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Construction Simulator 3D 2015 1.0
Construction Simulator 2015Get ready to do some work as a real lifeconstruction worker while playing this Construction Simulator 2015.You are able to experience the life of a real life constructionworker. This game will let you have the full control over the heavyconstruction vehicles including bulldozer. Heavy excavator,construction truck, painter & road roller are also constructionvehicles. Sit behind the steering and control the heavy vehicleswhile performing your duty at the construction site. Experience theaction with amazing off-road obstacle course and intense dozerdriving .We have our newest 3d simulator game for you to work as aHill side road constructor in this construction simulator. Afterthe road construction people can drive easily on roads. Play as theconstruction contractor. Hill Climb driving is very tough so youhave chance to build a better road for people so they can easilydrive .•FREE download – and completely free-to-play
Police Car Chase Vs Zombie 1.0.2
Halloween SpecialStart your cop duty with Police Car Driver to chase & smashZombies .Play as an aggressive cop and chase the criminal’s becauseZombies are criminals instead of hunting thief , thugs , robbers ,gangster and street racers.This is something you have never play before in any chasing policegame, racing game, highway game, hunting game, shooting game etcbut it is Halloween Special .Chase Zombies criminals on your policecar, smash them and arrest if possible. Zombies are more dangerousthen wild animal like lion , tiger ,Tyrannosaurus Rex that mostlylive in forest and jungle.Millions of people all over the worldwere effected, and the ones that weren't, they were attacked. Becareful with the heavy traffic on the roads because citizens areleaving the city due to intense situation for their survival.Public bus transport are not available in the city to pick and droplocal citizen as well as tourist because most people get bus ofhilly stations and mountains from the bus stop of various part ofcity . Rescue all human i.e men women citizens tourist etc.Zombies are Law breakers and running away from crime scenes andcausing trouble in the city. Don’t smash into a citizen’s car ontown. It’s your duty to protect the city premises as well as rescuehuman and arrest bloody Undead Wild Zombies criminals. Extreme cardriving adventure , racing, drifting and chasing with police car inthis police cop zombie chase & smash simulator. Gun and otherheavy vehicle like public bus truck transporter truck are notavailabe .It’s DO or DIE situation, today you get killed or you kill (gun arenot available ) all the illegal street zombie in town. Buckle up!Let’s give those criminals a hard time ! Go and Save and Defend thecity as well as earth from Dangerous and wild crime! Bump into theZombies plaque getaway car to take them down.Furious Race up tocatch the undead criminals and perform your Police Officer duties.Play as a tough cop.It’s time to play and drive police chase gameswith the luxury sports car on road. Hunting police horse as well aspolice dog and police on Moto cross bike are also taking part inthe police chase missions against zombies Z plaque.Chase is forsurvival race, where you have to drive a police car and fightagainst gangsters that is zombie . An undercover cop is succeededto collect evidence to arrest evil zombie mafia.Chase downcriminals as a law enforcement officer. A standout crime simulatorwhere you will feel the heat of a real cop car driver, hunting ,thief and thugs to clear the city of crime of zombies (gun and ammoare not available ).Feature :=> There are no speed limits!=> Sharp turns, intense racing, criminal chase and fully actionpacked game !=> No traffic rules!=> Extreme fast car driving adventure and Realistic Cop cardriving experience!=> Smooth and easy controls for police car !=> No avenue of escape !=> Helicopter backup !=> Fun to play! Halloween Special
War Attack Auto Car Gun Battle 1.2
★CARS, GUNS & SHOOTING in 3D★DRIVE DEATH RACING CAR EQUIPPEDWITH 3 XTREME MACHINE GUNS & BLAST AWAY YOUR ENEMIES!Mr. Sancomes to Gang wars and streets of our marvelous urban city lookslike battle fields and war zones, there is fire, attack, shooting,blasts on roads, modern real auto weapons are creating mayhem inurban areas, Mr San is crazy enough to take the hell ride in ganstacrime town and deal damage to gangster regions and territories andto prevent the power riots and shooting attacks, it’s his home townwhich is not like USA or Russia, and neither is he American orRussian, he comes from a distant beach near Middle East, Battle isrefueled with ultimate armor car coming from a battle ship and isbeing chased by cops and thieves alike, general public is scared orthis super fighting and motors shooting and bullet chasing in theirhome town, it is not impossible to crush the gun mania and weaponsmuggling happening among mafia cartels, and Mr San is up for theMission, confident of winning this battle and overcoming the war ofgangs, he is the transporter of peace and very fierce and furiousof the wild sin force happening in streets of war torn city.Dangerous gangster are on their moto cross and gangster onmotocross can create the disturbance in the street .Guns aredamaging and Guns Are protecting at the same time, rescueoperations and survival training is a specialty of Mr. San. CityConditions are extreme Military and Army troops may intervene,enemy squad is attacking and our city needs a boost of refueledguns ammo because there is no rescue coming from air by jet orhelicopter and all the battle fight is on streets. girls and boysas well as kids and family are also in urban city that comes fromMiami beach as a tourist and they are on their world tour and theyalready visited LA, California.MR San take that duty to kill theenemy of the state and steel the state. Mr san has Enthralling dutyand steel nerves to save the land from the king of the ganglandafter performing their duty!Car Driving is fun but racing a sportscar with modern weapon on roof of vehicle is mind blowing and looksout of this world, battle & strike enemy and drive to differentlocations and paths and find more enemies and stop street crime ofmafia.If you like 3D simulation games, shooting games, car racinggames and like to challenge yourself for the hardcore gamingexperience then you are in for a real treat, you will like it, loveit and share it as a perfectly crafted pack of cars and citybuildings, roads, shops are included in this 3D racing, shootingaction simulation game. it has guns, bullets, which travel likemissiles, fire balls, explosions and extreme addicting game play,crazy mission with multiple objectives are included, auto viewingof reverse and smooth controls for acceleration and breaking, andone button shooting to ease the user experience. If you are inpursuit of sports cars and with shiny and smashing look and want togo crazy with fire power then play, enjoy and review.Its Free ToPlay, we show ads when you are not playing!★Game Features:• SportsCars, Customized, Modified & Equipped with Luxury Weapons•Smooth Driving and Physical effects • Shoot other enemy vehicles •Burn the streets with fire at high speed• Seamless Urban City withreal Feel and look• High Definition (HD) Graphics• High Precision(HP) Controls------------------------------------------FunEntertainment and Learning all in one place for girls and boys aswell as kids and family!Like Us onFacebook: Us onTwitter: will keep youupdated!------------------------------------------
Airport Bus Drive 3D 1.0
---Bus Driving in City and Parking atAirport!--A simulation experience never before to mark the end of 2015 andstart of 2016, celebrate Halloween and Christmas with this awesomefree google play store Game.Drive Passenger Bus in Realistic 3D to Transport citizens to taketheir flight on time! A real 3D Simulation Experience in a urbancity which no other has done before.A Driving and Parking Simulator of a new type.Have you ever dreamt about working in the airport or at an industryof aviation? Let your career take off here with this cool new 3DAirport Driving Simulator game. Driving 3D bus simulator withrealistic controls and great dynamic gameplay.In this game an awesome city is in need to transport their peopleto air port which is on the far side, with luxury planes to takethem to their destination, its the duty of bus driver to drivesafely and bring citizens and their luggage to airport so that theycan catch their flight. This airport is of very basic type as smallurban downtown can only afford short runways, less control towersand security staff and dogs, so its drivers duty to take care ofpassengers aboard and take care of flying planes and landedairplanes, and also keep in mind that some of the air-planes wouldbe taking off the ground, so bus driving & Parking in thissituation is a challenge.Flight control tower has already given youthe clearance to get the passengers from a landed plane.Transportall your passengers to the planes that are ready to take off.Parkyour bus carefully and drafted to make sure the challenge is noteasy nor extremely complex. You have to pass through parking lots,nearby airplanes and airport lounges,. As soon you reach nearbyparking spots, make sure that you apply the brakes gently since youwant to assure a smooth ride for the passengers.•FREE download – and completely free-to-play★Features:• Real Bus driving experience• Transporting passengers to airport, Parking Of Bus• Time Based Levels• Extreme 3D graphics• Realistic Controllers------------------------------------------Fun Entertainment and Learning all in one place!Like Us on Facebook: Us on Twitter: will keep you updated!------------------------------------------
Police Moto Bike Racer 3D 1.0.1
Police Stunt Bike simulator 3D is a fun andvery challenging game for Motorbike driving where you control afast police motorbike and feel like the best motorbike officer. Ifyou love to go to extreme and thrilling speeds and want to becomethe best police bike officer in the city, then you must try itnow!Police Stunt Bike simulator 3D is a game in which a jump stunt isto be made in a very short time.Police Bike simulator is a funaddicting bike stunt rider and racing gameThere are massive jumps and thrilling stunts! Experience thisexciting adventure as a real biker now!Test your reflexes and steer the bike towards the ramp to jump froma burning tanker truck.Do not slightly touch the tanker or you would be blown away!!Enjoy the exhilarating biker's experience!Features:• 3D Night time City Environment.• Real physics and driving• 10 Time base levels (difficulty level increase with everylevel).• Entertaining game play.• 3 Types of controls• Skidding effectsNote: Bike stunt Driving is dangerous so always drive your bikecarefully and always follow city traffic rules and always wear ahelmet!Try Police Stunt Bike simulator 3D now!
