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Madani Channel 5.7
Madani Channel is a renowned religious channel of Pakistan. It isthe only unique Islamic Channel where displaying of un-Islamicthings like playing of music, displaying of commercials etc. isstrictly prohibited. In brief, not a single impermissible act ofIslam is aired on the channel. Therefore the Channel has a widerange of top rated Islamic TV Programs watched by millions ofMuslims every day from across the globe. By the blessings of Allah,as a result of the tremendous efforts made by the I.T Department ofDawat-e-Islami, a global non-political movement for preaching ofQuran and Sunnah, an excellent Mobile App namely “Madani Channel”has been designed. Its distinguished features include: • Video& Audio Streaming of Urdu, Bangla and English Madani Channel. •Five Internet Radio Services are part of this Application. Userscan listen these recorded classifieds like Tilawat-e-Quran,Al-Quran Kareem with Translation, Farz Uloom, Madani Muzakra andNaat. It’s a user-friendly application with a beautiful interface.Use it and persuade others to make the most of it. Please emailyour helpful suggestions and comments at
Maulana Imran Attari - Islamic Scholar 2.0.3
Head of the Central Executive Committee of Dawat-e-Islami, HazratMaulana Haji Abu Hamid Muhammad Imran Attari is one of theprominent Islamic Scholar of the present era. He travels across theworld for the revival of the Muslim Ummah and his Sunnah InspiredBayanat (Speeches) has reformed the lives of millions ofindividuals. The I.T Department of Dawat-e-Islami has developed anApp with the name of “Haji Imran Attari” which contains theinformative audios and videos of Maulana Muhammad Imran Attari.Moreover, this is a beautifully designed App with an eye-catchinginterface. This App consists of following sections: • User willfind the Media of Nigran-e-Shura Haji Muhammad Imran Attari. • With“Madani Channel Radio” you can also listen the live Audio Streamingof Madani channel. • You can share the App link through Facebook,Twitter, Skype or other Social Media platforms. • With the optionof “Donation” you can donate your money in the noble mission ofDawat-e-Islami. • You can send your suggestions or complains via“Live Chat” option. Use this brilliant App and let other IslamicBrothers know about it. You can share your valuable comments andfeedback with us at
Madani Inamat
This application is a collection of various Madani Inamat which arebased on questions of personal accountability. By using this appyou can evaluate the things in your daily lifestyle and can bringreligious and ethical reforms. The I.T. department ofDawat-e-Islami has developed a Madani Inamat mobile application inorder to make people bound of Sharia rulings and lead their dailyroutine according to it and in this application, you will find 72Madani Inamat for Islamic Brothers, 63 for Islamic Sisters and 92for Male Students. It’s a brilliant app for android users and has agorgeously designed UI. Few key features are described below: • Youcan fill Madani Inamat Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly andQufl-e-Madina sections. • You can examine and finalize the Monthlyperformance. • This application can be used in three differentlanguages English, Urdu and Hindi. • User can compare the religiousactivities with the previous one in the form of Graph. • You canalso save your performance on Google Drive. Use this marvelous appand let other Islamic Brothers and Sisters know about it. You cansend your suggestions and feedback at
Mufti Qasim Attari - Islamic Scholar 2.0
About “Mufti Muhammad Qasim Attari Application” The Applicationcontains audio and video files of Mufti Muhammad Qasim Attari سملہالباری. Technology: This app has been developed by the ITDepartment of Dawat-e-Islami for android devices. Description: Thepreacher of Dawat-e-Islami, Mufti Abu Saleh Muhammad Qasim Attariis one of the spiritual and scholarly personages of the presentage. The IT department has designed and developed this applicationin order to spread the Islamic knowledge by Mufti Abu SalehMuhammad Qasim Attari. This app contains following differentsections: • Blessings of the Holy Quran. • Shan-e-Habib-ur-Rehman •Blessings of Islam • Faizan-e-Ilm • Faizan-e-Riaz-us-Saliheen •Sunnah-Inspiring Speeches • Informative Madani Pearls and muchmore. It is divided into customizable categories which can beturned on/off as per requirement. Once the application isconnected, it will sync up with the server showing latest contentsfrom the server: The Application is easy touse and navigate. It’s a user-friendly application with an eyecatching interface. Use it and persuade others to make the most ofit. Please email us your helpful suggestions and comments on thefollowing address.
com.hasshub.hajjoumrah 3.5
Being vitally important acts of worship, Hajj and Umrah carry greatsignificance in Islam. Millions of Islamic Brothers and Sistersvisit the Holy Places of Makkah and Madina every year with theintention of performing Hajj and Umrah. Considering it as a need oftime, the I.T Department of Dawat-e-Islami has introduced anApplication Hajj and Umrah. By using it, Pilgrims can perform thetwo vitally significant acts in proper way. This App have followingamazing Features: • Comprehensive step by step guide of performingHajj & Umrah. • Necessary 3D, Sign Language and Explanation ofHajj (Ahkam-e-Hajj) Videos are part of this Application. • Duas andparticular places, where Dua is not rejected are mentioned. • It isalways advisable to check “Things to do List” before travelling toMakkah. This feature will help you in making Hajj journeycomfortable. • 16 Madani Pearls are the beauty of this Application.• Get accurate Prayer Timings & Qibla Direction of any place inthe world especially Haramain Sharif i.e. Makkah, Madina &Jeddah through this Mobile App. • With this feature user canspecify locations for Holy Places, Hotel and Restaurant nearby hiscurrent location. • Weather feature will keep pilgrims updatedregarding weather conditions. It is exceptionally easy to use. Justby one Click, user can easily know about the weather conditions ofMakkah, Madina and Jeddah. • Using the feature of CurrencyConverter, user can convert Saudi Riyal into different currenciesand vice versa. It is a user-friendly Mobile App with aneye-catching interface. Use it and persuade others to make the mostof it. Your valuable comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated.
