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KidloLand- Nursery Rhymes, Kids Games, Baby Songs
Hundreds of nursery rhymes, baby songs, stories for kids &learning games for toddlers, KidloLand has everything for kidsunder 5. Delight your child with interactive nursery rhymes likeOld MacDonald, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Wheels on the Bus, ItsyBitsy Spider & more kindergarten rhymes. KidloLand lets kidsinteract with characters on screen as they play. Sing along withsongs for kids & rhymes for babies. Play preschool games, abcgames & activities! Nursery rhymes videos once downloaded canbe played offline without wifi. KidloLand is an award-winning kidsapp, chosen among the best family apps in 2016 by Google Play.Trusted by 450+ Mom Bloggers & used by 1 Million+ happyfamilies worldwide. A complete kids app for preschool &kindergarten learning. Certified 5 STARS by Educational App StoreMom's Choice Gold Award 2016 winner Academics' Choice Smart MediaAward 2016 winner Why will children & parents love KidloLand?Favorite nursery rhymes: *Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, OldMacDonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, London Bridge,BINGO, Row Your Boat, Humpty Dumpty, Mary had a Little Lamb, etc.There are tons of nursery rhymes songs in KidloLand to keep yourchild entertained! Fun & original kids songs videos: *ABC,first words, numbers, fruits, vehicles, animals, dinosaurs, goodmanners, animal sounds, shapes, months of the year, days of theweek, lullabies, Christmas, etc. Exciting, educational stories forkids: *Stories that help kids learn to read. These stories withaudio & video help children to read along & improve theirconfidence! Preschool learning games for toddlers: *Fun &educational toddler learning games that help pre-k kids to learneasily. These kids games include connect the dots & puzzlegames for kids like jigsaw puzzles games. Learn the ABC: *With ABCDgames & ABC songs, kids can learn the letters of the alphabeteasily! Play fun baby songs as well as preschool songs with yourchildren. KidloLand has a huge collection of alphabet songs tolearn abc & trace lowercase & uppercase letters withalphabet tracing games. Educational app for Babies: *If you wantanimal sounds for baby, first words for baby or just lullabies,baby songs or baby rhymes, you can get them all here! Babies canlearn animal names & sounds with animal games. THOUSANDS ofinteractive surprises: *Unlike other apps, KidloLand has nurseryrhymes videos in which children can tap on the animals on screen tomake them come alive with funny animations. All games for kids haveamazing surprises! Interactive flashcards to learn first words:*Bright & colorful flashcards for kids to learn first words,animals, birds, professions, vehicles, fruits, vegetables &more. No Wifi needed: *Parents want children's apps which don'tneed Internet all the time. In KidloLand, once you download thecontent, no wifi is needed. Children can play rhymes, songs &kids games offline. It is the perfect app for road trips, flights,doctor waiting rooms or just to keep children engaged at home witheducational videos & kids games. No ads: *KidloLand has NO ADS.We believe that apps for kids should not have ads. Ages: 1, 2, 3,4, 5 years old. 40+ popular nursery rhymes, baby & toddlersongs, phonics, stories, activities & toddler games are free.The others can be purchased with a subscription. SubscriptionDetails: - Subscribe to get access to full content. Two low pricesubscription options: Monthly or Yearly (33% off) - Cancelsubscription renewal anytime via Google Play. - Account will becharged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the currentperiod. - Use the subscription in any Android Phone/Tabletregistered with your Google account. Like us Privacy For any help or feedback, emailus at
Kidlo Fire Fighter - Free 3D Rescue Game For Kids 1.6
Kidlo 3D fire fighter is a free fire fighter game for kids! All youhave to do is to help the fire fighter douse the fire in the townor village! Go on 8 exciting fire fighting missions and savepeople.As a firefighter you will need to be able to work fast, butremain calm. Can you do that? Then put on the protective clothing,drive around in a fire trunk and save lives by fighting around in a fire truck and safe lives by fighting fires.FEATURES OF 3D FIRE FIGHTER GAME ARE:✴ No in-app purchases✴ Verysimple for kids to play✴ Attractive 3D graphicsDownload the firefighting game and go on a fire fighting mission now!
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Famous Nursery Rhyme 2.6
Download now and sing along with your little ones Twinkle TwinkleLittle Star - Kids all time favorite nursery rhyme. Twinkle TwinkleLittle Star is one of the most popular nursery rhymes & songsfor kids. Go on a 3D space adventure and explore the colorfulplanets and stars on your way as you sing the nursery rhyme withbeautiful lyrics and music.. Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How Iwonder what you are! Up above the world so high, Like a diamond inthe sky. FEATURES OF 3D TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR: 🌟 Kids canlisten to this lullaby with lyrics & Soothing music 🌟Completely entertaining, 3D and full of fun interactive characters🌟 It helps kids to improve their Verbal & Language skills 🌟Colorful Nursery rhymes help to develop kids - knowledge of colors,shapes and moments. 🌟 Children become more receptive and activewhile they play and learn 🌟 It improves kids imaginative skills andmakes them more creative 🌟 They get to learn new words, theirpronunciations and spellings with this app 🌟 It also boastschildren communication skills You can Play, Listen & Repeatthis Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. A Free nursery rhyme &Lullaby for kids. Download for kids to enjoy and learn at the sametime!
Itsy Bitsy Spider - Kids Nursery Rhymes and Songs 1.8
Itsy Bitsy Spider is one of the popular nursery rhymes for kids! Itis flooded with music , funny animations, sing - along lyrics andis ideal for kids from 1 - 5 years. Get this free itsy bitsy spidernursery rhyme app and sing the nursery rhyme - The itsy-bitsyspider Climbed up the water spout Down came the rain And washed thespider out Out came the sun And dried up all the rain And theitsy-bitsy spider Climbed up the spout again Listen to the nurseryrhyme – Itsy Bitsy Spider on loop and enjoy the animations!
Old MacDonald had a Farm - Rhymes & Songs For Kids 2.12
Old MacDonald had a Farm is a sing-along app with funny interactiveanimations and sounds and an absolute delight for kids which willkeep your toddler hooked! Old MacDonald's farm features variousinteractive elements like Cows, Ducks, Dogs, Cats and Pigs. Watchyour Kids squeal with excitement when they see Cows dancing, Pigsplaying with mud, Dogs barking, etc. FEATURES OF OLD MACDONALD HADA FARM ARE: 🌟 Lots of surprises with animations, sounds of animals,and interactions 🌟 Kids will have fun laughing and smiling at thefunny characters 🌟 Kids will learn a popular nursery rhyme andenjoy at the same time 🌟 The lyrics are easy to understand and arealso displayed on the screen so that a child can try to read andsing-along 🌟 Completely ad-free Get the Amusing Nursery Rhyme - OldMacDonald had a Farm for your kids now!
Short Stories For Children - Aesop Fables 1.6
Kidlo Stories for children is a collection of perfect bedtimestories in English for your tiny tots. Filled with lots of cute& funny characters, animals and so much more, it is guaranteedto delight your little ones!5 Popular and Fun stories:✪ The Hareand the Tortoise (free)✪ The Lion and the Mouse✪ The Thirsty Crow✪The Dog and the Bone✪ The Fox and the CrowThe stories are simple toread and understand for kids. The app has two options forreading:1) Read For Me: This option plays the audio narration forchildren where they just have to listen, learn and enjoy with thestories.2) Read By Myself: With this second option, parents canread out stories for their little ones. This feature motivatestoddlers to try reading these stories by themselves, too!BENEFITSOF KIDLO STORIES FOR CHILDREN APP:✔ Perfect for kids in the agegroup of 2 to 6.✔ The Hare and the Tortoise - This story is a bonus(free). 4 More popular stories for Toddlers are available viain-app purchases✔ Experience interactivity by tapping on thescreen. Sure to keep a child engaged.✔ A preschooler app that helpschildren with their early education✔ Helps to improve communicationskills and develop hand & eye coordination✔ Kids can read &learn stories with Moral values ✔ Kids can learn to read and writevery easily in a fun & interactive way✔ Colorful visuals,beautiful animations and fun charactersDownload Kidlo Stories forchildren app for your toddlers and let them have the best time withour collection of interactive stories!
