap Highlighted Features ☆☆☆☆☆- FREE TO PLAY- Magical power-ups to help with tough levels- KINDS OF TOOLS,Bomb elimination,Line elimination- CUTE FISHES,DELIGHTFUL ANIMATIONSYou'll love the deep ocean mania world of the cute fishes.
Aurora Jewels Legend 1.4
Aurora Jewels LegendUSE your fingers:slide, switch and match 3 or more jewels and gemsto rock Aurora world.Let Aurora goddess match 3 journey full with fun.Aurora Jewels Legend is a super classic jewel and gem crashaddictive match-3 type game with lots of myth!It's aim is complete the mysterious in limited moves or time. Match3 or more identical jewels.If you really like the puzzel-3 game, also very love of Mythsand legends world, let's start your journey!Switch and match diamond's gems complete the goal in the specifiedsteps or times.- Puzzel-3 gameplay FREE match- HUNDREDS of interesting Levels- Mysterious Aurora scene,stunning graphics with a highly polishedinterface.- FULL of fun and amazing challenges- Continuous Elimination can get extra scores quickly- Easy to play but a challenge to fully master,take on thesechallenges
Pharaoh Gems Mania 1.2
Pharaoh Gems ManiaPharaoh Gems Mania is a super classic jewel and gem crash addictivematch-3 type game with lots of excitement!USE your fingers:slide, switch and match 3 or more jewels and gemsto rock pharaoh world.Let egypt pyramid match 3 journey full withfun.It's aim is complete the objectives in limited moves or time. Match3 or more identical jewels.If you really like the puzzel-3 game, also very love of Egyptianculture, let's start your journey in Pharaoh Gems journey.Switch and match diamond's rune gems complete the goal in thespecified steps or times.- FREE match puzzel-3 gameplay- HUNDREDS of interesting Egyptian Rune style gem Levels- Mysterious egypt scene,stunning graphics with a highly polishedinterface.- FULL of fun and amazing challenges- Continuous Elimination can get extra scores quickly- Easy to play but a challenge to fully master,take on thesechallengesIf you are a fans of Egypt jewel or gem match 3 game, you mustlove Pharaoh Gems Mania legend!
Frozen Jewels Mania 1.3
frozen jewels maniaA classical frozen game launch on Google Play for freeMatch-3.Get ready for an epic puzzle matching adventure in the frozenkingdom in ice world.Get through levels and try to get 3-stars in each level.Useice-frozen props boosters.Freeze Vertically or Horizontally to format spercial tool whichhelp you pass levels.How to play:Match 3 or more frozen jewels,use identical booster tools.Frozen Jewels Mania FEATURES:- Unlock more skill-tools explore other mode- Easy and fun to play but challenging to master- Hundreds of mysterious levels in the frozen kingdom- Match 4or5 to win lighting jewels or bom jewels- Make a crazy swap jewels to freeze them
Ninja Jewels Legend 1.2
Ninja Jewels LegendNinja Jewels Legend is a Match-3 puzzel game with ninja styleandhas different experience from the classic ninja world.Swipeyourfinger across the screen to splash jewels like a trueninja.Join usto collect required ninja jewels and challenge toreach the highestdegree of master and become the ultimateNinja!GAME FEATURES:- FREE to download FREE to play- Match 3 or more identical jewels in ninja world- EASY but challenge to master- Eliminate in one row when you match 4 jewels- Generate two cross lightning when match 5 jewels incrosspattern- Destroy all same color ninja jewels when match 5jewelshorizontally or vertically
Blossom Paradise Blast 1.2
blossom paradise blastBlossom Paradise Blast a very addictive match 3 game.Crush theflowers by your finger, and enjoy blossom crush blast!Collect buds and flowers to build your own dream garden pandoraGarden and get awesome bloosom.So many crazy puzzles that are created from beautifulflowers.Differient objectives over all levels.Gameplay is absolutely simple to suit everyone's taste and become aflower chasing butterflies and bees.Swap and match 3 or more identical flowers to eliminate them, tryto make more combos as you can.Blossom Paradise Blast FEATURES:- Brand new amazing casual game- FREE to download FREE to play,completely free!!!- Match 3 or more identical flowers in blossom paradise- EASY but challenge to master- Eliminate in one row when you crush 4 flowers- Generate two cross lightning when crush 5 flowers in crosspattern- Destroy all same color blossom flowers when crush 5 horizontallyor verticallyStart your sweet blossom journey to complete crushes and makeflower's power with blossom star.
