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ezETC ( ETC餘額查詢, 計程試算, 即時路況) 2.21 Build 06
ezETC方便您掌握高速公路電子收費資訊,清楚搞懂里程計算,迎接計程收費時代。 【公告】 ◎ 本App不是遠通電收官方查詢程式。ETC 餘額查詢及明細查詢管理,幫助您瞭解每一次的扣款紀錄,不需要繁瑣的流程,只要加入車輛後,按下主頁右上角的 "餘額查詢”更新按鈕,即可搞定ETC 帳戶管理。 【特色】 ◎ 幫您將明細紀錄儲存在手機,隨時可看,並且可記錄明細內容。 ◎ 清楚瞭解帳戶內容。◎ 多台車輛同時查詢。 ◎ 一鍵搞定所有車輛餘額查詢。 ◎ 明細, 餘額不足, 欠費通知。 ◎ 里程試算 ◎ 高速公路即時路況【注意事項】 ◎ 內有廣告。(為了支持我們持續創作,並提供更多便利的功能,請您多多包涵和支持)
iKnow99 Car Aid-Car management 2.17.02
Fuel economy, maintenance, fueling, and expenses can be recordedthrough the webpage (http://iknow99.com) and the cell phone; as thecell phone gets connected to the internet, the data will besynchronized automatically to spare users the trouble of backup. Noneed to worry about forgetting the time of maintenance or changingparts anymore. As you record the maintenance info, the system willautomatically help you manage the status of your vehicle(s). If youare interested in knowing what other vehicle drivers think or howtheir vehicles perform? you can check it via our app and share youropinions too. Do you find it troublesome to transfer data when youchange a new mobile phone? iKnow99 stores the records of yourvehicle in the cloud space, so you don't have to worry about databackup or using multiple devices at the same time. In addition, youcan log in the webpage (http:// iknow99.com) to edit the records ofyour vehicle conveniently. Even if you don't fuel the tank to thefull, you can know the fuel consumption. iKnow99 is a professionalfuel-recording tool, which will calculate the statistics of fuelconsumption based on the capacity of your fueltank. Feature (1)Users can store maintenance sheets and receipts. (2) Users can knowthe status of vehicle maintenance clearly. (3) Users can know thefuel consumption without fueling the tank to the full. (4) Userscan know the various expenses of the vehicle(s) well. (5) Users canmanage multiple vehicles. (6) Users don't need to back up recordswhen changing cell phones. (7) Users can edit maintenance recordsvia our webpage easily. We hope we can provide you with agood-quality software and services, but we know there is alwaysroom for improvement. Please go to our FB page(http://www.facebook.com/iknow99) to give us suggestions, thankyou! Keyword: fuel log, gas, fuel economy, gas economy,maintenances, used car, receipt, motorcycle, moped, service, carcare, cloud , expense