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Teutans 1.5
IMC Toys
The Teutans need you help to defeattheBadulls. Join these heroes and fight in the final battleagainstthe evil Opticom!
CLUB PETZ LUCY Sing & Dance 2.9
IMC Toys
Interact with Lucy through the app!
Cry Babies 1.0.13
IMC Toys
Welcome to the world of Cry Babies Magic Tears! Meet your favoritecharacters and have fun playing and taking care of them. Coney,Dotty, Lady, Lala, Lea and Nala are waiting for you at BottleValley along with their pets. TAKING CARE OF CRY BABIES You will beable to feed Coney, Dotty, Lady, Lala, Lea and Nala, shower them,change their clothes and put a thousand accessories on them. Youwill also be able to play with their pets! OBTAIN ALL THEACCESSORIES By playing the different games, you can get stars toexchange for super fun accessories in the shop: Bracelets, glasses,new outfits, decorations for your house and many other things. MAKEUP LADY You can paint Lady’s face with masks, stickers and muchmore! MAKE CAKES Have fun baking and decorating cakes with Coney!TAKE CARE OF THE PETS Some pets are sick. Help Dr. Dotty cure themso they can keep playing in Bottle Valley! DANCE WITH LEA Followthe music and dance with Lea to learn new ballet steps! HAVE FUN INA CONCERT Have fun playing the guitar with Nala in her greatconcert so that all of Bottle Valley can enjoy it. FIND PARTNERS Doyou know which Cry Baby Magic Tear’s pet is which? Show it byfinding the partners! WATCH ALL THE EPISODES OF THE SERIES Enterthe cinema to watch all the episodes of Cry Babies Magic Tears.Plus, you can bookmark your favorites and access them faster!SELECT YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS You can indicate which Cry Babiesare your favorites and view the entire collection. Welcome to theworld of Cry Babies Magic Tears! Enter Bottle Valley, play withyour favorite characters and discover new adventures. Remember toalways have the latest version of the app. We still have manysurprises to show you!
IMC Toys
The Laffies App is already available! Connect it with yourrealLaffies doll and… make her laugh non-stop! Enjoy all the gamesandwin many prizes! CHARACTERISTICS YOUR LAFFIE: Discover yourdoll’spersonality as well as her happiness levels. LET’S LAUGH:When theproduct is connected to the app, you will be able todiscover whichpoints make your doll laugh at every moment. Thelaughometer willnever stop increasing happiness levels! SCHOOLTIME: Amazing schoolminigames. Tidy up Laffies class by putting allthe accessories inthe bags or use the checklist to make sure thatall of them are inthe class. TRANSLATOR: Translate your sentencesinto Laffieslanguage and… you will see how your doll starts tolaugh when shehears you speaking in her baby language! PRIZES: Themore you play,the more prizes you will get! You can win sounds tosend to yourreal Laffies such as a little fart, a piggy laugh… oreven a song!More novelties coming soon! TIPS Make sure that the appiscorrectly connected with the product. Still do not knowtheLaffies? They are dolls that laugh like real babies! They have5points of interaction, but if you touch a wrong point… theywillget sad! Will it be on their belly? On their ear? On theirbottom?On their nose? Or when you put their toy close to them? Youwillhave to discover where because they are not always in thesamepoint!
Lucky Bob: Messy Adventures 1.0.6
IMC Toys
Welcome to the clumsy world of Lucky Bob, where the unexpected willbrighten your day and fuel your fun! This new and innovative gamewill allow you to collect your favorite toys and use fundamentalskills in several mini-games and stimulating activities that can beplayed offline. Dive into the most exciting adventure and extendthe Lucky Bob toys' experience in some fun and exciting moments!This safe app includes: - 5 exciting mini-games of various styles,from puzzle to action. - Some stimulating activities to fix allBob's stumbles. - 60 of your favorite toys to unlock by scanningtheir cards. - 21 exclusive interactive videos that will let youchoose your own story. - Many hidden gags to laugh over Bob'sclumsiness. - Some achievements and collection to follow yourprogress and challenge yourself. Lucky Bob is 100% free todownload, playable offline without Internet connection, safe withno ads and no in-app purchases!