Off-Road Bus HillSide Drive 1.0.2
It's time to drive various different world tour buses models onnatural hilly mountain environments. Tourist are here to take thejourney to rocky mountain. You must had the experience to drive abus in city, village, jungle , mountain or country side fields oreven off road or even different location in world but Off-Road BusHill Climber 2015 is very enjoyable latest bus driving simulationgame that will offer you the chance to become a real Bus Driverwith different types of world mountain tour buses ! Show us yourhill driver skills by precision bus hill speed driving on hillclimbing highway route in rain and rocks land sliding. ! Each levelhas its own offroad simulator challenging objectives. Drive bus andpick and drop passenger and tourist from one hill side area busstop to next. Tourist from around all over the world is waiting tovisit the beautiful hilly mountain. Speed is very important whiledriving bus on hill side but Hill side speed bus driving isdangerous so drive your bus carefully. Realistic maps, variousvehicles, eye-catching interiors will make you feel like driving areal bus! Get ready for off-road hill speed driving in this 3d bussimulator with hill climber adventure. Off-Road Bus MountainClimber 2015 Features =>Real-time Hill Climb Driving=> Pickand Drop Passenger from different Locations=> Discover thenatural mountain Hill Side Environment=> Rocks and land slidingobstacles from mountain.=> Different types of world tour busesincluding double Deckerif you are a traveler and like to board thetourist transport vehicles, then your are in luck!Real Off-Road BusHill Climber 2015 is completely FREE!!!Hit Like OnFacebook! follow uson Twitter
Winter Snow Plow Truck Sim 3D 1.1
Winter is coming and Winter is the coldestseason of the year. In the snowfall season highway roads andstreets blocked with all the snow and snow piling everywhereblocking the way.Traffic jam is the major issue. Car ,Truck ,bus and even all heavyvehicles can’t move around due to frozen slippy roads.Trafficmobility is very important becauseit’s a Christmas time and in Christmas holidays people are planningfamily reunion and dinner for Christmas but stuck at home due tosnowfalls and frozen roads.So its time to do part time job and you got part time job inMetropolis and your job responsibilty and duty is to drive heavysnow plow truck vehicle and clear the countryside ice frozen slippyroads as well as all road is blocked with a big pile of snow. Yourcore duty as a Metropolis snow rescue team worker is to remove theice and clear the roads.Your duty in on off-road hilly side mountain and it is basically ahill station people mostly visit hill station and enjoy snow fallin hilly area so its time to drive plow truck on steep mountainsand drive uphill to the dangerous snowy mountain with snow coverwintry terrains and slippery asphalt are extremely dangerous fordriving and excessive snowfall and land sliding are major issue.Excessive snowfall is on different location across mountain. Yourmajor duty is to remove all stones and clear all frozen ice on theroads due to excessive snowfall and land sliding so traffic canmobilize smooth and safe and tourist enjoy their hill sidevacations.Use your hill climb truck driving as well as constructionside operating skills of gigantic crane excavator operator inslippery tracks .Snow Plow truck look like a planer or bulldozer . Dump all the snowon the dumping side and try to clear all the road that is caused byexcessive snowfall and land sliding . So try to dump all the snowby buldozer planer truck and try to dump all the snow.★★★ Features of Winter Snow Plow Truck ★★★-> Driving experience in a realistic effects of snowyweather-> Plow truck (bulldozer) with real life physics in drivingtruck simulation in hill station and test you’re driving skillslevel-> Enhance your driver experience for mega vehicles-> Real excessive snowfall and slippy land sliding effect.-> You got limited time to clear your frozen ice stones so be asfast as possible-> In hill station Traffic Vehicles includes Buses,Trucks andCars.-> Huge 3D snowy landscape environment.Winter Snow Plow Truck is very challenging snow truck drivergame Enjoy adventure game for this winter season 2016.Free To Play Game!
Driving In Car 1.8
These cars are like no other, get a realistic feeling of racing acar in City, Asphalt roads, off-road track, bridges and dusty andsandy terrain, race in nitro mode with awesome shiny cars andluxurious interior, driving has never been the same!Drive Car Drivefast Drive far but most of us sick of endless skyline racing gameswith third person perspective so you try this new super car drivingmania and parking game as well as car stunt game. Most of the carracing and driving games require precision driving skills. This oneis no exception overall! You have to drive fast but smooth as wellto avoid traffic cars on road, road barriers and other obstacles onthe road.Supercar as well as sports car needs skill driving aswell. Drive a car and many cars are placed on different locationDriver take out from the luxury car and drive a different sportscars so you can enjoy different car driving all over the game.Steeryour car on device to drag your car wherever you want.You have topass all differnt spots. You can also try the stunt driving in thiscar driving. You can drive and enjoy stunts on ramps but some rampsare straight and curved, some easy, some hard some up and down theramps. In this car driving game every car driving enthusiast willfind something challenging.The 3D environment looks very realisticthan in other simulation car racing games .You drive your luxurycar in cockpit view through the endless traffic and realisticenvironment. This is one of the best 3D driving simulator game thatwill develop your driving skill because city as well as large freearea for driving freely into your luxury sports car and become thebest Car driver and highway tour can also be taken in it. Do youhave a need for speed of real car drive sim 3d ? Download Drivingin Car Simulator, the newest endless racer for Android. Braceyourself to fun with the newest , unique , free Driving in CarSimulator game of 2016.- Super Cars & Easy Controls- Choosebetween a wide range of cars- Large City Maps- Real-time cardestruction and damage- Car Drive on the highway traffic
Transport Truck Drive : Cargo 1.0.1
★Transport Truck★it gives you the passport to drive in crazy hill side offroad scenewhere rocks are falling and road is filled with land slides andriver is running on one side of extreme cliff, take you goods froman industrial area, load the stuff in container and start driving,steering, controlling, tilting, skidding, burnout through a heavyobstacles laden road with a real challenge and risk of falling offand also the time is running so make it quick and fast and drivewith auto gear system and provide a delivery service to the peopleof this beautiful town!Tag along and have a driving experience where not only a trucks tobe controlled but its cargo container laden trailer is also to bekept in balance!•FREE download – and completely free-to-play game, and will alwaysbe!★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★Fun Entertainment and Learning all in one place!Like Us on Facebook: Us on Twitter: will keep you updated!★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
Construction : Build Operation 1.0
Construction : Build Operation is aSimulation Gameplay, build, excavate with Bulldozer, Lifter, Transport Truck,Containers, wooden Boxes, Cranes, road rocks and much more...Live life as real life constructor with gigantic machinery forconstruction and maintenance of your off-road hilly mountain area& industrial city and operate heavy vehicle as an engineer.Play Construction Sim : Off-road, newest 3D construction simulatorin this game we will let you have the full control over the heavyconstruction vehicles with driving and heavy machinery handling andoperating vehicles including heavy excavator , construction truck ,bulldozer as a roller & fork lifter roller are the awesomefeatures that make off road Construction Sim : Off-road an amazing3D simulation game of 2016.Plow rocky roads where no crane can reach, drive to site and workwith your crew and don't forget to park the vehicles.So get ready to experience the real off-road hilly constructionenvironment in Construction : Build Operation and bring miningequipment and heavy machinery from workshop.Heavy constructionvehicles including bulldozer. Heavy excavator, construction truck,painter & road roller are also construction vehicles.Run inperson and get the key of your desire vehicle that help you in thecompletion of task and mission for doing constructing of offeredhill city.You need extraordinary driver and parking skills to drivebulldozer truck and other giant vehicles and excavator cranes andfork-lifter. Fork lifter is used for lifting up the material boxand transport them at target destinationBe the constructor machines driver.Off-road Hill Climb driving onhilly mountain is extreme risky.Avoid any collision and damage toyour equipment and heavy machines . Land sliding is a major issuein the Off-road hill city.Sit behind the steering wheel of heavydump truck and start and adventure of extreme drive on off-roadhill highway. Face the challenge of driving loaded truck inoff-road hill highway hill road. Dump all the dumping material attarget destination. Drive back safely and park vehicle at theconstruction.Bulldozer can do multiple task of cleaning road andplaning the road of off-road hills.Road of off-road hills needmaintenance . Show off your crane operator skills and drive allthese heavy vehicles carefully around the construction site.Features:Constructor challenge of multiple heavy equipment.Realistic off-road hilly mountain environment.Realistic Control of construction machines include giantfork-lifter and bulldozer.Challenging time limited games.Animated real life constructor 3D person.Download the newest Construction : Build Operation 3D simulator andenjoy for hours of unlimited fun and adventures in the coolestconstruction game on your android tablets and smartphones.