Rohani Ilaj 2.3
Ruhani Ilaj App Technology:Application has been developed by the ITDepartment of Dawat-e-Islami for android devices.Description:The ITdepartment of Dawat-e-Islami, a global non-political movement forthe propagation of Holy Quran and Sacred Sunnah, has developed andpresented a new application, namely “Ruhani Ilaj” for the spiritualtreatment of Muslim Ummah. The App is based on 40 differentSpiritual Cures (40 Ruhani Ilaj), a booklet of Shaikh-e-TariqatAmeer-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat Hazrat Allama Maulana Abu-Bilal Muhmmad IlyasAttari Qadiri Razavi دامت برکاتہم العالیہ. This enchantingapplication is designed with a marvelous layout. It includesvarious diseases and their spiritual treatments. “Quranic Wazaif”derived from ““Asma-e-Ilahe عزوجل” can be accessed freely on theapp. Those who require instant Wazaif in their daily life can makeuse of this application.Use this application and let other Muslimbrothers know about this and encourage them. Give us your valuablefeedback at
Karamat-e-Ala Hazrat 1.0.0
About “Karamat-e-A’la Hazrat” App:The Application has been designedand developed by the IT Department of Dawat-e-Islami for androiddevices.Description:For serving Muslim Ummah, The IT department ofDawat-e-Islami, a global non-political movement for the propagationof the Holy Quran and Sunnah, has been introducing various Islamicapps over a period of time. Currently an application by the name of“Karamat-e-Raza” has been developed. This application includesfollowing Karamat of A’la Hazrat;• Weather changed by the prayer ofA’la Hazrat,• Told about buried Treasure.• Train stopped!!•Watermelon got sweet.• Saved from operation.Besides, you can findmany other karamat of A’la Hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan رحمۃ اللہتعالٰی علیہ. Use this application to get knowledge aboutKaramat-e-A’la Hazrat and invite other Muslim brothers for thiscause.Your feedback at will be highlyappreciated.
Madani Qaidah 3.5
The Holy book of Allah Quran Majeed whose recitation and attainingits knowledge has been made obligatory upon every believer. This isthe book which contains all the secrets of life and tells us a wayto lead life according to the commandments of Almighty. The firststep in learning Quran recitation is Qaida and keeping that in mindthe I.T department of Dawat-e-Islami has introduced “Madani Qaidah”which is basically a tajweed learning app in order to teach ourkids and adults the proper recitation along with Tajweed rules andMakharij. This app is free to use and can be functional without anyinternet access. You can use following features in this app: • Thisapp will teach you like a Quran tutor with professionally recordedaudios of Qaida lessons. • Just tap on your desired word to hearthe sound with proper Arabic phonetic and make improvementsaccordingly. • With this Qaida app you can also watch the videos ofsome specific Qaidah lessons. • Increase your knowledge by readingquestions and answers related to Tajweed rules and Makharij. It’s auser-friendly mobile application so download it yourself and letother Islamic brothers know about it. Do send your valuablesuggestions and feedback at
Maulana Ilyas Qadri - Islamic Scholar 2.1.8
Shaykh-e-Tariqat, Ameer-e-Ahle Sunnat, Founder of Dawat-e-Islami,Hazrat Allama Maulana Abu Bilal Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadri RazaviZiyae دَامَت بَرَکاتُہُمُ الْعَالِیَہ is a prominent Islamicscholar and a spiritual guide of thousands of Muslims. He spent allhis life in the propagation of Islam and as a result of which isthat millions of Muslims have repented from their past sinful livesand many Non-Muslims entered into the fold of Islam. The I.Tdepartment of Dawat-e-Islami has launched an app named as “MaulanaMuhammad Ilyas Qadri” in which they have gathered all his Speeches,Achievements, and Books along with his Biography. Main Features ofthe App: • Introduction: You can read about the Introduction,Ancestors, Childhood, Youth, Baith and Spiritual life ofAmeer-e-Ahle Sunnat. • Become A Mureed: Become A Mureed ofAmeer-e-Ahle Sunnat just by filling out a short form. • Media: Inthe “Media” option you can find all the episodes of Madani Muzakra,Speeches and Short Clips of Ameer-e-Ahle Sunnat and can alsodownload them in video and audio files. • Books: Reform your lifeby reading the Islamic books of Ameer-e-Ahle Sunnat in more than 38languages. • Advanced Search: The search has been categorized nowfor a faster searching experience: ~ By Media ~ By Audio ~ By Book• Language: This delightful app can be used in English and Urdulanguages. • Share: You can share any video or video link throughFacebook, Twitter, Skype and other social sites. It’s a verygorgeously designed application with a brilliant interface so useit yourself and let others know about it. Share your valuablesuggestions and feedback with us at
Hayat-e-Raza 1.0.0
About Hayat-e-Raza App:The application is based on audio and videofiles containing biography of Imam Ahmed Razaرحمۃ اللہ تعالٰی علیہTechnology:The IT department of Dawat-e-Islami has credit ofdeveloping this app: for android devices. Description:TheMajlis-e-IT of Dawat-e-Islami, global Non-political Movement forthe propagation of the Holy Quran and Sunnah, has introduced manyapplications to serve the Muslim ummah. “Hayat-e-Raza” app providesa brief biography of Ala Hazrat, Imam-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat, Imam AhmadRaza Khan رحمۃ اللہ تعالٰی علیہ. What is new in Hayat-e-RazaApplication?• Brief Introduction• Expert in Islamic Knowledge• HisWritings• Strong Religious Knowledge• Love for the Holy Prophet andmuch more.Your feedback at will be highlyappreciated.
