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com.idleapps.MedReminder 1.2
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Remember when to take your medications and those of your family oryour pets easily and directly. Forget about filling complex forms,or entering more information than necessary ... Just fill in whatis taken, how much, when and for whom. It is notified with an alarmnotification, which the user disables or eliminates when deemedappropriate. Useful to consult dosage and frequency of eachmedication once the treatment is finished. All features are free,although the possibility of making donations to the author isincluded.
Cross it off from the list 1.6
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Do you make your shopping list on paper or blackboard? Do youconsider it tedious to create and maintain task lists by typing inthe mobile? With this app you can take a picture of the board andcross out the elements to your liking and convenience just usingyour finger. Share your progress with your family and friends tocomplete it with everyone. 1. Take a picture of something you wantto work with or open an image of the gallery. 2. Cross or mark theelements by running your finger over it, you can also change thecolor and thickness of the brush. 3. Share the result if you needit. You can also take a screenshot to draw notes and directionsabout it ... Or simply draw something fun to share with yourfriends