City Ambulance Rescue Drive 1.0
City Ambulance Rescue Services"Rescuing humanity in danger is really appreciated by wholeworld"Be a real modern day hero by doing some relief work in real urbancity especially the highway area which is under construction and adue to heavy vehicles heavy amount of accidents is noted.Modern Hero received a mobile phone call from police department anda massive accident has been reported on the highway and you mustrespond because you’re the on-duty ambulance driver. Police cop’scar and 911 Relief Rescue Team is also at the location.It can be acrime scene.Get in your ambulance van and drive fast to theaccident location. Don’t forget to put on the siren and push thethrottle as a driver you know that driving an ambulance is always acrucial task because it’s always in a state of emergency and youneed to be quick and precise because fast driving can cause anothercity car accident. Traffic is also in the asphalt city road.Firefighter truck moto bike, bus and car are also moving around thecity.An urban ambulance Simulator driver is a real modern hero and beingan urban ambulance driver means you rescue citizens and public whoare in danger. Remember your duty comes first! Drive ambulance tosave injured citizens in highway road accident and combatsituation. Doing some speed driving in this extreme ambulancerescue game is pretty epic and dangerous .Helicopter ambulance arealso available at the rescue office Heli can also use in extremecondition like due to bad weather and mountain or hilly area andeither a tourist stuck on the top of mountain .You need to get inyour ambulance and drive the nearest town doctor to rescue theinjured ones as fast as you can.Drive well in these extremesituations as the clock is ticking and lives are depending on you.Park your ambulance in hospital parking area and rush toward thehospital to rescue the life of public because you love to dothat.Suburban rescuer mission are in cities like Compton.Different mission different locations either a car accidentlocation or crime location.You will just love it.★Features:• Real Ambulance driving experience• Astonishing 3D Game-Play• Great game if you love rescue 911 games.• Different camera angles.• Real Suburban 3d Enviornment------------------------------------------Fun Entertainment and Learning all in one place!Like Us on Facebook: Us on Twitter: will keep you updated!------------------------------------------
Pizza Van Delivery Service 3D 1.0.3
We all love to eat and cook food especiallypizza- actually pizza with the combination of Soft Drink. And nowwe have a great game! Pizza Van Delivery Service 3D is filled withtremendous fun. So what are you waiting for? Grab a pizza, drinkyour Soft Drink and start the adventure!Take your 3D Express Pizza delivery van or vehicle and your VirtualDriving skills to new extremes!You are a mighty van driver and have to deliver pizza orders fromthe pizza shop to a customer either he or she is at home, office orat the picnic spot. Rush through the traffic and be on time! Followthe traffic rules and regulations. Avoid hitting the other vehicleson the road!You are able to experience the life of a Pizza Van deliveryguy!Wait- are you thinking that you don’t know how to cook Pizza ascooking it is quite challenging but no worries! You haveexperienced cooks as well as chefs who are working on the extremelyyummy taste of your pizza. So don’t you worry if you don’t knowmuch about cooking.Well, the people are waiting for their top Pizza Driver to bringthem their yummy pizza made by your secret recipe on time. If youdo not finish pizza delivery on time, you will not get time bonusand Food Van Delivery Service are in danger. So be on time andprove your virtual real van driver driving skills.Kids, girls and boys included, are looking for safe and freshpizza.If you love 3D vehicle driving games or cargo delivery games thenthis game is right up your alley. Additionally you get to drivearound the city and deliver food related goods to destinations in areal suburban city environment. Your driving experience will bemore realistic!------------------------------------------Top Fun Entertainment and Learning all in one place!Like Us on Facebook: Us on Twitter: will keep you updated!------------------------------------------
Prison Escape Mission 2016 1.0
★★★★★【Prison Escape Mission 2016】★★★★★Prison Escape in Racing Car is Taking Place, Criminal Prisonerscommitted jail break!! Prison Guard Duty Helicopter is used bycops, to give hard time to prisoners which are breaking out, itssame all around even if its Russia, Europe or Miami or LatinAmerica helicopters are used to chase the criminals to stop thecartels.Chasing Racing Car From Air is difficult and when helicopter isflying in city then its flight gets more challenging, you will getthe chance to become heli-rider and fly through city, follow car onroads and keep it in rage to track its direction, this requireprecise and great level of vigilance.Try this free game to experience the adventurous ride of helicopterand chase criminal gangsters across city.【Key Features】★ Realistic Helicopter Simulation★ Precise Controls with Tilt Optimization★ Awesome City Environment★ Car Chase Filled With Prisoners★★Free To Play, And Always Will be!!★★
Snow Hill Bus Drive 3D 1.2
Passengers are waiting, SO HURRYUP!Winter season is here and its time to drive a off-road snow touristbus in snowy off road mountains .Drive carefully because drive onthe narrow hilly offroad roads tracks have become even more riskyand dangerous . Hill bus drivers are experts in cutting those curvyhilly corners but snow blizzards and land sliding adds to the realrisk and challenge. Winter Snow bus is a challenging game and youcan test your driving skills in risky and dangerous conditions anddifficult snowy paths.Pick up tourists and mountain village citizens and drop thepassengers in a realistic snow off road bus driving in offroadenvironments like frozen hilly mountain . Snowy mountains areextremely slippery and covered with a thick blanket of snow duringwinter season and get the real feel of nature.Tourist always needsafe and fast transports especially in winter season when peoplemove to hill sides so be ready for most adventurous and craziestoff road thrilling and exciting driving experience including , hilltop driving, breathtaking experience of a twisted turns andgorgeous hill stations curvy paths and treacherous turns are verydangerous . It’s a survival game, so play as the extreme hill busdriver to fulfil the duty of passenger transportation. Be thefurious bus driver in your transportation duty. You will experiencethe detailed interiors of bus and 3d hand driving experience.Snow Bus Driver sim in not just another simulation game; this timedouble the fun and more action. Drive Grand tour bus ( giant butbeautiful piece of vehicle machinery ) carefully because hills aredangerous to drive, control your vehicle properly and don’t let itfall off the cliff, keep the tourists safe. Survive your way to thesnowy mountains. and transport tourists in epic snowy world. WinterRoad Truckers heavy vehicles and 4x4 SUV Pickup trucks are movingas a traffic.Multiple transporter trucks are also moving uphil soGrand bus hill climbing is full of thrill and adventure to pick uptourist and drop passengers to their destination. Bring back thetourist from different hill station. Tourist travel on Holidays,New Year and Christmas . Winter as well as Christmas are near somost of crazy tourists waiting for the Big Bus as their transportto get to the chance to spends holiday on Snow cover mountain hillstation .★ ★ ★ Features ★ ★ ★-> Multiple Grand Buses for you to drive uphill with RealisticBus Physics and real bus Damage effects.->Adventurous & Thrilling Extreme Bus Driving with DangerousTurns->Amazing Hill Station and offroad environments with heavy snow3D Graphics.->Animated Passengers and intelligent traffic.->Smooth Steering, Brakes and Drifting
Crazy Pet Horse Truck Drive 1.1
So Much in one Bundle,Horse, Cow boy, truck ... Drive Truck to transport Horse, Have areal experience of cow boy simulator to train horse and load themin truck, race truck in mountain offroad hills and rally throughvillages and farms, this free game is will give you fun andentertainment which others cannot.Get ready for a crazy ride oneuro truckIf you dream to own a real life horse ride it around, train it& take it for race you need to transport it, all these elementswill take you in the world of immense animal handling experience.try it to feel it.Drive & Transport animal on 3d truck.Horsetraining is also done by police to train their police horse .Police horse is also used to rescue civilians .Euro animaltransport truck driver give you the chance to become the realtrucker. Horse Stunts is common in horse racing game so take thecontrols in your hand, don’t let the animal get wild till you reachnear the truck.You may have the experience to use horse to train to transportit by truck or use carriage to load cargo and passengers, to use infarms to transport animals but this horse game is a haven whichwill be a very different world then all others. it a simulation ofhorse training and transportation and driving simulation with veryaccurate controls.Game Features:-Realistic Environment-Stunning High Quality Graphics-Third Person Human Role Game Play- Real Experience of Driving the Euro Truck Driving, Parking andTransport-Horse Transport by Cow Boy-Truck Controls and Multiple views
Car Transport Trailer Truck 3D 1.0.5
Do you like to drive Car or Transport it inTruck? In this cargo car transport trucker, your job is to deliverthe precious cargo of high cost which is modern, classy, racing,luxury and legendary car.In this extremely fun driving game you will be given with somecrazy racing and luxury car in the trailer trucker as cargo goods,after the car is loaded in the trailer trucker you will move thisheavy transporter truck to its destination with a lot of care andaccuracy. This 3D car transport trailer truck simulator will giveyou the experience of jumbo truck cargo driving, transporters useit with the heavy load in the town, city, villages and also in someoff road hill side counties. When you have reached at thedestination then unload the car precisely. Become a real and sexycar transporter delivery truck driver with using modern way oftruck Driving!Car Transport trailer truck will be very dangerous at the turns ofthe roads because of its jumbo size. Traffic congetion is on theroads in some towns of this city, traffic can damage your cargo.Drive carefully while turning these trailer car transporter truckscan go crazy because you are not only driving a huge lorry trailerbut that heavy duty lorry also contains expensive and luxuriouscars and your duty is to transport them safely.★Features:• Real truck driving experience• Delivery of cargo goods is time based.• Load and unload car at a destination.• Different camera angles.• Traffic on the roads of this city and can damage your cargo.------------------------------------------Fun Entertainment and Learning all in one place!Like Us on Facebook: Us on Twitter: will keep you updated!------------------------------------------
Driving Car In Snow 1.1
Are you ready to drive a car insnow?Fasten your seat belt and get ready to drive astonishing differentsports cars through perilous snowy hills and crazy paths for thethrilling drive as a Furious car speed driver ! This car ride isfilled with dangerous twisted hills atop a snowy mountain range.Nothing is more fun than the thrill you get from driving thesesports car along realistic scenic 3D snowy weather environment andwintery terrains and vehicles with detailed interiors make you feellike the master of your driving. ! EnjoyDriving experience on toughroads with easy controls and smooth game play no pick and droppoint .More thrilling, excited feeling of basic cars driving and racingwith dream sports cars that is used in rally game . You’ll performtricks, stunts and show off your driving skills . Cars are park atdifferent point go to your car by moving your person . BLAZEthrough snowy streets at intense High speed driving and rallyracing your dream sports cars, jeep car around nice fantastic andsnowy environment . The roads and streets are slippery .There areabsolutely NO RULES .All you have to do is drive, and drive fastdream sports cars.Enjoy the ride with an amazing selection ofdifferent sports cars with sights of rocky snow , snow dumped hillsadds enjoyment to the journey of your driving.Game Features- Driving experience in a realistic snowy weather and snowyoff-roads.- 4 Different types of Cars including Realistic AnimatedDriver- Realistic Vehicle Physics including damage effect of cars.- Furious Speed Racer feature in a snowy weather.- Various exciting and adventurous tracks for you to enjoy- Realistic effects of snow and rain.Download and Play Drive Car In Snow game .
