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League of Demon Hunter (Ninja) 1.0.5
Hyun Game
League of Demon Hunter, featuring consolefighting game's essence, is an epic stand-alone top action game.Show back to the feature day style background color worldview. Withthe latest action fighting engine, League of Demon Hunter, enablesyou to experience the real original arcade fighting. This game isdefinitely not only the inherit of arcade games, but a tribute toclassics. Classic, playable, multiple roles, various combos skillsto choose and besides Endless Mode are waiting for you tochallenge. League of Demon Hunter allows you to experience therealspirit of fighter. Fantastic fighting, seamless stroke, fatalcombos and classical animation.Feature:Most REAL action gameSMOOTH and SENSITIVE controlsAWESOME combos skillsWorld tournament & world rank systemContinuation of classical arcade & inherit spirit offighterFollow us:https://www.facebook.com/leaguedemonhunterEmail:support@topapp8.com
Aircraft Warfare:Fighter-Ups v1.0.2
Hyun Game
AIRCRAFT WARFARE:FIGHTER-UPS is apowerful barrage shooting game. It is based on star wars the clonewars as background, but the effects of aircraft with advanced game.You will be driving the most advanced fighter aircraft combat withthe enemy. Fight with raiders players from around the world! Drivespace craft to blitz barrage combat. Integrated classic Raiden X,and has powerful barrage effect. Become a hero to save the world,shoot bullet to protect the galaxy at peace, Also, it features HDgraphics, numerous levels to challenge and terrific air barrage.Still, this game continues the classic of fighter plane game and isfilled with thrill, which brings original flight shootingexperience to players!GAME FEATURE:►4 modes: World Tournament, BOSS Mode, Endless Mode and LevelMode respectively►PVP system offers real experience to fight withplayers►96 levels & 48 bosses►7 AWESOME & COOLEST fighters to choose from►strengthen, advance and upgrade to fight for world rankIf you have any problem, please do not hesitate to let us know.Remember: click the button in the left corner of the game tocontact us!Follow us:https://www.facebook.com/Aircraft-Warfare-Fighter-Ups-1663009970614534/Email:support@topapp8.com