Kalam e Ala Hazrat 2.0.3
The I.T department of Dawat-e-Islami, a global non-politicalmovement for the preaching of Holy Quran and Sunnah is playing animportant part in order to spread the message of Islam across theglobe in various ways. An app has been developed for this purposewith the name of “Kalam e Ala Hazrat” in which the Kalam and Asharof Imam-e-Ahlesunnat Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan are compiled.You can listen, read and download the heart touching Kalam of AlaHazrat with this app. Moreover, it is a remarkable app with acolorfully designed lay-out. Prominent Features: • You can searchany word and that particular word will be highlighted in the text.• This app contains Kalam in audio and video files. • In this appyou will find all the Kalam of Ala Hazrat in the form of text aswell. • Content has been arranged in alphabetical order. • You cancopy the content and share it on social media. • User will alsofind clips and full episodes of “Naghmat e Raza” a program ofMadani channel. • You can download any file and it will be shown in“My Collection” section of the app. Download this app today, use ityourself and persuade others to make use of it. Your feedback andsuggestions are warmly welcome at
Al-Haaj Ubaid Raza Attari Madani 2.0.3
Hazrat Maulana Al-Haaj Muhammad Ubaid Raza Attari سَلَّمَہُالْبَارِی is one of the great Islamic personalities of present era.He travels across the world for the revival of the Muslim Ummah andhis Sunnah Inspired Bayanaat (Speeches) has brought religiousreforms in the lives of thousands of individuals. The I.Tdepartment of Dawat-e-Islami has developed an app with the name of“Al-Haaj Ubaid Raza Attari” which contains all the informativeaudios and videos of Maulana Muhammad Ubaid Raza Attari سَلَّمَہُالْبَارِی. Moreover, this is a gorgeously designed app with aneye-catching interface. Prominent Features: • With “Madani ChannelAudio” you can listen the live audio streaming of Madani channel. •User will find all the related media of Al-Haaj Muhammad Ubaid RazaAttari. • You can send your suggestions or complains via “LiveChat” option. • With the option of “Donation” you can donate yourmoney in the noble mission of Dawat-e-Islami. • You can share theapp link through Facebook, Twitter, Skype or other social mediaplatforms. Use this wonderful app and persuade other Islamicbrothers to make the most of it. You can share your valuablecomments and feedback with us at
Zehni Azmaish 3.3
By the grace of Allah عزوجل, and as a result of sincere effortsmade by the I.T Department of Dawat-e-Islami, a globalnon-political movement for preaching of Holy Quran and sacredSunnah, a magnificent mobile Application namely ‘ZEHNI AZMAISH’with a fascinating layout has been introduced in order tofacilitate Muslim brothers. Through this application you can; •Watch videos online, • Download Videos, & • Share Videos. Inorder to facilitate you, we have categorized the videos of allseasons. Moreover it’s a user-friendly application with aneye-catching interface. Use it and persuade others to make the mostof it. Please email your valued suggestions, comments and feedbackon the following address: Help andSupport:
Al Quran-ul-Kareem 4.8
The Sanctified book of Almighty Allah Quran is the last and finalrevelation to mankind and a constant reminder to those who wish toplease their Lord, the One and only True Allah (God). The ITDepartment of Dawat-e-Islami in recent time's technology hasadvanced far enough to serve our needs. You can now read Qurananytime - anywhere on your Mobile! This Software can be downloadedand installed on mobile phones and carried usefully to places onetravel. Al-Quran-ul-Kareem Application has a real page turningeffect, its elegant style and charming features will attract you tofull page recitation. Readers will not have to bother anymore toscroll up and down and will be able to easily recite the Quran pageby page. All 30 chapters and all 114 Surah’s can be bookmarkedwhile recitation and reader can go to any page number instantly.Our unified Quran Mobile Application plays recitals in more thanone voice; you can download these recitals and play them offline(without an internet connection). This App has following amazingFeatures: • 16 lines Quran-e-Pak is a part of this Application. •Our App will support in reading both styles (Portrait &Landscape). • Separate icon indexing is used for both Makki andMadani Surahs. • By the support of (Go to page) option, user willbe able to search the desired page. • List of Bookmarks will bedisplayed and user can add bookmarks while reciting the Holy Quran.• User will be able to continue their recital from the exact verseof their previous login. • User can also earn bundles of good deedsby sharing the app link through Social Media. We warmly welcomeyour suggestions and don’t forget to support us by sending in yourfeedback, which will be highly appreciated Please remember us in your prayers.
Madani Khaka 1.1
Dawat-e-Islami, a religious non-political movement is servingMuslim Ummah in every aspect of life. Presently, worsening ofsocial circumstances and ignorance of individual’s rights andduties have compelled IT department of Dawat-e-Islami to launch anapplication in order to bring awareness. By the grace of Allah anduntiring and unflinching efforts of the IT department ofDawat-e-Islami, a new application namely Madani Khaka (PublicMessage) has been introduced. The application contains videos forPublic message. The application will help you in realizing yourrights and duties in a society accompanied by the recommendationsto overcome the prevailing issues. This is a user-friendlyapplication with an eye-catching layout. Features of the app:- MainVideo Page:Currently 45 Videos of Public message (Like Measuresafter rain, Tahajjud k Fazail etc) have been added to this. Furthervideos will be added from time to time.- Individual Video Screen:Byclicking on a particular video, the user will be able to watch therelevant video. The user can also rate, comment and share thevideos.- My Library:The downloaded data will be saved to “MyLibrary”. The user can remove the data from the library as well.-More Options:  Share App: You can share application link with yourfriends. Rate this App: You can rate and submit reviews on PlayStore. More Apps: You can also view the more apps by the ITdepartment of Dawat-e-Islami. About US: Learn about IT departmentof Dawat-e-IslamiDownload this application freely and let otherIslamic brothers know about the advantages of using this app. Youcan share your experience, comments and valuable suggestions withus at
Karkardagi (Performance) 3.2
Zimmedar Karkardagi Application (Members Performance-Apps) Smartdevices are now essential travel partners, as more and more peopleincreasingly expect to have their work eased and requirementscontented by means of their mobile phone. Dawateislami is usingmobile application to announce and update their members progressreports worldwide, delivering a far more modified and preventivework experience with less paper work to do. This Performanceanswerability system is developed by IT Majlis of Dawateislami,which enables the member from different countries, Kabinat, Kabina& divisions to fill in the 12 Madani routine tasks. Everysingle Zimmedar is provided with their logins to access theindividual accounts and are authorized after login to input theirperformances in the system thru this mobile application. Zimmedar’sare also able to produce the routine (Karkardagi) report for thewhole month when required. Features of the App: We are delighted tointroduce additional benefits to the Zimmedar KarkardagiApplication in which user can update his progress report to hisZimmedar thru a single click all on the palm of their hand throughthis mobile apps. Special features: 1- Ease to fill in the 12Madani routine task form for Pakistan & Overseas. 2- Agraphical dashboard to display the summary and specific datarelated to filters required for Zimmedar’s. 3- Reports sectionwhere monthly reports can be generated on time. Note: Dawateislamiis proud to announce a major upgrade on iOS & Android to itsmobile performance app, including Apple Touch ID integration for aquicker, more secure login process.
