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MyKad Smart Shopper Discover 2.2.4
MyKad Smart Shopper program (MSSP) is a retail reward program,powered by Malaysia’s first and leading affiliate network - theAffiliate Junction (AJ) (www.aj.my), that brings lots of exclusivediscounts and retail privileges to MSSP members. The MSSP Discoverapp allows members to view, find and locate nearby and allparticipating merchants in the MyKad Smart Shopper program. Withconstantly updated list of participating merchants, MSSP memberswill not miss out on any new participating merchants and theexclusive discounts and retail privileges again. With the MSSPDiscover app, you can: ● View all participating merchants by regionor by business categories, in list or map view; ● Find & locatenearby or all participating merchants wherever you are (when yourlocation services are on); ● View details of each participatingmerchant: contact info, location on map, MSSP offers; ● Tap onmerchant’s contact info to call/ email; ● Get directions to get tomerchant outlets on iOS native map. Extra features: ● Affiliatesmay activate new members (via link) ● Members may check AJ RewardPoints (via link) ● Members may access AJ Reward Points Redemptioncatalogue (via link) Start Discover-ing all the discounts &retail privileges around you that are brought exclusively by theMyKad Smart Shopper Program! Download the MSSP Discover app todayand be a smart shopper!
MSS Terminal 1.0
MyKad Smart Shopper is designed to leverageMalaysian’sidentification card in promoting the local retailindustry. Anyregistered cardholders or program members can enjoyretailprivileges at any participating merchant outlet by usingtheirMyKad. Owing to the integration of MyKad as the program ID,MSS hasofficially been recognized as the 50th function for MyKad.Byleveraging on MyKad, Malaysian gained the access to theprogram’sbenefits by using their own MyKad as long as they become amemberof MyKad Smart Shopper. The MSS Merchant App allows themerchant torecord transactions form member through QR Scanning atany placeand time!Merchants are able to track memberstransactions,redemption easily without hesitation.