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Dictionary education 2.1.5
At «Dictionary education» we seek to promote knowledge of languagesin an accessible way and with a new approach to the traditionaldictionary. Dictionaries are boring and packed full ofabbreviations. While «Dictionary education» is a powerful searchtool for definitions and synonyms, we have opted for a fun, moreintuitive design, accompanied by a multitude of examples of use.With «Dictionary education» any word is also a good excuse forfinding out about current related news items or exploring extractfrom books to expand understanding. Its fast and powerfulmultilingual word search is perfect for studying English, Spanish,French, Italian, German and Portuguese as a second language. Youcan also customize the search options to get rhymes, solvecrosswords, play scrabble ...Start now and have fun learning with«Dictionary education»!
NAUTIDE: tides, wind, waves, solunar, marine + 2.4.89
All the information you need to know to plan activities at sea in asimple and practical app. More than 10,000 coastal stations aroundthe world. ----------------- Free download with restrictions: onlythe current day's data is displayed. Requires the in-app purchaseof a data pack to activate the calendar, the marine section andremove the ads. No subscription required. ----------------- TIDESDaily tide charts and tidal coefficient. High tides and low tides.Tides height. Monthly tide table. Tides for fishing. SURF Heightand direction of the swell, wave period, hourly surf table. FISHACTIVITY Hourly activity chart and solunar periods with the bestfishing moments of every day. Tides4fishing. Monthly activity tablewith daily fish activity and major and minor fishing periods. SUNAND MOON Sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, azimut, moon phases,eclipses, transits and other astronomical data. BAROMETER Fishingbarometer, pressure graph and hourly pressure table with trendindicator. WIND Wind at land and wind at sea: wind speed, windgust, wind force, land and sea conditions and hourly wind table.WEATHER Weather conditions at coast: Cloud cover, visibility,temperature, precipitation, wind chill, humidity, dew point andhourly weather table. MARINE Open water forecast formarine/sailing. Includes all weather indicators and also the watertemp. Hourly marine table. tides4fishing official app