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Hungry Turtle 1.31
IMP Studio
Welcome to Hungry Turtle! This is the classic arcade game. Swim asfar as you can, avoid obstacles, catch bonuses and don't forget toeat, because this turtle is very hungry!
Frog Battle 1.08
IMP Studio
Frog Battle is a funny variation of a classicSea Battle game.Do you like battle games? Win the frog opponent in a honestfight!It is not enough to find all frog opponent's ships on the frogswamp map for a victory.To hit the opponent's ship your frog gunner need to shoot at itwith the cannon.Besides the usual cannon balls there are some super-weapons.Each special weapon affects the enemy frog differently and makesthe shooting more difficult.Place your ships and go fight with the pirate frog!Free daily super-weapon package! Just launch the FrogBattle!
Ask The Cat 1.02
IMP Studio
Have any questions about the past, futureorpresent? Ask this wise cat!He knows a lot. Just pet the cat and you free to ask!But remember to ask the cat wisely.A cat assures its owner of good luck.
Hungry Turtle Premium 1.19
IMP Studio
Welcome to Hungry Turtle!This is the classic arcade game. Swim as far as you can,avoidobstacles, catch bonuses and don't forget to eat, becausethisturtle is very hungry!*** ADS-FREE version ***
Slingshot Shooter 1.18
IMP Studio
Just aim and shoot the targets. Collect stars to unlock newslingshots. Improve your skills to become a master.Slingshotshooting can be challenging!
Hedgehog goes home 1.41
IMP Studio
Join this adventure and help little hedgehog to get home!Travelthrough the woods, avoid dangers and collect foods.Look for magicplaces that will give additional assistancefor the hedgehog. Find asafe hole to sleep at night.Hedgehog wants to get home!