Imagination Games Apps

The Fast Lane 1.02
Jump...Jump Again...Jump Again and againTry to stay on the cubes and platforms. Can you reactfastenough? Your path is being built in real time with anexcitingcombination of cubes.→ Wait for the right moment→ Then tap on the screen to jump→ Don't fall off the cubesA fun action game with very simple controls to keep runningasfar as possible.Don't let the void eat you up. Play and compete with yourfriendsand family.How far can you get? Enjoy the challenge.
The Bounce Zen 1.0
Battle friends for the high score inthisnever-ending game of grabbing power-ups, avoiding the enemiesandclimbing to the top.Simply touch the left or right side of the screen to moveyourcharacter and break the orange lines to increase your score.Maythe person who breaks the most lines win.You still dart and move through a procedurally generated worldwhileavoiding the red shapes, but now you use friendly green,blue,blackand orange shapes to your advantage -- but be careful --becausesometimes they can get in the way!Features:◉ Insanely simple and addictive◉ Endless gameplay that never gets old◉ Find mega-jump power-ups to reach new heights◉ Turn Gravity On or Off with Special power-ups◉ Endless twists and turns
Draw It On - Pencil Balance 1.0.9
Pencil Balance is a very demanding mini-game where you mustbalancea drawing pencil as long as you can. Use your fingertip tokeep thepencil-tip drawing the line for as long as possible. Thereare alot of pencils and pens available each with differentstability andcoin rate. Unlock them all by earning coins. Competewith friendsand people around the globe with google leaderboards.Unlockachievements and set the benchmark for friends to compete.First,two pencils are unlocked...Use them to earn more coins andunlocknew pens and pencils. Good luck. Keep Playing.
One Shot! Okay? 1.1.0
One Shot! Okay? This time we are back with a new game with theideathat you get "Only one shot to Clear the board." Clear allthewhite blocks from the board in one go. The black onesareindestructible. With awesome sounds put together, the gamereachesa whole new level of user experience. Please try, review andsharethis game with your friends as well. > Simple Control >Touchand drag to shoot > 50 unique levels
ULTRAFLOW Again is an arcade puzzle game that combines thegameplayof air hockey and mini-golf, in a chill and minimalistexperience.You have a limited number of bounces to complete eachlevel. Noscore. No timer. The only challenge is your smoothness.Just flingthe ball to the goal! ULTRAFLOW Again is all aboutagility,dexterity, and fun.
One Shot! Okay - 2 1.0
One Shot! Okay? This time we are back with a new game with theideathat you get "Only one shot to Clear the board." Clear allthewhite blocks from the board in one go. The black onesareindestructible. With awesome sounds put together, the gamereachesto a whole new level of user experience. Please try, reviewandshare this game with your friends as well. > Simple Control>Touch and drag to shoot
Griddle - The Grid Riddle 1.0.2
CHALLENGING: The puzzles are really challenging andaddictive.Challenge your brain at each level to get through them.The puzzlesare not only addictive and challenging but also helpsyou indeveloping your insights. SIMPLE AND ATTRACTIVE UI: The gameaimsat providing simply the best, attractive and auser-friendlyinterface to let you enjoy the puzzles with ahassle-freeexperience. PROPERLY BALANCED DIFFICULTY: The level ofdifficultyis perfectly balanced. The game starts with a relativelyeasy levelof puzzles and then moves on to slightly harder andharder levels.HINTS: Facing difficulty at any level? Not a problemat all. Youcan use hints to get through. Figure out your next moveto make thelevel relatively simpler. HOW TO PLAY ?? The task issimple. Paintall the white tiles and make the surface colorful.Actually, thetiles enjoy being colorful, so swipe through yourphone and makethem colorful. It's that simple. Don't you think so?Then check outthose puzzles yourself.
Oh My Phone! 1.0.1
Oh My Phone! I need to find the person who broke my phone. Yes,youcan break your phones now. Not Really! :P Flip the phone as muchasyou can. But yeah, Remember one thing, one wrong flip andthescreen will shatter. So are you ready? Less the weight ofthephone, more the height it will achieve while flipping. Gotboredwith a phone? Don't worry. Buy a new phone from your very ownPhoneShop (shop name: Oh My Shop) using the coins earnedthroughflipping the phone. Different Colors. Different AppearancesandDifferent Weights. ___________________ HOW TO PLAY??___________________ Just flip the phone as much as you canbyswiping through the screen. Be Cautious, that the phonedoesn'tfall with the screen down, as it will break the phone. OhMyPhone!!!
Fun Ways to Think : Pics to Words Quiz Game 2.0
'Fun Ways to Think' will make you think in ways you have nevereverthought before. These picture riddles will have you stumpedandrest assured, will blow your mind! The pictogram puzzles aresuperfun for kids, teens, and adults. The game consists of manyfun,challenging, and dumb riddles. It will take smart thinking tosolvethese puzzles. They are funny, adventurous, quirky,mouth-watering,jaw-dropping, and amazingly fun to answer. It willmake you thinkin ways that are dumb and leave you shocked andwanting more!Everyone can play this! It is even a great familygame. All youhave to do is look at the given picture puzzle andguess theanswer. You mainly have to convert pics to words. Puzzlesare inthe form of images. It's your job to interpret words fromtheimage. Game Features: - Free to play and a lot of fun. Perfectformillennials. - Brain-twisting puzzles. You may have to broodoversome levels whereas, in others, your brain will do the job.It'sthe ultimate stupid test! - Tailor-made for trivia lovers andwordguessers. Adults, teens, kids, guys, girls, etc. everyone willlovethis challenging game. You can even play it offline. There isnowifi required. - Smart, hard, kids, word, picture, impossible,etc.We have all sorts of stump riddles! - No, this game is notforamateurs. This guessing game is extremely challenging. -AddictingWord Guess Quiz with a twist. Can you solve all the words?- Manypicture combos to solve, that will leave you guessing. Strainyourbrain, guess the answer or there is no way out! Just kidding,wealways have a clue for you. So you can guess the word usingourclues. There are also other features that can help you solvetheriddles like hints. - Truly a head-scratcher. Sharpen your mindbyplaying this for hours and hours. Patrol your funny brainwhiledoing so though! 101 riddles book is not going to help you.This isall ORIGINAL! If you love free riddle quiz games, thisisdefinitely for you. Trust us, it's not an impossible test.It'stotal trivia! Play and live the riddles! Try and unriddlethesemind-boggling pictures.
Bricks & Balls 0.1
Bricks & Balls - Limited Edition is a classic and excitingbrickgame. Spend your free time playing the ultimate Bricks gameforhours, or maybe days. How to play - The ball flies to whereveryoutouched - Break the bricks and never let them hit the bottom -Findthe best positions and angles to hit every brick - Collect asmanycoins and unlock different game modes The game is LimitedEdition asit comes with 4 different gaming modes to choose from 1)ClassicMode - Starts with 5 balls 2) Arcade Mode - Starts with 20balls 3)Mayhem Mode - Starts with 40 balls 4) Professional Mode -Startswith 100 balls Please remember you must break as many ballsaspossible to get the highest scores