Kidlo ABC Phonics & Songs - Preschool Kids Games 1.0
Kidlo Phonics is a phonics app for kids under 5 years of age whichteaches kids how to read and sound out new words. This preschoolphonics educational app is certified by preschool experts andcombines learning with fun when it comes to teaching phonics totoddlers.The KidloPhonics app consists of a set of all 26 letters,each letter containing one song and 4 activities that teach thephonics sound of that letter. A, B and C packs are absolutely freeand the rest of the packs can be bought via an in-app purchase. Thesongs are interactive with delightful animations and sound-effectson tapping. The activities are fun-filled and range from drag anddrop to tapping, sorting, coloring etc.Kidlo Phonics is also a partof the top preschool app KidloLand which caters to the needs ofpreschool children from all over the world. With over 200,000worldwide users, KidloLand contains 550+ nursery rhymes, songs,stories, activities and games for kids (0 - 5 yr) and isrecommended by 400+ Mom Bloggers. Visit todownload the same.Download Kidlo Phonics and enjoy guaranteednever-ending fun and learning for your baby!FEATURES OF KIDLOPHONICS - SONGS AND GAMES ARE:⚝ Expert-approved phonics learningapp⚝ 26 phonics songs and 104 phonics activities in total⚝Interactive songs with on-tap animations and sound effects⚝ 3 packsare free and rest can be bought through an in-app purchase
Wheels On The Bus Nursery Rhyme & Song For Toddler 2.4
Go on an adventurous ride, all around the town with our mostamazing app and learn all time popular nursery rhyme 'Wheels on thebus' at the same time for free! Kids will Sing and dance along thesoothing vocals of this famous song which your little ones are sureto love. Filled with colorful and vibrant surroundings,karaoke-style lyrics that highlight the song, and eye-catchinganimations, 'Wheels on the Bus' is the perfect rhyme app for yourtiny tots! This app will help your tots to learn this famousnursery rhyme in their kindergarten-age easily. This app can alsobe used by parents and teachers for teaching rhymes to kids andmake learning process fun and entertaining. Once downloaded, thisrhyme can be played anytime, anywhere at anyplace for your kids tolearn. Features: ** Completely free! ** No Ads. ** 360-degreecamera view. ** Colorful environment. ** Suitable for all kidsunder the age of 7. Get your children (aged 5 and under) acquaintedwith one of the most popular nursery rhyme for free! Download now!Wheels on the bus lyrics with actions... The wheels on the bus goround and round, round and round, round and round. The wheels onthe bus go round and round, all through the town. (Roll handsaround each other) The wipers on the bus go Swish, swish, swish;Swish, swish, swish; Swish, swish, swish. The wipers on the bus goSwish, swish, swish, all through the town. ("Swish" hands in frontof you like windshield wipers) The horn on the bus goes Beep, beep,beep; Beep, beep, beep; Beep, beep, beep. The horn on the bus goesBeep, beep, beep, all through the town. (Slap palm in front of youlike honking a horn) The doors on the bus go open and shut; Openand shut; Open and shut. The doors on the bus go open and shut; allthrough the town. (Push hands back and forth in front of you) TheDriver on the bus says "Move on back, move on back, move on back;"The Driver on the bus says "Move on back", all through the town.(Point thumb over your shoulder) The babies on the bus says "Wah,wah, wah; Wah, wah, wah; Wah, wah, wah". The babies on the bus says"Wah, wah, wah", all through the town. (Rub fists in front of eyes)The mommies on the bus says "Shush, shush, shush; Shush, shush,shush; Shush, shush, shush." The mommies on the bus says "Shush,shush, shush" all through the town. (Hold index finger in front ofmouth as if saying shhh)
Fábulas y Cuentos Infantiles 2
“Fábulas infantiles” contiene diez cuentos clásicos y popularespara niños de entre 0 y 5 años. Con animaciones completamenteinteractivas, personajes simpáticos y un entorno atractivo, estaapp es el perfecto libro de cuentos para tus hijos.Estas son lashistorias que incluye la app:1) La liebre y la tortuga2) La hormigay el saltamontes3) La hormiga y la paloma4) El perro y el hueso5)El zorro y el cuervo6) El zorro y las uvas7) El zorro y lacigüeña8) El ganso que ponía huevos de oro9) El león y el ratón10)El cuervo sedientoEl texto es fácil de leer y de entender paraquienes recién comienzan a leer. Existen dos opciones de lectura:“¿Me lees?” y “Leer por mí mismo/a”. Con la primera opción, tushijos podrán mejorar su comprensión auditiva y disfrutar de lashistorias. Con la segunda opción, puedes leerles las historias atus hijos o ¡que ellos mismos lo hagan!Características:- Ideal paraniños menores de 5 años.- Entorno colorido y dinámico.- Personajesinteractivos y fondos que mantienen a tus hijos interesados.-Narración y música divertidas e interesantes.- 2 historias gratispara leer. Las otras 8 se encuentran disponibles de pago dentro dela app."Children Fables" contains ten popular for children between0 and 5 years and classic stories. With fully interactiveanimations, cute characters and an attractive environment, this appis the perfect storybook for your hijos.Estas are the stories thatincludes the app:1) The Tortoise and the Hare2) The ant and thegrasshopper3) The Ant and the Dove4) The dog and bone5) The fox andthe crow6) The Fox and the Grapes7) The Fox and the Stork8) Thegoose that laid golden eggs9) The Lion and the Mouse10) The thirstycrowThe text is easy to read and understand for those who are justbeginning to read. There are two reading options: "Do you read me?"And "Read by myself / a". With the first option, your children canimprove their listening and enjoy the stories. With the secondoption, you can read stories to your children or that theydo!Characteristics:- Ideal for children under 5 years.- Colorfuland dynamic environment.- Interactive characters and backgroundsthat keep your children interested.- Narration and fun andinteresting music.- 2 free stories to read. The other 8 areavailable for payment within the app.
Nursery Rhymes, Kids Games & Songs Free 2.2
Delight your child with the free nursery rhymes, early learningkids songs, toddler games and activities in KidloLand. This is onlya free version of the original “Nursery Rhymes & Kids Games”app. Get “Nursery Rhymes & Kids Games” to enjoy the fullversion of the app. There are interactive nursery rhymes videos ofOld MacDonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Humpty Dumpty, Row Your Boat andmore. Sing along to early learning kids songs and play funpreschool games for little kids. KidloLand is special because itlets kids interact with the characters onscreen as they play along.Features of the Free Version Favorite Nursery Rhymes including: *Old MacDonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Humpty Dumpty, Row Your Boat, HeyDiddle Diddle, Pussycat Pussycat and more. Fun & original Kidssongs videos to learn: * ABC Phonics & ABC songs, first words,fruits, vehicles, animals and much more. Preschool Learning Gamesfor toddlers: * Fun, educational toddler games that help the littlekids learn. These include jigsaw puzzle games, animal games,Christmas games, etc. Learn the ABC: With ABC Phonics and ABCsongs, learning the alphabet was never so easy. Sing along andplay. See the A, B, C and D songs to experience what the remainingsongs are like. Lots of interactive surprises: * Unlike other apps,KidloLand has nursery rhymes videos in which children can tap onthe animals on screen to make them come alive with funny animationsand sounds. No Wifi needed: * Parents want children apps whichdon't need Internet all the time. In KidloLand, once you downloadthe content, no wifi is needed. It is the perfect app for roadtrips, flights, doctor waiting rooms and more, or just to keepchildren engaged at home. Ages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years old. Like us Privacy For any help or feedback, emailus at
Coding Games For Kids - Learn To Code With Play
***Awarded as Most Innovative Game: Best Of 2017 by Google Play***Kidlo Coding for Kids is a fun coding game to teach kids the verybasics of programming, a very essential skill in today's world. Itteaches coding with fun games like firefighting and playing adentist. Kidlo Coding helps kids improve their problem-solvingskills, boosts memory and increases logical thinking skills. KidloCoding is a winner of: * 2018 Academics' Choice Smart Media Award *Tillywig Brain Child Award * Mom's Choice Gold Award Using thisapp, kids will learn basics of programming with sequencing, loopsand functions with coding games. There are 11 coding games forkids: ★ Little Firefighter - Kids can learn sequencing, functionand loops with firetrucks & cute firefighter games with 50levels ★ Monster Dentist - Learning good manners is made super easywith Dentist coding games. Little ones will learn how to take careof their teeth while they can enjoying eating yummy treats ★ ChompThe Fruit - Complete the levels by finding the right path to reachthe yummy fruits to feed the chomping monsters ★ Garbage Truck -Code & help the little Kidlo Star to collect all of thegarbage. Play & keep the city clean ★ Pop The Balloons -Popping balloons has always been so much fun! But here is a game tobrain train while having fun ★ Ice Cream Time - Memorize what thelittle monster wants and code to feed it. Educational memory gamesfor kids ★ Smoothie Maker - Learn colors and make colorfulsmoothies with this coding games section ★ Music Jam - Learn soundsof different musical instruments and see the cute character dancingto its beats ★ Connect The Dots - Join the dots to complete alllevels with your all time favorite game ★ Build Your House - Builda house by coding the correct position shown in the image ★ DressUp Occupations - Collect all the items in the game and learn newprofessions with new levels & many more games! There are 700+interesting levels in all, which can be solved by sequencing, loopsand functions. What does this app offer to teach kids basicprogramming concepts? Sequence - Learn Sequencing With Coding GamesSequence is the first step and most important part of coding. Herethe command is executed exactly in the same order of events givenby the coder. Loops - Learn Loops With Coding Games Loop is aconcept for repeating a set of commands. Functions - LearnFunctions With Coding Games Functions are a set of commands whichcan be used anytime as per the coders wish or requirement. Whatwill kids learn with these coding games? * Recognize patterns tocomplete all levels * Order actions in a logical sequence * Learnto implement patterns in their day to day life * Easy instructionsto apply in their daily lives * Discover the right actions neededto solve each level Subscription Details: - Subscribe to get accessto full content. Subscription options: Monthly, Yearly andHalf-Yearly. - Cancel subscription renewal anytime via Google Play.- Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to theend of the current period. - Use the subscription in any AndroidPhone/Tablet registered with your Google account. Kids can easilylearn to code with educational games. Download these Kidlo CodingApp For Kids to train their brain in a fun and easy way!
