Using powerful hardware running Android 4.1 orhigher with our patented algorithms and user-friendly interfacewith fast profile selection brings maximum sound quality andcomfort of use.- Easy to use - no special devices, no battery replacements orall-day wearing annoyance;- Quick Setup for any sound environment;- Increased sampling rate - 44.1 kHz, providing the best soundquality;- Easy switching between device and headset microphones;
Mobile Conference Denoiser 1.0.3
In the modern world, mobility of personnel isanecessity. Therefore, many employees participate in variousmeetingsand conferences both in the company, and with thepartners, whilebeing on trips, on business trips, and even on avacation.The outside noise may disturb both themselves, andotherparticipants. Productivity of the discussions decreases duetodeteriorated perception of the information by the participants,andthe duration of the conference increases.Many people feel that their voice is not nice andconvincingenough.Numerous telephone conversations, and a life in a modernmetropolisresult in hearing disorders.The IT4YOU company developed a special Conference DenoisermobileApp which, being installed on a mobile device (smartphone,tablet),adapts audio signal according to the type of backgroundnoises andalso the audio signal can be adjusted in accordance withindividualcharacteristics of user’s hearing and soundreproductionlevel.The application modifies speech, improves speechintelligibility,and protects hearing.FEATURES:The technologies that improve aural perception• The Denoiser technology improves remote subscriber'sspeechintelligibility against the ambient noise.The technology reduces hearing trauma by selective amplificationofthe audio signal spectra masked by the noise.• The Petralex® Hearing Improvement technology is a technologyofsound personalization, which improves aural perception,reducestension, and maintains the health of hearing.The technology adjusts automatically to the hearing of theuserthrough thr built-in hearing test.• The Noise suppression in the line technology removes theremoteparty's microphone noise from the incoming audiosignal.The noise reduction technology automatically adjusts tonoisechanges, and amplifies only the useful speech signal. Itisimplemented as software denoising with manual adjustment oftheeffectTechnologies that improve speech quality• The Increasing the level of voice technology amplifies theuser'svoice for better perception by the remote party located in anoisyplace.User's voice is selectively amplified, depending on the type andtheintensity of the noise around the remote party.• The Persuasive voice technology modifies speech bypurposefullychanging the main tone frequency (MTF) inreal-time.As a result, the user's voice sounds more convincing,whileretaining its naturalness and individuality.• The Microphone noise supression technology removes themicrophonenoise from the outgoing audio signal.The technology is optimized for speech. It is implementedassoftware denoising with manual adjustment of the effect.CONTACT US:If you have any problems or questions, please contactusinfo@conferencedenoiser.comDo not forget to visit our websites for actual news:http://conferencedenoiser.com
PetralexPro Free (Unreleased)
Petralex Pro - This application makes youphonein to the modern multichannel hearing aid. It is equaltoprogrammable, nonlinear hearing aid. Applicationautomaticallyadjust to you hearing by using embedded hearing test(in situ audiometering). It is containing such features as noisereduction andtinnitus compensation. Applicable for using withstandardheadset.Original “Sliding-band processing” of signal allowed toimplementfollowing new features:- fine personal recruitment compensation thatrecoversfrequency-dependent sensitivity to quiet and loud sounds ofahealthy ear- Special binaural correction that recovers normal acousticsceneryeven when sensitivity of right and left earssignificantlydiffersNew option 1. Noise reduction with manual controlNew option 2. Slackening of tinnitus while using new PetralexPROamplification formulaNew option 3. New Petralex PRO amplification formula whichusesspecial binaural correction that recovers normal acousticsceneryeven when sensitivity of right and left earssignificantlydiffersEnhancement 1. Equal loudness mode – fine personalrecruitmentcompensation that recovers frequency-dependentsensitivity to quietand loud sounds of a healthy ear.Enhancement 2. Amplification algorithms such as NAL, Berger,Pogo,Petralex which used with new processing methods makes soundevenbetterEnhancement 3. Advanced acoustic feedback cancellation (AFC)thatdrastically increases effective gainNew safety level of you hearing health. Petralex PROamplificationformula based on advanced audio metering. Balanced PROweakenssharp and loud soundsNew information about you hearing health. Advanced Binauralaudiometering – detects comfortable levels offrequency-dependentsensitivity and sensitivity of right and leftearsNew level of user comfort 1. Simple migration for Petralexusers.Import any of you profiles from Petralex application toPetralexPro.New level of user comfort 2. Fine visualization of youhearingtesting results (audio metering profile)Petralex® applications family advantages:- Simplicity – never using special devices, change batteriesandstanding wearing discomfort- No more technical specialist attending for maintenanceorsetup- Fast setup for any acoustic scenery- Wide band signal processing 44.1 kHz provides highsoundquality- Manual switching from built-in microphone to headsetmicrophoneand vice versa* Notice (Disclaimer)Petralex Pro application is not approved as medical deviceorsoftware. It has not any appropriate certification and cannotbeused as hearing aid with doctor`s prescriptionAudiometric test provided in the application is used forapplicationadjustment only and cannot be used as professionalaudiology test.Audiometric test results in application cannot beconsidered asmedical basis for diagnosis