Hybrid Game Labs Apps

Zombie Apocalypse Shelter 1.2
After the zombie apocalypse you must protectyour last shelter, it's only you and your rifle.Dont let any zombie get inside! you must survive the long as youcan.let the zombie apocalypse begin!
Flappy Trump Wall (Bad Hombre)
become trump and fly across the buildingswallget the highest score and you will be a winner! not a bad hombrehow many buildings you can cross before you lose the toupee? imean... lose.
Captain NYAN 1.1
Your mission: save the kawaii color dotsplace: Nyan spacehero: YOU, i mean Captain NYANcolorful and great adventure in the nyan space, save the colordots and avoid the spikes,easy? can you beat your own score? answer all the question playingcaptain NYANawesome and good game, the solution for that bored time of theday.
Dumb Way to Fly: Bubble boy 1.1
Vertical fly game. A saga of endless funRaise all 11 flags to reach the sky castle and reunite with thePink Mint Princess.use the air bubbles to fly and avoid the multiple obstaclesenemies. Remember, don't fall !!!Bubble mint boy lives in a candy land, but he must travel to thesky castle to meet the Pink mint princess, but he must facemultiple sweet obstacles and enemies, help him trying to fly andjump to the top. dont crush on the groundCasual addictive game, challenge your friend to collect the 11flags in this colorful saga.- colorful saga- mint- fly / jump game style combination- easy gameplay- challenging- fly and platform style- fun graphics- perfect for kids- FREE!follow us on twitter: @HybridGL
Piggy Go-Go 1.0
help happy piggy go-gothe little happy Piggy Go-Go want to to cross the labyrinth.tap the screen to change direction and dont crash to thewalls.beat your own score and challenge your friends!
Ball Jump High 1.0
Bouce up, dont touch the cubes, surviveandbeat your own score- Wait for the right momento to bounce- Avoid the cubes- beat your own scoreMinimalistic casual game.
Awesome Octopus: Ocean swing 1.5
swing left or right and balance yourselfbetween the seaweed and spikes, swing higher as you can, beat yourown score, its addictive! and cute!the king octopus travel the colorful ocean but it must becareful, the evil seaweed are in his way, octopus must evade themwhile swing to left or right, you must help him choose his moveswisely, it can be mortal.cute, timeless, endless and addictive game- easy controls- timeless- challenging- endless and addictive- awesome cuteReach to the top, go higher in the endless ocean of funAwesome octopus love you!
Flappy Piggy 1.0
Flappy piggy, a Classic style game thatmostlove with new character and Art.- Endless game- Nice Graphic style- Piggy
The Toad Jumps 1.0
The toad wants to jump and you have to helphimnot to fall,also help him to catch all the flies and unlock new landscapes!- Special graphic for children- Fun and easy to play- Helps COORDINATION- New landscapes to explore- Funny toad character
Ice Bucket Challenge Game 1.0
A Casual game with the thematic of IceBucketChallenge!.Challenge yourself and your friends to get the most icebucketyou can and raise more points!but, it gets more and more difficult.Get fun with the game, but dont forget to donate to ALS anddothe real ice bucket challenge!tell your friends on facebook and twitter viahashtag#icebucketchallengegame
Viking Path - Wrecking Strike 2.6
Viking Path its a casual addictive gamebasedin Norse mythology: King Odin, thor, loki.Become a Viking and go across the Valhalla Hall, evadingthespike balls and collect the trophies.Master your skills and go further every time and reach the gloryofthe Norse Gods!Dont let the Spike balls crush youTell you friends on facebook and twitter and challenge themtobeat your score.dont miss the oportunity to play this game, its fun, free,simpleand addictive.Simple gameplay of one-button play, develop a eye-finger abilityandconquer this saga.Get All the trophys and your name will be recorder in the walloffame of the gods.Warning, may cause addiction and angry some times.