Brain Games for Kids - Free Memory & Logic Puzzles 1.0.0
'Brain Games for Kids - Free Memory & Logic Puzzles' has freeexciting & educational games for toddlers to improve logic andmemory. It has amazing set of brain games & exercises fortoddlers! Completely designed for kindergarten kids to help themgrow, learn and have fun. There are cute animated cartoons to keepup the level of child's interest in the game.'Brain Games for Kids- Free Memory & Logic Puzzles' serves as an accurate way todevelop kids basic skills and brilliance level. It's fun way todevelop child's intelligence through step by step stages of thegames. Solve each level to Master the Brain Training games.FunBrain Games in the App:😉 Puzzles: The classic and logical puzzlegames for kindergarten kids😉 Connect the Pipes: Make sure all theparts of the pipe are connected to water the plants😉 Slide theNumbers: Arrange the numbers in ascending order and wait for themagic 😉 Match the Cards: Improve your kids memory by matching thesame cards😉 Ball and Cup: Increase the ability of your kid toconcentrate by finding the hidden ball in the cup😉 Connect theWires: Lighten up the bulb by connecting wiresand much more!!!Eachbrain game will help your child to develop creative and logicalskills. Get ready to play for free! Download now!
3D Color Pixel by Number - Sandbox Art Coloring 1.2.5
Presenting the all-new 3D pixel coloring - color by number gamesfor all age groups. The newest way of passing time creatively. Thebest anti-stress therapy to reduce the burdens of daily life. Enjoy20+ different creative art games for free: 3D Pixel Art: Createmasterpieces of 3D pixel art using colors. Choose from 100+different things such as a tree, chair, bench, computer, bag, etc.and animals such as lion, elephant, cow, giraffe, and much more.String Art: Join the colorful threads to form beautiful patternsand objects. There are over 15 objects to draw. Kolam Art: Createexceptional patterns and symmetrical designs. Choose from 20+different Kolam patterns. Copy The Mosaic: Fill the pixels as shownin the smaller picture. Select your favorite picture and start!Dots Art: Make artworks full of big and small dots by coloringaccording to numbers. Connect The Dots: Enjoy the classic game ofjoin the dots. Complete the outline and reveal big pictures.Circuit Board Art: A unique form of art just for you! Connect thelines and create images which look like a circuit board. PolygonArt: Create objects and animals with a colorful polygon mesh. Colorby Number and create low poly art! Stick Art: Did you know thatsticks can be used to make interesting artworks too? Create StickArt by dragging lines from one point to another. Doodle Art: If youlove doodling, then you'll love creating interesting artworks in'Doodle Art'. Drag the lines and doodle away! So relax and enjoythe brain calming therapy while coloring. Download now and haveunlimited hours of fun!
Preschool Math Games For Kids - Learn 123 Numbers 1.0
'Preschool Math Games For Kids' isacomprehensive math learning program for kids in Pre-KandKindergarten. Filled with exciting games, interactive songsandbreath-taking activities, it teaches the essential math conceptsinthe most thriling manner.All the content in this app is based on the curriculum followedandrecommended by child educators and teachers worldwide. Kids cangetthe knack of primitive math concepts while relishing theChompingMonsters and the Dinos, preparing them for school.The basic math concepts include:1) Number Sense: Learn numbers by playing fun games suchasshooting, popping, join the dots, coloring and more.2) Geometry: Learn about basic shapes with puzzlegames,matching games, and other activities.3) Sorting & Categorizing: Learn to sort andcategorizeby colors, shapes, animals, birds, vehicles,fruits.4) Counting: Count candies, balloons, eggs, fruits!Includesa fun Santa game too.5) Comparison: Compare objects based on their propertiessuchas long, short, big, small, heavy, light.6) Patterns: Learn to identify different patterns withfungames and activities.Designed with funny characters and great visuals, it's theperfectblend to practice math. Learning math is so much more funwithKidloMath!
Connect The Dots Coloring: Dot To Dot Puzzle Games 1.0
The best connect the dots app for you to create a masterpiece andpass your time. Start connecting the dots and create unique andbeautiful pictures! Connect The Dots Coloring: Dot To Dot PuzzleGames, helps you to relax and let anxiety fade away through puzzlecoloring games. Now be creative in your free time. Connect the dotsand share the finished images online to show your friends yourcreativity. You can relax and be creative at the same time with thehelp of Connect The Dots Coloring: Dot To Dot Puzzle Games.Forgetabout stress and let dot to dot be your new personal antistresstherapist. One of the best antistress app which will help you to berelaxed. Make Connect The Dots Coloring your therapist now.HOW TOPLAY:- Select any of your favorite images to start with- Tap &connect the dots by number- Connect and create beautifulartworkConnect The Dots Coloring is a free coloring app whichdoesn't require an internet connection. Have fun with the puzzlegames anywhere you want. Every picture in the app has been chosenso that even kids along with adults would enjoy them.FEATURES OFCONNECT THE DOTS COLORING APP ARE:⚫ Easy to use: Discover beautifulimages, connect the dots and create unique pictures. Passing yourtime has never been so amazing and fun. Make dot to dot your freetime partner.⚫ Stress relief app: Keep your daily tension aside andenjoy the stress relieving game. Just sit back and join the dots.Now get relaxed and be creative in your free time.⚫ CompletelyFree: Enjoy the puzzle game on your android phone, completely freeand no use of internet needed. Show your creativity by connectingthe dots and share them with your friends⚫ Suitable for all agegroupsNot only adults but kids can also enjoy this app now. We haveselected some interesting images that along with adults kids canalso enjoy this game.Download Now and play this fun andentertaining game. Let's reveal a child in us and join all pointsin the best nostalgic game.
