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Voice Control Drone - Alexa 1.0
This app is a companion app for AmazonAlexaskill - fly my drone. In order to fly your Parrot mini dronebytalking to Amazon echo (Alexa skill - fly my drone), you needtohave this app installed on your phone. Here are the steps toflyyour drone using Alexa:1) Enable Alexa Skill - Fly My Drone (I will provide url later, Iamstill in the process of publishing this Alexa Skill)2) Download and install this app on your Android phone. Thisappwill automatically connect with your Parrot mini dronethroughbluetooth.3) Once the app found your Parrot mini drone, it will show thenameof the drone on the screen(screen 2). Then you click the nameofthe drone, it will bring you to the voice command screen(screen3)4) NOW, you can just talk to your Alexa device (Echo, Echo dot,etc)to fly your Parrot Mini Drone!!!a.First, you need to say: Alexa, fly my drone. (This is willinvokethe skill).b.Then Alexa will instruct you to say : take off.c.After this, you can say 8 other commands to controlyourdrone.The commands you can say:Alexa, left.Alexa, right.Alexa, up.Alexa, go up.Alexa, down.Alexa, go down.Alexa, land.Alexa, take picture.You can refer to this video to get an idea how those commandsworkwith Alexa and drone.https://youtu.be/xmj9puHUdVw