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RouteBuzz 1.0.2
RouteBuzz traffic app saves you time and helps you determine thebest route to take in traffic ridden metropolis.Link up with otherroad users and get the necessary information to beat thetraffic.Get Breakdown, Accident and Security alerts in real time onyour favorite route.Create routes that are not in the app bydefault, invite colleagues, neighbors and friends to the Route andshare information regarding the Route to help each in navigatingoff traffic ridden routes.
Alumini 3.4.3
Alumini is a group interaction and management app.Join members ofyour Groups; Associations, Alumni, Clubs, Religious andProfessional organizations in AluminiWhy have several apps for eachassociation, when you can have a single app to house all of them.Why pay so much on application development, support andadministration? Alumini customizes an app for your groups inseconds and helps you manage all these and more, giving you valuefor money.Now you can be part of the meeting, be informed aboutevents, chat and connect with members of your group globally nomatter where you are.Alumini promises to give each association thatuniqueness that makes it stand out of the crowd, while giving itsmembers the convenience of switching to the different associationsthey belong to. All within the same app. * Alumini creates InstantMobile App interface for your group* Search Group Members anywhereglobally, using GPS and user specified location. locate friends ineverywhere you find yourself.* Enjoy Mobile meeting on the go*Create and Manage Group Events* Create Sub Groups* Join OtherClubs, Association and groups that you belong to withoutdownloading another app* Alumini will ensure there are no duplicateof your group. The system will report duplicates and support willdiscover and delete spoofs.* Be in Control of who chats with you*Create Announcements, Calendars, and EventsKindly note that yourassociation or group needs to sign up at beforeyou can use the app. Select Create Group in App menu or simplyfollow these steps1. Go to to create yourGroup's App.2. Tell all your members, and key stakeholders todownload Alumini from Google Play store3. Launch Alumini and addyour members.