Kindergarten Sight Word Games - Learn Sight Words 0.5
Learn Sight Words with 5 Fun Games! Help your children becomeconfident readers and increase their vocabulary, spelling andliteracy skills. Sight words are commonly used words which are mostfrequently repeated in books. 'Kindergarten Sight Words' app makeslearning enjoyable for toddlers through funny animations andbeautifully designed graphics!** Why will parents love this app?**- Kids will learn 200+ sight words easily.- This app willeducate, entertain and keep your kids engaged.- Improve your littleone's reading and vocabulary skills.- Perfect for kids inpreschool, kindergarten and grade 1.- Learn sight words from theDolch sight words list.** Why will kids love this app? ** - Funnyanimations will make them giggle with joy.- Kids will learn wordsand phonic sounds through amusing games.- The app is very easy touse!- Colorful graphics and cute characters.- Various games whichinvolve fishing, archery, rockets, balloons and feeding cutemonsters!** Here are the games included in this app: **- SpaceAdventures- Shoot the Words- Feed the Monster- Let's Go Fishing-Pop the WordsThe Game "Lets Go Fishing" is completely free. Unlockthe remaining 4 Sight Words games via in-app purchase.If you needhelp or have any feedback, email us at
Telling Time Games For Kids - Learn To Tell Time 0.5
Discover interactive ways to learn to tell time easily! Reading theclock is fun with 5 exciting telling time games!Learning to tellthe time is an important part of every toddler or preschooler'slearning path. So why not make it more interesting for kids? Littleones will love the funny animations of clocks and the beautifullydesigned graphics in this app!** Why will parents love this app?**- Kids will learn to read the 12-hour clock and tell the timeeasily.- This app will keep your child engaged while beingcompletely educational.- Kids will learn to set the timecorrectly.- Perfect for kids in kindergarten and grade 1.- Learnconcepts like hours, half hours, quarter to and quarter past!** Whywill kids love this app? ** - Funny clock animations will keep kidsentertained.- They will learn how to read the clock and set thetime on the clock in an interactive way.- The app is very easy touse!- Colorful graphics and cute animated characters.- Kids willlove to move the hour and minute hand to set the correct time.**Here are the games included in this app **- Balloon Popping Time-Surprise Gift- Match the Cards- Mr. Clock- Monster ClockThe Game"Monster Clock" is completely free. Unlock the remaining 4 tellingtime games via in-app purchase.If you need help or have anyfeedback, email us at
3D Pixel Coloring By Number - Creative Art Games 2
Why create 2D artwork when you can make your own 3D masterpiece?Enjoy creating antistress art with 3D Pixel Coloring By Number andshare your creation online with your friends and family.Choose fromthe variety of 3D artwork images and just follow the numbers andfill in the colors. Move the screen to color in differentdimensions. Coloring is an antistress therapy and 3D coloring willgive you more sense of achievements.WHY WE LOVE 3D PIXEL COLORINGBY NUMBER? • 3D Pixel Coloring By Number is a sandbox coloringgame!• Tons of great pixel artworks to choose from!• A great timekiller and antistress game, which relieves your pressure andanxiety and helps to forget your sadness.• Practice coloringskills, increase your creativity in art and create fun images.•Made for all ages, be it kids or adults everyone can enjoy 3D PIXELCOLORING BY NUMBER and it's perfect to play with yourfamilies.Features of the app are:- Easy to color: color pagesaccording to the number and highlighted area.- Share with others:share with family and friends on social media platforms.-Completion bar to show how much of your artwork is completed.- 90+pixel coloring templates to choose any color from.So sit back,relax and release your stress by coloring daily. Download Now andhave endless hours of fun!
Garbage Truck Games for Kids - Free and Offline 2.2
Let your Kids join our Chomping Monster - Crunchy in his truck rideadventure where he drives three trucks, the first one is a garbagetruck 🚛, the second one is a fire truck 🚒 and the third one is anice cream truck 🚐 help our Chomping Monster - Crunchy complete hisduties while he drives his truck through the city. An all in onetruck game for kids which has garbage truck 🚛, ice cream truck 🚐,and fire truck 🚒 games. What all activities will kids get toperform in this game? Garbage Truck 🚛 - Drive the garbage truckthrough the city 🏙️ with our chomping monster - Crunchy and helphim clean the city by picking up the garbage 🗑️ and dumping it inhis garbage truck. Fire Truck 🚒 - One of the best firefighter gameswhere you begin with dressing up your firefighter with hisfirefighter's jacket, helmet, and boots, then you make your firetruck ready with all the essentials such as fire extinguisher,first aid kit, water hose, and other items. Then the last step isto drive the fire truck through the city 🏙️ and put out the fire inall the fire 🔥 affected areas. Ice cream Truck 🚐 - An ice creamtruck game which will make you feel an ice cream maker 🍨, all youhave to do is drive the ice cream truck through the city 🏙️ andmake delicious ice cream 🍦 according to the choice of the chompingmonsters you meet on the way. There are a variety of cones,flavors, and toppings to choose from, make sure you feed all thechomping monsters. Chomping Trip 🚚 - Go on a ride with the chompingmonsters in their truck and pop eggs 🥚 to feed them. Kidlo has comeup with these fun and entertaining truck games to inculcate thevalue of cleanliness in children. These truck games are the bestway to instill knowledge among children. Features: 😃 InteractiveTruck Games. 😃 Kids Friendly Interface. 😃 Offline Access & NoAds. 😇 Childrens' Safety: We understand the safety protocols forchildren and hence follow a strict "NO ADS policy" since childrenat this young age should not be exposed to influencing ad content.So all our kids app have absolutely NO ADS. 😇 Garbage truck gamefor kids consists of 4 truck games out of which 'Garbage Truck'game is free. The rest three truck games can be purchased in a packof 3 games deal for US $ 0.99. It's a one-time payment for the restof the truck games, so it's an amazing deal. So hurry up anddownload this game now!!
Math Games for Kids - Kids Math 2.2
Math Games for Kids is an award-winning math learning app for 4, 5and 6 year olds with 180+ math learning games, which provides a funand cool way to start your kids and toddlers journey in the worldof math. Featured as one of the 'Best Toddler Apps' by EducationalApp Store. Kindergarteners, preschoolers and toddlers are alwayseager to learn numbers, counting & shapes. The app is acomplete math learning program with cool math games where kids canlearn addition, subtraction and more! Kids Math - Math Games forKids features diverse kids math games with cutely animated cartoonslike dinos & monsters, which toddlers and 4, 5 and 6 year oldsare going to love! It will develop and improve their math skills,identify each number and solve cool math puzzles of addition &subtraction. Kindergarten and preschool kids can learn shapes suchas square, circle, triangle with popping, tracing numbers andmatching through Kids Math - Math Games for Kids. 4, 5 and 6 yearolds will have a great time learning numbers from 1-100 with avariety of cool kids math games. Basic Concepts included in KidsMath - Math Games for Kids: 🔢 Number Sense: Learn the numbers! 🔺Geometry: Learn the basic shapes! 🎈 Counting: Learn to count up to100! 🥝 Categorizing: Learn to sort and categorize in groups! 💠Comparison: Compare objects based on their properties! 🎯 Patterns:Learn to recognize and identify! ➗ Math Skills: Learn addition& subtraction! 🔢 Number Sense Learn the numbers by playing fungames such as shooting, popping, join the dots, coloring and more.Advance throughout different levels. 🔺 Geometry Learn the basicshapes with a vast variety of fun puzzle games, matching games, andother fun math activities. 🎈 Counting Learn to count candies,balloons, eggs, fruits! This version contains an exclusive funSanta game too! 🥝 Categorizing Learn to sort and categorize diverseitems and objects by colors, shapes, animals, vehicles, and fruits.💠 Comparison Compare objects based on their properties such aslong, short, big, small, heavy, light and much more! 🎯 PatternsLearn to identify different patterns with fun games and activitiesspecially made for preschool and kindergarten kids. ➗ Math SkillsLearn addition & subtraction! Have fun with educational games& cute cartoons. 📇 Subscription Details 📇 👉 Subscribe to getaccess to full content. 👉 Cancel subscription renewal anytime viaGoogle Play. 👉 The account will be charged for renewal within24-hours prior to the end of the current period. 👉 Use thesubscription on any Android Phone/Tablet registered with yourGoogle account. 👉 If you need help or have any feedback, email usat 🐶🐱🦄 The perfect way of learning the numbers,to count and develop your preschool or kindergarten kid's skillsthrough Kids Math - Math Games for Kids! DOWNLOAD the FREE app NOW!🐶🐱🦄
Toddler Games for 2 and 3 Year Olds 3.0.9
Kidlo Toddler Games is a fun educational app for 2 year olds and 3year olds👶 with 750+ interactive games to play and learn easily.Begin your child's early learning journey with these excitingeducational games! Kidlo Toddler Games includes 🧩puzzles, poppingbubble games, coloring, join the dots, dress up, match the pairs,sorting, tracing games and more. These games will boost cognitiveskills, hand-eye coordination, concentration, and imagination ofyour children. You will be amazed to see how quickly your 2 yearold or 3 year old toddler learns different things.😲 These games area great way for you to have some fun learning time with your twoyear old. Watch your toddler complete these fun games whilelearning at the same time. It is filled with cute, colorfulgraphics and funny animations which encourage your three year oldto learn shapes and colors easily. ⭐ Features of Kidlo ToddlerGames are:⭐ 👉🏼 Learning Games for two year olds and three yearolds. These games are ideal for toddlers to learn animals, numbers,shapes, colors and much more! 👉🏼 Kid Friendly All the educationalgames in this app are completely kid-friendly. 2 year old and 3year old Toddlers can play them easily. 👉🏼 Different CategoriesChoose from a wide range of game categories like Farm, Animals,Fun, Insects, Space, City, Marine, Vehicles and Birds. 👉🏼 AvailableOffline & No Ads These games can be played anytime and anywherewithout internet. Completely ad-free. 👉🏼 Cute Characters &Animations Delight your kids with our cute and colorful charactersand funny interactive animations. 🤩The 'Free Games' section iscompletely free to play. The other categories can be unlocked viasubscription. Subscription Details: - Subscribe to get access tofull content. - Cancel subscription renewal anytime via GooglePlay. - Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours priorto the end of the current period. - Use the subscription in anyAndroid Phone/Tablet registered with your Google account. If youneed help or have any feedback, email us at Makeyour child's learning journey fun with Kidlo Toddler Games.Download now!
