Tiny Agents 1.0
We are happy to present you Tiny AgentsforAndroid.Tap on the screen and bounce the ball to avoid touchingtheobstacles from different colors except white. Remember whiteisyour friend. You also have two more friends who will go withyouand help breaking all sorts of obstacles that come on yourway.These are called Tiny Agents.The longer you survive the more points you will get. Youcanspend your points to get special power ups mentioned below…Slow motion: Take slow motion power up to slow down themomentumand make difficult parts easy to play.Invincibility: This power up will help you becomeinvincibleagainst any obstacles for limited period of time.How to play: Just tap on the screen to make the ball jumpanddodge the obstacles. At the left bottom corner you will seebuttonsfor slow motion and invincibility. Just tap on themrespectively toactivate power ups.Game Highlights:-Crazy game environment with tricky obstacles.-Catchy sound effects and background score.-Real life physics based game controls-Limited level in Lite VersionSo, download Tiny Agents today and enjoy playing it withyourfriends and colleague.
Into The Woods 1.0
Explore a vast world of forrest atitsimpenetrable state with special creatures called ROLLY andBLACKBEE. Compete with your friends on Global leaderboard.Masterdodging obstacles placed on physics-based paths tochallengeworld’s top explorers for top score. Go through a worldofadventure with crazy obstacles and special power ups scatteredontricky places.IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you collect all the Life Gems onthecourse of the journey. Without them, ROLLY won’t be able to makeitany further.Into The Woods has the craziest obstacles ever, which are funtoovercome and at the same time need quick presence of mind tofindthe way out.SPECIAL POWERUPS:-Slow motion: Use it when you need to pass a difficult hurdle.Itslows down the momentum of the game so that players can maketheway out.-Fast Motion: Use it when you need to pass a hurdleveryfast.Game Features:-The entire game is designed in a dense forrest withinsaneobstacles and blockades.-Use your presence of mind to find the way out on anendlessprocedurally generated world.-Catchy background score with fun sound effects.-Collect Special Life Gems and Point Gems to increase your chancetosurvive.-Get special power ups utilizing the earned points and use themwhenneeded.-Chose from two special creatures ROLLY and BLACK BEE.PLEASE NOTE! Into The Woods is completely free to play,howeversome game items can be purchased.Do install Into the Woods today and get on board for anexcitingjourney in a dense forrest.
Scooter Boy 6
Sharpen your scooter riding skills byplayingScooter Boy. Speeding Up, Jumping,and avoiding obstacles tolandsafely. The game derives its utmost fun from its easygameplaycontrols. You only need to accelerate or jump over theobstacles onthe road and get the scores as possible as you can. Thegame isbased on an endless procedurally generated world.Features:-High quality graphics.-Fun animations with cool sound effects.-Catchy background score.-Competitive game environment.-Top the Leaderboard by gaining points along the journey.-Endless fun.============>INSTRUCTIONS<============-ScooterBoy is very easy to play. Use the on screen buttons tojumpand increase the speed of the scooter when you need to jumpoverhurdles. At the bottom right corner you will have the Jumpbuttonand the bottom left corner of the screen you will have thebuttonto increase the speed.So what are you waiting for? Take your scooter out and jointhefun with ScooterBoy. Get competitive with your friends andfamilyand score the highest.
TheOutpost 1.4
This is a invitation to keep therelationships,the deeper connections, the new rhythms we eachcontinue to live anddiscover, going...It is a hope, that somehowfrom a distance, andhopefully at times together, we can continueto listen to thedrumbeat, to quiet ourselves enough to listen forthat cadence, thatcalling that God continues to have for each ofus.So there will be an occasional reminder of Space here.Hopefully as well, this can be a place that can remind us totakethe next steps, a place that will continue to invite each of ustopray and be prayed for, and a place we can track where, whenandhow, you all are continuing to connect.So ..... Here is to a continuation of our journey, here is tothestruggle and the battles we continue to fight, here is tothatdistant drumbeat that continues to call us tosomethingmore....Here is to the spontaneous gatherings that could emerge inFlorida,Minn., Virginia, Colorado, Nebraska and elsewhere.Here is to TheOutpost.In TheOutpost you will find:Publications – Monthly Space or other articles from the Harborteamwill be accessible directly from TheOutpost. You will receiveapush notification when a new article is posted.Outpost Wall – Post picture, thoughts, or comments on theOutpostWall for the entire Outpost community to see.Event Group Wall – After completing a Harbor Ministriesevent(Rhythm in Twenty or Rogue Journey) your entire event groupwill beadded to a Wall that includes just the people fromyourgroup.Directory – Keep in touch with other Harbor Ministriesparticipantsfrom all over the country using the directory. You cansearch byname, group, or state.