Zehni Azmaish Quiz App 1.8
The I.T Department of Dawat-e-Islami has introduced Zehni AzmaishQuiz App for easy learning of Islamic knowledge for mobile devices.Just play this game and obtain the treasure of Islamic knowledge.See how well you know the facts about one of the largest religionsin the world. Learn about the Pillars of Islam (Unity of Allah,Praying, Fasting, Zakat, and Hajj), the basic beliefs of Islam andmuch more! Practice them every day to understand more about Islamicconcepts. We are sure you will like this App. Answer the questionsas quick as you can. You will have 25 seconds to answer eachquestion. The faster you answer, the more you earn the points. Wehave provided 2 hints in each level for your help in answering thequestions. If you want to compare your knowledge to that of otherplayers, submit your high score to our online list afterregistration. For unlocking next levels, answer the questions andimprove your knowledge. Your score is a sum of points from alllevels. Test yourself by comparing your score with the best rankedonline player. It is absolutely free. This App has followingtremendous Features: • Interactive UI design. • Offline playableafter download. • More than 800 questions in different segments. •Summary of your performance at the end of every level. • Fouroptions for each question with one correct answer. • MultipleChoice Questions included in this App range from various topics. •Each Level has 2 hints. • Detailed statistics. • New leader-board.This will help to compare your scores with your friends. •Leader-board. • Ranking of top 50 players. It is our primeobligation to learn Islamic knowledge and spread it, however, ZehniAzmaish Quiz App is a contribution towards this good cause. Shareit with other friends and family members to avail its benefits andlearn more about Islam. If you loved to watch it, it’s time to playnow. You can give us your valuable feedback and suggestions
Dar-ul-Ifta Ahlesunnat 3.1.1
This Application has been presented to spread Islamic Shariarelated information. Darul Ifta Ahlesunnat is an importantDepartment of Dawat-e-Islami which is engaged in Islamic Shariarelated information. It contains Audio & Video files ofrenowned Islamic Scholars, Muftis and Religious Experts, whobeautifully explain the Islamic solutions of the problems faced indaily life. Moreover, the Application has a fascinating layout andeye-catching interface. The App consists of following differenttypes of contents: • Audio / Video files of famous programs ofMadani Channel like Darul Ifta Ahlesunnat, Ahkam e Tijarat, TijaratCourse & Farz Uloom Course. • Text Fatawa section containsQuestions asked by different people and its answers in written formorganized into different categories. • Islamic books in differentcategories which could be downloaded and shared with other people.• Event Wise Material section contains media related to differentIslamic Events like Video Clips, Audio Clips, Books and Fatawa inPDF form. • By using search option, you can search in differentcontent available in this Application. • Downloaded Items foldercontains a list of items downloaded within this Application. •Phone, Mail & WhatsApp Services contains different contactoptions of Darul Ifta Ahlesunnat. Know about Shariah rules with thehelp of this App and let other Muslims know about it. Please emailyour helpful suggestions and comments at
Complete Bahar-e-Shariat 1.3
Key Features of the App:This app contains:• Fundamentals of Islam •Basic Beliefs of Islam• Quranic Ayah• Ahadith• Some importantIstilahaat (Terminologies)• Dictionary that helps you inunderstanding some difficult words• Advance Search Moreover throughthis app, you can also;• Share the content• Select and copy aparticular Ayah, Hadith or other content.• Search a topic or wordthrough search bar.Bahar-e-Shariat, a renowned book consisting onthree Volumes has been beautifully designed and shaped into amobile application. The three volumes of the book classified into20 parts have been gorgeously designed in this application. Part 1of the book in this app elaborates “Islami Aqaid ka Bayan” in whichusers can read about the fundamental beliefs of Islam. Beingessential for every Muslim, Islami Aqaid bayan must be read by theuser. Once you go through the first part of this app, you wouldearn great treasure of knowledge about fundamentals of Islam. Alsoin this app one can go through “Wuzu ka bayan” in which he willlearn Wuzu ka Tariqa (Method of ablution), wuzu ki Sunnatien(Sunnah regarding ablution), Wuzu k Mustahab (Mustahab of Wuzu).While using this app one can easily learn Wuzu ki Sunnat and muchmore.Moreover, this app will also help you in learning Namaz kabayan (Speech regarding Prayer), Namaz k masail (Shariah rulingsregarding Namaz). Being Muslim, one must know masail e namaz(Rulings of Namaz) by using this fabulous mobile application.Hajjis one of the fundamental pillars of Islam. One complete part ofthis mobile explains Hajj ka bayan (Speech about Pilgrimage). LearnHajj and Umrah k Masail (Sharai rulings regarding Hajj and Umrah)by using this mobile application. Hajj k Masail (Sharai rulingsregarding Hajj) and Umrah ka masail (Sharai rulings regardingUmrah) have been separately detailed in the app.With a discreet andcomprehensive guide for the Muslims, this app not only contains allthe fundamental pillars of Islam, but also puts light on the basicbeliefs of Islam accompanied by other essential Sharai rulings likeNikah ka bayan, Nikah kay ahkam (Commandments regarding Wedlock)& Talaq ka byan (Speech regarding divorce) etc. In a nutshell,this mobile contains significant amount of Islamic knowledge. Onemust make use of this dazzling mobile app. It has an eye catchinguser interface. Download it and let other Islamic brothers knowabout it.