Programming for Kids - Learn Coding 1.0.6
Board on to the magical adventure of coding, learning, and fun!Sharpen your logic and elevate your problem-solving skills withthis brain-challenging games. Carefully designed withchild-friendly puzzles structured in 3 basic programming categorieswhich guarantee hours of mind-teasing entertainment. As youngchildren code with Programming For Kids, they learn how to createand express themselves with the computer. In the process, childrenlearn to solve problems and design projects, and they developsequencing skills that are beneficial for later academic success.With Programming For Kids app, children aren't just learning tocode, they are coding to learn. What will kids learn with CodingGames? ⚫ Recognize patterns to complete all levels. ⚫ Order actionsin a logical sequence. ⚫ Learn to implement patterns in their dayto day life. ⚫ Easy instructions to apply in their daily lives. ⚫Discover the right actions needed to solve each level. Using theseapp kids can learn to code with different concepts such assequences, loops, and functions. These games will improve yourchild's logical thinking and programming skills. Give your kiddo afun and educational free time everyday. Download Now and enjoycoding with your kids. A perfect brain teaser and an amazingeducational app for your kids, Programming For Kids is a must-have.
Poly Art Coloring Pages - Color By Number 1.2
Experience the new type of color by number games. IntroducingPolyArt Coloring Pages - Color By Number for Free for all agegroups.Now pass your time doing something very creative. Thebestanti-stress therapy app to reduce your daily lifetension.Choosefrom the variety of artwork images and just followthe numbers andfill in the colors.You can zoom in & zoom out tocolor eacharea perfectly. Coloring is an anti-stress therapy andPoly ArtColoring Pages - Color By Number for Free will give youmore senseof achievements.Have fun in this relaxing paintingexperience,refill the energy and let anxiety fade away throughcoloring games.Our coloring app is really a fun way to transformordinary picturesinto a masterpiece. Put all things off and startenjoying a uniquedrawing art therapy right away! How to play:✔Select the color.✔Identify the target area either by number oroutline.✔Play like ajigsaw puzzleFeatures of the app are:★ Simplytap to pick color andpaint★ Lots of beautiful drawings to color★Share your creationswith family and friends★ Pinch to zoom in/out,easy coloringgames!So sit back, relax and release your stress bycoloring daily.Download Now and have endless hours of fun!
Coding Games - Kids Learn To Code 1.0.6
Coding Games - Kids Learn To Code teaches children the basics ofcomputer programming through a variety and interactive learningactivities. Kids can learn key programming concepts such assequences, loops, and functions in this game. Introduce your kidsto coding in a fun and educational way. This app is specificallydesigned for ages 4-8 featuring fun coding and complex puzzles tosolve. That means anyone anywhere from K to 2-grade children canplay, have fun and learn real programming logic! What will kidslearn with Coding Games? ⚫ Recognize patterns to complete alllevels. ⚫ Order actions in a logical sequence. ⚫ Learn to implementpatterns in their day to day life. ⚫ Easy instructions to apply intheir daily lives. ⚫ Discover the right actions needed to solveeach level. Programming is the new type of literacy. Just aswriting helps you organize your thinking and express your ideas,the same can be said for coding. With this coding games, kids canuse their logical thinking to complete the levels. When theypractice coding on a regular basis they get the vision and that ishow it can be easy for your kids to complete the levels. Kids caneasily learn to code with educational games. Download this CodingGames - Kids Learn To Code app for kids to train their brain in afun and easy way!
1st Grade Math Games - Learn Subtraction & Numbers 1.0
Improve your kids math skills with the help of subtraction Gamesforkids. Teaching your children basic math skills like subtractioncanbenefit them in their future. Download this free math gamestoenjoying learning in a fun and interactive way.This isamathematical game where kids can play and practice with somesimplesubtraction problems. The best way to encourage your child tolearnmath is to solve basic math problems on a daily basis. Thisgame isa fun way to get kids excited about learning how tosubtract. Teachyour kids math at an early age. With the help ofthis app your kidscan learn basic math skills like subtractioneasily. The best wayto encourage your child to learn math is tosolve basic mathproblems on a daily basis.Features of the appare:> This game iscompletely free> Fun & interactiveanimation > Kids-friendly application> Simple subtractionproblems for kids tosolve> Perfect app for 1st grade kids>The interface of thegame is very easy to useSo download this appnow and if you likethis app do "RATE & REVIEW" us. Happylearning:)
First Grade Math Games For Kids 1.1
'1st Grade Math Games For Kids' is a math learning program forfirstgraders. Based on the curriculum followed by teachersworldwide, itteaches the basic math concepts in an easy, fun andengagingway.Learn first-grade levels math concepts such asNumbers,Counting, Comparison, Time Telling and more. With over 30+games andsongs, it reinforces the basic math skills to kids.Kidswill notonly love to learn math but it will also boost theirconfidence inthe subject. It will help them to score high and getahead ofothers.Maths concepts of the first-grade levelare:Counting: Countnumbers from 1 to 100 with catchy songs andgames.Comparison: Learncomparison concepts like Odd and Evennumbers, Greater than and Lessthan.Addition: Add a single digitnumber to anothernumber.Subtraction: Subtract a single digitnumber from anothernumber.Time: Learn to read time withinteractive analog and digitalclocks.'1st Grade Math Games ForKids' is designed to help yourchild practice their math lessonsanytime and anywhere. Download theapp now!
Addition and Subtraction for Kids 1.6
Kidlo Addition and Subtraction for kids is an ideal app to learnaddition and subtraction easily. Kids in the age group of 4 to 8years can learn to add and subtract by playing 350+ learning games!Kidlo Addition and Subtraction for kids is the perfect companionfor first-grade students to learn math. Kids will learn additionand subtraction by playing puzzles, coloring, shooting arrows,popping balloons with funny characters like animals, monsters andmore. They will never get bored of studying math! What will kidslearn from this app? 1) Addition: - Addition up to 5 - Addition upto 10 - Addition up to 20 - Addition Facts - Two Digits Addition -Three Digits Addition 2) Subtraction: - Subtraction up to 5 -Subtraction up to 10 - Subtraction up to 20 - Subtraction Facts -Two Digits Subtraction - Three Digits Subtraction Features of KidloAddition and Subtraction for kids are: - A wide variety of games:There are over 350 games to choose from. Kids will never get boredof playing! - Ideal for 4 to 8 year old kids: An ideal companionfor first-grade kids to learn math at home easily. - Completelysafe for children: This app is completely kid-friendly without anyads. No worries! - Available offline: Going on a trip? Download allthe games to play offline, anytime and anywhere. 8 games areavailable for free. Other games can be unlocked via a subscription.Privacy Policy: Terms ofservice: If you need helpor have any feedback, email us at
Mosaic Pixel Art - Paint, Color & Create Artworks 1.0
Mosaic Pixel Art one of the best app for coloring therapy is nowonyour Android phone! Have fun in this relaxing paintingexperience,refill the energy and let anxiety fade away throughcoloring andantistress games. Now coloring pictures just gotexciting. Play nowthe new mosaic art coloring pages and experiencepainting on a newlevel. Create and Share the amazing masterpieceonline and showyour friends & family your creativity.Pass yourtime andrelease stress at the same time with this amazingantistresstherapy app. Sit back, relax & color beautiful MosaicPixel Artevery day. it is perfect for adults and kids who love topaint andcolor. How to Play:* Select any of your favorite artimages* Colorthe blocks as shown in the picture above* Copy theimage and createa masterpiece* Share your end result with yourfriends &familyFEATURES OF MOSAIC ART COLORING PAGES APP ARE:*Variety ofcoloring pages* User-friendly interface* Share onlinewith yourfriends* Brain calming therapy app* Suitable for all agegroups Ifyou like coloring & painting and are searching for anapp whichcan release your stress then this app is just for you.Download Nowand enter into the amazing world of mosaic. Have fun!
