鐡血三國OL 6.0.6
"江山如此多娇谁是英雄? 四海风流人物天下归心!我是狂战长枪立马安天下,阁下谋士羽扇纶巾定乾坤。剑灵飘逸浣纱女,分身爆击傲须眉!《鐡血三國OL》是以“三国”为大背景的即时战斗网游,在这里:每一个骚年都有一筐英雄梦,杀伐决断成就霸业问鼎天下排行榜!每一个软妹都期待着自己的白马探花,执子之手与子偕老,在玫瑰花雨中永结同心!每一个基友...咳咳,都在桃园结义金兰,左手年华右手在一起!游戏中的任务、副本、战场等历练提升你等级的同时,收集装备、镶嵌宝石、玄晶强化以及丰富的生活技能帮助你势大力沉地提升着自身的各项属性。职业技能的升级更是带来多样的控制技、DOT攻击、秒杀等操作流最爱的菜有耐心看到这儿的小主,您不妨先轻点“立即下载”按钮再听我接着给小主介绍天下归心主推多人PVP战场玩法,每小时开启一次的PVP战场为PK控们提供了宽广的舞台,虎牢关击杀对方BOSS、官渡占领粮草、媚坞争夺夜明珠。。。每周末的家族战更是各路英雄好汉展现实力的大好时机天下新推出的连续登陆福利系统,连续上线就能获得大量珍稀道具,早一天上手早一天领福利啦~~""This land so rich inbeauty who is a hero? Universal heroes the world's hearts!I was mad war rifles stand Maan world, your counselor moves oflupine Lun towel.Jian-Ling Sha elegant woman, spare crit proud eyebrows!"MTR blood Three OL" is "three" as the background of the real-timecombat online here:Each show has a basket in heroic dreams, aspirations to the worldrankings killing decision Chengjiubaye!Each soft sister are looking forward to their third overall whitehorse, handle and grow old son, the rain to tie the knot inroses!Each group Friends of the ... Ahem, sworn sworn in Taoyuan, Loveleft hand together!Game task, a copy of the battlefield to improve your level ofexperience, etc., while collecting equipment, inlaid stones,mysterious crystal strengthen and enrich life skills to help youenhance Shitailichen with their various properties. Upgradevocational skills is to bring diverse control technology, DOTattacks and other operations flow spike favorite dishesHave the patience to see the little master here, you may wish totap the "Download Now" button to listen to me and then introducedto the little masterThe world's hearts than pushing the main battleground PVP play,once per hour, open PVP battleground for the PK controller toprovide a broad stage, Hulao kill each other off BOSS, Guanduoccupation forage, pro dock compete glowing pearl. . . Everyweekend is a family war hero heroes golden opportunity to showstrengthThe new world of continuous landing welfare systems, continuouson-line will be able to get a lot of rare props, started one dayearlier one day earlier welfare collar friends ~ ~ " - Battle of Tanks
Battle Of The Tanks IO is Online, MultiPlayer game with greatnetwork experience! You start with a small tank and you growstronger as you level up. Drive around and farm to gain exp andlevel up! Upgrade your tank based on your strategy! Choose a smartstrategy in order to kill as much as possible! Move around andsearch for the weak opponents and the victory will be yours! Killyour opponents and try not to die! Improve your skills and try tosurvive! Don't die for a long time and climb as high as you can inthe live leaderboard! Do you need a fast game with multiplestrategies to chose? Then this is the game for you! Try it out!