Cleaner - Boost & Optimize Pro 2.7.1
Cleaner - Boost & Optimize Pro is a powerful Android speedbooster & toolbox which includes functions such as clean junkfiles, boost memory & game speed, search history & phonecall/sms history eraser, mute notifications (Android 4.4 and up)and installed/pre-installed app manager. Use this All-In-OneCleaner to optimize & power up your device and become themaster of your android smartphone!* FEATURES of Cleaner - Boost& Optimize*1. Memory CleanerCloses background runningapps/processes that slows down your device. Using Memory Cleanerfunction will cool down your phone when CPU overheating, speed upyour phone, and even save your phone from battery draining.2. JunkFiles Fast CleanRemove old junk files such as system cache trash& residual files. Free up your storage space & optimizeyour phone for better performance!3. Game Speed Booster ByAllocating system resource to your game, Game Booster will fasten& optimize your phone engine for the best gameplay environment.Use this function when phone is lagging or freezes frequently uponplaying game.4. Call Log History & SMS History EraserProtectyour privacy by removing any unwanted call log history & SMS /Text History one by one. 5. Search & Browser HistoryEraserCleaner secures your privacy by erasing Google play storesearch history, default browser search history, clipboard history& downloaded files.6. App ManagerBatch uninstall unused /unwanted apps to free up your storage space & Disablepre-installed apps!7. Block NotificationsTired of getting too muchnotifications but lazy to set notifications muted one by one? Thenthis function is for you! Block Notifications aggregates all ofyour notifications in one place at your status pulldown, and let'syou check whenever you want to check them.Cleaner - Master PowerClean - Development Team is dedicated to make your Android lifebetter! Give us your feedback anytime at feedback@1923america.com
Blue Light Filter for Eye Care 1.1.1
Blue light filter for your eye care & protection! Blue light,also known as "High-energy visible light" is given from yoursmartphone screen, which is said to be the cause of eye fatigue,deterioration of eye sight and insomnia. Prolonged exposure willdamage the eyes retina. This application, blue light filter willadjust a color of screen to reduce & block the blue light andhelps your eyes relax, works similar to screen dimmer or screenfilter, resulting in reduce eye fatigue, deterioration of eyesight. ** Functions of Blue light Filter for Eye Care** 1.Filter/Dimmer to protect your eyes. Turn ON filter to startprotecting your eyes! Especially effective when you are to stare atthe smartphone screen for longer hours & during night. 2.Various Adjutments - Filter/Dimmer strength from 0% to 100% - 6different filter/dimmer colors to choose from - Adjust phoneopacity and brightness - Option to keep the status bar color as-isor include in the filter 3. Super simple & effective interface!Turning ON/OFF is just within one-tap from app launch. 4.Auto-Startup An option to auto-startup the filter when booted.Either ON/OFF. 5. Widget Easily turn ON/OFF the filter frompulldown menu.
Game Booster - Speed Up Phone 1.1.1
Game Booster - Speed Up Phone is an extremely powerful tool to playyour Android game in an optimal performance. Game Booster frees upyour phone memory & close unused apps/tasks to boost bestenvironment for your Android Game play. This app also features"Game Mode" where you can choose to apply specified phoneenvironment for your game. Game Booster will unleash your phonepotential and bring your game play experience to the next level!Download Game Booster for FREE!* FEATURES *1. Boost Game byOne-TapKills unnecessary tasks and apps and frees up memory, boostsyour phone for your best game play experience ever!2. Game PlayMode- Assign your favorite play style for each game and boost theapp within that game play mode!- Long Play (Save battery), PowerPlay (Optimal experience), Offline Play (Mobile-data-OFF) availableby default.3. Create your own Custom Mode!- Create your own BoostMode and assign that mode to your favorite game!- ConfigureMobile-Data, Bluetooth, Brightness, Screen Rotation, DataAuto-Sync, and SoundsGame Booster – Speed up Phone - DevelopmentTeam is dedicated to make your Android life better! Give us yourfeedback anytime at feedback@1923america.com
Battery Saver Pro 3.6.3
Battery Saver Pro - Power Doctor is a powerful & simple AndroidBattery Saver & Power Manager. Functions include : (1) One-tapbattery optimizer (2) Deep sleep mode (3) App consumption tracker(4) Activity remaining time estimator (5) Widget. Use Battery Saver– Power Doctor – properly to save battery power up to 2x-4x more!