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Pop Two 1.1.0
Are you on the lookout for a fun pop puzzle game that’s easy tograsp and great to master? Pop Two is a cool little pop game thathas all those features, but at the same time it delivers anoutstanding gaming experience and incredible results in no time.The primary idea is simple, Pop Two requires you to pop two or moreblocks that have the same color in order to win. [HOW TO PLAY]☆ Poptwo or more blocks with the same color to clear them off theboard.☆ The more blocks you pop, the more points you earn (2 blocks= 20 points, 3 blocks = 40 points, 4 blocks = 60 points, 5 blocks =80 points…)☆ You will need to keep track of the time and move aswell because each level has a time/moves limit or both.☆ If there'sno more possible moves, the board will be re-arrangedautomatically.☆  If you pop a lucky block, you will be able toget a boost. These boosts include a wide range of bonuses.Theserange in rarity and they can be anything from extra time, automaticcompletion for a group of same blocks, board re-arrangements, aswell as clearing up a row/column, getting extra moves or bonusscore…Pop Two has different requirements for each one of itslevels, you can easily find a really exciting and fun gamingexperience here, it’s up to you to figure out what works for youand how you want to enjoy all of that.[FEATURES]☆ Classic, simpleand fun pop game play.☆ Cool UI graphics, visual and audioeffects.☆ 9 block types with different colors and patterns.☆ 720fun and exciting game levels to unlock.☆ Plenty of bonus that willboost your game play.☆ Multi challenges with different difficultylevels.☆ High scores leaderboard and many achievements tounlock.There’s always a new challenge around the corner and youwill be quite impressed with the entire gameplay experience. Themore you play, the more interesting the experience will get!So,don’t hesitate to download Pop Two now. And try to rank up theleaderboard as fast as possible![CONTACT]Please report any bugs orsuggestion of this game to bluejeancoder@gmail.com, thank you!