Jurassic Road 1.0
the Jurassic road its a dangerous place,movethe dinosaur to left or right, dont get out of the road,collectall of the orbs you can and get the highest score.experiment the Jurassic era in this Jurassic race!4 different dinosaurs to unlock4 different lands to unlockeasy gameplayaddictiveperfect for play in that little time in the waiting line
Cowboys Vs Monsters 1.0
Protect the last standing tower and killthemonsters that comes for you. use your Revolver and clear thelandof monsters, dont let them eat your tower!Protect the laststandingtower and kill the monsters That comes for you. use yourRevolverand clear the land of monsters, dont let them eat yourtower!
Aliens & Farm: The cow game 1.1
Ever wonder how aliens have fun in thefarm?nor farming!playing with the cute cows, kawaii!Stack many cows you can in the farm, beat your alien friendsandget all the collectibles!control the UFO to place the cute cows in place, don't miss, oryoumight lose the challenge!- 11 different collectibles-One button gameplay-Challenging-Addictive-Extremely fun-Farm theme game, kids love it.-Cute animals, kawaii!Aliens invade your farm and abduct your cows, no worry, theydontsteal them, they just Stack them.tap tap and place the cow!
Flappy Tap Ghost 4.4
Difficult and Addictive game.**TOUCH TO GO DOWN, RELEASE AND GO UP**-Casual game-Retro graphics-One button play-inverted flappy style
Pinwheel Challenge Puzzle 1.0
Pinwheel challenge is a unique abstractgamefor improve the eye-finger ability.with 7 stages of difficulty and a endless freeplay modepinwheelchallenge immerses you in a cosmic abstract adventure.-Every phase increase the difficulty giving you the challengeofbeat all the cosmic levels.-Freeplay mode increase the difficulty with the score, perfecttochallenge your friends scores.
Pink Sugar Flappy Kid 2.0
Colorful & Addictive game.-Casual game-Gorgeous graphics-One button play-Flappy styleChallenge yourself and beat your own score!
Super Paper plane 2.2
Paperplane is the new abstract challenge gamewhere you have to use your eye-finger coordination to avoid crashinto the walls. Compete with your own high score, improve yourskills each time, timeless fun and entertainment.Tap in the right time, too soon or too later is deadly. don'tcrash into the walls, watch out for dead ends.careful, the speed increases every second and you have to reactfast.how much points can you get, before crashing into thewalls?how good are your skills? did you get the high score?how fast can you react? any second its vital.guide the paper plane through the color labyrinth and beat your ownscore. Tap fast, before its to late!added the options to change the color of the game into 4different color tones.Accept the 2k17 challenge? Be ready to master the Paperplane2017 Hybrid game labs
Flappy piojo 1.1
Play as the piojo and avoid the obstacles,How many points you can get? would you be the lider or willyoufail?
Bad Vampire - Kill Dracula 1.0
You're trapped in the castle of thevampires,you have to hold out until dawn and not be bitten. Useyour stakeand use your power-ups to resister the horror ofvampires.- Easy and addictive gameplay- 7 Difficulty stages- 9 collectible horror stickersBeat you own score and rule the undead!Survive the horror of the vampires wave and get the higherscore,use the special power-ups to defeat the vampires and collectthecoins and unlock all the collectibles.-Garlic shield: use the special power of the garlic to repelthevampires and gain time to get rid of them or collect thecoins.-Light shield: Vampires don't like the light, thisspecialpower-up kills the vampires (special if you have manyafteryou)
Halloween coloring book 1.1
Remember old coloring books?Now kids can have the fun of coloring in this digitalhalloweencoloring book.With the advantage of being able to coloring over and over, andhavedifferent master pieces.it help the kids to develop they art and painting skills
Chiva de la XV de Rubi 1.1
Atrapa a la chiva de 10 mil pesos enestesimulador, presiona en la pantalla cuando la Chiva estealineadacon la mano y atrápala!Rubi te invito a sus XV y tu mision es atrapar la chiva de 10milpesos! consigue la mas alta puntuación para impresionar a Rubiy susPapásSe parte de la quince junto a tus amigos y jueguen hasta tenerlamas alta puntuacion Wuu!# LadyWuuCatch the goat of10thousand pesos in this simulator, press on the screen whentheChiva is aligned with the hand and catch it!Rubi invite you to his XV and your mission is to catch thegoatof 10 thousand pesos! get the highest score to impress RubiandDadsIt is part of the fifteen together with your friends and playtohave the highest punctuation Wuu!# LadyWuu
Color Christmas: Coloring Book 1.0
This christmas coloring book let you coloroverand over your favorite christmas characters.Kids use the colors to paint and draw over the characters,usethe different color pencils or erase to start again.The kids have tons of fun with the christmas coloring book,theycan use it easy and safety of accidental color marks inthehouse.