*FEATURES of Battery Saver – Power Doctor - *1. One-tap BatteryOptimizerWith one-tap, the app closes background running apps andrecommends you functions to turn off in order to save more. Thisfunction serves as memory cleaner/booster as well to speed up yourandroid phone along with saving battery power. Optimizer will alsoindicate you how many hours you have / can save from phonedraining.2. Deep Sleep Mode Even you are not using the phone, lotsof activities are going on that will drain your battery life. DeepSleep Mode is set to solve this problem, such as disabling Wi-Fi,Auto-Sync while the phone is not in use. Various modes areavailable for your convenience. While not using your phone, setyour "Sleep Mode" to save time!3. App Consumption Tracker /UninstallerBattery Saver – Power Doctor – tracks application usageand shows you which app drains the most. Choose the app that drainsthe battery the most and Uninstall/or/Force Stop to save Androidtime!4. Remaining Time TrackerIndicates the remaining/limit timefor Talktime, Game, Standby, AudioPlayback, MoviePlayback,WebSurfing, and Reading. Also shows life level in percent (%) atstatus bar.5. Power Doctor WidgetAccess and turn on/off variousfunctions from Home screen Widget.Disclaimer : Results on savingmay vary. The numbers 2x-4x on the screenshot, app detail is aresult of our various tests and we believe we can deliver goodresult to you as well, but the battery length is affected by manyfactors such as screen size, running applications, usage in yearsetc. Please contact us if you don't feel the difference, we'll lookin to it.Battery Saver – Power Doctor - Development Team isdedicated to make your Android life better! Give us your feedbackanytime at feedback@1923america.com
Battery Saver - Power Doctor 3.6.4
Battery Saver - Power Doctor is a powerful Android Battery Saver& Power Optimizer. Functions include (1) One-tap BatteryOptimizer (2) Battery Saving Mode (Deep Sleep) (3) Batteryconsuming App Tracker (4) Battery percentage widget (5) Activityremaining time estimator (6) Boost charge Screen saver!BatterySaver - Power Doctor is a powerful phone doctor, helps to save yourbattery up to 2x-4x longer! Use this super simple yet powerfulBattery Saver to optimize your battery power!* FEATURES *1. One-tapBattery OptimizerSaving your battery is just one tap away. BatterySaver will close your background running apps and recommends youfunctions to turn off in order to save even more. This functionserves as memory cleaner/booster as well to speed up your androidphone. Optimizer will also indicate you how many hours you have /can save from phone draining.2. Battery Saving Mode (Deep Sleep)Even if you are not using the phone, lots of activities are goingon that will drain your battery life. Deep Sleep Mode is set tosolve this problem, such as disabling Wi-Fi, Auto-Sync while thephone is not in use. Various modes are available for yourconvenience.3. Battery consuming App Tracker Battery Saver - PowerDoctor - tracks application usage and shows you which app drainsthe battery the most. Uninstall/or/Force Stop option available tokeep your battery percentage!4. Activity remaining timeEstimatorIndicates the remaining/limit time for Talktime, Game,Standby, AudioPlayback, MoviePlayback, WebSurfing, and Reading.Also shows battery percentage in status bar.5. Power DoctorWidgetAccess and turn on/off various functions from Home screenWidget.6. Boost Charge Screen SaverKills unnecessary apps duringcharge to help speed up your battery charging time.Disclaimer :Results on saving may vary. The numbers 2x-4x on the screenshot,app detail is a result of our various tests that is madein-house.Battery Saver – Power Doctor - Development Team isdedicated to make your Android life better! Give us your feedbackanytime at feedback@1923america.com
Speed Test - Wifi & Mobile 1.1.3
Speed Test - Wifi & Mobile is a super easy-to-use InternetSpeed Test Applications. Test your Internet Speed including Ping /Upload Speed / Download Speed on any connection such as Wi-Fi / 3G/ 4G / LTE. Find out the best suitable network for you and enjoyfaster internet speed for your phone! Find your Best InternetConnection! - This app will help you test your current internetconnection on Mobile Data connection or Wi-Fi Internet. Lots ofWi-Fi's around you and not sure which one is the fastest? Want toknow where in your house gets the best speed result? Want to findout whether Mobile Data or Wi-Fi is faster ? This app is for you! *FEATURE* 1. One-Tap Internet Speed Test - Just tap "Test" and yourDownload Speed, Upload Speed, Ping Speed will be tested! - SpeedTest any internet connection - 3G / 4G / LTE / Wi-Fi with one-tap!2. Netspeed Test History - App will automatically save the speedtest history so to compare all internet speeds! - Tap Trash-Icon todelete your unwanted history! Download the app for FREE to testyour Internet Speed and get the most out of your Android with thisSpeed Test Application!
Flashlight | Super Bright LED 1.0.3
Flashlight - Super bright LED Flashlight with functions includingSearch-light, Screen-light, 10-Strobe-Speed, and SOS mode. Supereasy to use - Instantly turns ON the flashlight the second youlaunch the app. This app utilizes the Camera flash (LED) so tobring the brightest flashlight on your device.** FUNCTION **1.Instant FlashlightThe second you launch the app, the flashlightwill turn ON instantly. No Splash screen.2. 10 Strobe SpeedBlinkingfrequency adjustable from 0 (no-blink) to 10 (frequentlyblinking)3. SearchlightUsing the camera function while using theflashlight will enable to easily look into small space.4.ScreenlightDon't want to use the LED light but need a bit of light?Use the screen light mode!5. SOS Signal ModeSOS Signal modeavailable for emergency occurrence.