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Subway Chaves Adventure Surfer 1.0
Subway super Chaves Adventures Ninja Surferisa super classic adventure and legendary side-scrollingarcadeplatformer.+ addictive, thrilling and challenging jungle adventure hit+ old school with new feature jump and run platform /obstaclesrunner+ classic platformer for kids, children and adults+ side-scroller gameplay with easy game console pad controls+ easy and free to play - hard to master+ classic jungle retro junning and jumping adventureSuper hero Chaves`s princess is being kidnapped by evilcrocs,spiders and dragons and brought to dark castles. It is up toSuperChaves, the little super hero to rescue her!But take care! Lots of enemies, troubles, obstacles, trapsandbosses are defending your way through the jungle andwonderworlds.To get to the loveley princess, Super hero Chaves will have torunand jump over obstacles, fight and shoot against angry bees,fox,crocs, crawfishes, snakes, birds, frogs, hedgehogs,mushrooms,skeletons, leps, snails and many other dragons andmonsters.Climb up huge mountains and stairs, fight againstperhistoricenemies, avoid falling bricks, find hidden blocks andlevels,collect coins and diamonds, swim through dangerous seas,explorelot of challenging and addictive jungle worlds, lands ,defeat allcruel enemies and bosses.This cool Super hero Jump and Run is an addictive non-stopzogold school arcade jungle adventure game!Features of Subway super Chaves Adventures NanoNinjaSurfer:+ 4 different addictive worlds (wonder land, crazy forest,egyptworld and cave land)+ 80 beautiful, well-designed and challening levels withincreasingdifficulty+ 8 awesome boss fights (angry scorpion, dangerous spider, beegolemand crocodile boss) in 8 different castles+ many power ups, bonus levels, hidden blocks and bonus items+ over 20 different, great animated enemies such as crocs,frogs,spiders, snails and many more+ high resolution graphics - great mix between 2D and3Dgraphics+ retro arcade music and old school sound effects+ perfect, intuitve game control through retro control pad likeonconsole games+ special chaves skills hidden in destroyable blocksandbricks+ awesome gameplay reminding to retro classic games+ sea and water worlds - jumping, running and swimming !+ try to unlock all achievements and to be number oneofleaderboards!How to play Subway super Chaves Adventures NanoNinjaSurfer:+ for moving the chaves character click on right or left onthecontrol pad!+ click down for ducking or on some tree stumps to get to abonuslevel!+ press B-button to make Super Chaves jumping!+ press A-button AND right or left for running; press A andBtogether for a higher and wider jump!+ after eating an apple you become Super Silver Chaves and willbeable to destroy bricks!+ after eating a golden flower you become Super Golden Chavesandwill be able to shoot balls - press B-Button for shooting!+ chaves swimming: press A-Button multiple times to swim higher...release your finger from button to go down!Enjoy this brand new game like mario old schoolplatformergame!
Running Ladybug Hero Chibi 1.0
Super LadyBug Adventures chibi is asuperaddictive game similar to miraculous chibi ladybug ninjagirl!Make flips or air-time with ladybug to earn miraculous sweetsandeat them to upgrading your level. Try to go as far as you canwithladybug and cat noir and reach the end. run throughoutdifferentlevels of miraculous. update your games get cat noirmiraculousladybug and reach a new gaming experience.Ladybug discovered a new World called of kingdom of mushroom ,Yetfinding such an old artefact got him into trouble and nowchibiladybug needs your help to put an end the the curse , but youhavealso to pass others magic worlds like dinosaur land ,sarasaland ,subcon and more chibi ladybug enemies . Keep in mindthat manyenemies will try to stop you complete this mission likemiraculousmonsters or monster machines , zombies, carnivore ,plants likepiranha and lots of dangerous obstacles but ladybug hassomespecial magic powers such as fireball-throwing andsize-changinginto giant and miniature sizes , so great care must betaken whenyou start this adventure cause you have to save peache.don'tforget to hit the blocks to receive either coinsorpower-ups.chibiyet I'm positive that all of you will have great time whileplayingladybug chibi adventure .About cat noir The LadyBug chibi adventures :classical retro game with bros as super cat noir chibi heroitcombines the classical gameplay of retro chibi games and somenewskills of the mobile gameplay with Awesome levels that we madeforyou !This game is easy to control but super addictive too!Like bros side scrolling adventure that will rock you through80levels of challenging running and jumping and shooting .LadyBugchibiThis retro-gaming classic will turn your dog loving heartonend!To play you have touch the screen to jump and touch quickly twicetodouble jump !LadyBug can jump over your enemies and LadyBug shot to kill themandyour goal is to guide miraculous girl run to the end. catnoirAs a hidden bonus, I have placed a special hidden mega mushroomineach stage for players of this amazing adventure of LadyBug ,canyou find it !?LadyBug adventures chibi Features :+ Lots of miraculous sweets.+ Adventure ladybug and cat noir.+ Lots of chibi hero.+ Beautiful high-resolution graphics specialy ladybugchibihero+ Awesome gameplay similar to retro classic game+ Easy and intuitive controls with on-screen retro controller+ Hidden bonus bricks and blocks with strawberry, flowerandshield+ chibi ladybug destroyable bricks, blocks and movingplatform+ Hidden bonus levels with lots of classic and modern coins+ Additional collectibles, coins, shields and more+ 4 beautiful worlds with 80 well designed levels+ Underground and water worlds, swim, jump and run+ Over 20 enemies and obstacles+ 8 boss fights: angry scorpio, spider, big bee and golem+ Store with additional items and rewards: unlock worldsbeforefinish other worlds+ Unlock free coins, buy items to make ladybug and maxchibistronger+ Rankings for you and your friends to compete with playerfromother country+ Achievements and leaderboards through Google PlayGameServices+ Classic retro platform game style cat noirHow to play :+ Use buttons to jump, move and shot using power of LadyBugSo cat noir and Super LadyBug Adventures is the secodgreatestplatform adventure for your android ! Everything has beencarefullydesigned for you especially ladybug the hero of the gameso you canhave a lot of fun! We warn you, it´s not an easy game sogood luckplaying LadyBug adventuresWorry about downloading this chibi lady bug app may cost you alot?This top Adventure chibi app is just amazing game for you adnyourfriends .developed and being maintained by a professional team, this appwillservice you well.Download miraculous then start gaming now! LadyBug cat noirchibiadventures is availaible on google play.
Super Cat World Bro 1.0
Super bros Cat world is a retro-inspired2Dplatformer . In Super bros Phantom Cat mario,players take on the role of Chemist White and embark onanaction-packed journey through the Phantom World.- - - - - - - - - - - -When Chemist White was a small child, mario cat was saved bySuperPhantom Cat -- who then became his personal hero.3 Years later, Flash Cat takes Chemist White on a journey tothePhantom World; there, Chemist White discovershe can collect data shards and changesuper cat bros into a numberofcharacters -- including the all-powerful Super Cat :)The world of Super bros Cat is filled with challenges that willmakeany platforming fan jump for juegos de cat mario .You’ll need quick reflexes as you pull off incredible feats suchasbouncing on a monster’s head to landon a difficult-to-reach platform or rapidly jumping betweensmallplatforms to get across a massive chasm.juegos de gatito need to be inch-perfect if you want to make ittothe end.+ addictive, thrilling and challenging jungle adventure hit+ old school mario with new feature jump and run platform/obstacles runner+ classic platformer for kids, children and adults+ side-scroller gameplay with easy super cat bros consolepadcontrols+ easy and free to play - hard to master+ classic jungle retro junning and jumping adventure**********************************If you have any ideas on how we can improve gato bros, please letusknow :)