Offroad Crazy Taxi Driver Duty 1.1
Taxi Driving!! Yeah Holidays are fun, packyour bags be a tourist across Snow cape hill, frozen water lake andoffroad tracks like never before..Free, fun, Crazy, realistic driving, snow, speed and much moreawaits you in this free to play Simulator Game.Everyone love a smooth ride, but when conditions are crazy,snowy road, off-road track, slippery ways and cliff side steeproads, then your driving experience gets challenging, and totransport tourists in taxi in these conditions gets even moreexhilarating, when time is limited, speed is only option but todrive with speed a& accuracy is the test.Normal Cabs go around pick passengers and drop them but this cabwill race and take every modern Taxi, its not just a game its acomplete experience to take you on a highspeed ride in 2015 andvery soon 2016... so fasten your seat belt and experience thecraziest driving adventure yet!It contains thrill, speed, skill and Missions to challenge you onevery turn.★★★ Features of Winter Snow Plow Truck ★★★-- 4 Different Classic Taxi Cars-- Snow, Cold, Ice on hill which will give you chills-- Beautifully adjusted Car Controls
City Public Bus Simulator 3D 1.0.4
City Public Bus Simulator 3D is the latestsimulation game in 2015.Are you excited to experience the adventure of driving Jumbovehicles i.e bus and round of an exciting bus driving simulationgame ! .Have u had the opportunity to drive a fast bus, if not thenyou are in luck as City Bus Simulator is here to take u aboard onthe ride of smooth and fast bus.Real fun begins when you drive afast bus.You can drive a fast bus and be a furious bus driver and awhole city is waiting for you.Drive the bus on asphalt layeredroads.Are you tired of parking bus or truck? City Public Bus Simulator 3D2015 is here for you ! Try to be the best real Bus Driver in thewhole world.Are you ready to be a bus driver? Furious bus Drivingis dangerous so always drive your bus carefully and always followcity traffic rules and always wear your seat belt.City Public Bus Simulator 3D Features:- 10 Level to play through- City Environment- Awesome 3D Graphics- Realistic Physics- Skidding and Slipping of bus- In future we can add more buses and Multiplayer mode .Try Bus Simulator Today!
Uphill Snow Cargo Truck Drive 1.3
Winter is not coming winter and snowfalls hasalready come in different part of worlds.Cold frozen blasts ison.Extreme winter weather conditions i.e snowfalls , snow storms,snow blizzards and cold tornado have made the people struck andstaying at home on this Christmas Eve and New Year .You arecommissioned with the task and take up the job of a relief truckdriver to deliver daily house hold goods including fresh fruits andvegetables and tree logs for heating purpose and transportdifferent cargo for the civilians struck in emergency situationsand deliver their cargo and all medical aids to the doorsteps. Playultimate off road truck simulator this cold frozen winter seasonand deliver medical aid and to the people struck in their homes.A challenging truck drive with snowfall, snow storms, tornado aswell driving on steep hilly mountains covered with snow includinglandslides can be extremely will not be easy drivingalong these rocky snowy terrains steep roads with sharp turns lieahead of you. Drive carefully because too much speed along withcareless driving could be fatalDriving these truckers along wintery terrains is more fun than thethrill you get by drive.Drive your SUV 4*4 pickup truck carrying different loads on rockylandscapes covered in snow and deliver the loads on time for thepeople that struck on hill station with extreme winterconditions.Avoid SLIPPING yourself!Enjoy winter driving with best off-road truck driver simulator2016.FEATURES- Off Road Hill Truck Driving
- Deliver logs and different cargo at Doorsteps
- SUV 4*4 Pickup Truck for drive- 3D graphics and smooth gameplay
- Rescue civilian in Snow by transporting loads in Emergencysituation
- Play as a Real Off Road Trucker driver in Realistic winterenvironments- Completely free and fun
Offroad Car Driving Adventure 1.0
★★★Are you ready for a Adventurous trip of2016in your 4x4 Car! ★★★Experience the thrill of adventure driving in amazing 4x4carvehicles in a wild, roadless forest environment .You have the freedom to drive your 4x4 car anywhere withsmoothcontrols. Speed off WITH OUT any speed limit restrictions,doanything like you can perform awesome stunts, smashinteractiveenvironment objects with your Racing car , and rule theoff-roadhilly mountain environment with your 4x4 car .During yourridethrough rugged terrain and with realistic physics packs youcaneasily climb through hill mountain environment .Racing withothercars has its own challenges and nonstop fun!Drive and exploretheopen wilderness of offroad in action packed 4*4 traffic racer.Racewith traffic if you want.Realistic driving simulator with smooth controls and 4x4realisticcar damage by flipping your car .With all these featuresyou caneasily climb through hilly island , avoid getting stuck in anarrowtrench,bumpy roads and mud patches.Offroad Car Driving Adventure Features:★ Amazing Selection Of 4x4 Car in game play.★ Challenging 3D Environment For Offroad Racing With Cars★ Only Free Mode For Max and non stop Enjoyment★ Realistic 4x4 Physics Car Driving Experience Includingthirdperson controls.★ Non Stop Realistic Gameplay★ Realistic Sound Effects★ Smooth Controls including Engine, Brake and Boost★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★Install and Play the best game of 2016 i.e ★★★ Offroad CarDrivingAdventure driving ★★★ Now!★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
Military Cargo Transport Truck 1.2
Transport & deliver the requiredpersonnel,stores and equipment, Combat Service Support to the armyin anoffroad hill climb trucker, its not a tourist bus for funride, heredanger is on peak, supplies are needed for army offense, roads aremassive and curvy, weather is extreme and thrillingcold and hot,wet and dry, mountains and hills, snow and sand andon some patchesdust will obstruct your vision, its not just a rideits an crazyadventure in which u deliver and transport army goods,like tanks,oil barrels and ammo and helicopter cannot takeeverything and theterrain from where u will pass is as legends sayit A monster! butyou have to take the shotDrive to Transport Tanks, Oil barrels and Other Military Goods!Standout as the top driver of heavy duty vehicles.Adventurousand craziest off road bus driving with real-timephysics, hill topdriving, twisted turns and breathtaking game playscenes.When Army needs to transport weapons and provisions theyuseMilitary Truck, planes, helicopters, trains, jeeps and vans.Inthis Military Cargo Transport Game a truck Driving experienceissimulated in an offroad hilly, rocky and dusty environment,planesneed airports, helicopter need helipads but truck drivethroughcliffs, hills, plane lands, and underground spaces, and whenyouhave to go offroad then a 4x4 truck will justify your need, Sointhe end of 2015 and when 2016 is starting this truck is readytodrive through hill and climb up the mountains, drift onslipperyroad, and run like horse on pavements and be the part ofmilitaryoperations.★Features:• Real truck driving experience• Delivery of cargo goods is time based.• Snowy and Grassy Environment• Different camera angles.• Traffic on the roads of this city and can damage your cargo.------------------------------------------Fun Entertainment and Learning all in one place!Like Us on Facebook: Us on Twitter: will keep you updated!------------------------------------------
City Helicopter Car Chase 2016 1.0
★ Helicopter Flying Game in 3D ★ isaSimulation of police helicopter flight in city to chase racingcar,adventure through the city on 911 call & chase &rescuecriminal car which is racing of city roads, as helicopterpilot youfly to realistic police chase while flying, laser guidedlight isthere to help & rescue you in task.This exciting free game play happens to take place in city wherearacing car has gone rouge & is threat to citizens, your dutyasprofessional police helicopter driver is to do a chase andrescuemission from air to keep the car in helicopter laserrange.Helicopter Simulation is realistic with auto guided chasesystemits requires accuracy and control, pro pilot skills, airflyexperience, it will be the best simulation out there.【 Features 】★ Realistic Helicopter Simulation★ Precise Controls with Tilt Optimization★ Awesome City Environment★★Free to play★★
Police Staff Bus Transport 3D 1.0.1
The crime rate has suddenly grown inthehilly area and that beautiful hilly city is now turning intoacrime city.This game is only for those who like police force. You willplayas a police officer in the game and prove that you are the BestCopprison transport bus driver .Through Crime Police Duty BusDriveryou are capable to enjoy off-road hill speed driving at thesametime. You must drive the police bus, find and arrest allCriminalsaround the hills.You have to follow and transporttoughestcriminals.Be careful on turns and fulfill your duty as theCrimepolice hill climber bus driver, these criminal wanted toescape butprove your Police Officer jobs skill and try to transportthecriminal to desired location.Make the hilly area save again by putting these unsafecriminalbehind bars. Drive through the beautiful hilly area but beawaredanger is around your police bus. War between policemenandcriminals is always interesting. Enjoy the furious buses drivingonhill road areas.Get ready for off-road hill speed driving in this 3d CrimePoliceBus Hill Climbing.Features Crime Police Bus Hill Climbing:-> Real-time Hill Climb Driving-> Pick and Drop-> Smooth controls->Thrilling game playCrime Police Bus Hill Climbing 2015 is completely FREE!!!Hit Like On Facebook! follow us on Twitter
Animal Transport Truck Drive 1.0.1
Farm Animals Transporter TruckIn this game your duty is to drive the domestic banger withheavytransport animals like Sheep, Cow, Goat, horse move towardsitsdestination. Transport the farm animal to zoo and domesticbeastare dangerous and they can attack on our truck and we are withourcargo that is animal so drive carefully on the offroad muddytrail.Lion, tiger and other wild animals are basically live in theforestand we are driving through hill side off-road so becareful.These farm animals are basically in this simulation game thisanimaltruck driving game provides you a chance to act as 4 x 4truckdriver with the best mega livestock farming truck. There arenumberof domestic animals that you have to transport to completethe gamesuch as cows, horses, goats, sheep, chickens and rabbitsetc. in therealistic hill, jungle and mountain environment.You'll learn the modren skills that you need to take the cattletoanother place. This game is special for people that likefarminglike sheep and cows .Transport the Farmyard cattle andlivestockfrom one spot to another .You have to carry all animals tothe endpoint. Heavy Vehicles and cargo truck driving isverydifficult.Load Farm Animals, Drive Truck in hill side, climb up the steephillroad in extreme conditions, its crazy how to take transport atruckfull of Horse, cow and goat, experience the real driving inanawesomely crafted environment which is far from city andothermodern habitats and its thrilling to speed up you truckandbalancing on bumpy road, just get out there and venture onthiscrazy experience of driving, sky is the limit.------------------------------------------Features:------------------------------------------★ Awesomely crafted hill environment★ Silky Smooth Controls★ 3 Animals ( Horse, Cow and Goat) to be transported★ Engaging Game Play★ Mobile Optimized Graphics------------------------------------------Fun Entertainment and Learning all in one place!Like Us on Facebook: Us on Twitter:
Border Police Car Escape 1.0
★★★ Your Country Calls for Protectionagainstillegal border crossing people ★★★★★ Fight, Protect & chase the criminals across offroadcountryside ★★★ Police Job is very Demanding and Challenging & BorderPatrolForce even more ★Criminals, thugs, smugglers, cartel dealers & manyillegalprisoners are escaping in real hard time car chase &furiouscar fight. Police Car is here to do the demolition withrecklesshavoc & spread Mayhem across border to put fear inhearts ofgangsters & criminals.Police Car in this Game is uniquely fitted with a Extreme&Crazy hard steel Bumper to hit the enemy cars so hard to blastthemaway. This Game will take you to a adventure land where roads&border would be limitless & speed the the key.pilot the most awesome police car and take it off with a bangandcapture all the running criminals.【Border Police Adventure Features】• Police Car plus 2 other Attacking Cars• Solid Steel Bumper to Protect Police Car• Realistic physics of Cars• Smooth & Silky controls• Thrilling gameplay experience★FREE download • and completely free-to-play • No WifiNoProblem!★
Real Taxi Car : 3D Vehicle 1.0.2
Taxi is hereIf your crazy about speed and want to fly your car instead ofjustdriving then buckle up this racing car ride will give yousuchthrill that you haven't felt before. This game is designed togiveyou a real and exhilarating driving and parking experience, youcantake control of this extreme ride and steer through the streetsofa real city in night!*****It’s time to Pick up and drop off passengers at therightdestination within city through Taxi. You will findexcellent3D taxi car physics that will able you to drive taxi fordifferentcrazy missions. In a realistic city a Taxi Driver drivespassengersaround the city and you have to park your taxi in aspecificdestination after dropping the passenger. Start your cabdrivingcareer today this awesome parking simulation game. Thisgameprovides you the chance to drive something else then a car, busortruck. There are different types of public transportliketram, bus and subway trains but you are lucky to have a chancetohave a taxi simulation game. Time is very important so keepyoureye on the time because you have a small amount of time to dropthepassengers off at the right place.*****Rush past through real traffic cars likesedan,limousine, SUV and many more and by pass the long routesfindshortcuts, but be slow while parking, its not that easy asitseems.In short this game will provide you a unique car/taxi drivingandparking experience. you will feel like you are driving a cab inNewYork or RussiaReal City Taxi Driver Parking Features:*Realistic Car Physics*Car skidding and controlling trill*Glowing City Night Environment*Traffic System many vehicles*All controls ( Device Tilt, Steering and button based),choosewhich suites you*****Car Parking is always fun but taxi parking is evenmoreexcitingAnd if your a Russian, then buddy its an honor to present toyouthis game!And its completely FREE!!!Hit Like On Facebook!
