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Guess the brand from hundreds of logos and icons! This is anotherhi guess the brand game with levels you can walk through withoutany restrictions! Merry Christmas! Playing is pretty simple: Justwalk through the logos in levels, take one logo and you're shown aseries of scrambled letters, out of which you have to make a wordthat you associate with the logo. If's pretty like the logo quizgame, but it's simpler since you don't have do deal with all theletters. As the creator of Logo Quiz, Icomania, and 4 pics 1 word,we now present you the new puzzle adventure - Guess The Brand -Logo Quiz! Download the top trending game on the market for freeand begin the icon mania right now! "Guess The Brand" is ahighly-addictive game. Take a look at icon and guess what's theword! This Logo Quiz game will keep you happy!
4 Pics 1 Word: What's The Word 3.6.13a
★★★What's The Word in the four pictures?★★★-- Whats the word are we looking for? --The new addictive and funny puzzle game is now availableforAndroid! In every puzzle, there are 4 pictures with somethingincommon - what is it?-- Can You Unlock Them All ? --Can you guess all words and unlock all levels? Countlesspuzzlesfrom easy to tricky are waiting for you!-- Dig the word from beautiful pictures --What is the word? Look at the four pictures, find out what theyhavein common. Win!So that's it – What's The WORD!!!The fun and addictive quiz game with pictures, logos andmuchmore meets Android! Whats the word, what is the word, youguessit!This is a something for word games and quiz lovers. Keepguessing.Guess the word!What a kitty and a ship may have in common? What’s theword?They’re fluffy!What about grass and a frog? What’s the word? Green! Keepguessingand use your brain when puzzles become tricky.Guess the word and have fun!Made by the creator of logo quiz(http://fes-games.com/appu/logoquizfunplus),youwill also love this fantastic brain teaser!NOTE: Please Do not use any 4 Pics 1 Word Cheats & Answerstoplay the game, No Fun!
IcoMania - Guess The Icon 1.6.32
★★★ Quiz hundreds of icons from the stunning cartoons – IcoMania:Guess the Icon! ★★★ Merry Christmas! Can you recognize the iconfrom an imaginative, handcrafted cartoon? There are hundreds ofcartoon for you to quiz! It's free! An old man and his grandson meta giant and broke robot in the seaside, what's this movie? -- It'sPacific Rim! What's the character which is a little and yellowcreature in a blue jean with little hair? -- It's Dave inDespicable Me! ... There are much more icons for you to quiz! Theicons includes TV & Movies, Characters, Famous People, Country,Cities, and Brands.Come and try this icon pop quiz game! Playing'Icomania – Guess the Icon' is pretty simple: you see an icon andyou're shown a series of 14 or 16 scrambled letters, out of whichyou have to make a word that you associate with the icon. We nowpresent you the new puzzle adventure - icomania! Download the toptrending game on the market for free and begin the icon mania rightnow! Icomania Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Icomania/588159284602277