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Multiplication table new 1.0
Igor Fesenko
App "New multiplication table" created forbothchildren and parents! You can check the successes of yourchildrenand to demonstrate parents your results. I hope it willhelpyou!
Abstract Space Moon 1
Igor Fesenko
Features of game “Absract Space Avoid”!:- Abstract space and theuniverse to dash- Manage an abstract moon object, avoid the darkenergy of dead stars forces- Move a zigzag or straight, but at ahigh rate- Light years to overcome on the way to Earth- Beat yourown records- Train your reaction- Kill your time with pleasureHowfar you will be able to overcome? How many dead stars to skip? Howmany failures you have experience?Find out! You will find a simpleand addictive gameplay and nice graphics uncomplicated.Attache tothis abstract space adventure dash! The game is compatible withmore than 5000 android devices!
New Multiplication Table 3.0
Igor Fesenko
Multiplication Table New created for both children and parents! Youcan check the successes of your children and to demonstrate parentsyour results. Learning includes multiply test and pass exam like inschool with marks and prizes. Is is eazy to learn multiplicationtable and to get some marks for it! Learn mode consists of twoways: info lesson of algebra in tables and multiplication test:multiply by the one number and by the all numbers from 1 to 10!Your children learning in school can pratice the math skills andbrain! And do not let yourself to forget multiplication table in 40years old! I hope it will help you! Translated into 8 languagesEnglish Español Francês Deutsch 中国 Português Русский УкраїнськийTürk Magyar हिन्दी Монгол Danske Soomaali Ελληνική Azərbaycan Қазақ