Farm Harvest 3D 1.0
Farming forge plow Season is here. Startyouragricultural career as a real farmer and cultivate your haycrop inFarm Harvest 3D . Manage your own farm and drive massivemachinesin an open world.Cultivate crops on land and enjoyfarmingharvester .Enjoy the new farming simulator playing in an open-worldcareermode! become a professional farmer by using farming vehiclesandbecome a professional farmer! In this game you will start tomakethe ground ready and with the cultivator you can achievethis.Gearup for the most realistic farming experience in all kindsof way byusing the tractor . In Farm Harvest 3D Simulator 2016 youhave todo everything a farmer needs to do for his harvest so usethecultivator, water the plant, harvest your crops like wheat, hay,SunFlower , and corn. Harvest Wheat from wheat fields. Harvestcornfrom corn fields . Harvest SunFlower from SunFlower fields.Features of Farm Harvest 3D:- Realistic Vehicles and tractor Machineries .- Different Plowing activities.- Grow different plants and crop like Barley, WheatandCanola.- Realistic 3D Rustic environment.<<<< Download now Farm Harvest 3D Sim2016!>>>>
Chicken Adventure Crush Sim 1.0.1
crazy Adventure crush chicken goes on avoyageto find gold and treasure in an abandoned island.control a very naughty and some time angry chicken and find thegoldcoins hidden in secret places.Chicken is a pet animal.Game Features of Crazy Chicken;- Animal simulation of a chicken- Best animal simulator game.- Realistic animation- Stunning Environment- Time based level - Hidden GoldThis game is totally free. Enjoy !!!
Wild Shark Fish Hunter 2016 1.3
★Wild Shark Fish Hunter 2016★◉This Game is all about killer sharkhunting mission, rage war on great white sharks, shoot them anddon't let them touch your boat.◉ Evolution of Shooting killer sharkand other ocean predators is here. This free game is focused ondeep sea creature hunt, you don't need scuba tools, neither anyfishing equipment, your vendetta is with Hungry White Shark, theseWild & Angry Ocean Predator have Razor sharp teeth & SuperHot Speed, it simulate the action shooting game play and make youfeel like super hero. You are stranded on a empty island and yourrescue is only ship and water is filled with hungry & angrywhite sharks and predator of many types.No Police or any otherrescue squad is present at that island, and sharks are swarming thewestern coast, no guards are here to save you, pick you gun chooseyour favorite weapon and fire, shoot and kill the Great WhiteSharks As much As you can.▶ Sweep area clean of Angry Sharks▶ Shootthem and Kill▶ Use Your Weapon Accurately▶ Your Boat is movingThisAction game is perfect shooting for shark attack related adventure,it contains shooting, killing, demolishing of sharks who wants tobite your skin off.✸ Wild Shark Fish Hunter 2016 Deep Ocean- GameFeatures ✸ ★ Live life of Army Assassin Hero Ocean! ★ Earn Point,Make High Score in limited Time.★ Drive around in the 3d kingdomslike ocean & Island★ Become the best Solider to protect shoresof your sea & Islands!★ It will Train you as Pro First PersonShooter ★ Mini Machine Gun rounds to fire★ FREE download , HaveFun★ No Wifi No Problem!★ Shoot & Kill✪ Free Play SimulationGame ◉ Contain Ads ✪
Night City Bus Simulator 2015 1.0.1
Night City Bus Driver Simulator 3D isthelatest simulation game of 2015 with more fun and actionpackedgameplay and that will offer you the chance to become a realbusDriver. Night time driving requires lots of concentration.Drivingat night in city is always a bit difficult challenges fromdrivingduring the day.Drive the awesome bus in town and this 3D driving game isprovidesyou a chance to put yourself in the driver’s seat of fourdifferentcolors vehicle and that will give you a happiness thatyouconstantly wanted in any bus games, bus parking games orbustransport games and begin your bus driver career today.Enjoy the driving of Night City Bus Simulator Driver bus intheamazing city environment in night mode! Smart traffic systemisalso integrated in the this simulation 3D game.Most people partyatnight time so they can easily travel through our busesFeatures:• 3D Night time City Environment.• Real engine sound for each vehicle• 10 Time base levels (difficulty level increase witheverylevel).• Entertaining game play.• Amazing huge city buses• Intelligent Traffic System• Animated people in the city environment.• Realistic Physics• Skidding and Slipping of busNote: Furious bus Driving is dangerous so always drive yourbuscarefully and always follow city traffic rules and always wearyourseat belt.Try Night City Bus Driver Simulator 3D 2015 Today!
Offroad Hill Car Racing 1.0
★★★ RACING Game like no other!!★★ Feel likeaTrue Racer.★★★★ Offroad Hill Car Racing 2016 ★Furiously Fast And Dangerously immersive Game, Race, Drivefrominside of vehicle Plus many Camera angles to track yourracingcapabilities & Much More..Take your driving classes from this racing school and chaseyourgoal to become a race driver, this hill racing game willenhanceyour driving experience.No Truck, Bus or Any Vehicle can match the speed of these supercar,its a racing simulation which will a Monster ride. OffroadHillRacing is always a challenge.You will see Car Driver But Racer Are rear, become a racerandchallenge your rivals.Drive Exhilarating rally Cars Racing Through ToughRoads,Challengers would Demolish You.A number of Fully Customize-able Royal rage Racing Carswithstunning Race Track is here to Guide you in the world ofhighoctane nitro filled adrenaline.Race Against opponents Or Take Free Roam Ride, Accelerate,brake,Drift and Steer by tilt and much more.【 ★ Offroad Hill Car Racing ★ Features】★ 3 ULTIMATE CUSTOMIZE-ABLE SPORTS CARS★ HIGH SPEED DRIVING★ NITRO INSTALLED VEHICLES★ MULTIPLE CAMERAS★ INSIDE INTERIOR VIEW•FREE download ★ and completely free-to-play ★ No WifiNoProblem!
Pick up Truck Driver 3D 1.0.3
Drive a pick up truck with four boxes intherare and your task is to control the steer so that the boxesdon'tfall, but remember you have to drive fast or the time will runoutin which you have to reach to your destination!Country side environment, simple road and extreme time limitinwhich to drive, it will drive you crazy to just to controlthetruck with those boxes, driving a car, bus or bike in a cityiseasy because you don't have sliding boxes in the back!Features:• Time-based levels• Steering by tilting your device• Realistic pickup truck physics• Absolutely stunning lush green pastures and this gameisspecially designed for open world travelers and cargo truckloverswho like carry goods with pick up truck in 2015
Dino in City : T-Rex Rush 3D 1.0
★★★★ Have you ever dream if hugeTyrannosaurus(T-Rex) will back to our world ? Then Jurassic beaststrikes themodern city again. ★★★★Amazing Dinosaur game is ready for you!! If you like playingrealdinosaur games and have lot of fun in destroying city thenTakecontrol of a huge Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex) and rampage thecity.Explore the huge city environments with your wild beastgiant.Dinosaurs are back from the Jurassic Age and they areroamingaround the city world . Dinosaur with amazinglyrealisticphysics.Hunt down your prey in a city environment.Dinosaur in Cityto Hunt and Do Fatal Damage. Dino Create Havoc& FuriousRampage World. smashing the world with lot of noiseand eat theirprey in the city.Get yourself ready for thethrillingexperience.Dinosaurs are back from the Jurassic Age!Eat everything you find on your way!Smash out everything inyourway.Be crazy Dinosaur and hit objects.Features :★ Stunning 3D graphics★ Awesome gameplay with Many thrilling levels★ City Environments★ Play As T-Rex, Spinosaurus, or Velociraptor★ Strong and powerful animal.★ Realistic sound effects.★ Smooth And Easy Controls
Road Racer - Racing Car 1.0
Road Racer is the most addictiveandentertaining physics based 2D driving gameChallenging racing car game, very addictive game play, race yourcarand avoid other vehicles, be aware of surprise obstacle, enjoyawide range of fun.Salient game feature;-Car racing classic game-control the car by device-avoid the traffic and secret obstacles-smooth car controls-fun in every secondkids will love it :)
City Truck Delivery Simulator 1.0.3
Every one like a fast courier service and theyloves to drive the pickup trucks for delivering different purposeslike Cargo and courier services in a city. Tired of Truck Driver& Truck Parking Games? Do you like truck games? City TruckSimulator is available for you.In City Truck Simulator game you can prove your driving simulationskills by moving and delivering various kind of goods from oneplace to another successfully in a city.fed up of slow courier services and delays, don't worry couriertruck is here so you can help and deliver the goods to theconsumers.You have to deliver a various goods to different locationlike house,hotel, offices in a city.Enjoy an absolutely thrilling drive filled with adventure with CityCourier Truck Simulator 3D.Features:• 3D simulation of a truck• Challenging truck driving.• Time-based levels• Realistic pickup truck and cargo physics• Real city and building design environment• ,Realistic soundsFeels like a professional pickup driver who loves to deliver avarious cargo through courier service.Don’t forget to enjoy with City Truck Delivery Simulator!
