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Reunitems 1.0
Iain Lennox
All the family can find their missing and leftbehind precious items at reunitems.com. The site covering atimeline ‘Yesterday to Yesteryear’ has 3 sections to search – TheLost & Found section, the Retro, Antique & Collectablessection, and the Family history section.Individuals and businesses, local authorities and charitiesincluding nightclubs and sports & music venues, and museums andgalleries, use the Lost & Found section.The Retro, Antiques & Collectables section is used byindividuals and shop and other online traders attracted by thetraffic from the other 2 sections all sharing an interest inprecious items. We offer a highly visible shop window with lowcosts and high returns from all sales. This and the Family Historysection blend well together where items previously reduced in valueby inscriptions – collectable books, jewellery and preciousmetal-ware, can now command premium prices from families connectingwith them.The Family History section is populated by items found and soughtby genealogists worldwide and individuals simply finding andde-cluttering. Users can gift, auction and sell and all dedicatedand inscribed items go into our free searchable archive meaning,current holders enjoying and caring for family items will always befound by those families and individuals with a true heirloomconnection.Every month a new charity earns from user donations.Reunitems.com is a registered Scottish company from Glasgow (SCO404185 )