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GIF for WhatsApp 2.2.3
Can’t find the secret behind sending funny gifs on WhatsApp likeyour friends do? Hop on to the GIF for WhatsApp store, the coolestcollection of animated GIFs everyone is crazy about. Tired ofsending those looping videos instead animated gifs. Not anymore.GIF for WhatsApp is here to save your day. Now you can not onlyreceive but also send any gif on WhatsApp :) PERSONAL LIBRARY OFGIFS • Bid farewell to hectic tasks of saving links to yourfavourite GIFs, just mark any GIF as your “favourite” and createyour own personal store of amazing aniamted GIFs • Stop wastingtime in scrolling those endless pages looking for a perfect GIF,just go to your favourites page and share beautiful GIFs withfamily and friends on WhatsApp DISCOVER • From The Walking Dead tothe US elections 2016, travel and experience the mystique world of- music, movies, memes, tv, current affairs and so much more •Seize all the moments of your favourite celebrities, movie starsand sportsmen • Discover the most trending gifs on WhatsApp underthe trending tab. We have a engineered a robust algorithm to findout the most viral gifs on WhatsApp every hour SEARCH • GIF forWhatsApp has a powerful search engine that lets you search GIFs intune with your needs. Find the right GIF for your moment before themoment is gone. • Want to wish birthday to a friend on WhatsApp? Wehave gif for you. Just type birthday gif in our search and let itdo the magic. • Are you bored of seeing same gifs on WhatsApp againand again. Use our search and find the most trending funny gifs onwhatsapp WHAT MORE? • Make WhatsApp chats interesting and expressyour moments in a more lively fashion with Gif for WhatsApp • SendGIFs on your favourite platform - tag your friends on Facebook,post on Instagram, make it trend on twitter, or show off your witson Facebook messenger • Save your personal favourites and make yourown collection of trending GIFS Feel free to contact us anytime onour email [email protected]
Parallel Accounts 2.2.18
Operating as a virtual OS on your mobile phone, Parallel Accountsallows you to run multiple accounts of the same app simultaneouslyon a single phone, with just a tap to switch between the apps. Italso helps hide apps for better privacy. Log in to multipleaccounts: •  Dual sim phone with a single Social Media account? Notanymore. Just install the app in your parallel account and treatyourself with a second, virtual account. • Strike a balance betweenpersonal and professional life easily. • Tired of fighting yourwars on your own? Join your own clan with your parallel account.Enhance online gaming experience with multiple accounts, and feelthe multiplied fun. • Almost all apps are supported for a parallelaccount, and each account works independent of the other. Hidepersonal apps: • Parallel Accounts helps block your apps fromprying eyes. Just uninstall the app from your phone after cloningit into your parallel account, and create a parallel space foryourself. Highlights: •  Optimised for battery and RAM performance•  Well-built, stylish interface, a friendly and easy-to-useexperience •  Tired of Dual Apps, Dual Messaging, Dualcomplications? Meet Parallel Accounts- one app that lets you cloneall other apps with maximum ease. Notes: •  Permissions : ParallelAccounts does not require permission to run itself but for the appsadded in it. For instance, if it is not permitted to read yourphone storage, you will not be able to share media contents withyour friends through your parallel account. •  Privacy : ParallelAccounts does not interfere with personal data of your account.Rather it creates an isolated parallel space for every app it runs.•  Consumption : No additional memory, battery and data is taken upby Parallel Accounts for itself but for the apps running inside. • Conflict : For apps which require a phone number to sign up, youshould have different numbers in order to create multiple accounts.Feel free to contact us anytime on our [email protected] Note: We do not alter/modify/decompilethe code of parallel apps in any way. Also We do not promote orautomate any app/functionality. We will not be liable for anyviolations of policies of cloned apps. For more info read ourprivacy policy Privacy Policy -
3D Wallpaper Parallax 2018 4.6.0
Create your 3D background using Camera or Gallery photos or choosefrom our collection. A beautiful app that gives a complete 3Dexperience to your home and lock screen, currently we have 200+live wallpaper and we are continuously updating our store. Our Top3D Live Wallpapers & Top Features → All Marvels and DCSuperhero in one place. → Theme changer widget ( change themewithout even open app) → Multiple new themes added weekly → Verysmooth experience → Superhero Multi-layer collection → Flash,Arrow,Hulk,WonderWomen, Superman, Ironman, Thor etc. App uses Gyroscopeand Accelerometer sensor for parallax effects that gives real feelto each layer of the background. You can also submit your own themethat would be published publicly to all users with your name. Feelfree to contact us about any issue or feedback [email protected] Thank you
Live Wallpaper (Loops) 2.0.2
Features- Give Life to your static wallpaper, share on socialnetworks to get more likes or followers. (see video)- Collection ofanimated backgrounds Loop of hd quality - Quick preview ofwallpapers without downloading anything- New animated video loopsadded every day- Parallax effect in settings can be turned on tobring a more natural feel and a unique 3D experience.- Minimalbattery usage and system resource to provide the best experienceSowhat are you waiting for? Install Live Wallpaper Loops now andstart your beautiful journeyShare your created LivePhoto on socialnetwork with hashtag #LivePhoto #ImaTech #VideoLoop to get morelikes or followers.Watch video for more detail of app.If anyonehave issue with app please feel free to write us [email protected]
Live Photo 1.0
Easy tool that gives animation to any still photosExportcreatedlooping photo free store your created loop online and sharedamongusers." Install and check How LivePhoto makes it very easytoanimate any photo "Note:- If you face any issue just email [email protected]