ABC for Kids - Alphabet & Number Tracing Games 0.1.1
Learn to write the letters of the English alphabet in uppercaseandlowercase, numbers and shapes through 'Learn To Trace App'!Writingis an important skill that every young child needs tomaster. Sohow do you make writing more fun for little ones? Bymaking itexciting and fun! 'ABC Tracing' teaches your Child towriteuppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet, numbers andshapesthrough interesting tracing games.Why will your kids lovethisapp?- It's simple to use and fun to play with!- Cute charactersandanimations to keep your child engaged- Voice over to guideandteach your child- It's your very own animated workbook!Whatwillyour child learn?- Uppercase ABCs- Lowercase abcs- Numbers from1to 10. (It's easy as 123!)- Simple shapes such as Square,Circle,Rectangle, Oval, Triangle, Heart, Diamond, Star, PentagonandHexagonWhat's free in this app?- The letters A, B and Cinuppercase- The letters a, b and c in lowercase- The numbers 1,2and 3- The shapes Square, Circle and RectangleTheremainingsections are available via in-app purchase for $1.99only.Take thefirst step towards early learning through preschoolactivities.Such activities improve your kids' fine motor skills andotherpreschool writing skills. It helps them understand andmemorize theletters, numbers and shapes easily.
Learn ABC Alphabet - Bike Rider Games For Kids 1.0
Get ready to go an adventurous bicycle journey with ourChompingMonster. Play and learn English alphabet & words inaninteractive way. Start this thrilling ride to enjoy thecolorfuland attractive views with your cute toddlers.Wouldn't it befunlearning while playing a bicycle ride game. This game willgiveyour child fun and education at the same time. As you rideahead,your kids will be amazed to see colorful alphabet games wheretheylearn abc and different words.Now end your search for a fun,free,and simple educational app to help your toddler learn phonicsandalphabet. When you sit with your kid and teach them, theylearnbetter. Home-school your cuties on an early age with the helpofthis app. HOW TO PLAY:A. Complete the task given witheveryalphabetB. Repeat the alphabet & words when it pops up onthescreen C. Enjoy learning abc with colorful animationFEATURES OFTHEAPP ARE:A. Eye-catching and colorful graphics.B. Completelyfreeand suitable for toddlers below 5 years.C. Great learning appforearly age learningD. Learn ABC alphabet with this appE.Home-schoolyour kids with this interactive gameDownload and playnow these funand exciting abc games.
ABC Surprise Eggs - Learn & Play Alphabet For Kids 1.0
ABC Surprise Eggs is an English learning app for toddlers. Thisappis a free alphabet learning app for toddlers and kids thatteachesABC in a fun and interactive way. It is a perfect learningapp forchildren under the age group of 5. Download it now to enjoythiseducational & amazing ABC game for kids andtoddlers!Childrenwill enjoy learning alphabet with this app. Tap& open the egguntil you find what the hidden alphabet is. Ifyour child likessurprises, then this app is perfect for your littleones!Now endyour search for a fun, free, and simple educational appto helpyour toddler learn phonics and alphabet. When you sit withyour kidand teach them, they learn better. Home-school your cutieson anearly age with the help of this app. HOW TO PLAY:🥚 Tap on theeggsuntil you find the hidden alphabet🥚 Repeat the alphabet whenitpops up on the screen 🥚 Enjoy learning abc withcolorfulanimationFEATURES OF ABC SURPRISE EGGS ARE:🥚 Eye-catchingandcolorful graphics.🥚 Completely free and suitable for toddlersbelow5 years.🥚 Great learning app for early age learning🥚 LearnABCalphabet with this app🥚 Home-school your kids with thisinteractivegameDownload ABC Surprise Eggs app now and help yourkids learnalphabet in their early age.
Math Games - Learn Subtraction, Numbers & Practice 1.0
It's never to early to start your kids education journey. Teachyourkids preschool & kindergarten math with the help of thisapp.When your kids are introduced to a game which is educationaland funat the same time, they enjoy learning with theinteractiveanimations.Math is a very important subject in thecurriculum of achild and kids learn the best when they get praisedand rewardedwhen they complete their work. This app appreciatesyour child withlots of stars and applauds.Improve your kids mathskills with thehelp of Subtraction Games for kids. Teaching yourchildren basicmath skills like subtraction can benefit them intheir future.Download this free math games to enjoying learning ina fun andinteractive way.We understand that kids learn best whenthey don'tget any interference in between. That's why our app doesnotcontain any ads that will disturb kids in theirlearningprocess.How to play:• Start the game• Calculate the sum •Click onthe correct answer • Score the maximum by winning Featuresof theapp are:• Kids-friendly interface• Beautiful animation•CompletelyFree• Subtraction games for kids• For 2 to 4 age groupofkidsDownload the app now & enjoy learning basic mathskillswith the help of our Subtraction Games app.
Math Games For Kids - Add, Count & Learn Numbers 1.0
Math Games For Kids is a free learning game to teachchildrennumbers and simple addition skills. Math Games For Kidswill helpsmall children to learn to identify numbers and starttraining withaddition puzzles. They'll have a great time completinggames andlearning at the same time.Teach your kids math at an earlyage.With the help of this app your kids can learn basic mathskillslike addition easily. The best way to encourage your child tolearnmath is to solve basic math problems on a daily basis.Withamazinggraphics and interactive problem solving puzzles your kidscanlearn math in an very fun & educational way. Help ourcutecharacters to solve the addition math problems with ease. Howtoplay:• Start the game• Calculate the sum • Click on thecorrectanswer • Score the maximum by winning Features of Math GamesForKids are:• Kids-friendly interface• Beautiful animation•CompletelyFree• Addition games for kids• For 3 to 5 age group ofkidsDon'tthink much and download this app now to enjoyingeducational andinteractive math problem solving game.
Addition Games For Kids - Play, Learn & Practice 1.0
Improve your kids math skills with the help of Addition Gamesforkids. Teaching your children basic math skills like additioncanbenefit them in their future. Download this free math gamestoenjoying learning in a fun and interactive way.Math is averyimportant subject in the curriculum of a child and kids learnthebest when they get praised and rewarded when they completetheirwork. This app appreciates your child with lots of starsandapplauds.Teach your kids math at an early age. With the helpofthis app your kids can learn basic math skills likeadditioneasily. The best way to encourage your child to learn mathis tosolve basic math problems on a daily basis.Features ofAdditionGames For Kids are:> This game is completely free>Fun &interactive animation > Kids- friendly application>Simplesubtraction problems for kids to solve> Perfect app for1stgrade kids> The interface of the game is very easy touseWeunderstand that kids learn best when they don't getanyinterference in between. That's why our app does not containanyads that will disturb kids in their learning process. Sodownloadthis app now and if you like this app do "RATE &REVIEW" us.Happy learning:)
Circle Art Coloring Pages - Color By Number Games 1.0
Presenting the all-new, Circle Art Coloring Pages - Color ByNumberGames, for you to relax and enjoy. Experience coloring on awholenew and different level. The best antistress therapy app toreduceyour stress in your day to day life. Coloring has proven tobe thebest therapy method to release your stress and what betterway toutilize your time by painting some amazing images. Choosefrom thevariety of circle art pictures, paint and bring yourfavoritecharacter to life.Circle Art Coloring Pages - Color ByNumber Gamesis a fun app for adults and kids to enjoy &experience the funin coloring images. Play and color beautifulartwork and share itonline with your friends. How to Play:- Selectany Image you likefrom our wide range of choices.- Specific numberswill be allottedto the colors.- Once you tap a particular color andthe numberassociated with it will be highlighted on the image.-Just tap onthe numbers to color the image.Features of Circle ArtColoringPages are:> A wide range of images and colorchoices.> Eyepleasing color combinations.> Zoom in and Zoomout feature forbetter coloring experience.> All features in thisapp areFREE.This app is suitable for all age groups. Circle ArtColoringPages - Color By Number Games will not only keep youoccupied butalso would serve as a great antistress game. DownloadNow and enjoythe brain calming therapy while coloring.