Madani Channel Radio 1.3
Madani Channel, a world famous Islamic TV Channel is based onbringing Islamic revolution around the globe. It is the onlyIslamic Channel free from all sorts of commercials and has highrated Islamic TV programs watched by millions of viewers around theglobe. Since its inception, the Channel has brought unprecedentedchanges in the lives of millions of Muslims. In order to facilitatethe Devotees of Rasool, a new Mobile Application by the name of“Madani Channel Radio” has been launched. Through this Application,you can listen to the live streaming of Madani Channel in Audio.Now the user can do his routine work along with listening to theAudio of Madani Channel. Some Unique Features of the App: • Usercan also minimize the audio playing. • Play/Pause options are verysimple to use, one can easily play and pause the audio. Once youdownload this App, you will start accumulating Islamic Knowledge bymaking use of this fabulous Application so, download it by yourselfand let other Islamic Brothers know about it. You can share us yourviews at
Islamic eBooks Library 1.9
Islamic eBooks Library is a marvelous Mobile Application in whichyou can find the precious treasure of almost 1000 Islamic Books in38 Languages. This tremendous achievement of Dawat-e-Islami willfacilitate you in earning the knowledge of Islam. User can easilyread and learn the knowledge of Deen through this beautifullydesigned Mobile App. Moreover, the UI of the Application has beenmade admirably good-looking that it will catch your attention. Thefollowing are the prominent features of this Application: • Usercan easily find any book through search bar. • User can select andfind the books in a specific language. • Books have beencategorized by Author, Subject and Month wise. • User can selectany book to make his favorite. By doing this the favorite books ofthe user will be shown in “Favorite” section of the Application. •Update section of the App will show you the latest books added inthe Application. The content of this Mobile App will fascinate theuser once he goes through it. Use it and persuade others for makinguse of it. You can give us your valuable feedback and suggestionsat
Itikaf Data Entry 1.2
Keeping the standards of modern world and for facilitatingMu’tikifin, the IT department of Dawat-e-Islami has developed“Aetikaf Data Entry” mobile application for android devices. Forthose devotees of Rasul who come from across the globe forobserving Aetikaf for the whole month of Ramazan; for the last tendays of Ramazan and for Nafali Aitekaf in Global Madani CenterFaizan e Madinah Karachi, a mobile app has been introduced forthem. Now you can submit your details very easily. After submittingdata, a form will be downloaded in your device. Having printed andverified from the Division Nigran (Member of Majlis Hifazti Umoor),you can bring that form along with original CNIC to Global MadaniCentre Faizan-e-Madinah Karachi. This is a very simple mobile appwith heart touching layout. Fill Your Aitekaf Form by using thisapp and let other Islamic brothers know about it.
Donate to Dawateislami 1.3
In order to facilitate Islamic brothers residing in various partsof the globe, a new mobile application namely “Donation MobileApplication” has been introduced. Through this service the Donorscan easily donate their money for the noble cause of reforming theentire Muslim Ummah. Following are some prominent features of theapp:Features:• User can easily register himself.• User will getNotification via Email for successful transaction.• User can viewthe same data on web and on mobile simultaneously.• A Responsivedesign has been developed to support multiple screens.Contribute inthe noble mission of “I must strive to reform myself and people ofthe entire world”. This is a user friendly application. Makes useof it and let other Islamic brothers know it.
Al Quran with Tafseer (Explanation) 1.4.0
Quran-e-Majeed is the last revelation of Allah revealed on thenoblest Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) which isthe solution for humanity and is a complete code of life. We shouldtake guidance from Quran in every phase of our life in order toseek salvation. The I.T department of Dawat-e-Islami has put in alltheir efforts in order to develop an application named as Al-Quranwith Tafseer in which they have accompanied Quran along with itsTranslations and Interpretation. It is a marvelous app for androidusers and has a beautifully designed UI. Prominent Features: 1-Translations: You can enhance your Islamic knowledge by reading twoof the following translations of the Holy Quran. • Kanz-ul-Imaan •Kanz-ul-Irfan 2- Interpretation: You can also read theInterpretation of the Holy Quran i.e. Seerat-ul-Jinan which iswritten by Mufti Muhammad Qasim Attari 3- Beautiful Recitations:For those who are unable to read the Quran or fond of listening tothe recitation, they can listen to the recitation of the Holy Quranin four different and beautiful voices. 4- Introduction of eachSurah: With this app along with the recitation of Quran, you willalso get to know the introduction and virtues of each Surah. 5-More Advanced Search Options: In order to search anything in Quran,you have to write in Arabic and in Translations andInterpretations, you have to write in Urdu. You can search anythingeven a single word as well just by selecting your desired category:• By Quran • By Translation • By Interpretation 6- Last ReadingPoint: Due to any reason if you have to stop your readings so don’tworry about it anymore with the option of “Last Reading Point” youcan resume your reading from the point you left. 7- Bookmark: Youcan bookmark anything and rename it with the name of your choice.You can share any bookmark through Social Media and can also saveit in Google Drive. 8- Go To Option: By using this option you candirectly go to any chapter or verse of the Holy Quran just byentering its number. 9- Share: You can share the verses of theQuran with its Translation and Interpretation as HTML throughWhatsapp and you can also share the app link through differentsocial media sites. Download this fascinating app today andpersuade others for making use of it. Send us your suggestions andfeedback at
Islamic Speeches 1.4
With the grace of ALLAH and as a result of sincere efforts made bythe I.T Department of Dawat-e-Islami, a global non-politicalmovement for the preaching of Holy Quran and Sacred Sunnah haslaunched a beautiful Mobile App named as “Islamic Speeches”. Withthis App, user can read Bayanat (Speeches) of Weekly Congregationsof Dawat-e-Islami and gain the treasure of authentic Islamicknowledge. Moreover, this is an App filled with numerous featuresand has a fascinating UI. The following are key features of theApp: • You can mark any Bayan (Speech) as favorite which will bedisplayed in the Favorite section. • User can bookmark any Bayan(Speech) that will be shown in the bookmark section of the App. •On clicking the App will automatically download the (HTML) of thatparticular Speech and you read it later offline even withoutInternet. • Bayanat (Speeches) has been categorized by Subject andby Month. • User can also change the font size according to hisneed. • In this App, you can read Bayanat (Speeches) in severallanguages. • User will also be notified whenever a new Bayan(Speech) is added. • With the ‘Share’ option you can share theBayanat (Speeches) through Social Media platforms. Use thisbrilliant App and persuade others for making use of it. You canshare your valuable comments and feedback
ESS 1.4
This application contains some data entry options for IjaraDepartment of Dawat-e-Islami. Access is restricted to registeredusers only.
