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Memory Matches Circus
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Memory Matches Circus is guiltless, mind-stimulating fun in arefreshing new twist to a nostalgic game.We brought the classic game of Concentration into the DigitalEra to not only test your memory talents, but also yourobservation, dexterity, quickness and strategy. Easy enough forchildren to play, but challenging enough for adults to master.Memory Matches Circus offers:- 100 levels of strategic memory challenges- a fully customizable playing experience in Custom Mode- 30 unlockable decks containing thousands of images- Multiple scoring methods to alter your playing strategy- over 5000 different High Scores to set***We are proud that Memory Matches continues to be used bynumerous therapists around the world to assist in the treatment ofAlzheimer's.
Treasure Tap 1.1
IDC Projects
Treasure is an exciting game of fast-tapping,hard-hitting, straight up action. Collect the elusive treasurewhile avoiding the ever growing number of bombs. When all thetreasure has been acquired, explode the apples to level up and huntdown more treasure. See the game critics are raving about andchallenge yourself to exciting, fast-paced gameplay!