Police Bike Training Academy 1.0
911 Police Motorcycle TrainingGo Go Go, officer. The policemotorcycle can't Wait for you!!!!!! If you like Motorcycle gamesand bike games then search no longer, you won’t find anythingbetter than this!!You can Master police bike download it and Rideyour police Motorcycle download it free and improve your PoliceMotorcycle Skill. speed Control , Over Speed Control , Panic TurnControl ,Offset Cone Wave Control mission play and improve yourPolice Motorcycle Skill!!Police Motorcycle Training is stimulationgame which helps you to improve your Motorcycle riding skillPoliceMotorcycle Game is design to test and improve your riding Skill forsave your city by Stop those peoplewho pursuing a vendetta againstyour city and become best police officer in police forceacademy.For Capture terrorist villain thug you need to be train .itis the duty of a chief police officer to make the city safe againand for that police officer need to Master his Motorcyclecontrols.There is no limit if its San Andreas area,Mumbai, Miami,Sao Paulo, Lahore, Paris Or Rome this training will be useful forride on every Track Does not Matter if its OffRoad traks.A group ofgood-hearted but incompetent misfits enter the police academy, butthe instructors there are going to put up with their HardTraining.Metropolitan Police Squad is Always Ready to Save the Cityand strike down those who try to corrupt or Rob the city.No Gravitycan stop this Squad. You can drive the police motorbike for passthrough the difficult turns , amazing controls and build upincredible speeds control and have fun and exciting time, then youwill love to play 911 Police Motorcycle Training!\Unlock all the 7Police Motorcycle Training Levels!!!!!!Capture Point passingthrough the Highlighted Spots!!!!!!! ★911 Police MotorcycleTraining - Features:Touch Control.Astonishing Realisticphysics.In-Game-Achievement.Magnificent Game Graphics.ThreeDifferent Camera Views.Huge open environment!Unlock AmazingLevels!!!!!!★How to Play - 911 Police Motorcycle Training:◉ Simpleand easy controls to play◉ 8 police bike games missions!◉ SpeedControl ◉ Learn to avoid panic turns ◉Improve your bike skill ◉FREE download , Have Fun◉ No WiFi No Problem!◉ Recycle & GoGreen - No Plastic Shopping bags :)✪ Free Play Action Game ◉Contain Ads ✪
Driving In Car Reloaded 1.2
Reloaded With Extra Fun Features &MuchMuch More .... Become A Crazy Driving Hero!Driving In Car Reloaded!!!These cars are like no other, get a realistic feeling of racingacar in City, Asphalt roads, off-road track, bridges and dustyandsandy terrain, race in nitro mode with awesome shiny carsandluxurious interior, driving has never been the same! Go out onaVoyage of your dreams, be fast like a big bang driver &learnwith our academy racers, its not just a game its a DrivingSchoolto learn heavy traffic Driving & Racing Academy to avoidpolicechase :)Drive Car Drive fast Drive far but most of us sick ofendlessskyline racing games with third person perspective so youtry thisnew super car driving mania and parking game as well as carstuntgame. Most of the car racing and driving games requireprecisiondriving skills. This one is no exception overall! You haveto drivefast but smooth as well to avoid traffic cars on road,roadbarriers and other obstacles on the road. Supercar as wellassports car needs skill driving as well. Drive a car and manycarsare placed on different location Driver take out from theluxurycar and drive a different sports cars so you can enjoydifferentcar driving all over the game.Steer your car on device todrag yourcar wherever you want.You have to pass all differntspots.You can also try the stunt driving in this car driving. Youcandrive and enjoy stunts on ramps but some ramps are straightandcurved, some easy, some hard some up and down the ramps. Inthiscar driving game every car driving enthusiast will findsomethingchallenging.The 3D environment looks very realistic than in other simulationcarracing games .You drive your luxury car in cockpit view throughtheendless traffic and realistic environment. This is one of thebest3D driving simulator game that will develop your drivingskillbecause city as well as large free area for driving freelyintoyour luxury sports car and become the best Car driver andhighwaytour can also be taken in it.Do you have a need for speed of real car drive sim 3d ?DownloadDriving in Car Simulator, the newest endless racer forAndroid.Brace yourself to fun with the newest , unique , freeDriving inCar Simulator game of 2016.★How to Play:◉ Super Cars & Easy Controls◉ Choose between a wide range of cars◉ Large City Maps◉ Real-time car destruction and damage◉ Car Drive on the highway traffic◉ Traffic Like no other◉ Simple and easy controls to play◉ FREE download , Have Fun◉ No WiFi No Problem!◉ Recycle & Go Green✪ Free Play Racing Game ◉ Contain Ads ✪
ROOFTOP CITY SPY - STEALTH SNIPER is A Spy Sniper Gun ShootingGame.A Crazy Sniper Shooting Game which comes with variety ofmissions, for instance you have to stop the criminals from reachingthe public site. In another level you have the objective to stopthe underworld mafia lord from delivering weapons, and in someoperations you will be assigned the task to give cover to squad ofspecial forces in chasing the escaped prisoner. There are othermissions which include clearing a sea port area from criminalactivities.This Elite Spy Sniper shooting Game is not easy, aperfect rooftop must be located, gun must be fixed, Gun has Limitedbullets, special ops forces training is a must, and city view mustbe clear.ROOFTOP CITY SPY - STEALTH SNIPER :- SPECIAL GAMEFEATURES: - Sniper Shooter is positioned on rooftop.- CityEnvironment - Smooth Control- Elite Sniper Optical Zoom- Long RangeGun- Multiple levels to enjoy.- Easy to control.- Time Based Levelswith Limited amount of bullets- No Wifi No Problem.ROOFTOP CITY SPY- SNIPER STEALTH SHOT Game Story Story Begins as… A Hero SpySoldier known as Agent Phoenix is lurking in city to defend &protect!As a professional Special Ops Sniper your task is tocounter the strike made by those criminal attackers who are blazingthe city, rooftop is the refuge, Sniper Should be fixed on top,which helps in taking precise AIM. Sniper Guns will always havelimited bullets.Special elite Sniper Scope is placed on gun to zoomyour enemy who are far, Fire while holding your breath to steadythe gun, rooftop gives you advantage of height, silencer willreduce the noise, city would be filled with people so be likestealth spy yourself, special elite sniper agent to cover thestreets and watch for notorious agents, gangster squad members& mafia cartel deals. Stop Crime & other illegalactivities.A Free To Play Shooting Action Game - Contain Ads!
Bottle Shooter Master 1.0
Bottle Shooter Master - A ShootingExpertLegend GameMostly we express our anger by breaking a glass So if youlikebreaking glass and you are sick of shooting innocent people sotryour Bottle Shooter Master Game . Bottle Shooter Master is atimebased game you have to shoot as many bottle in limited amountoftime. You will become a real expert shooter with BottleShootMaster game.Complexity of level is getting high as your level willup.Justtake your sniper gun and sight a target, start the shootingbottlegame.Accuracy is the most important factor in any type ofshootingeither it is in game or in real life , so you have to beverycareful about it, take Assault or Sniper position whateveryouwant. Just before open fire you have to stop your breath thenshootbottles and real effect of bottle smash when you succeedinshooting that bottleThis game has ten different interesting levels like You havetoshoot bottles on moving train . Bottle is moving on the tableandit is very difficult to smash.If you miss your target everytimewill cost you a life. So be fast enough and let's start.Therearemultiple and different levels in expert Bottle ShooterMaster.Bottle is placed on different person head so shoot withexpert mode.When you shoot a bottle you will get score as rewardand thesescores will help you to open next levels.This Game is about Blazing Speed in shooting skills, whereablitz of bullets will flow from sniper gun and destroy thebottlesin the way, the way of shooting is very modern & youtake aimto strike the object in perfect angle, counter your striketo makeit better.Bottle Shooter Master is not just a tap tap game it isarealistic 3D game with real sound effects of bottle shooting .Thisgame help you to expert in shooting and how to shoot youtargetwith sniper gun.Bottle Shooter Master Game Features:-- Realistic Environment- Realistic effect of broken bottles.- Addictive Game Play- Realistic Broken Sound- Shoot like a real expert Sniper Shooter.- Different types of target (Train, Table , Bottle Placing onpersonhead )- Multiple levels to enjoy.- Easy to control.- No wi-fi No Problem.