e-Store Maktaba-tul-Madina 1.2
Maktaba-tul-Madina is one of the key Department of Dawat-e-Islami.E-Store Maktaba-tul-Madinah Mobile App is an online store with awide range of Islamic Products such as Books, Magazines, Flags,Badges, Memory Cards etc. The following are the prominent featuresof this Android Application: • Islamic Books in differentcategories can be purchased online. • User can easily find any bookthrough search bar. Download this app today, use it yourself andpersuade others to make use of it. Your feedback and suggestionsare warmly welcome at
e-Raseed 2.1
An application for Receipt of Dawateislami. This is to be used byonly registered users.
com.dawateislami.deaf.dumb.muslims 1.4
Dawat-e-Islami, a global non-political movement for the preachingof Quran and Sunnah consists of 104 departments and leave no stoneunturned in the propagation of Islam, among its departmentsKhusoosi Islami Bhai is one in which the deaf, mute and blindpeople are being taught the teachings of Sharia through signlanguage. To facilitate them more the I.T department ofDawat-e-Islami has launched an application named as “Deaf and MuteMuslims” for Android users. It is a very decorative app with aneye-catching UI. • For the facilitation of our Deaf and SilentIslamic Brothers all the videos, speeches and news are in signlanguage. • User can read several Islamic books and share withothers as well. • You can download any media or book and a list ofdownloads can be seen in the “Download” option. • If you don’t knowthe sign language then you can learn it by watching some specificmedia files in the app. • With the option of “Donate us” you cansend your donations online. • You can also share the app linkthrough different social media platforms. It’s a user-friendlyapplication so let Deaf and Mute Islamic brothers know about it.Feel free to share your suggestions and feedback with us
Muslim's Funeral 2.7
By the grace of ALLAH and as a result of the untiring efforts madeby the I.T department of Dawat-e-Islami, a global non-politicalmovement working day in day out for the preaching of Holy Quran andsacred Sunnah, a new application with the name of “Muslim’sFuneral” has been introduced. In this app, you will find thecomplete method of Funeral (Tajheez O Takfeen), Funeral Prayer(Namaz e Janaza) and Funeral Bath (Ghusl e Mayyat). Not only this,you can also learn many supplications of funeral (Namaz e JanazaDua). This app will work like a Funeral checklist so you won’t missany Funeral rituals. Moreover, this is a beautifully designed appwith a fascinating layout. Features of the App: 1). User will findthe information related to Funeral Bath, Burial and Prayer (Janazeka Ghussal, Tadfeen, namaz e janaza ka tarika) in text, Images,Animations and Videos. 2). In the “Contact Service” option justtype your city name and you will get the contact details of therepresentatives of Dawat-e-Islami related with Funeral Bath andBurial. 3). This app supports two languages i.e. Urdu and English.4). Once you have downloaded the app you can read any contentoffline. 5). By going in the “Setting” option you can adjust thefont size according to your need. 6). You can also watch the videosof Madani Muzakra related to Funeral. 7). To facilitate you moreanimated videos of Funeral Burial & Bath are available whichyou can watch without any internet connection and can learn thecomplete method of Funeral. 8). With this app, you can also listenMadani Channel Radio. 9). You can copy the text and share it onFacebook, Twitter, Skype, Gmail and other social media platforms.Use this fabulous app and let other Islamic brothers know about it.You can share your valuable suggestions and feedback
Kalma and Dua 1.6
Dawat-e-Islami is a global non-political movement of preaching HolyQuran and sacred Sunnah which is consisted of more than 100departments and serving the Muslim Ummah in various ways. Amongthem, there is an I.T department of Dawat-e-Islami which hasintroduced a new app named as “Kids Kalma and Dua” for Androiddevices. With this educational app, parents can teach their kidsFull or Word by Word Kalma, Various Dua (Supplications) andSunnat-o-Adaab (Sunnah and Manners). Moreover, to grow the interestof kids this app has been designed with fascinating animations andhas a colorful eye-catching UI. Prominent Features: 1). 6 Kalimasand Dua: User can read full or word by word Kalma and various Dua(Supplications). 2). Sunnah & Manners: With this educationalapp, you can learn Sunnat-o-Adaab (Sunnat and Manners) of dailylife routine. 3). Recitation of Kalma & Dua: You can hear thebeautiful recitation of Kalma and Dua in Qari and Kid voice. 4).Translation: Read the translation of any Dua or Kalma in Englishand Urdu language. 5). Parent’s Guide: The ‘Parent’s Guide’ optionwill let parents know about Dua and Kalimas according to theirchild age. 6). Adjustment of Font size: By going in the ‘Settings’option you can adjust the font size according to your need. 7).Various Languages: This educational app for kids supports twolanguages i.e. Urdu and English. 8). Sharing: You can share the applink through Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Skype, and other socialmedia sites. Use this best educational app and persuade others formaking use of it. You can send your comments and feedback
Waqf Amlaak 1.4
Waqf Amlaak Management System is a platform to minimize devicedependencies to the users, Mufattisheen, office zimaydaraan,Nigrans and other staff of Majlis Waqf Amlaak. This Applicationalso supports Waqf Admin,Soubai Admin,kabina zimadaran and ZonesZimaydaraan to compile and proceed the cases according to Majlisregulations.
