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Ringtone Maker - Ringtone Cutter From Mp3 1.9.0
Ringtone maker software can make ringtones for the whole directoryor for a specific contact information. Also, the software that makeringtones from a song can cutter ringtones for notifications,alarm, music, ringtone. With the application Ringtone Maker -Ringtone Cutter From Mp3 software, you can record your voice, editvoice and voice Set as cutter ringtones according to your purpose.During the creation of the music, you can also set the quality canchange the frequency Sound quality changes your voice moreappropriately. Ringtone maker software can also find all your mp3to make ringing tones. During the maker of the ringtone, you canalso split the time of each piece of music. You can choose from oneminute at a time. There is also the ability to manage ringtones byphonebook, you can easily Customizable ringtones for contactseasily quick. This is the software to cutter and Ringtone makerquickly and conveniently.
Video Recorder - Camera Effect Editor 1.0.0
You need to record video with nice effects, withlight filtersaccording to the beautiful skin color,nice effect effects.You canrecord video effect with front camera and back camera and editeffects directly during video creator.During video creator, you cancustomize the image of the videowith lots of nice effects.You canalso manage the videos that have been created,Once created you canalso share to the networksocial facebook, twitter, Instagram
Voice Recorder - Sound Audio Recorder 1.0.2
Voice Recorder and Manager quanlity and file of AudioRecorder.Voice recorder - sound audio recorder this is the bestrecorder app with high quanlity.This is a totally free voicerecorder application, you can use it to record voice and soundincludes: the songsconversations, lectures, and conversations arenot limited.The application can easily record conversations with avariety of saving options depending on the qualityvolume and soundthat the user wishes.Feastures of the voice recorderapplication,audio recorder, sound recorder- Record voice and soundin MP3 format.- You can customize the quality of the recording withthe recording quality such as: Recording quality: Highest (44.1 khz/ 128kps), Higher (44.1 khz / 64kps), High (22.05 khz / 32kps), Low(16 khz / 16kps), Lower (11.025 khz / 16kps), Lowest (8 khz /24kps).- Customize the volume of the recording.- You can pause andplay the recorded file.Managing voice recorded files:- You canlisten to the voice recorder file.- You can delete the voicerecorder file.- You can view the voice recorder file size, therecording time.- Can view the directory path voice recorder file.-You can rename the voice recorder file.
Wifi HotSpot free - Show Wifi Password 1.1.0
The application to broadcast wifi hotspot from the phone, theapplication has the effect of turning your phone into a wifitransmitterOther devices can access the internet from your phone.Inaddition, the application has an important function is to displaythe wifi password of all visited networks.⚡ How to use Wifi hotspotto broadcast wifi to other access devices.- Turn on your phone'sinternet connection as if it were 2G / 3G / 4G ...- Open the Wifihotspot application, enter the wifi name and password you want tobroadcast.- Click start button to start wifi, you can click stop tostopAnd you can see the list of devices connected to this wifinetwork.⚡ Show wifi password from connected networks.Currently,some software that supports connecting to wifi networks is morepopular without a password.- To display the wifi network passwordthat is connected, you can use the wifi hotspot show passwordsoftware.- You click on the tab show wifi password will show allthe wifi network that is connected,Have a friend share card or useit for your own laptop.Thank you for using our hotspot wifi showpassword application for free
Wifi Booster - Wifi Speed Test - Wifi HotSpot 1.1
A lot of useful information for your wifi. Please install Wifihotspot today to feel.The one wife application has all functionsabout the wifi network includes Wifi Booster, Wifi Speed test, WifiHotspot, Wifi Show password, Wifi Devices Management, WifiStatistic.- Wifi Booster functions: make your network smoothly,optimize DNS, optimize network modules, optimize configuration,make network seed up.After optimizing wifi will booster - Wifiinternet speed test: test the download and upload of your wifinetwork.- Wifi Hotspot support to share your phone network to otherpeople, you create your own network and share to other devices.Thisapp also supports show list the device connects to your wifinetwork.- Show Wifi password, display the all the wifi name andpassword which your phone connected. Support when you don'tremember or don't knowthe password you wanna to share password wifiwith other people.- Wifi devises management support manager alldevices which connected to your network, you can block and managerdevices.- Wifi Statistic the data any devices by day, display IPpublic and IP local.The main function of this OneWifi is wifibooster make your Wifi connection faster and more stable and makeyour wifi speed up.