Subtraction Games: Practice Numbers & Fun Counting 1.0
Improve your kids math skills with the help of Addition Gamesforkids. Teaching your children basic math skills like additioncanbenefit them in their future. Download this free math gamestoenjoying learning in a fun and interactive way.Math is averyimportant subject in the curriculum of a child and kids learnthebest when they get praised and rewarded when they completetheirwork. This app appreciates your child with lots of starsandapplauds.Teach your kids math at an early age. With the helpofthis app your kids can learn basic math skills likeadditioneasily. The best way to encourage your child to learn mathis tosolve basic math problems on a daily basis.Features ofAdditionGames For Kids are:> This game is completely free>Fun &interactive animation > Kids- friendly application>Simplesubtraction problems for kids to solve> Perfect app for1stgrade kids> The interface of the game is very easy touseWeunderstand that kids learn best when they don't getanyinterference in between. That's why our app does not containanyads that will disturb kids in their learning process. Sodownloadthis app now and if you like this app do "RATE &REVIEW" us.Happy learning:)
Subtraction Games for Kids - Learn Math Activities 1.0
Introducing subtraction games for kids where they can learnbasicsubtraction skills and practice it as well. Give your kidstheeducation they need at an early age with the help of thisapp.Thisis a mathematical game where kids can play and practicewith somesimple subtraction problems. The best way to encourageyour childto learn math is to solve basic math problems on a dailybasis.This game is a fun way to get kids excited about learning howtosubtract. Math is a very important subject in the curriculum ofachild and kids learn the best when they get praised andrewardedwhen they complete their work. This app appreciates yourchild withlots of stars and applauds. Features of Subtraction Gamesare:>This game is completely free> The interface of the gameis veryeasy to use> Kids- friendly application> Simplesubtractionproblems for kids to solve> Fun & interactiveanimation >Perfect app for 1st grade kidsSo if you want yourkids to learnbasic math in a fun and interactive way with somesimple problemsto solve then this app is apt for your child.Download the app nowand enjoy solving math problems withSubtraction Games.
Kitchen Games - Fun Kids Cooking & Tasty Recipes 1.0
Kitchen Games is your very own, personal kitchen where you canpractice the art of cooking and baking. Bring out the Jr MasterChef in you by preparing mouth-watering dishes. This cooking,baking & decorating food your first love? Then this kitchengame is perfect for you. This cooking game will teach youeverything you need to know about kitchen recipes in a fun &easy way. FEATURES OF KITCHEN GAMES ARE: 🍊 Interactive 🍊 CompletelyFree 🍊 Select the desired recipe 🍊 Kids Friendly User Interface 🍊No Internet Connection Required So get ready to enjoy thisexperience of virtual cooking with Kitchen Games for kids for freeand without any internet connection. Hurry up and download the gamenow!
Supermarket Games for Kids - Go Shopping 1.0
Let your kids join our Chomping Monster - Munchy in afunsupermarket game. This shopping trip by Munchy is filledfunadventure and a lot of educational experiences which even yourkidscan be a part of. The best thing is, it is COMPLETELY FREE!Inthisgame, children can do the following activities and learndifferentskills:* Shopping Fruits, Vegetables & more:It willhelp yourlittle ones learn about identifying and sorting objects.*Weighingthe Items:Weigh the goods to be purchased and pick thecorrectweight tag. Learn about numbers, measurements, andweights.*Scanning the Products:This will help the kids recollectthe objectsthey had picked earlier.So download this app for FREEand make yourkids join Munchy on this fun adventure. Hurry up, he'swaiting foryou!
Math Games For Kids - Learn Fun Numbers & Addition 1.0
Math Games For Kids is a free learning game to teachchildrennumbers and simple addition skills. Math Games For Kidswill helpsmall children to learn to identify numbers and starttraining withaddition puzzles. They'll have a great time completinggames andlearning at the same time.Teach your kids math at an earlyage.With the help of this app your kids can learn basic mathskillslike addition easily. The best way to encourage your child tolearnmath is to solve basic math problems on a daily basis.Withamazinggraphics and interactive problem solving puzzles your kidscanlearn math in an very fun & educational way. Help ourcutecharacters to solve the addition math problems with ease. Howtoplay:• Start the game• Calculate the sum • Click on thecorrectanswer • Score the maximum by winning Features of Math GamesForKids are:• Kids-friendly interface• Beautiful animation•CompletelyFree• Addition games for kids• For 3 to 5 age group ofkidsDon'tthink much and download this app now to enjoyingeducational andinteractive math problem solving game.
Bedtime Stories For Children - Story Books To Read
**Mom's Choice GOLD Award - 2019 Winner** Storytime is learningtime with 'Kidlo Bedtime Stories For Kids'! Read 240+ excitingstories including Bedtime stories, Aesop's Fables, Fairy tales,Early reading stories, Moral stories and more! All the storybooksin this digital library are available with two options: 'Read ByMyself' and 'Read For Me'! 'Read By Myself' will help your littleone improve reading skills and 'Read For Me' boosts listeningskills! You can also read out the stories to your children. It'sthe perfect way for parents and kids to bond while reading bedtimestories! :) Among the huge collection of stories for kids you willfind many popular titles as well! Some of the popular storiesincluded are: *Cinderella *Little Red Riding Hood *Three LittlePigs *The Thirsty Crow *The Boy Who Cried Wolf *The Fox And TheGrapes ...and so many more! You will get a wide variety ofcharacters, themes and worlds for your kids to discover in thisapp! Here's what you get in Kidlo Bedtime Stories For Kids: - Everyword is highlighted on the screen to help young learners readeasily. - Completely interactive animations to engage your child. -Cute animated characters to make your kids giggle with joy! -Achievements board filled with rewards, which motivates kids toread more! - Recommended storybook suggestions based on kids'interests. - Simple and easy to use app! Ideal for children underthe age of 5. - Four stories are free to read. Remaining storiesare available via subscription. Download the app NOW and enjoy allthe amazing stories along with your little one. :) If you need helpor have any feedback, email us at
Learn English for Kids: ABC Phonics, Games & Songs 1.0.5
'Kidlo English Learning For Kids' is a comprehensive Englishlearning program for kids in Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten.With 600+ Songs, Games, Activities & Stories, it makes learningthe language so much fun! All the content in this app is based onthe curriculum recommended by educators, experts, and teachersworldwide. Plus, kids can play, learn, and sing along with thisapp, anytime and anywhere! An ideal English learning program foryour kids. What will kids learn from this app? 1) LEARN ABCs: Thereare 150+ A-Z songs, games and activities to learn uppercase andlowercase letters. 2) LEARN PHONICS: Kids can learn phonics with 4songs and 4 games for each letter. A fun section with 200+ songsand games! 3) WORD FAMILIES: Play and learn with songs on twoletter sounds such as ed, ad, im, op, and others. 4) FLASHCARDS:Explore the flashcards on various categories such as vehicles,birds, shapes and more. 5) LEARN TO WRITE: Trace the uppercase andlowercase letters of the alphabet. Attractive graphics andanimation make it so interesting to trace! 6) LEARN TO READ: Thereare 40+ stories for your child's early reading. Simple, short andexciting stories for preschool kids. Subscription Details: -Subscribe to get access to full content. - Cancel subscriptionrenewal anytime via Google Play. - An account will be charged forrenewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. -Use the subscription in any Android Phone/Tablet registered withyour Google account. If you need help or have any feedback, emailus at Download 'Kidlo English For Kids' now andstart your child's English learning journey right away!
