TimeAide™ Mobile 1.1
TimeAide™ Mobile is part of the Identech, Inc.TimeAide™Applications Product Suite. TimeAide™ Mobile enablescompanies withworkers outside their main offices to log their hoursand jobswhile on the road or restrict punches to their assignedwork areas.By using the employee’s own or provided iPhone andAndroid phones,employees are enabled to: 1) Register and monitortheir assistancewith GPS capabiliity 2) Receive company messagesand alerts 3)Optionally view their Time Sheets 4) Optionally viewtheir assignedschedules 5) Optionally view their accrual licenses6) Optionallyview their time exceptions such as tardiness andabsences Note:TimeAide™ Mobile requires that the employer haveTimeAide™ Time andAttendance with the optional Mobile Webserviceconfigured. Contactyour HR department for more details.