Gummy Blast Mania 1.0
gummy blast maniaYummy,squishing,blast jelly candy,take on this gummy trip!Crushyourway around this jelly candy world!Eat these gummy jelly when treat hungry tummy if you matchspecialtravelling.Swap wherever and whenever you want!Spend yourtime toget the sweet jelly game.Start your sweet gummy journey to complete crushes deliciouslyandmake on jelly land.Made with juicy twist,use toolssplashthem.Swap sugary sweets jellies into chains for your fruity friendstofill their jelly bellies.- Swipe and match 3 or more same jelly blast toeliminatethem- Make more combos, such as jelly paradise,yummy blast- It's very simple to suit everyone's taste because its simplerulesand gameplay- Set sail in an all new puzzle adventure to get master fameFEATURES:- FREE TO PLAY- Hundreds of jelly juicy levels- Travelling to any level city, anytime!- Unique boosts! yummy blast,gummy jelly blast,crush them!- Make sweet moves form delicious combos to get sweet victory- Playing longer and deeper to get jelly achievementsFollow with your friends on this gummy jellytrip,interestingpuzzel!
Harvest Farm Swap 1.0
Harvest Garden is a new match-3 puzzleandelightful adventury game give you a new way to play onthefarm.Harvest your garden farm,make garden mania.Swap and Swipe samecolorcrops to clear your board.Make an unique elimination to challenge level difficulties,collectcrops with strategic matching to be farm super heroes.It's a fruity farmy season!Crops grow in your farmgarden!Thereare many chubby fruity vegetables,Switch and match theminFarmtastic adventure.Play through hundreds of levels of switching, crunching chaostohelp our farm save the day! Bursting with character, charm,andfun.Gather all kinds of crop, fruit in the garden.Collect soils to win the level before you run out of moves.Swap swipe switch and match 3 or more adorable crop/fruit to tomakea remove.Rechargeable boosters, extra moves and special power-ups tohelpwith those challenging levels.Match and expand your game board for more ways to win superfarmadventurer.KEYS:Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master.Full of brand new switcher game levels.Take on your friends to compete for the best score.Unlock power-ups, collect, run your farm for the preparationoftough levels.Less moves you pass a level, higher score you'll get.
Jewels classic - Jewel Crush Legend 2.6.3
Jewels classic prince, free classic match 3 puzzle game launch onAndroid Market. Match and pop jewels in dazzling combinations infun gameplay to complete the mission. How to play: 1: At eachlevel, you have a specific list of goals that need to be completed.2: Match 3 more identical jewels quickly and swap colorful jewels.3: You must have the sharpest mind. Learn to use special effectsjelly. 4: If you have any difficulties passing a level you can usehelpful props. 5: Try your best to make super combinations withsuper match! 6: Less moves, More Stars, Higher scores! Crush alljewels! 7: Pass the levels and try to get all stars in each level.Features: - Completely FREE and Exquisite gameplay. - Easy to playHard to master. - Hundreds puzzle levels waiting for youradventuring. - Match 4 jewels can win the 1 line effect. - Match 5jewels can win the color changing effect. - Mtach 5 more jewels canget more usefully special props-jewels effects. - Multiple gameprops: jewel's bomb, Colorful Gem, Add Movements, etc. Experienceall these fun props in the puzzle by yourself!! - Jewel's bomb canclean up all the jewels around it, Jewels in box can help you toeliminate a line, Colorful effects can clean up all the same colorjewels. - Spin: We have prepared some surprises for you every day.Try your luck!! This sparkling puzzle adventure will instantly sateyour wanderland and craving for jewels quest. Colorful gems jewelscrush effects and well designed puzzles for you to play in anytimeand anywhere! Sea world and jungle world could be really dangerous!Follow the map of jewels world then help the prince ride out thestorm. Family Tips: Elderly people at home can Download this Jewelsclassic Prince to play time if you want them to stay away frommahjong and other casino game. And also you can play with yourfamily and friends.
Cookie Blast Cats 1.0
Cookie Blast CatsCookie Blast Cats,novelly FREE puzzle game and surely bring toyouinteresting!Group of adorable kitties looking for cookies on aspectacularjourney.Connect to match same colorful cookies,fight,befriend newmeowcats.Make a delicious match,crumble cookies!Whip your way though hundreds of puzzle unique levels and blastyourmind to avoid frozen in any level.Play cookie blast with your neighborhood try best to get rankinfriends!FEATURES- FREE Simple and addictive puzzle gameplay!- Hundreds of challenging levels!crumble!- Swap your way through the neighborhood in differentgamemodes- Befriend new characters and customize your band.Are you ready for the journey of help cats get cookies?Comeandplay with your neighborhoods!
Moto Rider 1.2.1
Moto rider is a fast paced racing game. control your moto withincredible speed during traffic rush time! Feel the thrill ofauthentic racing action in ultra moto today!Moto rider has lots ofbikes to purchase. But only the best bike could beat others in thisamazing moto racing game. Upgrade your rider with the coins whichyou take lots of time to earned. Have fun dodging cars and truckswhile you speed up to the limit and racing in 2 different modes,day or night!Ride your bike through streets packed with real lifetraffic and thematic cars. Keep accelerating moto so that the scorewill be boosted. avoid fire trucks, blazing cars, cement trucks andeven police road blocks!Moto Rider Features:- Lots of bikes- Reallife traffic- Moving and static obstacles- Endless fun - Beautiful3D graphics- Intuitive control - The most enthusasic racinggame!Enjoy feeling super speedy moto racing! What are you waitingfor? Download moto rider now!