Data Bank 1.0
Data Bank of Dawat e Islami is a collection of smart dataconsistingof different contacts and Resume to be use in variousfields ofinterest i-e Vacancy adjustments, Charity campaigns andmany others.Simply this collection will going to be a smart ecommunity of dawate Islami which will benefit a huge volume ofIslamic circle Downloadthis app today, use it yourself andpersuade others to make use ofit. Your feedback and suggestionsare warmly welcome
Maulana Abdul Habib Attari - Islamic Scholar 1.8
Hazrat Maulana Abu Madani Abdul Habib Attari is a member of theCentral Executive Committee of Dawat-e-Islami and a renownedIslamic scholar who travels across the globe to spread the messageof love, brotherhood, harmony and the teachings of Holy Quran andSunnah. Almighty has blessed him so much and he is doing hisuntiring efforts to spend it in the path of Islam which has becomea source of religious and ethical reforms. The I.T department ofDawat-e-Islami has developed an app named as “Maulana Habib Attari”which contains the introduction, speeches, programs and all theaudio and video lectures of Maulana Abdul Habib Attari. Theapplication has been designed beautifully with a marvelous UI.Prominent Features • Media: You can find all the media filesrelated to Maulana Abdul Habib Attari with audio and video options.• Downloaded Items: All the downloads will be shown in the Downloadsection of the App. • Favorites: You can mark any media file asfavorite and it will be shown in the Favorites section of the app.• Introduction: The app contains a brief introduction of MaulanaAbdul Habib Attari which elaborates his religious services. •Radio: User can listen the live streaming of Madani Channel throughMadani Radio. • Share: Share any media file or link throughFacebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. It’sa user-friendly app so download it yourself and let other Islamicbrothers know about it. Do send your valuable suggestions andfeedback at
Madani Qafila Niyat 1.2
The I.T department of Dawat-e-Islami is doing day in day outefforts for the propagation of Islam and facilitating the MuslimUmmah in every way possible just like the “Madani Qafila MobileApp” which has been developed to facilitate all the Muslims whotravel in the Madani Qafila for preaching the teachings of Islam.With this app, they can save their good intentions and can reviewtheir Qafila performance. This app has been designed beautifullywith an elegant user-interface. Key Features of the App: • Justlogin with your Gmail Account and create a user Profile bysubmitting your Name, Number, Country, City Name and Address. • Youcan add Intention of yourself and other Islamic Brothers. • You canreview your Qafila performance at any time. • With the “SyncIntentions” option you can save your good intentions along with theintentions of your friends as well. • You can read books related tothe blessings and rewards of preaching in several languages. • Ifthere is no internet facility your data will be saved in thedevice. • User can share the book or link through Facebook,Twitter, Gmail, Skype and other social media platforms. Downloadthe App and persuade others to make the most of it. Send yourvaluable suggestions and feedback at
Madrasa-tul-Madina Student Management System is a platform tominimize device dependencies to the Users, Nazims, Mufattisheen andNigrans of Majlis Madrasa-tul-Madina. This Mobile App supportsfollowing four Systems: • Student Management System for Boys(Muqeem and full time) • Student Management System for Boys (Parttime) • Student Management System for Girls • Student ManagementSystem for Adults This App usage is restricted for only registeredusers of Dawat-e-Islami.
MFM 1.4
Mahnama Faizan e Madinah App is one of the official useapplicationfor the staff members of relateive majlis. This is not apublicapplication.This application is password protected whicharealloted to majlis members only.
Read and Listen Islamic Books 1.7
A person can only judge between right and wrong if he is educatedand that is why attaining the knowledge of Islam has been madeobligatory on every male and female Muslim. Likewise,Dawat-e-Islami which is a non-political movement for the preachingof Islam is playing its vital role to spread the message of Islamthrough different services. The I.T department of Dawat-e-Islamihas introduced another prestigious mobile application named “Readand Listen Islamic Books” which contains numerous Islamic Books andBooklets in multiple languages. Furthermore, the application hasbeen designed brilliantly with an eye-catching UI. • User can readthe weekly booklets recommended by Ameer-e-Ahlesunnat in PDFformat. • With the “Audio Books” option not only you can read booksbut you can listen them as well. • You can also see the images ofthe Madani pearls written by Ameer-e-Ahlesunnat. • Watch the videosbased on the informative knowledge of weekly booklets. • Byselecting your desired PDF and Audio books you can make your ownBook Library. Download the app today and persuade others to makethe most of it. Please send us your helpful suggestions andvaluable feedback at
40种精神疗怯 1.1
这个迷人的移动应用程序是一个了不起的设计。它包括多种疾病及其精神治疗。来自Asma-e-Ilahi的古兰经Wazaif可以在这个应用程序上免费链接。那些在日常生活中需要即时获得Wazaif的人可以使用这个应用程序。 Thisfascinating mobile app is an amazing design. It includes a varietyof diseases and their psychotherapy. The Qur'an Wazaif fromAsma-e-Ilahi can be freely linked on this app. Those who needinstant access to Wazaif in their daily lives can use this app.