Drift Car Drive: X City Racer 1.2
Drift Car Drive: X City Racer!!!!!com.igame.curvy.motor.driveA Game Like Never Before, Drift Cars And Truck in anAwesomeEnvironment. Drifting in City is not easy especially whentrafficis obscuring the roads & highway, drive furious driftcar, rackhavoc in dream city, fun is unlimited.As a Racer speed & nitro is necessary to be a real cardriftdriver, asphalt roads & knack of fun & X factor mustbe inblood to be a racing & drifting car driver in city. DontLetyour Car Flip Drive,Take it as a Drift Training School, where you learn to Coach acar& Truck in slip & go scenario.This Free Awesome Drifting Racer Game is ultimate curvydriving,skidding dragging on asphalt streets and roads, cityhighways,speed up or go down with race only one thing is for sureits fun.Drift Car Drive: X City Racer - Game Features:Multiple VehiclesMetropolitan CityRealistic Drift car PhysicsCrazy 3D Drift Cars & TruckDisclaimer: Fun is uncontrollable, play on your own risk.
Uphill Army Spy Truck Drive 1.0
Get ready to play ✪ Uphill Army Spy TruckDrive✪ Game.Strategical army war is about to strike the uphill battle field.Youhave to serve your country as a Uphill Army Spy TruckerDrive.Uphill Army Spy Trucker Drive is a newest 3D simulation Game foryou. You have to show your driving skills as a trucker driverinoffroad environment .Your ultimate duty task is totransportsoldiers through the rugged terrain on hill climb.Providepick anddrop facilities to the military soldiers and to take offinto theirdestination. Transport weapons and heavy army cargo tooffroad hillstation. Test your extreme army truck driver skillswith thisoffroad driving simulator.Start your Journey from an armybasecamp. You are a driver of a military and being a militarydriveryour duty is to drive an army 4x4 truck throughout a mountainanddrop army commando to their check post.Play multiple intense levels in a realistic 3D uphillmountainenvironment with detailed HD graphics in the finest cargoandsoldiers transport games. We hope you enjoy and have funplayingthis modern Uphill Army Spy Truck Drive are on a driving mission where no police, SWAT or metrosecurityforces can go, you are equipped with elite jeeps &heavymilitary truck, load troops, soldiers & even tanks intruck forlong distance transport, drive over rusty lands, deserts,frozen icylakes, hills & mountains, take national heroes totheir targetso they can strike the enemy. Survival of our nationis how muchfast and speedy service of army jeep and military truckis providedby our special ops driver, roads are uneven, sloppy,harsh, terrainis off-road, steep heights, people who like racingwill definitelylove it, vertigo heights are just a challenge hereis real world ofnon stop army action. so what are you waiting forhop in and stopfeud, war can happen anywhere like Canada, Berlin ,Miami name anyplace, so expert driver are those who deliver bestdrivingexperience in hard conditions, and operate these Micro andMacroMachines in perfect style.So hop in guyz & gals this is club for driving awesometrucks,dont go for the trump card drivers go for real gentleman whoknowstheir stuff✪ How to Play Uphill Army Spy Truck Drive :•Select your vehicle from the selection menu•Controls are very simple and intuitive•Race, Break, left & right with addition of mini-map tohelpnavigate the way✪ Features of Uphill Army Spy Truck Drive :◉ War Truck & Jeep◉ Truck with a perfect brand of army◉ war sounds and effects◉ An Off-road Battle Environment◉ Different Views & Angles◉ Secret troops Transport◉ Large City Maps◉ Real-time destruction and damage◉ Simple and easy controls to play◉ FREE download , Have Fun◉ No WiFi No Problem!◉ Recycle & Go Green✪ Free Play Racing Game ◉ Contain Ads ✪
Futur Flying Car Racing 1.0
Fly with wings, Drive with Wheels, Futur Flying Car Racing islatest flying airplane flight like in Air experience and racing carlike driving game. If you like Jets and Car Stunts or car, coachsimulator games then you will certainly love this game, it containa futuristic flying car like no other, just like a muscle fly car,you will forget the flight of Airplanes when you will go from carmode to fly mode, from city drive to high flight, its an flyingsimulation and racing adventure which will take you to the world ofspeed & heights.This Game Contains A Super Speed Sports Carwhich will convert in Super Speed Fly Car when you will switch thecar mode to fly car mode. you will feel the perfect simulation offlying & also drive through city.No rivers or islands onlymountain like skyscraper reaching clouds in this city.Drive yoursuper sport flying car do stunts and drifts ! burn the asphalt road! be the best car driver!You are free in a world that you can dowhat you want.Show Some Flying Muscle, Take Off in clouds, Drive onroads, zoom through city skirts.Futur Flying Car Racing::GameFeatures ✔ Futuristic Flying Car Model✔ Stunning HD Graphics✔Realistic and dynamic car physics✔ Realistic Airplane physics✔ Easyand Free to use✔ No WiFi? No Problem.✔ Offline Play.Install now andfeel the best airplane flight experience!✪ Free Play FlyingSimulation Game ◉ Contain Ads ✪Enjoy ツDisclaimer:Futur Flying CarRacing is Free to play & does NOT contain violence nor anyother mature content. You're free to play it together with yourchildren of any age. We bet your boys and girls are gonna love it!
Road Bus Zombie Samsh 3D 1.0
Zombies are roaming around the city itslooklike Halloween festival. Halloween we bring you the mostundead,fearful and thrilling experience and all are dressuplikeScarecrows, Zombies, Mummies and more but you are wrong it isnot ahalloween zombie attack on a city .Do you have the drive to survive?Action Adventure andsimulationultimate fun all are in this game.The most dynamic, intense and bloody zombie took overdowntowncity.City was peaceful and quiet but now there is onlymayhem anddisaster apocalypse due to undead zombie.Every minute youare indanger, you need to act quickly and effectively in order tosurviveand get out of this apocalypse hellish city. Not the army,not thepolice and not the special forces can help but you are withpublictransport Bus.Drive highway city bus for apocalypse earthsurvival.You need responsive real controls as a city bus drivertransportingpublic and save these last humans on earth.This not a Fantasy situation, this horror fest you burn theroadswhich are totally filled with the walking dead beast with thebestand the fastest bus.Your mega real heavy vehicle is notarmoredwith any weapons in arsenal for shooting these deadlyzombies. Butyou are with bus so you can easily smash and crash themagainststreet and highway traffic without any weapons and withoutany copfighting skill.Walking dead are very fast, angry anddangerous!These zombies are very fierce without road racing onhighways andstreet so you can to escape chasing zombies who arehungry forhuman flesh.Do you have the drive to survive of human life and earthsurvival?drive over zombie hordes to transport as well as rescuepassengersto safe locations in the city for survival.Prepare yourself for unlimited fun of smashing zombie action!Youhasbuilt barricades to protect yourself and public but zombiesSquadwill break it very quickly.You played hill mountain climb driving for ultimate fun butthisgame has killer gameplay like derby racing. Truck car partybusescargo truck as well as motorbike cops all are scattered.Allyouhave to do is survive most important need is just surviveandsurvive.Ambulance are not availableat that situation so without ambulance you have torescuepublic.Drive around while weather is nice and sunny or whenthereis rain or even snow.Just download this Road Bus Zombie Smash 3D game for thrilleractionand ultimate fun. Awesome road trip adventure will put youon theedge of your seat.Be the crazy bus driver that saves humansfromzombies for preventing further disaster mayhem apocalypse nowandtake matters into your own hands. Be the Real Bus Driver 3dhero andkill and smash and crash these creature on earth.Features:- Classic 3D action and simulation control.- Realistic 3D graphics and open space 3D enviromentzombieland.- Very scary and dangerous deads and evil running zombies.- The most hardcore and intensive smashing of zombiecreaturewithout shooting.
Walking Zombie Doom Survival 1.3
This Halloween Shoot the killer creatures who were created in 2016by a deadly virus known as Virus-T & making heroes zombiesturning in to a zombie apocalypse. Mr Rambo is a sole survivor ofthis insane zombie wreck, turning plants cold, killing everythingthey encounter from village to surreal, from prison to asylum, fromBerlin to Miami, from solider yo spy no one is safe from thesetwisted & bloody zombies. The only way is to strike them hardwith bullets from guns like Ak47, M14 & Sniper, take aim instealth mode so they listen or you would be in danger of fatal bite& no cure can beat that disease, no escape from the dead horror& no bottle or potion to help no hospital will admit you, yourcharacter is Rambo in game which is highly trained in warfare andmodern combat in fps & tps mode, also he has trained with ninjawarriors. He is a Sniper Shooter of finest, with prefect targetskills, no SWAT or Police man can counter these skills, only Rambo& Superheroes can survive that kind of doom. This Game takesplace in gloomy dungeons of a abandoned fortress with is teamingwith dead walking zombies, time is full moon of dark night, withhorror of icy cells, your mission is to clear the wave of zombiescoming in numbers, this dungeon resembles like of Alcatraz &old ancient buildings, with fear gripping every corner, secretpassages, spiral stair cases, underground prison cells, underworldtype of feeling comes from this twisted & wretched place, foeseverywhere no ally to support, survival is very bleak, flip yourfate with shooting and killing as many zombies as you can.The Ageof destruction begins with zombie outbreak but police & swat& army forces contained them to an that old dungeon and withthem they accidentally send Rambo for a deadly mission to eliminate& smash the zombies & show guts and courage in face ofdoom, he is a stealth fighter with perfect scouting and spy skills,extending them to daring machine gun, sniper and rifle shooting,making him a perfect weapon against dead creatures.Once Convertedyou become a walking dead creature infected, with no brainZombieTarget Walker Rage Mod is free to play where huge wave of zombiecome to you as tsunami.Zombie Target Walker Rage Mod - Features: -Witness the stunning 3D graphics with detailed textures- Enjoy therealistic sound effect and music- shoot zombies in FPS mode - Funto play! Halloween Special- Different type of Zombie Models-Different Guns to chose from- Multiple Targets to shoot- Easy tocontrol.- No wi-fi No Problem.- Free Play Action Game - ContainAdsTreat yourself with this Halloween Special Game.
