Igrostroy Apps

Midnight man 0.4
You have to walk around the house in the dark, holding a lightedcandle in your hand. Your goal is to avoid meeting the Midnight Manat all costs. If the candle goes out, then you should quickly lightit, otherwise the Midnight Man will grab you.
Three days before the full moon 0.2
You decided to go into the forest for berries, while walkingthroughthe forest, you saw a strange hut. You came to look closer.A creepyold woman was sitting on a stump near the hut, yourealized that shenoticed you, silence hung in the air and suddenlyshe said - comecloser, don't be afraid, I want to tell yousomething in your ear.So this nightmare began ...
Аномальная зона 0,2
Тебе предстоит побывать в аномальной зоне из которой нет выходаеслиты не владеешь артефактом с помощью которого можно открытьпортал,выход из зоны, сам артефакт состоит из 10 частей, которыетебе ипотребуется собрать. Самая большая опасность зоны этовысокийуровень радиации, у тебя есть около 15 минут до того как тыполучишьсмертельную дозу.
Bunker 1.8
Among the stalkers there was a bike about a bunker in which acoupleof months ago, after mysterious events 10 artifacts wereburied,they say that everyone who had dealing with these artifactsbegan togo crazy, recently it became known about a mysteriouscollector whois ready to lay out a large for these artifactsamount, a fortune,but only for all 10. You found this bunker ....now your task is toget all the artifacts.