English Grammar quiz (EGQ) 3.1.0
English Grammar quiz (EGQ), is an easy way to learn English Grammarwith in quiz as games.The application contains a huge number of questions in Englishgrammar and vocabulary that are selected randomly to improve yourEnglish
Hash Books 1.0
- Islamic books and cultural scalable, few sizes,complete anddivided addresses- Change the background color and font size suitable for theconsideration of the reader- A comprehensive Islamic library containing thousands of books andArabic as exchange , language and literature- Less than the size of the book which is compressed to the maximumextent possible to deal with it and open it- Copy and past from the application is clear to use- Full text of the Arabic characters and composition rather thanregular images such as books- List horizontal yellow on the right of the screen allows thetransition to the titles and authors of booksEasily and conveniently .- The possibility of download books from the internet applicationform and merge them and read them .- Flexibility with screen size and alignment and wrap text .- A comprehensive and accurate classification of books by category, rather than the suffering of classification.- Number of non- final load of books at a time with one mouse click.- Save favorite books in and retrieved even though the closure ofthe application.- Sharing the book with friends in social networking sites .- The transition between the categories of books easily .
Al-Quran (Free) 3.2.3
The Most Popular Quran Application that introduce all Islamicreligion text with high smart book and local search engine, overthan 10.000.000 users,When you open first time the applicationcontain index of the Qur'an (Holy Islamic text), in addition tosmart access that enables access to the settings, research, and “myfavorites”, When you tab at any Surah, the application will ask forthe first time about the style of reading you prefer according toyour convenience, When you tab the red shaded words, word meaningin the Koran appear to understanding and reading the Quran atonce.The full text of the Qur'an provides memorization feature withtwo levelsThe 1st for Ayahat (verses) and 2nd for words withhearing the Ayahat (verses) to know the correct pronunciation ofthe Koran.Sometimes we find it difficult to search for a specificword Koran, Al-Quran (free) provides a local search in addition toinstant access to the selected result.The full text of the Qur'anprovides memorization feature with two levelsThe 1st for Ayahat(verses) and 2nd for words with hearing the verses to know thecorrect pronunciation of the KoranA reader of any Qur'anapplication (religion Islamic text) from aged and children facesthe small font size in the Koran and the applications that dependson images without zoom options , Al-Quran (free) provides speedIncrease font with 14 different degree without breach the words orclose or crash the application.Post Ayahat (verses) and surahs onFacebook, twitter and whatever social networks become easier inAl-Quran (free) by browsing the Surah then you can share theAyah.Aavailable for all devices that are running Android until thelast release without exception.The Quran is clear text and Othmanifont like Madinah Mushaf.Synchronize voice, word by word with thefollowing Qari andImam-------------------------------------------------Sheikh Imam:Maher AL MaaiqliSheikh Imam: Abd El Baset Abd El SamadSheikh Qari:Fares abbadSheikh Imam: Mashari Rashed AlfassySheikh Imam: AbdulRahman Al SudaisSheikh Imam : Saad GhamidiSheikh Qari : MahmoudKhalil HosarySheikh Imam : Ahmed Bin Aly Ajamy
Nearest Masjid (Mosque) 1.5
Nearest Masjid (Mosque) is a powerfulapplication to find the nearest Masjid of your locationApp features1- The app uses GPS teq.2- The app supports all countries and all languages.3- The app Sorts the Masjids by the nearest one.4- The app calculate the distance between your location and nearestMasjid5- The app uses Google maps to show the Masjid location6- The app supports four types of maps: Road map, Satellitemap,Terrian, and Hybrid7- The app draws path on the map between your position and thenearest MasjidNote: Application needs to connect to the Internet to work
Free Books Discovery 1.5.1
Join the largest free book search engine and download Books Morethan 10 million of books, free books and download from theencyclopedia in a seamless and very fast manner.We collecting allthe free search-engines that provide direct download of sourceswith support for changing the name of the book through the databasewithin the applicationSaving time and trouble searching – theapplication works at your convenience-one of the most importantfeatures of the unique application that gives it a wide preferencefor the most important existing applications in the store is animportant application for students, researchers and scholarsthroughout the world in all scientific and literary fields.Theapplication does not stop searching for everything related tokeyword you looking for, all of the resources you need are withinone application to explore free books with a free tool, seamlessuse of search and downloadAreas of application: realism –FictionSci-fi, drama, adventure, thriller, Romance, mystery,horror, health, travel, children's books, guide, book Religious andspiritual, scientific books, history, mathematics, poetry,Encyclopaedia, Dictionary, short stories, art, books Cooking,memos, the book can belong to more than one type or even two typesof previous species, it may be a mixture of excitement, horror,adventure, or a mixture of drama, romance, and other examples.Theapplication is available to all MENA Countries from the ocean tothe Gulf, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman,Jordan, Palestine, Ethiopia, Algeria, and Libya
ثراث الإمام الرائد محمد زكي إبراهيم 1.0
ثراث الإمام الرائد محمد زكي إبراهيم من مواد نصية وصوتيةومرئيةThelegacy of Imam Majid Muhammad Zaki Ibrahim from textual,audio andvisual materials