Buggy Go Kart Driver 3D - Stunt Racing 1.3
Time to start your engines so fasten your seat-belt for a surrealmania challenge and Jump on the wildest and craziest ride of yourlife on four off-road highway wheels unlike any free fun racinggames. Drive a realistic buggy at crazy speeds and test yourdriving skills by passing through tricky dirt tracks on the steepand by doing insane jumps and tricks while racing and driving andexperience 4x4 quad buggy sim that look like bike racing. This isthe time to drive grand power packed super car.Realistic and crazybuggy cars, Incredible controls and powerful engine with Spectaclesand real handling will make you play more. Handle your Go Kart andboost power. Ramps, hoops, loops and bizarre obstacles will pose achallenge. Enjoy realistic physics, boost power, drifting, realsounds and awesome 3D big map covered with hoops, ramps and bizarreterrain of scenic ocean views and combine buggy racer x drivingwith insane aerial stunts.This time, steer a buggy go kart in a 3Denvironment and avoid moving obstacles and make a dash from hurdlesand keep your buggy car intact without getting damaged. Become themaster of sports stunts by driving free at maximum speed and jumpover ramps on different location you can enjoy endless fun bydriving , crashing, mudding, drifting, trucking, off road run andstunt driving if you want to enjoy and try out a bmx muscle car,speed racer car, and you are searching for a driving game that’sguaranteed to give you hours and hours of mayhem so Jump in thisspeedy buggy grand sim Go Kart and enjoy your endless mayhem funfor a long time and addictive, chaotic racer leaves other 3D cargames in the dust! Buggy Go Kart Driver 3D - Stunt RacingFeatures:- Buggy Stunts driver 3D is equally fun for all ages.-Incredible ramps- Awesome 3D dirt tracks and stunt environment!-Modern turbo grand buggies with full suspension kit setups!-Extreme impossible car driving experience.- Real damagephysics.-Different Challenges on dirt tracks and ramps in differentterrains.Free to Play!Jump in your speed buggy and let the tons offree roam fast fun begin moreover thrills and spills for kids andadult so experience the true off road experience DOWNLOAD AND DRIVETODAY!------------------------------------------Fun Entertainmentand Learning all in one place!Like Us onFacebook: Us onTwitter: will keep youupdated!------------------------------------------
Bird Hunting Shooter 2016 1.0.1
Summer season is upon us and so do the birds from mountains &Far Lands, City is littered with them, load the bullets, take outguns & sniper, shoot them down, special ops team are organizedto hunt them, bust their nests, cleanse your city, attack withcrazy bird hunting stamina, strike them down. Weather keepschanging and mostly bird i.e (OWL , PIGEON , SEAGULL , DUCK , CROW,Eagle ) fly from snowy mountains to African jungles due to seasonchange but this time bird change their direction and they attack oncity and bird is attacking to the local citizen because of the birdattack reason Local council hire you as a sniper shooter to shootthese wild flying. Grab your sniper rifle and take position inbuilding top of city. Bird Hunting Shooter 2016 is a shooting gameyou can shoot as many as possible birds . Zooming slider is used toaim birds i.e (OWL , PIGEON , SEAGULL , DUCK , CROW ,Eagle ). Hugevariety of birds is for you.Test your sharpshooter skills withultimate bird hunting game. When sky is clear you will see lots ofowl,duck, eagles, vultures and pigeons Keep looking in sky forflying birds and aim to shoot at first sight. Test yoursharpshooter skills with ultimate bird hunting game. Bird HuntingShooter 2016 is a bold war between prey and predator. Be thepredator like a real world predator and make your prey of flyingbirds.This Bird Hunting Shooter 3D 2016 game is very thrilling andexciting game.This game is all about precision, aiming and timing.Don’t forget to pull the trigger otherwise you’ll will never shootthe birds i.e (OWL , PIGEON , SEAGULL , DUCK , CROW ,Eagle ).Thisgame builds your hunting skills like stamina andconcentrations.★Bird Hunting Shooter 2016 - Features:Best hunterexperience by shooting Birds.Large selection of birds (OWL , PIGEON, SEAGULL , DUCK , CROW)20 exciting and challenging bird huntingmissions.Amazing sniper rifle with scope to zoom in and zoomoutCity Environment (Summer season)Realistic controls for bestshooting experienceHigh quality 3D graphics★How to Play:◉ Simpleand easy controls to play◉ Select your bird◉ Precision Aiming◉ Tapfire button to fire◉ Shoot Birds in time limit◉ FREE download ,Have Fun◉ No WiFi No Problem!◉ Recycle & Go Green - No PlasticShopping bags :)✪ Free Play Action Game ◉ Contain Ads ✪
Driving in Truck 1.0
These trucks are like no other, get a realistic feeling of racing aTruck in City, Asphalt roads, off-road track, bridges and dusty andsandy terrain, race in nitro mode with awesome shiny truck andluxurious interior like a car , driving has never been the same!Youwill not find more drifting truck then this!!!!Drive truck Drivefast Drive far but most of us sick of endless skyline racing gameswith third person perspective so you try this new super truckdriving mania and parking game as well as trucker stunt game. Mostof the truck as well as racing and driving games require precisiondriving skills. This one is no exception overall! You have to drivefast but smooth as well to avoid traffic cars on road, roadbarriers and other obstacles on the road.Supercar as well as sportscar needs skill driving and it is moving as a traffic on road.Drive a trucker and many trucks are placed on different locationDriver take out from the heavy trucks and drive a different sportscars as a traffic so you can enjoy different truck driving all overthe game.Steer your truck on device to drag your truck wherever youwant.You have to pass all differnt spots. You can also try thestunt driving in this truck driving. You can drive and enjoy stuntson ramps but some ramps are straight and curved, some easy, somehard some up and down the ramps. In this truck driving game everytruck driving enthusiast will find something challenging.The 3Denvironment looks very realistic than in other simulation carracing games .You drive your luxury truck in cockpit view throughthe endless traffic and realistic environment. This is one of thebest 3D driving simulator game that will develop your driving skillbecause city as well as large free area for driving freely withother luxury sports Truck and become the best trucker driver andhighway tour can also be taken in it. Do you have a need for speedof real Truck drive sim 3d ? Download Driving in Truck Simulator,the newest endless racer for Android. Brace yourself to fun withthe newest , unique , free Driving in truck Simulator game of2016.✸ Driving In Truck - Game Features ✸ ★ Super Trucks & EasyControls★ Choose between a wide range of trucks★ Large City Maps★Realistic car traffic★ Real-time Truck destruction and damage★Truck Drive on the highway traffic★ FREE download , Have Fun★ NoWifi No Problem!✪ Free Play Simulation Game ◉ Contain Ads ✪
Moto Cross Fighter 3D 1.0.1
Streets Crime Moto Fighter 3DAssume that you are playing a role of a small criminal namedMRSan that starts out his criminal career in this town. InTrueStreets Crime Moto cross Fighter 3D earning money is thebiggestmain part of the game.The streets are full of crazy gangster’s mafia fightersandcriminal, MR San wants to become the leader of super CrimeCity.Mr. San wanted to be a world tycoon and he wanted to buy, sellandtrade properties, specialties, weapons, armor and equipmentaroundthe world.Earn respect from other thugs and mobsters as well asotherundercover mafia are very important part of our crazymissions,underworld is calling all the shots, dodge the megapolitics andover-take the towns, liberty is not an option. war israging, thereis hustle and bustle of euro gangs, guns are blazing,there is noescape, fight or die hard!By completing the Realistic Mission of Crime City that givesyouchance to build up your own criminal empire with your crimecitySUPERBIKES. Become the leader of the undercover mafia and thugsandmobsters.The streets of this mafia city are full of criminal thugs as wellasrival and that means they also wanted to become the leaderofunderworld mafia and they set a BATTLE-FIELD for you and theyareprofessional shooter and firing through sniper, rifle, auto gunandlatest machine guns .You are driving your motor-cycle and theywantto shoot you because you are true rival of that gang. Try tododgethem and fire them. BATTLEFIELD is not on a border. Streetsofurban city are currently seems like battlefield. Gangsters areondifferent type of sports car as well as on luxury auto carandthese auto cars were stolen from different people andthismotorcross theft will not go neglected.Are you a fan of Russian crime, Miami crime or NYC crime orSanAndreas Crime City simulators or shooting games?Enjoy the Traffic racing on streets of urban city andDODGEthem.Always watch your back!. The higher you will get the morecriminalswant to take you down. It’s a cold world in the criminalworld. Carthefts are amazing from your rebel so try to theft yourrivalcar.Features:- Amazing crime urban city environment in 3D- Mafia, thugs and mobsters wars- Real life weapons and cars and your moto cross bike,SUPER-BIKES,motorcycle- Master a deadly shooter, in a challenging adventures- Crazy missions------------------------------------------Fun Entertainment and Learning all in one place!Like Us on Facebook: Us on Twitter: will keep you updated!------------------------------------------
Urban Car Parking Mania 2016 1.0
Urban Car Parking Mania 2016A Driving & Parking Schools for all learner Drivers totraintheir Skills of Driving & Parking. A Game like neverbefore,take out your car and go on driving adventure and parkingmania inawesome 3D city, drive on highway, streets & Asphaltroads& eventually park you car in tight parking spaces.A Game filled with Parking Madness & Driving Fun. it willtakeyou to a Roller Coaster ride of Adventure & make yourDreamCome true.Steer your car in right direction, avoid crashed, parking is mustintime, make sharp turns, drive and deliver, become a parkinglegendand driving expert, A perfect simulation of Drive &ParkGame.Urban Car Parking Mania 2016 is a 3D Simulator Game aiming forfun& Learning, it enables player to driving & parkingbetterin real life.Urban Car Parking Mania 2016 Game Features:• Sports Rally Car & Police Car Models• Large City Maps• Realistic driving and parking experience• Realistic 3D Physics• Amazing 3D graphics• Challenging levels to test your driving skills.• Cars with Turbo Speed• Truck Drive on the highway traffic• FREE download , Have Fun• No Wifi No Problem!✪ Free Play Simulation Game • Contain Ads ✪