3D Isometric Pixel by Number: Sandbox Art Coloring 1.3
3D pixel isometric coloring - color by number is the newest way ofpassing time creatively and is suitable for both kids and adults.The best anti-stress therapy to reduce the burdens of daily lifeand to enhance creativity. Features : 1.New Isometric 3d view.2.Completely free - No in-app purchases. 3.Offline - No internetrequired. 4.Great Anti stress therapy. 5.100+ creative and funartworks. 6.Ads Free - this app contains no ads. How to play: 1.Select an image from the collection of artworks. 2. Tap on the"color" button (right side top corner) and select the color on thebottom of the screen. 3. Numbered pixels of the selected color willbe highlighted. Swipe across or tap t on them to color. You can usethe rotate button to get a complete isometric 3d view of theartwork. So relax and enjoy the brain calming therapy whilecoloring. Download now and have unlimited hours of fun!
Math Games for Kids - Solve & Practice Addition 1.0
Introduce your child to math with the help of this app. MathGamesfor kids will teach your kiddos some basic addition skills inanentertaining and interactive way. This app creates a funandeffective learning environment in which children can learnwhilethey are having fun. Kids enjoy learning when they getrewardedafter completing every problem. Your kids will be rewardedafterevery puzzle with balloons and confetti, so that your kidswillperform better and achieve more. Teach your kids math at anearlyage. With the help of this app your kids can learn basicmathskills like addition easily. The best way to encourage yourchildto learn math is to solve basic math problems on a dailybasis. Howto play: • Start the game • Calculate the sum • Collectthefireflies accordingly • Score the maximum by winning FeaturesofMath Games For Kids are: • Kids-friendly interface •Beautifulanimation • Completely Free • Addition games for kids •For 3 to 5age group of kids • Drag-and-drop game play Download theapp nowand enjoy learning basic addition math skills with yourkiddos. Tryout this fun educational game with your kids.
String Art Coloring Game - Creative Color Therapy 1
Coloring has been proved to reduce stress and anxiety. WithStringColor Art Games - Creative Coloring Book, you can easilycreateamazing artworks with our custom color palette. String ColorArtGames is a high-quality coloring book app for all age groups, beitadults or kids, which comes with lots of beautiful imageswithstring art painting. It's a perfect app for relaxingandantistress. Creating your own string art masterpiece has neverbeenso easy! This game is one of the best free antistress apps onwhichyou can trust for stress relief. Browse through fun &cutepictures of birds, animals, and many more things and paintthem.Enjoy your final color book results. Whenever you want tomeditateor relax or develop your concentration, just open stringart andstart painting. You will find so many beautiful imagesandfascinating pictures in this app which are suitable for bothadultsand kids. FEATURES OF COLORING STRING ART GAMES APP ARE: *Easy tocolor: Just tap and drag on the points as shown on thescreen ofyour Android device and enjoy string art painting. *Simplicity andeasy to use: User-friendly interface which will makeyou gostressfree. * Creativity: Show your creativity by paintingthepixel images and share them with your friends. * StressRelieving:After a long hectic day, open this app for antistresstherapy andpaint some beautiful drawings and images and feelrelaxed. *Suitable for all age groups: Not only kids but alsoadults can alsoenjoy this app! So what are you waiting for?Download the app nowand have fun!
Free Mandala Art Design- Create Beautiful Artworks 1.0
Mandala Art Design is a mandala design game that allows youtocreate the most beautiful mandalas. The best doodle gametoentertain kids and to antistress therapy for adults which willhelpyou restore your spiritual energy. Sit back, relax and makesomelovely mandala drawings. Get huge collection of coloringpagescontaining beautiful mandala images in this app. Whenever youwantto meditate or relax or develop your concentration power orenhanceyour spiritual energy, just open Mandala Art Designs andstartpainting. Features of this app are: * Huge collection ofMandalaart for you to draw. * A realistic drawing experience. *Connectthe dots and create a beautiful masterpiece. * Easy toplayapplication * Suitable for all age groups Download Now andhaveultimate fun drawing cool Mandalas & mandala designs.
Cooking & Kitchen Games For Kids - Free & Offline 1.0
Become a professional chef in your virtual kitchen with this guidedCooking game and prepare finger licking dishes. If you're in searchin for a fun baking and cooking game, then you've landed upon theright app, as you can bake mouth-watering cupcakes and cookies.Sort all the bakery items and cutlery, to arrange them properly onthe shelf of your virtual kitchen so that you can find the productsyou need on time. Bake some tasty and hot cookies and decorate themwith chocolate chips and many other toppings. Download the app now!The features of the app are: 1. Interactive User Interface 2.Customized recipes available 3. Completely free 4. Make your owncupcakes and cookies with selected ingredients 5. Offline access -no internet connection required Download this app to enjoy andexplore the chef inside you!
3D Pixel Color By Number Games - Landscape Design 1.0
Introducing the all-new 3D pixel color by number - landscapedesign. Experience the newest way of pixel coloring. Pass your timecreatively. Tap, drag, color and create your own 3D landscapemasterpiece! The fun part about this app is you can rotate thelandscape model to 360 degrees and color it in whichever way youwant. Isn't it fun? Explore each and every side of the landscapemodel. Why create 2D artwork when you can make your own 3Dmasterpiece? Enjoy creating anti-stress art with 3D Pixel Color ByNumber - Landscape Design and share your creation online with yourfriends and family. Reason why you will love this app is: * 3DPixel Color By Number Games - Landscape Design is a sandboxcoloring game! * Tons of great pixel artworks to choose from! * Agreat time killer, which relieve your pressure and anxiety andhelps to forget your sadness. * Practice coloring skills, increaseyour creativity in art. * Made for all ages, perfect to play withyour families. * Explore each and every side of the model. Featuresof the app are: - User-Friendly Interface Interface that will helpyou relax and enjoy all at the same time. - Enhance your coloringexperience Rotate the whole artwork and color each and every partof the landscape. - Completely FREE!! Enjoy coloring these amazinglandscape artworks for FREE. Join us in this coloring journey. -Fun & Amazing Artwork Beautiful masterpieces that will grabyour attention. Relax by coloring with this fun & amazingartwork. - Completion Bar The completion bar will help you showyour completed work. Relax and release your stress by coloring withthis app daily. Download now to have loads of fun every day.
My Monster Town - Toy Train Games for Kids 1.1
Welcome to kid's own Chompy Town, where you can tap, drag, interactand have fun with all the characters and objects! A fun game wherekids can do whatever they want! Toy Train: Select your favoriteChomping Monsters, drop them in the train and help them reach thenext station. Turn the train signal lights ON or OFF. RUN or STOPthe train anywhere. Blow the train horn. Pick up & droppassengers. Carry passengers and their luggage in the train andhelp them reach their home. Drop the students at the school.Railway Station: Make the Chomping Monsters WAIT at the platformtill their train arrives. Make them SIT on the benches. Make themWEAR their hats. Arrange their luggage. Play with the railwaystation clock. Barnyard: Arrange the pile of hay. Harvest theripened vegetables. Hear the cows MOO. Make the goats BLEAT or thesheep BAA. RUN the windmill. Town Surroundings: PLUCK the fruitsfrom the trees. Turn the street lights ON or OFF. RING the schoolbell. Features of Chomping Monster Town – Train Game are: - Full ofinteractive surprises. - No ads. Completely safe for kids. -Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. - No internet connectionrequired. - No in-app purchases. Completely free! This app isperfect to explore your child's creativity and boost theirimagination skills. It is a fun-filled interactive environment withendless fun and enjoyment for your kids in their own town.
Cartoon Games For Kids: Play In The Animal Kingdom 1.0
Obbie needs your help in solving the small puzzles on his way.Everytime he makes the right choice he will be making a newfriend. Youhave to help Obbie make new friends. Join our cutelittle guy on anadventurous trip to the zoo. This simple yet veryentertaining gamewill give your toddler a fun time. Let your kiddohave fun thesecute animals. It has simple and user-friendlychoices that do notconfuse kids with unnecessary options. Thisgame offers you thechance to have fun with your child. Features ofCartoon Games ForKids are: - This app is completely free and kidscan enjoy this gameanytime, anywhere. - Cute animation that willhold on the attentionof your kiddos. - Cartoon games for kids isfull of interactivesurprises. - We completely understand that youwish for your kidssafety all the time and keeping that in mind wehave made sure thatthere are no ads in this app. - This app isperfect for toddlers andpreschoolers. Cartoon Games For Kids: PlayIn The Animal Kingdom isperfect to explore your child's creativityand boost theirimagination skills. So what are you waiting for?Download the appnow!