Mahnama Faizan-e-Madina 1.1
Dawat-e-Islami is a non-political movement propagating Islamthroughout the globe in various walks of life. In the same manner,Dawat-e-Islami publishes an Islamic Magazine (MahnamaFaizan-e-Madina) of every Islamic month in which Islamic events aredescribed along with the informative and interesting knowledgeabout the latest happenings of present era and not only that italso highlights the blessed biographies of prominent Islamicpersonalities. The I.T department of Dawat-e-Islami has developedthis precious Islamic magazine (Mahnama Faizan-e-Madina) in abrilliant mobile application with an eye-catching user interface.Prominent Features: • Interesting Islamic Topics You will findnumerous heart touching topics based on Islamic events in everymonth’s Islamic magazine (Mahanama). • Blessed Biographies This appwill enlighten your heart with the blessed biographies of prominentIslamic personalities which are certainly worth reading. • PDFMagazine User can download the complete magazine of any month inthe PDF format and can read offline anytime. • Magazine ArchiveWith this feature, you can go through all the magazines of ongoingand previous years. • Search You can search for anything in themagazine with text or according to any particular topic. •Languages User can use this application in two languages i.e.English and Urdu. • Share Share the app link through Facebook,Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. Download theapp today and persuade others to make the most of it. Your helpfulsuggestions and valuable feedback are highly appreciated
Online Rohani Ilaj & Istikhara 1.7
We are living in an era where jealousy, hatred and black magic iscommon and people are surrounded by multiple adversities. So, withthe intention to facilitate the Muslim Ummah and to help outdistressed people the I.T department of Dawat-e-Islami hasdeveloped a mobile application named as “Rohani Ilaj &Istikhara.” By using this app, you can make Isthikhara, Kaat andorder Tawizat online by sitting at home. You can also learn manyWazaif from this app in various languages. Moreover, this app iswonderfully designed and has a user-friendly interface. KeyFeatures of the App: • Online Tawizat & Mureed: You can orderTawizat-e-Attariya online and also become a Mureed ofAmeer-e-Ahlesunnat by filling out a short form. • Online Kaat &Istikhara: User can use the Kaat service online and can makeinstant Istikhara as well with this app. • Media: Watch unlimitedaudio, video and programs of Madani Channel related to Istikhara,Kaat and Tawizat-e-Attariya. • Book: Read numerous books on thetopics of jealousy, spiritual treatment and Wazaif written byAmeer-e-Ahlesunnat. • Wazaif: User can read multiple Wazaif forvarious purposes in Urdu, English and Chinese languages. • Search:You can search any media file, books and wazaif of your need with asingle tap. • Downloads: You can download media, books and wazaifand make your desired files as favorite as well. • Share: Sharemedia, books and wazaif with your friends and dear ones throughFacebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other social media platforms. Usethis app yourself and persuade others to make the most of it. Feelfree to send your valuable feedback and suggestions
Quran Teacher 1.2
The Madani movement of the devotees of Rasool, Dawat-e-Islamiispropagating the message of Quran and Sunnah across the globeinmore than 107 walks of life. With the intention of spreadingtheIslamic knowledge to all the people of the globe the I.TDepartmentof Dawat-e-Islami has launched an app named as “QuranTeacher.”With this app, you can get admission in any course and youcan alsocheck the status when your admission will be confirmed.Moreover,the app is wonderfully designed and you can attain alltheinformation related to courses and latest activitiesofMadrasa-tul-Madina Online as well. Prominent Features of the App:•Registration: With this app our users can easilyregisterthemselves just by submitting their registrationapplication. •Application Status: After submitting the registrationapplicationuser can keep an eye on the registration process and getto knowthe status of their application. • Student Portal: AStudent’sportal has been developed where our user can know hisonline classactivities. • Courses for Islamic Brothers: We areoffering morethan 30 different Islamic courses for Islamicbrothers. Islamicbrothers can read brief introduction about eachcourse and can takeadmission as per their need.
Dawateislami Digital Services 2.0
Dawateislami application is a proud production of Majlis I.Tthecore purpose of this set brilliance is to present all thepublicapplications, legitimate social media accounts andofficialwebsites of Dawateislami
Aalami Majlis-e-Mushawarat 1.0
Aalami Majlis-e-Mushawarat Karkardagi Application(MembersPerformance-Apps) Smart devices are now essential travelpartners,as more and more people increasingly expect to have theirworkeased and requirements contented by means of their mobilephone.Dawateislami is using mobile application to announce andupdatetheir members progress reports worldwide, delivering a farmoremodified and preventive work experience with less paper work todo.This Performance answerability system is developed by IT MajlisofDawateislami, which enables the member fromdifferentcountries,regions, zone, Kabina & divisions to fill inthe 08Madani routine tasks. Every single Zimmedar is provided withtheirlogins to access the individual accounts and are authorizedafterlogin to input their performances in the system thru thismobileapplication. Zimmedar’s are also able to produce theroutine(Karkardagi) report for the whole month when required.Features ofthe App: We are delighted to introduce additionalbenefits to theZimmedar Karkardagi Application in which user canupdate hisprogress report to his Zimmedar thru a single click allon the palmof their hand through this mobile apps. Specialfeatures: 1- Easeto fill in the 08 Madani routine task form forPakistan. 2- Reportssection where monthly reports can be generatedon time.
MTM Sales Order 1.1
MTM Online Sales Order Application provides an opportunity toit'sCustomer for booking of Maktaba Tul Madinah wide range ofproductsonline around the globe.
Madani Basta 1.3
An application for Receipt of Dawat-e-Islami Madani Basta MajlisforCollection of Donations. This is to be used by onlyregisteredusers.
Qurbani Collection 1.3
A non-political Islamic movement Dawat-e-Islami which propagatestheteachings of Islam to almost every part of the globe by makinguseof modern technology in a rightful manner with 108activedepartments. The I.T department of Dawat-e-Islami hasintroduced anew mobile application named “Qurabni Collection.” Bydownloadingthis app Muslims across the world can mesmerize theirheart bylistening to their related qurabni content with onetouch.Moreover, the app is user-friendly and has beendesignedremarkably. Following are prominent features of the app:ProminentFeatures: • Qurbani Related Media, Books and fatawa •Media andBooks Download option • Fatawa Favorite option • Media,Books andFatwa sharing option Download the app now and boost yourheart bythe love of our Beloved Prophet. Your suggestions andfeedback arealways appreciated at
Naat Collection 1.5
A non-political Islamic movement Dawat-e-Islami which propagatestheteachings of Islam to almost every part of the globe by makinguseof modern technology in a rightful manner with 108activedepartments. The I.T department of Dawat-e-Islami hasintroduced anew mobile application named “Naat Collection.” Bydownloading thisapp Muslims across the world can mesmerise theirheart by listeningto their favorite Naats and Kalam with one touch.Moreover, the appis user-friendly and has been designed remarkably.Following areprominent features of the app: Prominent Features: •Naats andKalam in this app are taken from 5 major books ofworld-renownedSunni scholars. • You can find any specific Naat bookand the nameof the book will be highlighted. • Users can also findany Naat inascending and descending order of Urdu alphabets. • Allthe Kalamcan be read in unicode text. • You can mark any Kalam oreven anyAshar as favorite to listen to them repeatedly. • With oneclickyou can copy any Kalam or Ashar and share it on social media.• Forthe convenience of our users Kalam are available in both videoandaudio format. • Download all your favorite Kalam and youcanfrequently listen to them from ‘My Collection’ section of theapp.• You can connect with us by following our official socialmediapages. Download the app now and boost your heart by the loveof ourBeloved Prophet. Your suggestions and feedback arealwaysappreciated at
Darulmadinah parents portal 1.3
Darulmadinah Parents Portal facilitates parents of our studentsingetting prompt information about studentsattendance,notifications, worksheets, homework, timetable, feedetail etc.