Movie Pic Challenge 1.0
Movie fan?Put your knowledge to the test in this movie image quiz.Using two images we ask you to guess the movie, remembereverydetail to complete the task.if you really like movies, this would be the perfectquizgame!
Quicky Notes 1.0
Quicky Notes, like sticky notes on yourphone!never miss anything again!This little sticky colorful notes in your phone make yournotesand little messages easier than ever.the colorful paper will make this messages and annotations popupon the screen, save anything from quotes, dates, number orrandomthings.You can add and delete them using the simple interface.
Super.Drop 1.2
Super.drop its the new simple andaddictivegame.the black square must go all the way down, move between thecolorlines as fast as you can. Don't let the black mass behindgets toyou!- Easy controls- Abstract design- High score leaderboards
(dot) Asteroid: Space War 1.0
You're lost in the space and you enteranasteroid field,you must use your skills to survive this war.You ship move around the space avoiding the asteroids, useyourlaser to destroy them and discover special weapons in theprocess.Use the mega laser, the shield and the repair power tosurvive thisasteroid war.this classic space shooter with retro graphics combine theendlessgame mechanics, the easy movement of the joystick, andtheleaderboard point system.Remember the arcade times with the joystick movement controls,withthis awesome endless game style.- classic arcade shooter style- retro look art- Joystick movement system2016 hybrid game labs
A Volado! Toss the coin 1.3
Does no one agree? To make the decision that better than a flown!But if there is no coin at hand, this app lets you do a flying justlike you did with a coin from the comfort of your phone. Now youknow, when you need a flop, this app lends a hand! This utilityapplication is a simulator of a flown, presses the button and willgive you a random result. Share it with your friends, it is veryuseful in any situation in which nobody can agree, is easy to useand is available with just a few clicks.
Peaceful Path: Jump and Relax 1.0
Experience the peaceful journey in thiszengame.Everything its fine, just jump and relax.Go as far as you want to go, be one with the path.tap the button to jump to avoid obstacles in the zen journey. Tap3times to go higher to avoid all obstacles types.Experience the unique gameplay and relaxing atmosphere, changetheplayer color to adjust the energy.- 5 player colors- 1 infinite course- full of good energyGo far, collect points and beat the best score~ Perfect little game for that perfect little boring time ~
Stretch Gum: zigzag gum line turn around 1.0
Stretch and stretch between the candies. tap the screen tochangedirections. collect the coins to unlock different gum colors:pink,green, yellow, etc go as far as you can avoidingdifferentobstacles and opening paths with keys. dancing betweentheobstacles the stretch gum line is growing and growing. itsanendless rolling and dancing gum line between turns and obstaclesina crazy path. turn around with a tap, be careful and aimcorrectly,its timing and eye - finger coordination. Don't hit thecandies,mint or jelly's. - easy gameplay - simple control -uniqueexperience - endless - hyper casual style - popular game ofthemoment we make popular super simple fun games for free.Newreleases every week! For All ages! become the bubble gum master